What You Need to Know About Healing Crystals


Many people are searching for ways to calm their stress and anxiety and become more mindful. This doesn’t come as a surprise as we live in times of uncertainty, constant stress, and negative energy. Many alternative therapies such as acupuncture, sujok, yoga, meditation, homeopathy, etc. are coming to the fore and the same goes for crystal healing.


Of course, this concept has been around for decades, even centuries but it has become more mainstream over the last few years. Celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Kylie Jenner, Ashley Olson, Mary Kate, and Kim Kardashian are speaking openly about their belief in the practice, and Instagram is filled with praise for healing crystals.

If you are curious about this topic and want to learn more, this is the article for you. It’s important to understand what crystals are meant to do and how to use them. Experts in this field will reveal everything you need to know as a beginner.


Crystals have been around for a long time. They are ancient forms of medicine supported by philosophies from Buddhism and Hinduism. People have been drawn to their beauty and energy for centuries despite the lack of scientific evidence.

This alternative therapy brings balance to your life, mind, and soul because crystals have a specific frequency and energy field. This unique resonance gives them special properties that can help you become more mindful, reflect on your life, and accept your emotions.

The Benefits Of Crystals

Crystals have numerous healing benefits but they mostly affect your mental wellbeing. They can also boost your immune system and enhance pain relief while increasing your productivity and focus. There are many crystals for your confidence out there as well as those that can help you manage stress, anxiety, or depression. Studies have shown that these precious stones make a huge difference in your overall health and bring a sense of tranquility.

However, every crystal has its special energy and influence. You can use multiple crystals to support different areas of your life. Numerous types of crystals are filled with unique healing abilities that affect your body, mind, and soul. Getting rid of negative energy and promoting the flow of positive energy is the key and these amazing stones can be a great support on your journey.

There are hundreds of crystals with different properties and it’s completely normal to feel confused if you are a beginner. Don’t worry. Here is a list of healing crystals that experts recommend you should try. Let’s begin!


Think of obsidian as a shield against all the negativity, both emotional and physical. This is one of the most protective crystals that enhance clarity, compassion, and strength. If you feel emotionally blocked, consider wearing an obsidian necklace. Experts guarantee you will open your heart and find your true self very quickly.

Obsidian also has many benefits for your physical health. By using it you will certainly

  • Reduce any pain
  • Reduce cramps
  • Detoxify your body
  • Have better digestion

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a lovely pink stone that is associated with love. It should improve your connections with other people and bring you trust and harmony. This crystal is also helpful if you are dealing with grief and loss.

Rose quartz helps with fertility and brings unconditional love into your life. It is known for encouraging respect, peace, and a sense of self-worth. If you open your heart and meditate with this lovely stone it may bring self-forgiveness and replace all the negative energies with pure love.


Did you know that this beautiful blue crystal has the power to heal? It is said that turquoise heals your body and mind by balancing your emotions. This stone is also known as a “good luck charm”. If you are seeking a way to ground down spiritually, consider this crystal. It also benefits your immune system, helps bone recovery, and strengthens your respiratory system.

Tiger’s Eye

Everybody lacks motivation from time to time. If you want that extra kick of energy, why don’t you try tiger’s eye? This golden stone can help you get rid of anxiety, fear, and any self-doubt and it’s no wonder many people find it useful when they are trying to improve their career. If you have trouble making decisions – consider meditating with a tiger’s eye. It will guide you to balance, harmony, and a clear mind.


Crystals are having a moment and you are likely to see them on jewelry, social media, and almost everywhere nowadays. They can brighten your mood, decrease stress, and they also look beautiful. Try doing a little exploring yourself. These shiny stones come with numerous benefits and help you live your best life.


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