Top 3 Reasons to Donate Your Eggs


Many people dream of starting a family of their own; yet, for many couples, starting a family with traditional methods simply isn’t an option. In fact, 1 in 8 married couples struggle with infertility. Due to any number of fertility hurdles, these hopeful parents often turn to IVF with donor eggs. Because of women like you who generously donate eggs, these couples have the incredible opportunity to begin the families they’ve always wanted.

Just as there are many reasons for using donor eggs, there are just as many for choosing to be an egg donor. The benefits aren’t only isolated to the couples who receive the donated eggs, but to the egg donors as well. Here are the top three reasons for any woman who meets egg donation requirements to consider donating her eggs.

Helping Couples in Need

When it comes to egg donors’ personalities, they all have an innate sense of compassion and generosity. After all, they’re giving hopeful parents the most precious gift — the gift of life. They provide infertile parents the opportunity to offer familial love, the type of love that can only come from the love a parent shares with their child, no matter where the DNA came from.

Some potential donors may be reasonably concerned about what will happen once a baby is born from their eggs. It’s important to note that, from the very beginning of the process, a professional will inform the donor of their rights and responsibilities. Egg donors aren’t held responsible for the health of the baby once he or she is born, nor are they responsible for any financial obligations past the retrieval of their eggs.

With so many couples desiring to start families, there’s an even greater need for healthy, educated egg donors who are of color or have ethnic diversities. No matter which lineage or culture an egg donor comes from, there are couples out there searching for her. For many couples, a donor egg database is often limited when it comes to choosing a donor who matches their exact ethnicity or cultural background.

Everyone Deserves the Joys of Parenthood

Some women who consider becoming an egg donor already understand the joys of parenthood because they’ve had children of their own and feel strongly that all couples deserve the opportunity to realize their dream of having a baby as well. Egg donation is not only a gift of life, but provides an opportunity for donors to share eggs that would never result in a child. Due to their active participation in helping a couple create a family, egg donors can feel good knowing they’ve helped spread their maternal love to another family.

Additionally, it’s important to understand egg donors aren’t limited to donating eggs to strangers. In fact, they may know a family member or friend who can benefit from using their eggs. It’s entirely possible for donors to have a previous connection to any couple in need. The bonds of family and friendships can only be strengthened with the desire to aid a couple who desperately wants to start a family, but may need assistance.

Feel Empowered

It’s no surprise becoming an egg donor helps couples in need. However, what may be unexpected is the sense of empowerment and satisfaction an egg donor experiences after going through the egg donation process. This feeling of empowerment stems from egg donors exerting their control over their own bodies and, much like citizens have the option of checking the organ donor box on their driver’s licenses, women have the option of saying yes (or no) to donating their eggs. While the taboo of using donor eggs still remains, it’s becoming significantly lessened as the rate of couples struggling with infertility rises.

Many women are choosing to put off growing their family until later in life, which means their remaining eggs may not be of the best quality and may not be capable of producing a healthy, viable pregnancy. When a woman enters her late 30s, the potential of getting pregnant decreases, though it’s not entirely impossible. What’s not affected by a woman’s age, however, is her ability to carry a baby. This is when egg donors play a vital role by aiding in conception. Many women just need healthy eggs to conceive, as they’re unable to produce their own. With healthy donor eggs, most women can carry a baby to term with no complications. 


While the feeling of empowerment is a primary benefit of donating eggs, there are other benefits that may initially interest women in pursuing egg donation. One of these benefits is financial compensation. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to donate eggs for any amount of compensation, it shouldn’t be your sole motivation. In fact, many clinics screen candidates to ensure they’re financially stable before donating.

People have their own financial obligations and reasons for needing extra income. Maybe you have student loans you finally want to help pay off, a dream European vacation in your future, or maybe you’re saving up to buy a first home. With compensation up to $8,000 (depending on location), becoming an egg donor can significantly help you meet your financial goals.

Find Your Own Reasons

Keep in mind, these three reasons are not an exhaustive list and don’t encompass all of a woman’s motivating factors to become an egg donor. Any woman who’s considering donating her eggs to a couple struggling with infertility has her own motivations for considering this procedure. The reason behind any woman donating her eggs is immensely personal and never wrong. Whether it began as a need for extra finances, or a deeply personal reason to help someone in need, the fact remains a couple’s journey toward a family begins with the generosity and understanding of one woman.

For anyone considering donating their eggs, we encourage you to not only think about the sense of empowerment you may feel on giving a family an irreplaceable gift, but to also    find your own reasons to help make this important decision.


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