155 Tree Braids with How-to Tutorial


Are you tired of brittle, dry, lack of length, and difficult to style hair? The tree braids hairstyle might just be the solution to your valid hair concerns. The protective prowess of the braid with supportive strands of artificial hair absorbs the wear and tear that women’s natural hair encounter daily. Desired hair length and thickness becomes achievable in just short waiting time. Hairstyling has never been easy with attractive results until tree braids became available to modern women. Also, the versatility of the tree braids cut makes it ideal for a day at the office or dinner dates at night.

Tree braids, one of the best outputs of African American hairstyles, use hair extensions to add length and volume to your natural hair. Installation consists of creating small and tight braids that is styled in limitless possibilities. Whether tree braids are worn loose, formed into cornrows or individually braided, styled with updo or ponytail,  It works with all types of hair, although admittedly it works best with thick and kinky hair. It may be an exaggeration, but others cry out loud that you will not survive summer without this protective hairstyle. Finally, the tree braids can see you through than just the summer because it can last up to 3 months with proper care.

Facts about the Tree Braids that may Convince You to Wear Them

The tree braids like any other thing that is special, never fail to impress or even to surprise. Because of the benefits of this hairstyle, it is now a highly accepted cut even to other nationalities and groups apart from the Afro Americans who originally wore them in more times. Here are few facts about the tree braids:

  • The tree braids are also known as invisible braids because you do not normally see the braids in the hair, rather only the ends of the extensions are visible.
  • Many women prefer this hairstyle over other braided styles like box braids or twists because they are easier to install and less time consuming.
  • During tree braid installation, place the strand of natural hair between the branches of the artificial hair extensions, and press well against the head to start the braiding with the components as close as possible.
  • Human hair extensions, though more expensive than synthetic hair, have the advantage of having more styling options. In fact, any styling can be done with them. Heat, extreme tension, and residue build-up due to hair styling products are all destructive to synthetic hair extensions.
  • In estimating the length of hair extensions in tree braiding, you should consider doubling your initial estimate to account for the effect of braiding to hair length.

The Versatile Tree Braids Will Surely Have at Least One Variant Suited for You

Tree braids are versatile enough that you can form limitless style options to suit your hair needs and goals. These are just a few styles to choose from:

  1. Center-Parted Wavy Tree Braids

This decade 70’s inspired hair may have retro influences, but no one can help it that glamour and sexiness are timeless s and still hold relevance until today. The styling is deceivingly simple but the look is stunning. It features a middle parting of the tree braids on top of the head and the free-flowing locks are softly curled for maximum impact. A few subtle auburn highlights are spread sporadically in the head particularly above the forehead giving the accent that elevates the hairstyle to top elegance.Also See:

  1. Wavy Tree Brads Hairstyle

Trying out different hairstyles is a big advantage with regards to tree braids. This wavy hairstyle is a favorite among women who long for volume and depth with their hair using tightly-formed waves. The neat side part of the hairstyle naturally frames the face for a nice emphasis while the addition of gradual layers throughout the hair length gives a fulfilling dimensional look.

  1. Tree Braids with Front Braiding

Women who want being uniquely fun and true to their personality with their hairstyle can try this tree braids variant. This is not meant for everyone, and good luck to those who embrace it. The front section of the head features diagonal braids that cover a few inches of the front scalp starting from the hairline. A headband clearly delineates this diagonal braids from the full and voluminous remaining curls. From the viewpoint of being original, this hairstyle has high marks.

  1. Tree Braids with Black Layers

The goal of tree braids installations is to look real and natural. By featuring a small burgundy strand right in the bangs and flipped ends of the voluminous hair layer, the wearer depicts a natural look of a girl on the go, free of complicated and tedious hair alterations. By maintaining a little bit of messy and random hair appearance, there is emphasis on naturalness.

  1. Tree Braids with Accentuating Highlights

Highlights accentuate natural hair colors or artificially made ones. Auburn highlights are almost always combined with black illusion braids because the results are predictably dazzling. Usually the locks are parted in the center and the remaining lengths at both sides are softly curled for a sexy look even in casual or special occasion use.

  1. Tree Braids on Long Straight Hair

Tree braids do not have to be complicated and cumbersome to look beautiful. They can be simply incorporated to long, sleek and completely straight hair and still look stunning while being uncomplicated. The illusion braids have no parting but are instead, combed straight back.

  1. Burgundy Highlighted Tree Braids

The two toned tree braids composed of the natural hair and burgundy artificial hair extensions are beautiful enough, but the exploitation of numerous hair possibilities can even substantially add more beauty to the hairstyle. A simple bun, exciting top knot, flowing hair waves or pretty ponytail are few of the creative options.

  1. Highlighted Long and Wavy Tree Braids

Have you ever thought of a perfectly structured hairstyle complete with attractively revealing hair braids texture? This tree braids variant are styled with tight spirals with a nice finish. Auburn highlights punctuate the lengthy hair, with particular concentration at the black while a distinct center part gives a strong stabilizing feature.

  1. Tree Braids with Side-Swept Curls

This hairstyle combines the glam of Vogue and sexiness Hollywood goddesses. The positioning of the tresses, just like poses for a glossy magazine photo shoot, makes or breaks the projected look of the hairstyle. Soft curls and side parting emphatically frame the face.

  1. Tree Braids with Side Parting

You would not call tree braids as invisible braids if not for a reason. The side-parted braids look so real that you need close scrutiny to distinguish them. The braids undergo bleaching at the roots and the hair is styled with a deep side part to offer an asymmetrical and dynamic structure that qualifies as a unique style.

  1. Tree Braids with Curly Updo

This Mohawk-inspired updo takes full advantage of the vaunted updo, which has the advantage of revealing your neckline and making space for large accessories. The highlight of the hairstyle is the neatly braided hair in rows across the head with the curls piled and allowed to form bangs-like structure in the forehead.

  1. Tree Braids in Dark Blonde

Whether in natural or artificial state, hair color is critical in every hairstyle application. Even hair make as in natural hair or artificial hair extension, hair color is equally crucial to the success of the hairstyle. With tree braids, trying out several hair colors before deciding on the most suitable one is possible by using hair extensions. For first time users of dark blonde tree braids , the hints of red and black streaks to create a sophisticated interplay of dynamic color scheme is enough to be convinced on sticking on the hairstyle. With the addition of deliberately installed messy curls placed throughout the hair length, a naturally fun and effortless hairstyle is achieved.

  1. Tree Braids with Curly Updo

It never hurts to wear a chic updo as a flattering way to sport your favorite hairstyle that reveals your neckline bejeweled by large and shiny accessories. Although this has a semblance of Mohawk-inspired updo, there is nothing edgy to this highly elegant hairstyle. The back of the head and the sides seat neat rows of very short braids. The curls create a pile on top of the head, with some curls cascading down into the forehead, creatively disguising as bangs. This hairstyle will work on any women regardless of skin color, in any occasion during daytime or night,

Best Tree Braids Tutorials from Basic to advanced

Tree braids are versatile, with a multitude of variants that ranges from easy to moderately difficult. The most important thing is to nail the basic tree braiding and other variants can naturally be installed. The following tutorials contain the basic and one modified tree braid hairstyle

  1. How to do the tree braids

Step 1: Along the hairline, divide the hair into 1/2 inch or smaller sections, depending on your preference. Clip the sections into place using bobby pins.

Step 2: Starting at the hairline, start braiding using tight cornrows. Add a small lock of your chosen hair extension to the braid.

Step 3: Braid the natural hair and artificial extension hair together until the extensions are securely attached to the natural hair at the hairline on the head. The remaining hair extensions are simply allowed to flow freely without being braided.

Step 4: Repeat this procedure until all the hair along the hairline are braided with artificial hair strands.

  1. Tree Braids with Ponytail in Simple Steps

Step 1: Gather all the materials you will need in installing the hairstyle, and put them close and in front of you. The hair extensions should have the right color and length.

Step 2: Use a reliable shampoo to wash your hair and deep condition them in preparation for braiding. Shampooing and washing the hair removes debris that could damage the hair during long contact with hair extensions. Conditioners moisturize and provide nutrients to natural hair to keep them healthy while the braid is installed,

Step 3: Divide the artificial braids into section by laying all of them out and carefully

separating the section into slightly thicker strands that you intend for your hair


Step 4: Start braiding from the back, in the area around the ears, and in a front to back

and  front of the head sequence. Use a comb to separate and align the hair locks.

Step 5: Form a ponytail from those unbraided hair extensions already attached in the

head. Choose small and thin hair that is located in the head front part.

Step 6: You can add another hair extension, if after braiding, you want a denser braid.

This Year’s Summer-Ready Tree Braids

Tree braids have fashionable variants that can either pass the test of time and become classics, or surge in popularity and immediately wane. For 2017, two tree braids hairstyle are hitting the roof in popularity. How long will they last? We have to wait and see.

  • Tree Braid with Classy Wedding Bouffant Style

The wedding industry is rich in trendy fashion and hairstyles. Every year, new hairstyles with modern slant crops up. 2017 is ripe for the classy wedding bouffant hairstyle. This unique tree braids hairstyle utilizes the above-the-ear area rather than the usual hairline part. The generous area covering the entire side temples provide the eye-catching texture-revealed braided pattern that looks super elegant complemented by sleek polished locks. By adding the on-trend bouffant, the super chic hairstyle looks elegant for your very special occasions, like wedding for example.

  • Miraculous Waterfall Tree Braids

Hair waves look glorious and dynamic because of the illusion of movement they create. The side parting is another asymmetrical configuration that breaks the balance cleverly to create more pleasing tension.  This hairstyle fits perfectly in any setting from casual to formal. The extensions are great for experimentation but chocolate has a reliable success result when it comes to black hair. The tree braids start at the roots of the front hairline and flow downwards in curly waves.

Hot Celebrities with Cool Tree Braids

Beyonce and Alicia are giants in show business, whose lives revolve almost entirely in their respective careers. They are both fully aware that beauty is probably their best asset, but they too are clever enough to put premium value in health and safety. Their choice of tree braids as an elegant, functional and protective hairstyle is valid and unquestionable. Their natural hair is relieved from stress by the artificial braids that also cover them from unwanted sun exposure. They gracefully walk in red carpet events, in all glitz and glamour sporting the hairstyle, yet people are unaware of the health issues that they are addressing.

1. Beyonce

She is Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter in real life, and is a highly accomplished American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. As a child, she performed in various singing and dancing competitions until she rose to fame in the late 1990’s as lead singer of Destiny’s Child, an R&B girl group. Her first major singing recognitions included five Grammy Awards and a feature in Billboard Hot 100. Her girl group disbanded but her career as a solo artist took off and soared, and in 2010 she garnered a record 6 Grammy Awards. Throughout her career, Beyonce sold an estimated whooping 100 million records as a solo artist and 60 million records as her girl group’s lead singer, confirming her status as one of the best-selling music artists in history.

She is a highly visible celebrity figure with millions of her fans always at the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting what hairstyle she would wear in her next concert, movie, photo shoot or public appearance. Despite her manic interest in possibly all kinds of braids, she wore the tree braids in many occasions with all gusto. A few of them included: shadow fade tree braids, tree braids fade, tree braids ponytail, curly tree braids, side part wavy tree braids, and thin strands tree braids.

  1. Alicia Keys

Her real name is Alicia Angelio Cook and she is the multi-talented American singer, songwriter, record producer, pianist, actress and activist, who have captured the hearts of fans worldwide, earning her the reputation as an international celebrity. She conquered the music industry when she signed up with Artista Records that produced her debut album, Songs in a Minor, in 2001. The carrier single of the album, Fallin, sold over 12 million copies and won for her the 2001 Billboard Hot and 5 Grammy Awards in 2002. She accumulated a total of 15 Grammy Awards, 17 NAACP Image Awards, sold over 35 million albums and over 30 million singles worldwide in her highly successful singing career so far. She was also Pop Icon Top R&B Artist in the 2000’s Decade, number 10 Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Past 25 Years, VH1 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and Time 100 List of the Most Influential People in 2000 and 2017.

She speaks fondly about her show business career but it is also her hair moments that fascinate her. Her fans and she herself could not forget her public appearance when she wore a unique but highly functional curly tree braids hairstyle. The well-loved curly ponytail was not only pretty but also protective of her natural hair by giving it a break from the stress of voluminous, bouncy curls.


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