Top 5 Best Fashion Trends of 2019 You Should be Wearing


The year has come but it has not gone yet. Keeping up with fashion can be tricky but there is still time for you to take advantage of some of the best styles that have hit the industry this year.

If you consider yourself a fashionista or a stylish individual in general, you’ll definitely want to hit the streets, or the runway, in some of these threads. Keep reading to check out some of the 5 best fashion trends of 2019.

Biker Shorts

The biker shorts trend trickled into this year from 2018 but it is holding on strong. It seemed to have started as just a foundational layer to pull off a successful retro look. However, biker shorts have become a more versatile item and are the perfect addition to even a casual outfit these days.

Baggy Trouser Pants

Baggy trousers have become one of the best fashion trends for creating a sexy, sultry look while keeping it classy. You can pair these slouchy bottoms with a tight fitting belt to give a slimming waist effect and a snug crop top – preferably with slits and one shoulder.

These pants may look like a blast from the past that you find in your mother’s closet. But they are definitely a current day hot commodity for a high fashion vibe.

Casual Pantsuits

Speaking of pants and power, pantsuits is one of the most surprising and best fashion trends to have hit the fashion world by storm in the past year. There is only one way to wear a pantsuit- boldly. But these can be styled loose fitting with a tight shirt and sneakers or tailored to the tee with a small heel.

No matter which style you choose for your pantsuit, you’ll look like a boss.

Ruffled Top Maxi Dresses

What better way to walk into summer than sporting an elegant and flowing maxi dress. But not just any maxi, particularly one with a ruffled top half that you can style on or off the shoulders.

Grab one of these beauties in floral and you’ll feel right in the middle of a tropical dream. This outfit will make you imagine the possibilities of a Western Caribbean cruise¬†(and you might as well make it a reality since you’re already wearing the outfit).

Natural Bags

We all love a natural look. It makes us look and feel good- plus its fashion that considers the environment. Luckily for you, natural bags have earned a spot in the best fashion trends of the year.

Most of the bags create a very “exotic island” feel due to being made from materials such as bamboo, straw, and wood. The beautiful sand color of the bags can make any outfit pop.

Interested in Making the Best Fashion Trends Work For You?

Of course its the person -not the clothes- that make even the best fashion trends come to life. But there still some vital tips that can help you to make any look perfect.

Check out this article to find out how you can make these top styles of the year even better.


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