125 Amazing Updos for Short Hair


Styling your hair everyday could be tiring. This is true especially if you have limited skills and creativity when it comes to styling your hair. It would also be impractical to visit your nearest hair salon every single day just to style your hair for work or school. That is why it’s always good to learn a few different hairstyles that you can easily do at home by yourself. Most women don’t even bother trying to style their hair, believing that they don’t have the knack for it. Well, for your information, styling your hair for an everyday look is very simple and 100% doable, even for non-professional hairstylists like you.


Another problem that most women encounter when styling the hair, aside from styling skills, is the length of one’s hair. Women with long hair won’t struggle finding the right hairstyle, but women who have short hair will almost always be in a dilemma. If you are one of those women with short to medium hair length, then you probably experienced this kind of struggle in the past. The good news is that there are already so many different hairstyles perfect for short hair this year. All you need to do is learn a few of these styles and you will never look the same again with your short hair.

What You Need to Know About Updos for Short Hair

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  • Easy to Follow Tutorials for Short Hair Updos
  • Updos for Short Hair – The Best Hair Types
  • Updos for Short Hair of Popular Hollywood Celebrities

Top 10 Updos for Short Hair

If you thought styling short hair is difficult, then it’s time to let go of that misconception. This year, many hairstylists created new ways to style short to medium hair length. Because of this, you can already choose from a number of updos, for both formal and casual events. In fact, you can even do the styling by yourself, at home.

Here are few of the best updos for short hair this 2017:

  1. Side Braid and Low Bun

Having short hair should not keep you from wearing beautiful braided hairstyles. With the right braiding techniques, you can turn even the shortest hair into a wonderful braided hairstyle, just like this one. You can wear this particular hairstyle for both formal and casual occasions. To achieve this style, you just need to create a headband braid from your side part. Comb the rest of your hair towards the back and tie it into a low pony. Create a small bun with your low pony and wrap the tip of your braid around the bun to make the look more elegant.

  1. Bob on a Scarf

For super short hair, accessorizing is one of the best hairstyling techniques you can try. Since most graduated bobs or pixies are too short, you can’t literally tie your hair even into a low pony. Because of this, you are limited to using bobby pins to keep your hair in place. To step up your hairstyle game, why not cover those bobby pins by wearing a beautiful headscarf? This hairstyle is perfect for women who want to add a retro feel to their overall fashion statement.

  1. Low Bohemian Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have shoulder-length bob. The bohemian braids are beautiful and can be used in casual occasions. It’s a perfect hairstyle for brunch, office and special family events since the hairstyle isn’t too overwhelming. You simply have to create two individual braids on the side and combine both at the nape. The messier the braids are, the better the hairstyle looks. You can also add pretty flower accessories to complete your bohemian-inspired hairstyle.

  1. High Ballerina Bun

Most women, with short hair, think that it’s impossible to wear a ballerina bun because of their hair length. However, it’s still doable with the help of some bobby pins. Since short haircuts usually have the shortest strands at the back section, creating a high ballerina bun would be quite difficult, but it’s not impossible. Just create a messy ballerina bun as you normally would if you had straight hair. All you need to do is to use some bobby pins to tuck in the hair not in place. You can also use stronghold gel or hairspray to help keep your shortest strands in place.

  1. Elegant Side Hair Bows

This hairstyle is best for formal occasions, but you can make it look casual by tugging some hair strands out and making it a little messy. This particular hairstyle is a combination of simple hairstyling techniques. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, this hairstyle is easy to achieve. You just need to create a series of twisted ponytails starting from the side of your hair. You also need to use the feed-in technique in order to complete this style.

  1. Messy French Roll

Wearing a classic French roll today would make you look stringent and mature. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear this style today. The point is that you just have to find ways to let this hairstyle go with the current hair trends you see today. Instead of brushing your hair all the way to the back and tying everything tightly, you can simply create a messy French roll. Leave some hair strands at the sides and wear it in soft curls. You can also tug out some hair strands from your French roll and create a messier look at the back. Just don’t overdo the tugging because your French roll might unravel prematurely.

  1. Crown Twists

There are two ways to wear this hairstyle. The first one is to wear it horizontally, and the other one is to wear it vertically. Wearing the hairstyle horizontally will make you look as if you are wearing a headband, while the other way makes it look almost braided from afar. If you decide to wear it vertically, you need to create at least 2 pairs of French twists on each side of your head. Combine these French twists at the back of your head by using hair elastic.

  1. Rolled Updo

If you don’t have too much time on your hands, but still want to keep your fashion sense on point, then you can wear this simple hairstyle. You just need to comb your hair all the way to the back of your head and tie it into a low pony. After creating a low pony, twist in the tip into the base of the pony. Tuck the hair strands in place by using bobby pins. Keep your hair in place by applying stronghold hair spray or styling cream.

  1. Half Bun

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have super short hair that only go from the head to the jawline. It’s the best hairstyle for women who live active lifestyles. It keeps most of your hair away from your face. You need not be an expert hairstylist to achieve this style. Just gather a heap of hair from the crown and tie it into a messy bun. You will look cool in this style, which is great for casual occasions.

  1. Pompadour

Last but definitely not the least on the list is the famous pompadour hairstyle. This is perfect for women with chopped pixie hairstyles or those with long hair. Actually, a pompadour hairstyle will be great for any hair length. This is possible because the pompadour style only makes use of the front section of your hair, which tends to be the longest, to achieve the style. For this hairstyle, your hair will be brushed back into a roll or semi-roll if you want to call it that. You can keep wearing this hairstyle for both formal and casual events.Also See:

Easy to Follow Tutorials for Short Hair Updos

Finding the best updos for short hair is not that challenging. What’s more challenging is doing the hairstyles on your own once you find the perfect hairstyle for you. For women, it’s extremely important to include hairstyling in your daily routine. In line with that, it would be too impractical to go to hair salons every single day. Aside from spending a lot for the hairstyle, the trip to salons would consume much of your time as well. To solve this problem, here are a few tutorials that will help you fix your hair easily, for an everyday look.

Low Bohemian Braids

  1. Wash your hair and let it dry afterwards.

Washing your hair should be part of your regular routine. Having clean hair will provide you with more benefits than you could ever think of. Aside from feeling refreshed after washing your hair, it also keeps your scalp healthy. The healthier your scalp is, the more beautiful and manageable your hair becomes. Make sure to dry your hair completely before styling it. Don’t forget to comb your hair properly to detangle some strands and remove frizz. It will be easier to style a well-combed hair.

  1. Divide hair into four sections.

The next step is to divide your hair into four sections (columns). Braid each section separately and tie each braid with hair elastic. Since bohemian braids are rather messy than smooth braids, make sure not to make the braids too tight or else it will ruin the entire Bohemian concept. If you made the braids too tight, you don’t really have to start over again. You just have to tug some hair strands lightly so that it loosens the braid.

  1. Pin up.

This is the part where it gets a little bit difficult. First, you have to take the third braid and wrap it under the second braid. You need to work first on the two innermost braids so that it doesn’t interfere with the style later. Use bobby pins to tuck the ends of your inner braids neatly.

  1. Work on the second braid.

After tucking in the third braid, you need to work on the second braid. Wrap the third braid around your index finger. Slowly take your finger out, place the rolled braid, and pin it up in place with bobby pins. You should not put so many bobby pins because it will not look too good later.

  1. Pin up the rest of the braids.

Now that you are done working on the two inner braids, it’s time to work on the outer braids. It’s up to you which braid to pin up first; either the first or the fourth. Anyway, it will give you the same outcome. Just take the ends of your braids and pin it on the opposite side, crossing each other. Tuck the ends of your hair with bobby pins to keep the hairstyle neat. In addition to all the steps, you are free to accessorize the style so that it goes well with the specific occasion you are wearing it for.

Pompadour Style

  1. Wash your hair and let it dry.

Washing your hair before styling it will make you feel fresh all day long. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly so that the accumulated dirt and dandruff build-up will be gone. After washing your hair, it’s time to let it dry. You can choose to let it dry naturally or use a blower, but never towel-dry your hair. towel-drying is one of the reasons for hair breakage and damage. While you’re at it, comb your hair as well.

  1. Apply ample amount of styling cream or wax.

You can choose which products to apply to your hair, but you should make sure that it doesn’t damage your hair later. As much as it’s important to keep your hairstyle on point, it’s also great to have healthy hair by using eco-friendly hair products. Only apply enough styling product to your hair if you don’t want it to look too greasy or sleek. Anyway, you will be applying more of it later once you are done styling your hair.

  1. Tease your hair.

Gather a small section of hair on top of your crown. Tie this section with hair elastic to separate it with the rest of your hair. Next, gather a few hair strands from the back of the first section you made. Tease the hair gently until it gives you the desired volume. You can decide how thick you want the hair strands that you will be teasing. Once you are done, apply a little hair spray to the teased hair.

  1. Comb back the first section made.

Make sure you comb this portion neatly. This section will cover the teased hair so that your pompadour will look as smooth as possible. You may choose to twist this section as you place it over the teased hair, or just lay it flat over the teased portion. Secure this section with bobby pins. Tuck the bobby pins under the hair where the pomp stopped. Apply hairspray to keep hairstyle in place for longer period.

Updos for Short Hair – The Best Hair Types

  • Straight Fine Strands

You can never go wrong with naturally straight hair. This kind of hair is the most manageable hair type for any hairstyle. Smooth straight hair is very flexible so hairstylists will not have a hard time fixing it into different hairstyles. In addition to that, straight hair also goes well with both short and long hair lengths.

  • Wavy hair

Having natural wavy hair is also a gift. Actually, having natural wavy hair is a trend right now. It makes you feel always beach-ready anytime, anywhere. The thing about this hair type is that it also goes well with both short and long hair lengths. Another thing about this hair type is that you don’t need to exert too much effort to style your hair. you can go out just after combing your hair since this hair type is already a fashion statement by itself.

Updos for Short Hair of Popular Hollywood Celebrities

  1. Emma Watson

This lovely Hollywood star is indeed creating a buzz in Hollywood not only because of her great acting skills, but also because of her beauty. Emma Watson once starred in a popular series called Harry Potter. She has naturally wavy hair that makes her look cute and young. Recently, she was seen sporting a short hairstyle and wearing it in a high ballerina bun. She looks just as awesome as she did when she was still younger.

  1. Miley Cyrus

The popular Hannah Montana star may have been out of line during the past years, but her hairstyles never left her out-dated. In fact, a lot of people love Miley’s hairstyles, even during the times when she completely transformed and changed her fashion statement. When Miley cut her hair short, she was fond of wearing pompadour hairstyles that made her stand out. Even during formal red carpet events in Hollywood, Miley Cyrus never failed to amaze fashion critiques because her hairstyles are just so on point and trendy.



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