What to Wear on a Casual Date?


With the appearance of online dating, finding a partner has become way simpler. There are sites that offer you to find a Ukrainian bride. There are sites that are offering you to find a partner from any country in the world. Looking for a sex partner? There are a lot of hook-up apps for that. So, all in all, online dating has made life way easier. But when it comes to offline dating, this doesn’t mean that things are about to get easier. When you are about to go on the first offline date with your online crush, you can’t avoid that notorious problem of what to wear on your first date. Most likely, you start thinking about the dress code and how you are going to feel uncomfortable in that suit. But wait a moment! There is no need to panic. Most likely, your first offline date is going to be the casual one. That would make you sigh with relief, but there is no point to relax now. The fact that suit and tie are not required doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you want. Of course, the temptation to wear your everyday outfit is extremely high, but you would disappoint your date-mate by doing that. Your casual sweat-shirt and sweat-pants with sneakers scream at your prospective partner that you haven’t put any effort into picking up what to wear on your first date. Yes, you may say that it’s girls’ concern, but it’s not. You too need to impress your prospective girlfriend on the first offline date. In order to help you, we’ve decided to give you a few tips on what to wear on your first casual date.

After Hours 

Well, you can’t get a day off to go on a date, and you don’t want to cancel your date because of work. If you are not going to meet on your day off, your date is most likely going to take place after hours. The main problem that may occur is the lack of time to go home to change your clothes. So what to wear, then, to look impressive on your first date? There is no point to get nervous, as there is a perfect variant for after-hours dates. A camp collar shirt and jeans are your best choice. Ditch the sneakers and put on a pair of boots that would fit your shirt and jeans and make you feel comfortable.

Day Date 

Not all dates take place in the evening. If you are going on a day date, especially the one that may include a walk in the park or a ballgame, you should stick with a lightweight outfit. Keep it simple. A nice t-shirt, a denim jacket, and a pair of jeans or new sweatpants with comfortable shoes would do perfectly well.

Dinner Date 

Dinner date in some cafe or restaurant doesn’t necessarily require wearing a suit and tie. A summer date on the terrace of some cafe? It is hot, and you are definitely would start to boil in your fancy tuxedo. Rolling-sleeves shirt, simple pants, or jeans with slip-on shoes are your perfect combination for a summer dinner date. As for other seasons – change the shoes to some boots and wear a jacket or a woolen cardigan if you date takes place in winter. Just remember that you must look great but feel comfortable in your outfit.


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