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Not to be confused with strict terminology, the twist and the braid are both considered as black hairstyles having been a staple style among black Americans who have African origins. Both the twists and braids welcome the use of hair extensions whether partially or fully, and also the dreadlocks as alternate attachment. They look similar but are different, and they also look difficult to install but are not, although the braids are substantially more time-consuming than the twists. Braids, unlike twists that utilizes only two strands, use a third strand aside from the two strands for twisting. It is therefore possible to incorporate kinky twist braids with box braids, tree braids, crochet braids, crown braids, waterfall braids and many other hairstyles.


Essential Little Known Twist Braids Info

Hairstyles that have been in existence for long period of times undergo tweaks and permutations. We will have a clearer understanding of the basics and mechanics of the hairstyle once we know the core and nuances of it.

  • The larger the facial feature and the fuller the figure, the thicker is the twist requirement. However if the thin twist is still your preference, you should be prepared to style them in a voluminous form rather than allow them to just hang freely.
  • The diversity of twists is endless and the motif is switchable from chic, sophisticated, edgy, and soft to whatever look you desire.
  • The twist braids were the product out of necessity. The first African Americans saw the need to protect their kinky hair and decided to do something about it utilizing the hairstyle.
  • Individuals with Afro-textured hair in the United States can choose among hair twists, flat twists, or mini-twists as popular alternatives to style their hair. If you do not have curly or kinky hair, do not despair as there are creative possibilities to get the same style. Twists are doable by creating several sections of the hair and twisting a few strands picked from a section and then twisting again, this time with another twisted single strand.
  • The most overlooked mistake among those who install twist braids is keeping the hairstyle longer than the lifespan of the hairstyle. Twists braids are protective hairstyles but can do damage to the natural hair and scalp if maintained improperly. Protective styling gives fragile ends breathing space while allowing new hair to grow. It should only be just a temporary measuring, lasting for not more than two months.
  • Do you know that you should cover your twist braids at night with a satin headscarf or use a satin pillowcase as alternative? Aside from protecting the hair strands and ends, the measure allows some moisture to be available to dampen the hair and keep it healthy.
  • A healthy scalp sustains healthy hair. Water, in the form of a daily quick spritz, provides nourishment to the hair roots and scalp. This is the simplest and most effective daily hair moisturizing rather than using heavy gels and oils as they counter-productively clog the skin pores of the scalp, preventing water nourishment.
  • Once a week, after spraying the roots of the hair with water, you can apply butter to sooth the scalp, seal the moisture, and as UV protection. The butter also provides added moisture, nourishes with essential vitamins and minerals, and controls the frizzing of the braids.
  • Avoid using mineral oil and other unnaturally derived oils to moisturize and nourish your hair. These oils are poor choices because they can clog the pores of the scalp. A leave-in conditioner is even a better alternative if naturally-derived oils are not available.
  • Wash your braids at least every two weeks. Use the dry-wash method which is the most convenient procedure to keep your and scalp fresh and good smelling.
  • Limit your up-do styling. 3 to 4 times a week up-do styling is enough to give you variety and tolerable natural hair stress. Up-dos create constant pulling pressure that weakens the hair along the hairline.
  • Avoid pulling tightly during the styling of your twist braids to prevent unnecessary hair and hairline stresses.
  • Extend the life of your twist braids by redoing the edges. After installing your braid, usually a couple of weeks later, the hair roots have grown out and you need some fresh reconfiguration of your hairstyle. Rather than go into a tedious new braiding, you can request your stylist for a simpler braid re-installation along your hairline, which should use only an hour or so of your time. Remember to detangle your hair and proceed with a deep conditioning before the reinstallation procedure. Hair edges become fragile at some point when wearing twist braids and need extra care and attention.


 Twist Braids with Exciting and Useful Features 

The versatility and variety of this hairstyle is almost limitless and bounded only by the hairstylist’s imagination. Get to know a few of them. Who knows, you may love any one of them!

  1. Mohawk Ponytailed Twist Braids

This hairstyle has an edginess that will not suit everyone because it requires boldness on the part of the wearer. The braided top makes for a striking and contrasting silhouette against the faded thin hair of the sides and back. As long as she is up to it, any women can wear this hairstyle which possesses a feminine touch through long kinky twists.

  1. African Style Twist Braid

Twist Braids have strong African origin because of the hair type of people from that country, a type of hair that lends itself beautifully to the installation of braided hairstyles. This shoulder-length elegant hairstyle has a dynamic flow of kinky twist braids with just the right thickness. The gorgeous hair can look wonderful when viewed from the front, side, or back. It is no wonder that women of other nationalities and hair types this hairstyle is now embrace this hairstyle.twist-braids

  1. Havana Twist Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the major twist braid styles popularized by African Americans. It covers many different styles as long as the hair extension is Havana hair. The featured hairstyle is the twist braid with generous braid volume and side parting. The elegance of the long braids gives the look while the form emphasizes the wearer’s face. This versatile hairstyle is usable throughout the year and in any kind of occasion.

  1. Twist Braids with Bow Bun

This hairstyle verifies the limitless ideas that are possible with twist braids. By dividing the front tresses into two parts and twisting them to form a bow-like structure on top of the head, a new and cleverly tweaked variant is achievable.

  1. Twist Braids with Simple Downward Hair

Are you one of those busy ladies who need a simple but elegant hairstyle to wear in your busy days? And are you also worried about the discomfort brought about by heavy buns, and hard-to-manage hair imperfections like fizziness and loose strands? This hairstyle utilizes simple twist braiding with downward flow and without accessories.

  1. Twist Braids with Cornrows

Amazingly arranged cornrows can give additional and substantial point of interest to this hairstyle. The cornrows use construction from natural hair and attached with twist braids extension to give excellent results. Do not be surprised if you get curious glances from onlookers. Classy events deserve only the most elegant hairstyles. The Marley twists hairstyle has an elegant up-do variant that that are wearable with chic confidence in discriminating events.

  1. Twist Braids Mohawk

Directing cornrows towards the center of your hair and building up your twist braids into a Mohawk are crucial points to create an awesome twist braid Mohawk hairstyle. The hairstyle is nothing short of edgy, and is now a trendy cut among black American youths.

  1. Twist Braids Dreadlocks

It is counter-productive to feel sad about the futility of sporting the elegant dreadlocks that your idolized celebrities wear with extreme grace in red carpet event, television appearances, and magazine cover shoots. Are you afraid to ruin your hair if you try to emulate their awesome dreadlocks? Better seek the advice of professional hairstylists that will surely assure you that trying out twist braids converted into dreadlocks is safe and worth trying.

  1. Twist Braids with a Short Cut

Does your daring and experimental temperament push you to try other unlikely hairstyles that can make you look younger and fun-loving? This short cut twist braids hairstyle is a variant that gives a light youthful appeal that suits hip individuals like you.


Twist Braids Tutorials with Easy Steps

  1. Instructions With Rope Twist Braids

Step 1: Prepare your hair. Before you start with styling your hair, you should first remove any knot that may be present in your hair from a previous hairstyle. After you have done so, shampoo your hair using sulfur- free shampoo and condition the hair for better manageability and suppleness. Rinse thoroughly and towel-dry.

Step 2: Gather all your hair length to form a high ponytail. You can also make a low or side ponytail out of the gathered hair. The choice depends on the final look that you want to achieve.

Step 3: Divide your ponytail into two approximately equal volumes of strand sections and twist both of them to the left.

Step 4: With your two hands handing a section each, form the vaunted rope twist by wrapping the left section over the right. Do this with the correct pressure while avoiding too much tension which could be harmful to the hair. With practice you can perfect this procedure as well as the next one which is the swapping of hands as you continue to wrap more strands of hair. The swapping of hands is a clever technique to keep the pressure.

Step 5: Continue the motion of twisting the sections to the left and wrapping the section to the right until the end part of your ponytail structure. At this point, you are almost done with your ponytail twist braid. You can now validate all tutorials’ claim on twist braids that they look intimidating to do but are really simple.

Step 6: Secure the end of the ponytail a clear rubber. To enhance the shape of the ponytail and to make them also look bigger, you can gently stretch the sides of the braid.


  1. Waterfalls Twist Braids Instructions

Step 1: Prepare your hair. Clean your hair with your favorite shampoo and condition deeply before thoroughly rinsing. At this point, your hair has thoroughly absorbed vital nutrients to keep your hair healthy and manageable. The waterfall twist braid is best suited for straight hair with same length. Curly or layered hair can still be waterfall braided but will take extra effort to do so. Part your hair in the location where you want your braid to begin. You do not have to worry if your part comes across your bangs, just ignore it and proceed.

Step 2: Separate your hair into sections. Decide which side you want your braid to go. If you want the left direction, take a section from that part. Do the same with the right section, with a right orientation. Split each section into two, one your hairline and the other behind it. If bangs get on the way, separate a section of hair just behind the bangs, approximately about one inch up from the ear.

Step 3: Twist the two sections with a rotating motion. Rotate the two sections around each other in an attempt to switch their places. The section with roots nearest your face should now occupy the position across the section with roots nearest to the back of your head.

Step 4: Insert a third strand of hair between the two strands. Hold the first two stands with one hand, and use your other hand to pick up a third strand from the top section of your head. Lay it between the original two sections and allow it to hang.

Step 5: Re-twist the two original sections in the same direction, this time with the additional aim of twisting them around the third new section of hair that was inserted between the two sections. This will hold the third section and reinforce all three sections into one unit. This is the basic structure of one of the most exciting twist braids, the waterfall. You will need to repeat this step several times to complete the hairstyle

Step 6: Continue braiding. Be sure to always braid in the same direction. Proceed with the basic waterfall braiding until you obtain the desired length and braid numbers to finish your hairstyle. Secure the ends with bobby pins. Spritz with hairspray to hold the hair and for moisturizing purposes.


2 Trending Twist Braids Expected to Make an Impact this Year

  • Full-Length Wavy Twist Braids Hairstyle

It is a common impression that long and wavy hair connotes sophistication and elegance. Twist braiding the hair with this quality combination is awesome and hard to surpass. The side parting adds additional point of interest and also leaves the face advantageously expose for an attractive makeup. Definitely, this hairstyle can handle the most formal and elegant social gatherings.

  • Flattened Twist Braids

Some novelty hairstyles simply provide a fresh idea rather than create artistic and functional value. The flattened twist braids hairstyle submits the innovation of flattening the braids to come up with an elegant hairstyle with a fresh and unique tweak. The resultant hairstyle is so versatile that it is usable as regular office hair or in romantic and elegant dinner dates.

Two Celebrities that Successfully Revived the Twist Braids Hairstyle

No one can contest or belittle the influential power of celebrities who are omnipresent in television screens, magazines, internet and other media and online outlets. In fact, when Brandy and Rihanna wore the twist braids hairstyle in public, there was an immediate outpour of interests in the hairstyle that it soon became a revival hit hairstyle. This should let you know about these 2 celebrity singers and fashion trendsetters:

  1. Brandy

Her true name is Brandy Rayana Norwood, but this super talented woman is known in the music industry simply as “Brandy”. Her talents include singing, songwriting, and acting but singing is her true forte and has brought her the most prestigious and acclaimed Grammy, American Music, and Billboard Awards. Being a fashionable hair wearer, her celebrity status provided her with a fringe benefit of being able to show off different hairstyles that suited her fancy. The twisted braids became her signature hairstyle though, and she could easily be considered as an ambassador of the hairstyle that she helped popularize.

  1. Rihanna

She was born Robyn Rihanna Fanny but is Rihanna in the music world. She is both a successful singer and fashion icon. She is Grammy Awards winner and a Fashion Icon awardee from the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers. She is very proud of her huge achievements, but in the smaller scale of things, she is all praises for her hair moments wearing numerous hairstyles, color, and cuts. She almost single-handedly brought phenomenal popularity to the twist braid which sent millions of her fans lining up in salons to copy her perfect hairstyle.



51 Kinky Twist Braids Hairstyles with Pictures



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