125 Trendy Toddler Boy Haircuts


Your little boy is about to become a little man, and it’s about time for you to determine what kind of man they want to be, through their hairstyles. There are plenty of toddler boy haircuts out there whose main goal is to bring in plenty of advice and inspiration on how to give your boy the best style.

Picking the right kind of haircut for your son can be difficult, believe it or not. And when it comes to toddler boy haircuts, styling and caring for that hairstyle is a main priority. No matter if you intend to give your little boy a short and suave haircut, or if you want to find ways in keeping his unruly locks in place, there are plenty of adorable toddler haircuts out there which can help you choose which look is the best one for your son.

If your child isn’t exactly a little baby anymore, then it’s about high time that you take a look at the top toddler boy haircuts which make him look as dapper as ever. One of the very first things that you need to do here is to pick the look that you want. If you can, you could show your preferred haircut to your son’s hairstylist. Giving your baby boy a haircut can only signify that he’s not exactly a little baby anymore. You can find several trendy toddler boy haircuts which will surely fit your child.

Finding the best toddler boy haircut shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. You can find dozens and dozens of amazing toddler hairstyles, that it would be a waste if you would just limit your son’s own hairstyle to a layered cut or the standard floppy mop. But if you’re still having a hard time picking the correct way to style and cut your kid’s hair, then you can go online and search through pictures of toddler boy haircuts.

Even though a couple of hairstyles might seem a bit out there or adventurous for parents, there’s still plenty of time for your and your son to grow out his hair and give him a much more traditional look and feel. There are loads of adorable long and short hairstyles meant for kids. But no matter which hairstyle you end up choosing, your son will still look adorable and cool in the end. And as your child becomes older and older still, you can always look back and get more haircut ideas for older boys.

When it comes to getting the right haircut ideas for your children, especially for your sons, it’s pretty certain why you have to pick a style for them – More often than not. That aside, you will have to choose between two options: First is the classic haircut that has been around for decades. Or maybe you could go for a much more modern option here.

Products Used To Maintain Toddler Boy Haircuts

Make sure to keep your children’s hair fresh and clean, thanks to using all-natural hair products, which kids and parents will love. These products have all been tested out by parents (and not on animals!) and are 100 percent natural, making them completely safe to use, even on babies. There are washes that will leave your child’s hair looking fresh and shiny, as well as kid-friendly gels that keep those locks free from frizz. There are loads of styling aides out there that will surely keep your child’s hair looking clean and fresh, without having to worry too much about the amount of chemicals used.

Five Cute Toddler Boy Haircuts

  • Faux-Hawk: This is a hairstyle more popularly known as ‘spikes’. If you have a kid who prefers to keep his hair length long and flowing, then you can style it up using a soft spiky haircut. Your son will surely be the talk of the town thanks to that amazing hairstyle of his – Whether in the playground with his friends, or at school. The faux-hawk has been around for so many decades now, growing popularity during the 80s.
  • Mohawk: The mohawk hairstyle is a timeless trend that you can still find today. Mohawks are oftentimes associated with rebellion and a carefree attitude, especially on adults. But children who wear mohawks tend to be both cute and mischievous at the same time. Even if your child has short hair, he can still choose to wear a mohawk since it’s such a trendy hairstyle. Just make sure to keep his hair long, especially at the top.
  • Crew Cut: Crew cuts are yet one more toddler boy hairstyle for short hair, which look good on both adults and children. Crew cuts keep your son’s hair looking clean and tidy, not to mention it looks adorable and neat as well. Crew cuts are also the best hairstyle to get for the summer season. Professionals are supposed to deal with crew cut hairstyles, since this is a type of hairstyle that requires lots of practice, keeping short hair on top of the scalp. The edges of the hair need to carefully trimmed as well, into the person’s preferred shape. Some people who get crew cuts prefer to have a tiny bit of hair left in the front.
  • Spiky Hairdos: This is a highly-appealing hairstyle for young kids. In the hands of a professional hairdresser, spiky hairdos can be the type of hairstyle that will surely make your son look tidy and cute at the same time. He’ll certainly like this hairstyle as well. The first step here is to get your hairstyle to the correct length. Then neatly comb the hair out and place some hairspray, mousse, or gel on it to keep it stiff. These products can help make your kid’s hair stand up for a long while, with all of it pointing towards a singular direction, or in various places.
  • Flipped bangs with an undercut: You can also do those bangs in a sideways position, instead of getting them fall on top of the forehead, creating a neater appearance. Kids always look good with side bangs. Side bangs that also carry an undercut are perhaps the best combination for toddler boy haircuts. Creating this hairstyle isn’t exactly an easy task, however, and you should leave it to a professional to style your child’s hair, instead of doing it by yourself. The remainder of the hair is shaped into an undercut.

Easy Steps To Do On Your Own Toddler Boy Haircuts

For a mohawk, you have to do the following:

  • You will need to use an electric hair razor, together with a pair of scissors, a comb, a child’s apron, and something that will keep your child entertained – Like an iPad.
  • Before you could start, you have to first think how high your son’s mohawk would be, then separate the hair in a straight line, going away from the side where you want to give a buzzcut.
  • After you’re done buzzing halfway around the hair, you must now switch sides and comb the other part, going to the other side. And do the same thing – Buzz around the sides of the hair.
  • After you have achieved the length that you want, it’s now time for you to comb that mohawk in a forwards direction. Try to check if it’s centered, and that its parts are all straightened. Once that’s finished, you now have to trim the top side. Just comb it upwards then beginning from the back side, start trimming forward. Each time you pick up a brand new part to trim, check to see if some of the hair that you’ve cut off comes up as well, so you can see if the hair is all in one length.
  • And lastly, you now have to put up the mohawk. This requires a gel or a mousse with a super strong hold, a setting spray, and a hairdryer.
  • Squeeze a tiny penny-sized dollop of the gel or mousse into your hand, and rub them together, letting it spread evenly all over your hands. Apply the gel to the child’s hair. Gather all of the hair upwards and begin pulling it up, forming a mohawk. After the gel goes through the hair, rinse your hands and use the setting spray this time to keep it stiff. Next, dry everything using the hair dryer. The hand that you use must be flat on the other side of your hair, so the dryer won’t push it to the other side. Also See:
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For Crew Cut

  • For this, you need to get a pair of scissors, a spray bottle, and a comb.
  • The first step is to wet the hair. This won’t be applicable if you use a clipper on the sides and the back of the head.
  • Next, slowly cut around the ears. Use a trimmer if you want but be very careful.
  • The third step would be to follow slowly around the back side. This cleans up the hair around the neckline. Fold your child’s ear over, so you can cut along towards the side.
  • Next up is the blending. Put the comb against the child’s head, and slowly move upwards. After the bottom half of the layer falls down from the comb, you need to snip away the hair remaining on the comb.
  • Step five deals with combing the head in an upwards position, then snipping it once the final layer of hair falls down from the comb.
  • You must now blend from the top half down towards the sides. You can do this by holding up the fingers in an angle that rests on the child’s forehead – So that you can curve with the head. Notice how the blended hair is more prominent now and goes up towards a point? This means that you’re going to have to snip that point off. You can now do this all over the sides of the head and backwards, to combine the cut.
  • The next step focuses on the top. Just hold the hair in between your fingers and decide on your preferred length.
  • Slowly cut onto the hair, notching it. This results in a textured cut, so it won’t look too much like a bowl cut or a childish hairstyle once it grows longer.
  • Move towards the back of the head, snipping it all until you get to the same length. The hair becomes a bit shorter as you move backwards on the head. Check to see if you come across certain points. And if you do, snip them off. This is a surefire way of checking to see if your child has an even haircut – There shouldn’t be any points left. If you find any spots that don’t look properly blended, then you can be sure to find a point in there.

The Three Best Hairtypes For Toddler Boy Haircuts

Fine and Thick

  • A comb-over haircut. This is especially meant for fine hair on babies. This type of hairstyle must leave a bit of length on the top. The style, alongside the side part cut, captures the balance in between short and long hairstyles. The cut itself will spare you from having to continuously brush your child’s hair over to one side.
  • A textured crop hairstyle works as well. Even though plenty of adults out there prefer their sons to wear classic boyish hairstyles, some parents are willing to support the latest hair trends, even on their children. The textured crop hairstyle has gained popularity in practically all age groups and is practically the best choice for children who have thick hair.

Curly Hair

  • For kids with naturally curly hair, you need to give them a short haircut. Curly hair on kids has a rather soft and unique texture, and it might get damaged if shaven off. Having short curly hair will keep some of the hair’s natural texture, all the while getting rid of possible knots and tangles. If you have children who own naturally curly hair, a short hairstyle is the best way to show everything off, and at the same time keep that hair in its natural state. Curls and waves can be a bit difficult to maintain, which is the reason why some prefer to leave them on the top of their head, and not let it reach the back of the neck.

Famous Little Children Who Sport Toddler Boy Haircuts

1. Prince George of Cambridge – The future king of England already owns a couple of fancy grooming products, according to People magazine. One of them happens to be a vegan hair care product, which is meant to be completely safe to use. The gel is composed of ingredients such as rosemary, calendula, cranberry, and cucumber. It helps tame those nasty flyaways that the little prince has on his head. It also produces very light results. He sported a classic 1950s style after wearing the product, which is commonly seen among children his age.


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