Why Better Sleep Improves Workout Results


People work out for various goals. Whether you want to burn extra fat, gain lean muscle or increase your endurance and performance, it is important to balance your time in the gym with adequate rest. More importantly, you should get quality sleep for your efforts at the gym to be fruitful. A lot of research has been done on the benefits of establishing healthy sleep patterns and it is almost common knowledge that quality sleep directly influences how we grow and develop.

At the gym, all you do is tear down various muscle groups. If your goal is to bulk up, you might feel the bulking effect immediately after finishing your reps. However, as you will soon realize, this effect is temporary and your body quickly goes back to its pre-workout state. It is during rest that real bulking takes place. As a matter of fact, not getting enough rest and sleep with significantly undermine your workout performance and results. This is why fitness trainers recommend sleep improving ingredients such as cannabinoids to help streamline the sleep/wake cycle. You can look up more information about cannabinoids and how it impacts the quality of sleep you get. Adequate rest simply allows your body to heal and repair torn muscles and tissues. Below is a brief look at how better sleep improves your workout results.

Conserves and increases body energy

The body needs rest to conserve energy and rejuvenate especially following strenuous activity. This is why people naturally feel exhausted and sleepy after a long, eventful day like camping or hiking. Without proper rest, your body will be depleted of its energy reserves. This is not the form you want to wake up in. It will not only compromise your performance in the gym, but may also result in poor form and undesirable results. Perfect form, workout repetition and endurance all demand a lot of energy. Without getting enough rest, your body will not be able to provide enough energy to spend on another workout session. Getting proper sleep on the other hand will refill your energy banks and rejuvenate your body for optimal performance.

Improves focus and attention

As aforesaid, workout requires perfect form and this calls for maximum attention and focus. If you go a full day without sleep, your attention span will drastically drop. In fact, it is almost impossible to stay awake a focused if your body is sleep deprived. Workouts require 100% focus and attention otherwise you will be sloppy and/or open to injuries. Sloppy performances can only give you poor results so it is very important to get sufficient rest before beginning your workout.

Heals the body/ speeds up recovery

The human body grows, heals and recovers during sleep. The deeper the sleep, the better and faster you heal. Bed rest is always recommended for patients of concussions and other body injuries. This is because rest allows your body to focus on building and repairing affected tissues. The healing hormones are released during deep sleep when your conscious brain is turned off. During this time, your brain concentrates on healing, recovery and detoxification. Most growth also occurs at this time, which is why, little children sleep for more hours than adults. They simply need the extra hours to grow and develop. For adults, sleep initiates repair and rejuvenation processes.

It’s simply healthy

It is recommendable to sleep for 7-8 hours a day and the reasoning behind that couldn’t be more obvious. Getting enough sleep is the healthiest thing one can do. It relieves stress and tension, repairs torn tissues and muscles, restocks energy banks, eliminates toxins and radicals from the body and prepares your body for wakefulness. Like breathing, sleep is one of the inevitable natural processes. You will naturally slumber if you are deprived of sleep for a long time. However, forcing the body to involuntarily go to sleep can result in various health issues. You need to be healthy to maximize workout results.

Getting enough rest and sleep is more important than the workout session. The human body will die if denied of sleep and there is simply no way around it. Better sleep will prop you up for effective workout sessions. It ensures you have the energy, focus and motivation required to accomplish workout routines. It also allows the effort put in to take effect and repairs any damages caused to your body. Sleeping with a human is like a full service of a vehicle. In addition to healing, it refreshes and optimizes body functions allowing you perform optimally. It is also recommendable for a healthy lifestyle.


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