155+ Best Temporary Watercolor Tattoo Designs to Try


If you are currently on the lookout for a brand new tattoo design and want something that’s truly new and unique, then look no further than a watercolor-style tattoo. These types of tattoos are completely stunning, and are pretty much the latest trend when it comes to tattoo ideas.

A watercolor tattoo design will surely take your breath away. That’s because these types of tattoos will look similar to a watercolor painting. You can get them in any design that you prefer, and have the design splashed onto your skin in a really awesome way – As if it were an actual watercolor painting. It seems like more and more people are coming up with brand new tattoo ideas, and it’s safe to say that the person who came up with the idea of a watercolor tattoo is a creative soul. With watercolor tattoos, tattoo design as a whole has reached yet another level, and young people of today are now seeing brand new ideas that their parents or grandparents never even knew existed during their era. Now, cheap and standard tattoo designs are out, and the most popular trends can only be described as pure art.

Tattoo artists are always willing to work with brand new tattoo ideas, including watercolor tattoos. As mentioned, these tattoos are inspired purely by watercolor paintings, and they look absolutely breathtaking in real life. A watercolor tattoo is the best way for you to express your deepest emotions, your beliefs, and your love, much like you would with a standard tattoo. This is one of the best tattoo ideas for those who want something new.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Watercolor tattoos have definitely captured the attention of many individuals out there – And what’s so great about them is that they’re just becoming more and more popular with each passing day. These tattoos are perhaps the perfect way to wow your friends and family. Another great thing about these watercolor tattoos is that there is no limit to which design you want. Feathers, elephants, trees, quotes, mermaids, butterflies, etc. Anything looks amazing as a watercolor tattoo. Artists who are good in creating watercolor tattoos use a technique that can only be described as cool. They practically look like crayon designs and are just astounding.

  • Geometric Watercolor Tattoo: You can get this watercolor tattoo done in whatever color combination you desire. If you love geometric patterns or shapes, then this watercolor tattoo is the best one for you. It goes right down to the spine, and the paint drips give it a realistic touch.
  • Abstract Watercolor Tattoo: An abstract watercolor tattoo makes a really nice sleeve tattoo idea. It looks like an abstract painting since there are loads of watercolor splashes that go down on the wearer’s own arm. The brush stroke designs found in this tattoo are just amazing, and makes the entire thing look very cool.
  • Bright Watercolor Tattoo: A watercolor tattoo, as mentioned, looks fantastic when paired up with geometric tattoo symbols. They really do complement each other nicely. The bright colors for a watercolor tattoo give it a nice touch as well. This tattoo has bright splashes of color all over the place, and the artist has decided to use bright hues to make it look beautiful and striking.
  • Portrait Watercolor Tattoo: This watercolor tattoo design is just wonderful as a whole. Using soft pastel hues or even dark shades, you can make this watercolor look great. Not only is it large, it’s also a stunning tattoo to look at. You can also incorporate other designs into your tattoo, like butterflies.
  • Triangle Watercolor Tattoo: Yet another example of a beautiful pairing between geometric patterns and watercolor tattoos. They look amazing with paint splashes at the back. These types of tattoos look amazing and will catch the attention of anybody who sees them.

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Watercolor Tattoo Meaning                                          

There’s always some sort of brand new invention or creativity in regards to tattoo designs. These new tattoo trends are made by the most professional tattoo artists, right in the comfort of their own tattoo shops. Watercolor tattoos are a great example of this brand new trend. These tattoos are inspired by real life watercolor paintings. A watercolor tattoo can help you express your beliefs, your love for anything or anyone, or your emotions. Watercolor tattoos are one of the best reasons why you should get a tattoo on your body, since they really are a unique type of tattoo design, and have won the love of many tattoo enthusiasts. If you want to impress your friends or family, then by all means get yourself a watercolor tattoo design.

A watercolor tattoo can show off just about any symbol or image out there, so they can take on various meanings. A couple of the most common themes for watercolor tattoos are insects and birds. The way these watercolor tattoos draw these images can use this to their own advantage. Butterflies, in particular, are highly popular – The butterfly represents metamorphosis, rebirth, hope, and life. Another common design found in these watercolor tattoos are abstract art. These designs are meant to capture the wearer’s feelings, thoughts, or opinions of just about anything. Some of the people who get watercolor tattoos will depend on the artist to use the color choices, so that it perfectly conveys their own idea. For example, a rainbow-colored abstract watercolor tattoo can represent LGBT rights.

Watercolor Tattoo Placement

The placement of a watercolor tattoo will all depend on where you can actually afford to put it on. There are people out there who have complete restrictions in regards to body art, thanks to their professional and social standings. So according to them, a tattoo can only be placed on a spot where they can cover it up if necessary. This is the reason why people choose to get watercolor tattoos on their hip area, the torso, or on their legs.

Whenever you do decide where to get that tattoo of yours, always remember: A watercolor tattoo, especially those who don’t use strong black foundations, tend to fade much quicker compared to other tattoos. The transparent usage of color, the amount of shading used, as well as the overall look of the design means that it could end up aging a bit faster than usual if you don’t take care of it.

Watercolor Tattoo Preparation Tips                        

Maybe you have seen your friends get a tattoo, or admire a celebrity who owns plenty of tattoos. Nowadays, practically every person out there has a tattoo – Some of them can be tiny and diminutive, while others go all out and cover up an entire arm or leg, or even fill their entire body with tattoos. Some of these tattoo designs are based after ancient designs, while others go for modern.

If you have decided to get a tattoo, or simply pay a trip to your nearest tattoo shop to talk to a professional artist, here are several suggestions you must keep in mind when you’re getting ready for your new venture.

It’s always a good idea to do plenty of research when it comes to their choice of tattoo designs. For tattoos, good work isn’t as common as shoddy work, and because each US state has their own set of tattooing rules that vary widely, it’s great to find a professional tattoo artist whom you can trust. This artist must be educated when it comes to tattoos, and fully adept in regards to practicing safety standards for tattoos.

Do not visit the shop while you’re hungry. Before the appointment, eat a good meal, so you can head on over there feeling strong and energetic. Always observe proper hygiene – Your tattoo artist will thank you for it.

And if you are completely capable of removing your body hair in a part of your body where the tattoo will be placed on, then please do it in advance. A tattoo artist will sometimes do this for you, but they really do appreciate a client who has shaved ahead of time. And if you’re about to go on a long tattoo session, then bring something with you to pass the time – A book, a gadget, etc.

Are Watercolor Tattoos Painful?          

In regards to getting a brand new tattoo done, the old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ is very accurate. All tattoos hurt – Even just a tiny bit. There’s just no way of escaping it. But if you go into your appointment with the correct knowledge and with the aid of a couple of pain-fighting tricks, a lot of tattoo pain could be very manageable. You might be surprised just how easy it is to survive your first-ever tattoo experience.

Talk to a tattoo expert about the process to ease your mind for a bit. If you haven’t had a tattoo done, then the best way is to prepare yourself mentally to remove the anxiety that surrounds it. If you want to come to your tattooing appointment without feeling nervous – The more relaxed you feel, the easier the whole experience might be. You could try talking to people who have loads of tattoos, or to the staff in your tattoo shop regarding their own experience when getting a tattoo. Plenty of them are willing to share their own experience about it.

Each person has their own threshold for pain. Even though a tattoo might seem fairly uncomfortable for plenty of people out there, these are tame compared to other painful experiences like giving birth or a kidney stone removal. A lot of people who have had tattoos done can confirm this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Watercolor Tattoos

  • Can you get a recommendation for a tattoo artist?

Communication is always a powerful tool. Getting a recommendation for a popular tattoo artist can aid you in your search for the perfect tattoo. Seeing a tattoo completed by a particular artist is always a great thing. People often get recommendations for music, movies, restaurants, vacation spots, etc. And since more people are getting tattoos lately, they can now give their own suggestions and reviews about particular shops and artists.

  • Can I only choose from what designs you have at the store, or can I bring a picture in?

Plenty of shops will encourage their clients to bring in or even create their own designs. The more reference materials used, the better. This allows the artist to build a tattoo that looks good on the client. If people are able to create a general tattoo idea, then the shop can provide them with plans of what to bring in for the next visit.

  • Is a tattoo shop licensed?

Licensing is completely important in plenty of tattoo shops from across the globe. Even though this might not seem like much, getting a license is the best way to ensure that the artist knows how to run a professional tattoo shop that is safe and sterile.

  • What aftercare instructions do you send your clients home with?

This is yet another important factor to think about before you can get your tattoo done, since aftercare is very important to ward off infections and keep your tattoo as bright and as clean as possible. There are plenty of aftercare methods as well, with a lot of them being viable.

  • Is there a guarantee?

A great tattoo artist will back up their designs using a guarantee. If the last tattoo hasn’t been planned, then they will attempt to do a touch-up for free. But what happens if you’re not content with the work? Then a good tattoo artist will back it up.

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost?

Learning just how much the average tattoo costs can help you out with planning for your next tattoo design.

There are loads of factors that can determine the final price given to you by the artist. The reputation, the skills, the artistic ability, the placement of the tattoo on your body, its size, and the complexity are also factors.

A tattoo done in a licensed tattoo shop by a professional artist is obviously much more expensive compared to one done by a scratcher who works in his backroom. Considering that you could bring home a disease together with a badly-done tattoo which you’ll most likely end up regretting in a couple of days, paying lots of attention can definitely be the cost here in the long run.

In this case, the old rule applies: You will get whatever you paid for. Even though there’s no guarantee that the quality of your tattoo will increase together with its cost, you can guarantee that you’re somewhere along the playing field.

The final price of your tattoo will all depend on several factors, but it could go anywhere from $50 to $2000. A comprehensive design with loads of intricate detailing will take a couple of hours and long sessions to finish. Watercolor tattoos are a great example of these. They can cost a lot more than getting a simple tattoo done in black ink, since they require plenty of technique and colors to create. So the amount of time it takes to get a tattoo done will be one of the stronger deciding factors here. The more colors there are, the longer it’ll take to finish.

Watercolor Tattoo Maintenance Tips                            

Tattoos are meant to be both personal and permanent. And technically it’s also an open wound, because a tattoo gun utilizes plenty of quick-moving needles to insert ink into your skin. Much like proper care guarantees that a painting can hang inside a gallery for so many years without sustaining any form of damage, tattoo maintenance is also a good step in keeping it in top shape.

The maintenance and aftercare process can be difficult and confusing, especially if this is your first time getting a tattoo. Your artist will provide you with plenty of instructions on how to take care of a brand new tattoo, and help keep your ink looking well-maintained in the long run.

Following the correct form of aftercare during the first couple of weeks right after you leave the shop can stop your new tattoo from catching an infection, and keep it looking as good as new.

The tattoo aftercare process starts as soon as you leave the shop. Once the artist is done with your tattoo, they will end up applying a thin coat of moisturizer or tattoo jelly all over the entire area. Then they will cover up the whole thing using a bandage, or a plastic wrap. Even though it might seem tempting to take out the protective cover to take a look at your new tattoo, the plastic wrap or bandage must stay on you for at least up to six hours. The length of time will all depend on the location and size of your tattoo’s design. The covering can prevent your tattoo from catching bacteria, being exposed to sunlight, and rubbing against fabrics.

Once the required amount of hours have passed, you may now take off the bandage and wash the tattoo. Wash your hands thoroughly, then gently clean your tattoo using a mild hypoallergenic soap and lukewarm water using your fingers.


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