70 Best White Ink Tattoo Ideas for Inspiration


The tattoo has been around for so many centuries now, even existing during the time of the dinosaurs. Tattoos are a common way to express one’s self and is acknowledged as a form of art during recent years. During those times, only black pigmented ink was exclusively used to create tattoos. But now, tattoos come in so many different colors and shades. There seems to be a growing trend these past couple of years with tattoo design – You can now have white ink tattoos, and these look awesome underneath a UV light.

The tattoo is one of the best ways one can express their own individuality and character. And even though they’ve been around for so long now, white ink tattoos are slowly gaining popularity in recent times. As the name describes, a white ink tattoo only uses white ink. This gives the tattoo design a much more subtle look that no one will even notice if they only take a passing glance at it. Even though a lot of tattoos are still done in black and other multicolored inks, the white ink tattoo doesn’t even contain anything with the exception of a singular white ink color. This is a type of beautiful body art that looks delicate on the body compared to other tattoos.

These white ink tattoos are usually meant to give a bit of highlight to the other colors found inside the tattoo design, through added depth and balancing some light onto the colors. This is also the reason why white just so happens to be one of the last pigments added in by a tattoo artist, since it’s only a color for highlighting the other shades in your tattoo. It didn’t become its own genre of tattoo art until very recently.

If done correctly, these white ink tattoos can look very stunning. Since white ink is used, these tattoos carry a much more subtle look, especially when placed on pale skin. It can also take on so many forms. The tiny outlines of the white ink can accentuate the shape of the tattoo, compared to black-ink tattoos. White ink is also great for those who want their tattoos to give off a nice luminous glow to them. You can mix the white ink alongside other pigments, giving it a bit of a gleam. You can tone this gleam down to show off any perceivable lines on your skin. Because white ink is very light and not that saturated, it’s very easy to see how the skin is raised from this single tattoo. You can actually use this to your own advantage – The 3D effect that its shadows give out make the tattoo pop out more compared to a black-ink tattoo.

Even though so many pictures and patterns can be made with the help of white ink, thanks to its light colors, the best kinds of white ink tattoo ideas are the ones that give off a lacy pattern, since they tend to portray look that’s much more natural found inside the tattoo. And because these white ink tattoos are much lighter and look delicate, a lot of women get them more compared to men. Of course, men are also allowed to get themselves a white ink tattoo, they just need to find a design that suits them the most.

White ink tattoos are the best for those who aren’t too comfortable with showing off their tattoos to the public. Thanks to the ink used, these tattoos don’t normally catch the eye of passers-by. But once you shine them under a UV light, then it’s a completely different story altogether.

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Types of White Ink Tattoo Designs                                                                                    

Do you want to get yourself a tattoo but with a unique touch? Then the white ink tattoo is the best choice for you. A white ink tattoo is special and allows you to stand out from other inked individuals out there. Throughout history, tattoos have always come mostly in black ink – And until now, black remains the most popular tattoo ink color. But what’s really interesting over the past couple of years is that the amount of people who want to get white ink tattoos is now slowly increasing.

Both men and women love white ink tattoos. There are plenty of reasons as to why people enjoy getting tattoos with white ink, since they have their own set of upsides and downsides. Consider the pigmentation of your skin when you get a white ink tattoo. If you tan or freckle easily after a day at the beach or hiking, then don’t go for a white ink tattoo. That’s because your freckles or moles can make the ink look slightly weird and won’t cause your tattoo to show up properly.

  • White Ink Ankle Tattoo: If you want to get yourself a tattoo but want one that’s slightly inconspicuous compared to the standard black-ink tattoo, then a white ink tattoo is your best bet. White ink ankle tattoos are great if you want something that’s both easy and small.
  • White Ink Heart Tattoo: Acquiring a tiny heart white ink tattoo on your ring finger is a growing trend among the youth, especially with couples who have recently gotten married. Sometimes they choose this as an option instead of wedding rings. Heart white ink tattoos are very tiny, and nobody will actually notice them unless they look really hard enough. But a glance from the wearer is already enough to remind them that they have a special someone in their lives.
  • White Ink Pattern Tattoos: A highly-common design in regards to white ink tattoos are intricate patterns along the arm or legs. This works because during the day, people won’t even notice them that much. But when the night comes and the wearer attends a party that uses UV lights, then the tattoo will show up and they’ll impress people with their awesome-looking body art that shines against the light.
  • White Ink Lace Tattoo: Much like the pattern tattoo, the lace tattoo is commonly found in white ink tattoos compared to black-ink tattoos. As the name suggests, the artist creates an intricate pattern on your arm using white ink, giving off a swirly, lacy effect that looks beautiful in UV lights. The lace pattern is very feminine, so it’s not surprising that this type of tattoo pattern is much more common amongst girls than guys. Once finished, the lace tattoo is practically the best combination of fashion and tattoo art.
  • White Ink Religious Tattoo: Religious symbols and icons have been used as tattoo subjects for a long while now. Aside from having a much deeper and personal meaning to the wearer, these tattoos also carry an excellent aesthetic look for their symbols. These are always the most beautiful tattoo designs of all.

Meaning of White Ink Tattoos

So why do people like getting themselves white ink tattoos? Why not got for the classic black ink? That’s because white has a more subtle shade compared to black ink. From afar, you won’t even notice that the person has a white ink tattoo, making it one of the best tattoo options you can get, if you want to be discreet – Or if you’re a rebel who likes hiding stuff from their parents.

Why would people even get a tattoo if it won’t be seen unless they look closer? Since the skin is slightly raised, it could be difficult to even know that the person has a white ink tattoo. white ink tattoos only become visible when you place it under a UV light. Whites glow a bright blue color under UV light. This is the reason why white ink tattoos are so popular with ravers or people who like to go to electronic dance concerts.

After you get yourself a white ink tattoo, you might notice that the skin still bears a reddish color. When it’s still new, the skin feels tender like the typical tattoo, but there’s not much swelling found here. White ink tattoos also require the same amount of aftercare and maintenance like all of the other tattoos.

Nowadays, people who work in high-profile jobs are thinking carefully if they want to get a tattoo, or which area they want to place their ink in. If you get yourself a tattoo, could it potentially affect your job prospects sometime in the future? If yes, then you can go for a white ink tattoo instead.

Another thing to consider when you get yourself a white ink tattoo is if the artist that you pick has had plenty of experience when it comes to creating white ink tattoos. They need to pay closer attention to detail than what they normally would, especially since white tattoos are so much difficult to see compared to black ink tattoos.

Getting yourself a white ink tattoo is a great way to have a piece of ink that means a lot to you. Since people won’t see these tattoos very often, this means that you can only reveal your white ink tattoos to those who want to see it, or if you want someone to see it. The most meaningful white ink tattoos can comprise of a personal statement, a quote, or a mantra, or something that really reminds you of yourself.

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Ideal Placement of White Ink Tattoos                           

There’s a major issue when it comes to the placement of these white ink tattoos on the body. First of all, white ink is different from black ink. It’s not exactly a good idea to place a white ink tattoo on a part of your body that is constantly exposed to the sun, or to harsh weather elements. White ink turns dull pretty quickly especially when you constantly expose it to the sunlight. Pick an area that is completely covered when you’re outdoors, including your back, your side, your chest, or even below your arms. Another thing that can possibly dull your white ink tattoo are household chemicals, like bleach.

There are certain people out there who might have an allergic reaction to white ink as well, similar to how people get allergic reactions to tattoos with black ink. In fact, white ink tattoo allergies are much more common than black-ink tattoo allergies. The areas in your skin where the white ink is placed on can itch, swell up, or even ooze out from the tattoo, and it’s not a pleasant sight. This means that your skin isn’t accepting the white ink, and your tattoo could disappear in no time at all if this continues.

The pigmentation of your skin is also a deciding factor here: People with more pigmentation in their skin won’t be able to absorb the white ink too much for it to actually show up.

White Ink Tattoos Preparation Tips                   

Even though the idea of getting yourself a white ink tattoo might be exciting and you can’t wait to finally rush to the shop to get it done, there are still a couple of factors you need to remember if you want to think about making that unique switch going from black to white.

The first thing you need to remember is to always pick an artist that can do the job well. As mentioned a couple of times, if you want to get yourself a white ink tattoo, pick an artist who has had plenty of experience with these. If you end up selecting an artist who has no knowledge about creating a white ink tattoo, then your new ink could look extremely different from what you’re used to.

One more advantage about getting your white ink tattoo done by a professional artist is that they will be able to correctly answer all of your burning questions during the whole thing.

For instance, a tattoo artist who is so skilled in creating white ink tattoos know that these types of tattoos give off a much more effective look and have a much neater appearance if they mix in just a tiny bit of color inside the white ink. It doesn’t necessarily have to be any specific color, but this small amount of pigmented ink will let the white pop out even more, and make your tattoo look much more obvious from inside the skin. Of course it’s still going to give off a white appearance, but the remaining colors here aren’t even noticeable unless someone takes a closer look at them.

Meanwhile, artists who do not know how to handle white ink tattoos can use the ink without making a dilution. This simply means that your white ink tattoo will look practically invisible once finished, resembling a raised scar instead of looking like a legitimate tattoo.

Make sure to pick a white ink tattoo design that can compliment the white ink nicely. As mentioned beforehand, you need to select a tattoo design that will certainly look amazing under the UV rays, and with white ink at the same time. A white ink tattoo is much challenging to maintain compared to the standard black-ink tattoo. Which means the easier and simpler the design looks, the better it’s going to be.

And if you’re still having doubts despite all of this, always talk to your tattoo artist. They’ll be able to give you their opinion about white ink tattoos, including what they think about your design.

Think about what your white ink tattoo will end up looking in a few years’ time. Thanks to their pigmentation, white ink tattoos tend to fade much faster compared to standard tattoos with black ink. Because of this, you need to remember that in 20 years’ time, your tattoo might not even be there anymore, apart from a couple of raised lines from the scar tissue. There are still a couple of things you can do, however, to stop your tattoo from fading too fast.

Do a research on the type of ink your artist uses. Even though plenty of tattoo inks nowadays are non-toxic and safe, in certain instances, several artists – Especially the ones with no experience of handling white ink – Are known to use toxic inks during their work, especially since these types are so much cheaper compared to the rest.

Certain artists out there might try to convince you to get a white ink tattoo because of their presence under UV lights. Keep in mind that most of these glow-in-the-dark tattoos contain a tiny amount of phosphorous, which is a chemical element that could damage your skin if exposed too much. Phosphorous is also known to cure several types of cancers. So don’t hesitate asking your artist what brand of tattoo ink they use for your white ink tattoo, since it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How Bad Is The Pain Of The White Ink Tattoos?

One of the common misconceptions people have regarding white ink tattoos is that this is actually twice as painful than a regular black-ink tattoo. This is because applying white ink normally comes in last, after the other colors are through. During a tattooing session, your body’s own endorphins assist you in coping with the pain, but during the last moments of the session, these endorphins disappear, letting you feel much more pain during the part with the white ink.

Compared to black-ink tattoos, or tattoos that use other colors, white ink tattoos do take a longer while to create. The artist will take many passes with their equipment, to make sure that the white ink shows up on the client’s skin. This is probably one more reason why white ink tattoos are thought to be more painful.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting White Ink Tattoos

  • Do white ink Tattoos Look Better On Darker Skin?

Anyone can get a white ink tattoo, much like anyone can get a black-ink tattoo. Before you do get one, however, check to see if you could have a potential allergic reaction or some other medical condition that places your health at risk. Always think before you get that ink – No matter if it’s black, white, or multicolored. But there are actually visual advantages for lighter and darker skin tones. It’s a generally accepted fact that white ink tattoos look much better on people who have fairer skin. But in the end, it really does depend on the wearer – So the main point here is to always make a wise decision about getting a white ink tattoo, since you could end up regretting it and have damaged skin to boot.

  • How Quickly Do white ink Tattoos Fade?

It’s really unfortunate that white ink used for these tattoos do have the tendency to fade away much faster compared to the ones with black ink. It doesn’t have anything to do with the entire process of getting a white ink tattoo – More of the fact that inks with lighter pigment just fade away naturally over time, since there’s not much pigment found inside the mix. In regards with how long it’ll take for the ink to fade out, this is very difficult to get a concrete answer since there are plenty of valuables involved here, apart from the ink’s lack of pigmentation. Everyone who has their own white ink tattoo will have their own different story when it comes to fading.

  • Is Tattoo Ink Safe?

The safety of tattoo pigments or inks has always been the subject of debate, especially with white ink tattoos. This is because of a lawsuit filed against Californian tattoo artists by the AESI (American Environmental Safety Institute), claiming that these artists utilize heavy metals in order to provide their inks and pigments with a permanent shade. However, it’s also a known fact that the same metals have been linked to health hazards in humans.

  • What Happens If This Type Of Art Is Done Incorrectly?

A white ink tattoo can end up looking like a scar, or a nasty form of skin disease. But it’s not always the artist’s fault here – If your tattoo gets an infection, then it could be because unclean equipment was used, or you didn’t follow the proper aftercare instructions, or a combination of both. Tattoos, especially white ink tattoos, don’t always last for a while, which is unfortunate. It’s either they could look like a scar instead, or the ink will eventually fade out quickly. In other cases, it gives off an icky yellow-green hue.

  • Are white ink Tattoos Harder To Make?

White ink tattoos are so much harder to correct, in case your artist makes a mistake. This is the reason why you should look for an artist who’s an expert in white ink tattoos if you do intend to get one. Thanks to the formation, as well as the dilution of white pigmented inks compared to black or even colored inks, this takes loads of practice to be able to create a tattoo design in exactly how the customer wants it.

How Much Do White Ink Tattoos Cost?

On average, white ink tattoos are pretty much the same pricing as grey/black/colored tattoos. The final pricing of a tattoo doesn’t exactly depend on their obscurity, the colors used, as well as the pattern – But they are continuously priced up according to the amount of time it took to make them, the experience of your selected tattoo artist, as well as the complexity of the design.

Naturally, a tattoo that uses more colors will be slightly expensive compared to the ones done in black ink. That’s because of the pricier costs that are attached to the inks sold at popular tattoo shops. And at the same time, white tattoo ink is cheaper than green, blue, yellow, or red ink.

If you want your artist to create some really amazing illustration work for your tattoo, they could end up charging a special fee for it, apart from the hourly pricing. Your artist can create some really amazing illustration work for your tattoo at a special fee apart form the hourly pricing.

Your chosen shop’s location is also a deciding factor when it comes to the tattoo’s final pricing. The more popular the tattoo artist is, the more expensive the final pricing will be.

White Ink Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Keep in mind that a possible side effect of getting a white ink tattoo is scarring. Scarring can occur if your artist overworks your skin even just a tiny bit, using the needle. This is actually quite common using white ink tattoos, since the ink is difficult to see, especially if the owner is pale. Sometimes, the artist could add in some unnecessary work on your white ink tattoo, without it being included in the design.

If you don’t take care of your white ink tattoo properly, the ink could also take on a yellowish color, which could look nasty under blacklight or traditional UV light. And what’s more, your white ink tattoo could also cause plenty of problems in your school or at work, if your tattoo starts adapting a color that’s noticeable by many. Even white ink tattoos are not meant to be placed on visible areas, like your forearms, neck, or hands. If you have plans of purchasing a fully white ink tattoo, then pick a good artist that knows how to deal with white ink. If they have a portfolio of white ink tattoos in their shop, then even better. Go take a look at that portfolio, to get some ideas.


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