80 Sexy Thigh Tattoo Designs as your Romantic Secret


According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word ‘sexy’ has two official definitions: The first one is something that is highly suggestive or erotic. Meanwhile the second definition describes ‘sexy’ as something that is highly attractive or generally appeals to anyone who sees it. If you want to get yourself a sexy thigh tattoo, you need to place it in a rather interesting spot. These spots are supposed to be discreet, the ones that aren’t usually seen by random strangers.

This world is filled with plenty of tattoo fans. They enjoy seeing all sorts of tattoos which they can place on their skin. There are also plenty of tattoo designs out there, which you can find in practically every size – No matter if it’s tiny, medium, or large. You can pretty much get yourself a tattoo on every part of the body.

During the ancient times, the main purpose of the tattoo was to ensure loyalty to a certain clan or tribe. This act is still applied even towards the present times. A tattoo is known to be a permanent body mark, which the person will carry for the rest of their life. Gangs, clans, fraternities, sororities, and clubs are all about loyalty and friendship, and people who get tattoos dedicated to these groups mean that they will forever be loyal to them. Sometimes, there are groups out there who will ask their members to get a thigh tattoo. The positioning for this tattoo is perfect for those who are discreet about their tattoos and don’t want to show them off all the time. A tattoo found on the person’s legs or thighs can be covered up by tights, shorts, or even jeans.

Women enjoy getting thigh tattoos. There are loads of people out there who prefer unique designs for their tattoos, since they represent an aspect of their personality, and are highly original to boot. A thigh tattoo looks wonderful on a woman. And when done correctly, they can give their legs a bit of a sexy edge to them. Always remember that these tattoo patterns, shapes, and designs don’t necessarily suit everyone. And not all tattoo designs out there look great on a certain body part. And before you select which thigh tattoo to get, always do a bit of research. Skull tattoos are the best choice for a thigh tattoo, followed by a skull with a feather tattoo.

When you think of a ‘sexy’ tattoo, this means that these tattoos carry a strongly attractive and appealing look to them, that is sure to catch the eye of the beholder. If you want to get yourself a sexy tattoo, then you need to place it in a discreet spot. These areas are the ones that aren’t seen by most people – Like legs or thighs if you wear jeans, or somewhere more private like the ribs, the butt, or the breasts. These are the areas that are always covered up by clothes. So whenever you visit the beach or put on a two-piece bikini or wear a pair of hot pants, then a gorgeous thigh tattoo is sure to make your legs look twice as attractive and sexy.

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Types of Thigh Tattoo Designs                

  • Anchor Thigh Tattoo: An anchor design looks great on a person’s thighs as a tattoo, since they can look very detailed over a big piece of skin. You can even include several accompanying aquatic symbols to give this tattoo a bit of personality, like fish.
  • Skull Thigh Tattoo: You can accompany this tattoo design with Celtic and floral patterns, making its look a completely distinct one. Skulls and bones are associated with danger and death, while others can use it to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed on. Back in the day, tattoos like these are often drawn in black ink. But lately people have been getting these types of tattoos and adding a bit of color into it.
  • Floral Vine Thigh Tattoo: This is a tattoo design that combines together floral patterns with traditional Celtic details. You can personalize this design by covering the entire design with leaves and flowers. Not only can you place this tattoo design on your thighs, but you can put them in your hips and back as well.
  • Rose Thigh Tattoo Design: Roses are a symbol associated with femininity. Even the rose’s leaves can make a pretty awesome design, especially on the legs and the thighs. The never-ending assortment of colors will be loved by both men and women alike. The designs of these rose thigh tattoos are comprised of floral vines, which represent beauty and love.
  • Peacock Thigh Tattoo: The peacock’s flowy, elegant and colorful feathers are the reason why it makes a perfect thigh tattoo idea. Some people who get peacock thigh tattoos even go as far as extending the design of the tattoo, going all the way towards their backs. This finishes up a sophisticated peacock look on your legs and thighs. Aside from being a regal-looking and beautiful bird, the peacock is also a symbol of divinity, and has been adopted as a symbol of royalty.

Meaning Of Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos have been getting really trendy lately, and some ladies who wear these tattoos are slowly starting to wear very large and detailed pieces. if you have a tattoo in this area, then this means you’re super fashionable, and stay on top of the best trends. A thigh tattoo also carries a bit of mystery too, especially if it’s on the upper thigh near the hips. Thigh tattoos aren’t exactly a popular spot to get a tattoo on, unless you’re planning to hide them beneath a pair of shorts or pants, but they might grow in popularity soon enough.

Simply put, the thighs are one of the best spots to get a tattoo on. That’s because the thighs are a huge area that isn’t exactly as sensitive compared to other body parts like the arms or the chest. Tattoos found on the thighs do carry a bit of a sentimental value to it, since you can hide this tattoo away, and you can only show them to selected people. This means that the wearer has plenty of love to give and trusts the other person completely.

A person needs to ask the wearer’s permission to see the tattoo. And what’s more, donning on a pair of hot pants, shorts and skirts will give your thigh tattoo a sexier vibe. The never-ending assortment of thigh tattoo designs make it much more preferable for the wearer to place it in that area, compared to everywhere else.

Best Placement For Thigh Tattoos

If your thigh tattoo is rather personal or has a deeper meaning, then you can choose to place it on your upper thigh instead. This is the perfect placement for tattoos with a much more meaningful backstory, since the ones who will be able to see it are those who are really close to you. Putting a tattoo on your upper thigh, meanwhile, makes it practically invisible even while you wear short skirts and shorts. This allows you to hide your tattoos without facing any kind of problems at all.

Unlike the calves and the legs, the thighs are much more hidden. People who get tattoos in this area are pretty much the same as those who get tattoos in your feet and ankles. But unlike the thighs, the ankles and the feet are sometimes seen, and the artists might want a bigger space to place the tattoo on. Aside from the back and the arms, the thighs are one of the widest spaces in the human body to place a tattoo on. This makes them longer, bigger, and much more detailed compared to tattoos found in other areas. Tattoos can be quite sexual too, especially when they’re found higher up the leg.

Picking between the left or right thigh where you want to put your tattoo on, or just putting the tattoo on both, will all depend on the design, the size, as well as the main concept of your chosen tattoo. One of the best ways to go about this is to pick the most comfortable side of your thigh, in which you can take a good look at your new ink.

Thigh Tattoos Preparation Tips

A person can experience plenty of mixed thoughts and feelings as they experience their very first tattoo. These feelings include impatience, happiness, excitement, and even a small bit of anxiety. An important step to remember when getting a first tattoo is to relax and not rush. If you’re not happy with how the final design of your ink looks like, then be sure to tell your artist about that. They’re always willing to give big or small modifications to your ink and answer whatever questions you may have about tattooing as well.

Do some research regarding the shop. Browse through several online reviews or pay a visit to it in person. Take a look at the shop’s health standard, the artists, and even the type of clients that the shop has drawn in. It’s always good to know if you’re comfortable in the shop, so do your research each and every time.

Browse through several ideas that you want ahead of time. You can bring in as much reference material as possible, to bring in the right design for your tattoo. The artist will often use a base description of your tattoo as a type of guideline, in order to create a customized piece of art just for the wearer. If you’re planning to get a portrait tattoo, it’s always good to give a huge and detailed image, so the artist can capture the image as much as they possibly could.

Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions to your artist. A trustworthy artist will always have a reply for each and every one of your queries, and they’ll take extra time to make sure that you’re feeling comfortable before they can begin the tattooing process. And if you’re not okay with their replies or if the two of you just aren’t connecting, or if they seem like an untrustworthy individual, then leave and pick another.

You don’t want that first ink of yours to be a failure. Browse around until you get a good idea of the fair pricing. However, it’s always a great idea to pick a shop that’s solely based on the artist’s own  skills and experience, instead of relying on the final cost of a tattoo too much.

How Much Do Thigh Tattoos Really Hurt?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding thigh tattoos, because it’s exactly just that. And the main answer is: Yes, they do hurt, much like the other areas where you would get a tattoo. But luckily, thigh tattoos don’t hurt that much as some people might want you to believe. That’s because after a short while, the endorphins in your body (which act as natural painkillers) start to kick in, and everything becomes very manageable for some. Perhaps the first few minutes during the beginning of the session might hurt a bit, then you start realizing that this isn’t too bad after all – And will get used to it afterwards.

Since pain tolerance does depend on the person, it could be hard to determine just how exactly do these thigh tattoos hurt. The pain that comes with getting a tattoo could be very different, depending on the person. There are some people out there who compare it to a bee’s sting, or a tiny yet hard pinch. Meanwhile, others have said that it feels too similar to a strong, intense burning sensation. People who have very sensitive nerve endings could feel a bit uncomfortable feeling even just a tiny amount of pain. On the other hand, those who have strong nerve endings can take an intense level of pain.


Frequently Asked Questions on Getting Thigh Tattoos

  • How can I find the right artist for my thigh tattoo?

The artist isn’t the same as the shop where they work at. The artist is just a person with an artistic job. If a friend, a family member, or a colleague has recommended a certain tattoo shop, then make sure to ask them the artist’s name as well. Sometimes those who want a tattoo would visit this recommended shop and get themselves tattooed by a guest artist or an apprentice with little to no experience in tattooing. Browse through the artist’s portfolio, so you can get an idea about what their work looks like, and what to expect from your tattoo. Check to see if their style suits you. A person who enjoys doing tribal-style tattoos might not be the right artist to get for a portrait tattoo. A professional tattoo artist will have their work shown on a website, or their social media account.

Each time you meet an artist, one of the first things you need to check is how you feel about this whole thing. Are you comfortable in their presence? Always trust your instincts, as well as your intuition, since they’re there to help you make your final choice. If you feel like this shop is the right one for you, then be sure to make an appointment or to consult with the artist of your choice.

  • Is it okay to get a tattoo if I’m sick?

Acquiring a tattoo or visiting the shop when your immune system isn’t working perfectly obviously isn’t the best idea here. You will need plenty of strength – Along with white blood cells – For your tattoo to heal correctly. And this is something your body will be unable to do if it’s busy fighting bacteria or viruses in your body. There’s also the fact that you could bring in your sickness into the shop and pass it to the other people in there, including the artists and the clients. If you’re sick on the day of your appointment, then reschedule until you’re feeling much better.

  • What happens after I have had my tattoo?

Once your artist has completed your tattoo, they’ll remove the excess ink using a spray. Some artists also cover up the tattoo using cling film, while others will place a paper towel and tape on top of the fresh tattoo. The artist will also give you a set of maintenance and aftercare tips. This set also has a list of important advice that you should follow to keep your tattoo well-maintained, so be sure to follow it strictly.

Each person heals in different lengths, but normally a tattoo should take more or less than ten days before it can completely heal. After that, you will experience some sort of skin-peeling from the tattoo. And once this process is finished, your tattoo’s real colors will come through and be just as good and as clean as the day that you got it. Once the entire thing has been completely healed, you now have to keep it maintained using a moisturizer. If you have to go out into the sun, then make sure to apply a thin layer of sunblock on the tattoo.

  • Can I use numbing cream or pain killers?

Yes, you can use numbing cream for your tattoo, but only a handful of tattoo studios will suggest that you do this step, for several reasons. First off, it has to be applied a couple of hours before you sit down and get the tattoo done. This can only last for up to forty minutes. Next, even if you are able to apply the numbing cream correctly, the cream’s short working period will make it extremely limited to anything, with the exception of small and simple tattoos. And lastly, if your tattoo isn’t finished yet before the cream’s effect wears off, then the pain will come back. This means your body has been tricked and won’t end up producing those natural endorphins that can lessen the pain. You’ll end up getting hit with an intense pain without anything to protect it, and this can be horrible.

Some painkillers could also be a problem here. Aspirin is a big no-no in regards to taking it before getting a tattoo done, since it’s also known to be a blood thinner and lessens clotting. This will cause your tattoo to bleed twice as hard, and in the end, this will affect its quality. Aspirin can also prolong the healing time that a tattoo would normally need, so don’t take it before stepping into the shop for your appointment. Other medicines, like paracetamol, will have little to no effect compared to aspirin, apart from working as a placebo. Ibuprofen gives you a short amount of pain relief while the process is ongoing, by lessening the swelling. This won’t reduce the pain or affect the tattoo in any way.

  • Where can I find possible tattoo images?

After you and your artist have discussed the potential design for a tattoo, the next thing you must do is to do a bit of research. Finding thigh tattoo ideas on the internet is always a good idea, and there’s a high possibility that you could find the tattoo design of your dreams when you do just that. Your artist will also give you plenty of advice when it comes to tattoo designs and maintenance, so you can follow those as well. You may discover a design that you like to use as an inspiration for your own personalized tattoo.

After you have selected the perfect tattoo design on the Internet, print the picture out and cut it if you want. If you have chosen a quote tattoo, then print the phrase or words in several fonts and sizes. Put them in the area where you want the tattoo to be in. If you like thigh tattoo designs, don’t just print out the thumbnail and ask your artist to see what they can do from there. Sometimes the picture might come out a bit too blurry, and it won’t end up looking as detailed and as accurate as you want it.

One more place where you can find plenty of inspiration for your tattoo design is a tattoo magazine. You can find these magazines in stores, as well as on the internet. Tattoo magazines can give you an update on the latest trending designs, as well as information about the best artists in your city.

You can also try to find a picture and ask your artist if they’re okay with creating this design. You can try to find a tattoo idea inside the shop itself. It could come from the artist’s own line of work, or inspired from a tattoo magazine, or online, or simply a flash design.


How Much Will The Thigh Tattoos Cost?

In regards to getting tattoos, you will always get whatever it is that you paid for. Do not haggle with an artist over the final price of a tattoo. This is practically equivalent to disrespecting your artist. Don’t bother paying any cash if you’re not willing to shell out cash for the quality of a tattoo. Tattoos will stay on your body for the rest of your life.

And because a thigh tattoo can come in any design, the entire cost of the service will also vary. There are plenty of factors out there that could potentially affect the pricing of the entire procedure. The very first factor here goes to the size of your tattoo. And the second factor that can affect the final cost of your ink is how complex your chosen design is. And finally, the amount of hours needed to complete the tattoo can also put a dent on the pricing. A normal-sized tattoo placed on your legs could go for at least $200, with a minimum cost of at least $100.

Thigh Tattoos Maintenance Tips

A tattoo can be a wonderful addition to your body. That’s because they’re a small representation of who you are as a person. Much like all other forms of art, tattoos are symbolic and are also considered to be highly important to the wearer.

But a tattoo can also be downright expensive. You could run the risk of your ink looking a little bit worse for the wear if you don’t take care of it properly. A tattoo enthusiast should know by heart the importance of keeping your tattoo well-maintained. That’s because not taking care of it could transform your art from a mess, right into a masterpiece.

Apart from making sure that your tattoo is done by a respected artist who uses only the finest and cleanest equipment, maintenance is also an important factor if you want your ink to look great for several decades. The right amount of care needed isn’t costly or timely. However, it’s still the best way to make sure that your body art looks just as good as the day you got it.


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