Top 7 Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them


Remember those travel scams you see in movies all the time? Well, many of them happen in real life. Becoming a victim of one of these travel scams is very easy.

Many travelers believe they are so smart and can hardly fall for a scam. Wait until you get ripped off. We advise that you get acquainted with the most common travel scams. This way, you are not at the wrong end on your next trip.

There are numerous scams including being overcharged to revealing your credit card details unknowingly. You may not know who’s trying to scam you, but you should know the most common scams. In this post, we reveal the top 7 travel scams and how to avoid them.

Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Lose your guard and you’ll get scammed. This sucks, no matter how many times you fall for a scam. Let’s arm you with the most common scams and how you can avoid them. With this knowledge, you are less likely to fall victim.

Broken Taxi Meter

Once you step out of the arrival terminal, the next thing on your mind is getting a cab. That’s if no one is designated to pick you up.

You are most likely unaware of the cab prices in that location. Cab drivers stationed around train stations and airports know this and are likely to take advantage.

Here’s what they tell you. The taxi meter is bad so they have to charge a flat rate. They are so wise, they’ll say it just before the trip while drawing empathy.

You are likely to fall for this because your luggage is already in the trunk and you can’t bear waiting any longer. The result of this is paying a lot more than you should have. You have just been ripped off!

How to avoid:

Technology has presented us with Uber to save you from this sort of scam. If Uber doesn’t operate in that location, find out taxi rates before you arrive.

When you arrive and the driver tells you the meter is broken, insist a little more. If you can’t prevail, take the pain of stepping out and getting another cab. Not all cabbies are scammers.

Closed or Overbooked Hotel

This is another common scam perpetrated by cab drivers. When planning a trip, you likely have a hotel in mind for your stay. However, certain cab drivers will try to talk you out of staying at such hotels.

They’ll try to play on your intelligence because they have a deal with another hotel. Just so you know, hotels agree with cabbies to give them a commission for each customer they bring.

A cab driver may tell you that the hotel you intend to lodge in is closed or non-functional. Sometimes, they’ll tell you they just took someone there and it is overbooked. The intent is to discourage you and lead you to where they’ll get a commission.

How to avoid:

Always make contact with your desired hotel ahead of time. Just before you travel, ask if they are open. You should also inquire about their shuttle service so you can schedule a pickup.

If your cabbie pulls this stunt, simply appreciate the gesture and insist on your choice. Tell him that you made a reservation, even if it’s a lie.

Free Rosemary or Bracelets

Men hardly fall for this scam, the major prey is women. The idea is simple and looks harmless at first. But the results are always terrible.

Here’s what happens. A man comes towards with a friendly smile on his face and gestures to adorn your wrist with a friendly bracelet.

Some other times, they’ll present a sprig of Rosemary as a good luck charm. The moment you fall for this, they start to demand money. Of course, you’ll refuse because that was not the plan. This leads to them creating a huge annoying scene.

How to avoid:

Never let a stranger adorn your wrist or any other part of your body with a freebie. Only accept something for free if you are sure there’s a very good reason. Ignore such attention and look ahead.

Spills on Clothing

If you have traveled around Europe a lot, you may have experienced this. As you walk along the street, you’ll feel a plop on your shoulder. Most times it’s some food condiment or bird poop.

Almost immediately, someone approaches you as a friend to help you clean up the mess. Fall for this and your wallet is gone! Just like in the movies right? Casino online like bestunitedstatescasinos will teach you about scams in casinos.

How to avoid:

Never let a stranger clean you up. Find a restroom instead to clean yourself up. Another thing to do is always walk around with some tissue. Just in case you don’t find a restroom.

Fake Police Officers

This scam is popular in large cities. A person approaches the tourist with some contraband and almost immediately, police officers appear. They immediately begin to insist that the tourist submits their wallet and passport.

How to avoid:

Always insist on seeing full identification and don’t hand over your passport or wallet. Tell them you need to speak to the police to be sure. You can even feign that your passport is in your hotel room and they need to follow you to get it. If they don’t oblige, they are fake.

Closed Attraction

In this case, a friendly local approaches you speaking excellent English. They’ll tell you that the attraction you plan to visit is closed and they have another offer. Follow them and they’ll lead you to a place where you are forced to pay a huge amount or purchase something.

How to avoid:

Never take their word for it. Always make inquiries yourself from the ticket counter. You can ask a few people around to affirm.

Friendly ATM Helper

As you approach the ATM, a person comes in the guise to help you avoid bank charges. They plan to scan your card, watch you punch in your passcode, and swipe your funds later.

How to avoid:

Keep people at arm’s length when using the ATM. When punching in your code, cover up as much as you can. If a stranger comes too close, remove your card and look for another ATM.


There you have it, the top 7 travel scams and how to avoid them. Be careful when next you travel so you don’t fall victim. To learn more about scams, visit the best online casino.


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