Top 5 Themes You Can Consider For Your Big Day


Almost 25% of all couples that choose to take the plunge use some kind of a theme for their big day. There are couples who create thematic wedding experiences that are completely based on their unique relationship, and are different from all the weddings. For instance, a highly creative couple used a quilting motif in their entire wedding celebration, confirming to their loved ones’ belief that they were cut from the same cloth!

However, you shouldn’t pressurise yourself too much to create novel experiences like that. There are all kinds of beautiful and fun wedding themes you can play around with. Here in this short piece we’ll acquaint you with 5 such amazing wedding themes that can make your big day a truly memorable one.


These type of weddings are comparatively more relaxed and feature all kinds of home spun, local and natural touches, for instance, handmade chairs and tables. Rustic weddings have proven to be a very popular choice amongst couples throughout the world. Some of the synonyms for these types of weddings are modern rustic, rustic country, rustic chic and rustic elegant.


If you haven’t been able to head the Sin City for your Bachelors or Spinsters, why not create your wedding around the casino theme? It’s a fairly novel idea and not many people venture this way. You’d need to create a list of all the casino aspects you’d like to bring into your wedding. Please note, if you do decide to hold a casino themed wedding, make sure that you not just inform your guess, but clarify it to them what the party will be exactly like. Here are some tips and ideas to organise a casino themed wedding.


If your country has a beautiful coastline as its surroundings, why not indulge in a beach-themed affair? The fresh sea breeze against your cheeks, the sound of waves and smell of the salt air as you exchange your wedding vows is guaranteed to make your wedding a fondly remembered day by all.


These type of weddings make the best use of things that are old and are associated with the era gone by. You can sprinkle some antique touches into different aspects of the wedding, and introduce heirloom details across the entire decor and attire, thus creating a vintage and timeless feel for your big day. Please remember that vintage themed weddings work very well when combined with rustic elements. Together, both these aspects deliver well-rounded aesthetics for the entire affair. Here are some useful vintage wedding ideas to help you out.


Over the years, fall has proven to be a very popular wedding season. A wedding themed around this time of the year would obviously involve chill in the air. As a result, you’ll get the perfect excuse to wear those fun fur stoles! Not to forget, the opportunity to indulge in some delicious pumpkin spice cookies, cider donuts and apple hand pies too!


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