80 Masterful Tiger Tattoos to Make you Queen or King of the Urban Jungle


Among all tiger tattoo designs for females and males available out there, there is certainly one that suits you the best. In order to find the perfect model that is going to stay inked in your skin forever, you should browse through the following 80 examples that are meant to show you the diversity of styles, placements and coloring.

Now, before you decide on a specific tiger tattoo art, maybe you should be sure this animal represents your personality as best as you think it does. For men, I think it’s easy to consider characteristics like power, strength, dominance, protection, guardianship and so on. When it comes to women however, maybe you need to be empowered and show a side of you that is similar to a tiger’s.

Before you make a final decision on which design to get inked, you may pick a jewelry piece with a similar image to see how it suits you. Luckily, there are plenty of sterling silver tiger rings to test your compatibility with a tiger.

Focusing on his role in the jungle, the tiger is widely considered to be masculine, supreme to other animals and sometimes more powerful than the lion. Furthermore, its aggressive behavior and stealth mode when it comes to attacking pray are also praised. One fun fact about tigers is that there’s none with the same stripe pattern. Also, they are capable of marking wide territories with their scent.

Chinese think highly about tigers. They depict the tiger together with the Chinese God of Wealth. In addition, they think it has a protective role for the ones that past away. Proof in this regard are the paintings on graves and tombstones that include tigers.

As for Indians, they worship this animal and include it as a major motif in their art. Furthermore, the Japanese people don’t think less about it. Associating images of dragons and tigers can be found. This means, they accept them as having a similar destiny, although they aren’t friends.

Although you might not give color much importance, the color of the tiger bares deep meaning as it follows:

  • The blue tiger. It rules the spring season and it’s the governor of the earth elemental.
  • The yellow tiger. It rules the summer season and it is a solar totem.
  • The white tiger. It rules the fall season and it’s the governor of the metal elemental.
  • The black tiger. It rules the winter season and it’s the governor of the water elemental.

For your general knowledge, you must know there are 9 types of tigers in the world, namely Amur or Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger, Indo-Chinese Tiger, Sumatran tiger, Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger and Caspian Tiger. Some of these species are extinct, but this doesn’t mean you cannot keep them alive by getting a tattoo of them!

Most of the tiger tattoo designs you will find fall in one of these categories: tribal tiger tattoos, baby tiger tattoos, eye of the tiger tattoos, butterfly tiger tattoos, blue tiger tattoos, dragon tiger tattoos and many more. There are unique tiger tattoo designs as well, drawn on commission.

As for the body part where a tiger tattoo would fit perfectly; these is none in particular. However, people tend to choose wide areas like back, thighs, calves and chest because the designs are usually very complex are require a lot of space. Even so, some females and males get tiger tattoos on their fingers, so there’s no limit to your options.

  1. Headings

    Mighty tiger framed in beautiful dot work

The tiger as a symbol will always be reinterpreted in new tattooing techniques, like dotwork is.

2. Arm tiger crowned and decorated

The unofficial king of the jungle comes as a portrait beautified with plant decorations.

3. Pink Floyd and a tiger portrait

This tattoo combines the symbol from a Pink Floyd album with the black and white portrait of a tiger.

4. Hyper-realistic face of a tiger

This is the face of a Siberian tiger, skillfully inked in a hyper-realistic manner.

5. Huge tiger tattoo, ready to attack

Some men are fascinated by the aggressive nature of a tiger, which can be found in numerous tiger tattoo designs.

6. Nicely highlighted realistic portrait

This majestic tattoo is like a sleeve for the guy who got it. It’s highlighted with style, fact which brings it more to life than a simple tattoo.

7. Forearm tiger with bright blue eyes

The beauty of this animal also consists in its variety when it comes to fur colors, patterns and eye particularities.

8. Royal tiger image between leafs

Like a real image from the jungle, this tiger art presents royalty and independence.

9. Ferocity and danger on a guy’s collarbone

As you’ll later notice, men tend to opt for designs that present the tiger like the dangerous animal it is.

10. Frowned tiger on a forearm

Forearms are large enough to get the portrait of such animal inked on. However, they are also visible body parts, so you should give this aspect a little thought.

11. The eye of the tiger on an arrow

Simply inking the face of a tiger isn’t very creative, is it? What if you opt for symbols that complete your idea, such as arrows, cherry blossoms, jungle elements and others?

12. Half tiger, half math

They say everything in nature can be translated in mathematical language, so why not draw a realistic tiger and a geometrical tiger in one?

13. Super cute, medium sized head

Tigers are beautiful creatures, especially baby tigers or cubs. Women tend to opt for designs that depict them as balanced and passionate creatures.

14. Blue eyed danger on a calve

Because of the many details on a tiger’s face, you need to consider inking it on a large body part, such as calve.

15. Japanese traditional art on skin

I might be wrong, but this design’s style looks like Japanese traditional.

16. Passion and sexual prowess in one

The colors and the animal’s expression can mean a lot of things.

17. Rudimentary design when it comes to style

If you’re not into realism or hyper-realism, but you don’t like tribal designs either, then you can opt for one in between, like the one above.

18. Ferocious tiger head on foot

For men or women, the feet are extremely sensitive areas to tattoo. In addition, because of constant shoe wear, a tattoo placed on foot will fade away quicker.

19. Add ferociousness to your fist

Would you like your fist to gain the power of a tiger? Just pick a design and ink it! It’s that simple!

20. Siberian tiger tattoo designs for men

The Siberian tiger is the most popular out of the world’s diversity. It encompasses all the important skills and it looks awesome on a man’s shoulder and chest.

21. Large piece showing the animal’s natural habitat

22. Small portrait on a finger

Knuckle tattoos have become more and more famous. It’s incredible how much detail one can fit on a knuckle!

23. Focus, patience and determination

If you’re trying to read something in a tiger’s eyes, then focus, patience and determination comes to mind.

24. Agile creature ready to attack

As mentioned before, the trend among men is to portray this animal as ready to attack and overly vengeful.

25. Strong fangs and powerful maxillary

Inked with lots of colors that are loyal to reality, this portrait is all about manliness, power, strength and the ability to intimidate.

26. Lonely tiger with notable surviving skills

Tigers are known to be lonely animals who can survive by themselves in numerous situations.

27. New school tiger portrait design

Marco Knox Ink presents this impeccable new school tiger portrait design.

28. Primal rapacious instincts on hand

If you want to make an impressive first contact with someone, they choosing your hand as a canvas is a great idea.

29. Lively depiction for a woman’s thigh

Liveliness and health are two more attributes of the tiger. This particular drawing was inked on a woman’s thigh.

30. Primitive desires on your forearm

If you want to know the specific meaning of a tiger’s eyes, then you should think primitive desires, instinct and drive, as well as focus and precision.

31. Message reads: Stay hungry!

…hungry for life, for achieving what you desires, for surviving royally and much more!

32. Picking a tattoo that will dominate others

The truth is that you will get other tattoos next to your tiger art, so get used with the idea that the tiger will dominate the others and be more noticeable.

33. Contained cuteness for girls

Girls most probably don’t want the conflict of the jungle on their skin, but cuter designs like this one.

34. Forget the old rings

Tattoos shaped like different things or creatures are the new rings! You cannot lose a ring like this and none can offer you meaning like this.

35. Creatures of the night

The wolf and the tiger might not have very much in common. However, they are both creatures of the night.

36. Everyone needs courage somehow

As silly as it may sound, a simple tattoo can give you courage if you give it power to do so!

37. Brave women deserve empowering tattoos

If you’re brave enough to get such a large tattoo, then you are similar to a tiger in many ways!

38. Dominance and fearlessness in a tribal tattoo

39. The unofficial king of animals with a crown

40. Colored new school geometric design

Featuring pastel colors and a cuteness that will never describe a mature tiger, this tattoo is girly!

41. Protectors of the dead

42. A tiger’s constant mission to survive

43. Show fangs in any way you can!

44. Show colored fangs for a better impression

45. Animal in action depicted by a sketchy design

46. Flawless thigh tattoo for women

Choosing the best tattoo artist you can possibly find will guarantee the success of your new ink!

47. Boost your manliness and impose yourself

I think all men out there agree with me that such design will boots their self-confidence and create a tougher image of themselves.

48. Never judge a book by its cover

This impressive tattoo doesn’t not tell a story about animals. It symbolizes the fragility of a woman who can be fierce inside.

49. The most powerful feline there is

50. Funny looking tiger inked in color

You must agree with me that this tiger has a funny looking face! This could tell us that seriousness is sometimes too much.

51. Black and white tiger ready to attack

52. Stomach tiger shows strength

The stomach is a sensitive area to tattoo for both men and women. This guy showed a lot of his qualities by getting this ink done.

53. 1980s traditional design for shoulder

Traditional and neo-traditional drawing styles have included tigers as popular motifs too.

54. Tiger cub in multiple colors

55. Walk with tiger steps to catch your pray

56. The black tiger and its mightiness

57. Hidden symbolism in a feminine portrait

58. Too many symbols can become cliche



Choosing tiger tattoo designs with meaning is great, but there is a thin line between cool and cliche that you can cross when you add too many symbols in one tattoo.

59. There is a tiger within you


60. Royalty for a tiger and a tigress

61. New school tiger tattoo designs for women

62. The protective spirit of the Jungle’s King

This design beautifully shows how a brute has the ability and desire to protect the fragile.

63. Wacky original style for tiger ink

64. The King has taken its place

This design can be considered a classic, but it does a wonderful job at expressing the most important features. Plus, it looks great too!

65. Colors that don’t help with camouflage

66. High quality tattooing skill and unique design

67. Large tribal scene of a hunting tiger

68. Flowery and feminine design on back

69. Traditional Japanese drawing for hand

70. Tell stories with the right expression

71. Forearm tiger art inked in black and white

72. Tiger, child, rose

73. Go big, or go home!

A large tattoo is by default an impressive one. Just like any work of art, a large tattoo of a ferocious animal has a great impact on the others. Size matters if you really want to leave people with an unforgettable impression of yourself and your body art.

74. Giving you the lethal look

75. Amazing skull tattoo of a hungry tiger

76. Peaceful tiger lounging alone

77. The woman who defeated the tiger


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