The Must-Have Items You Need To Bring Whenever You Go Out


Your everyday carry choices say a lot about you. What you bring along every day when you leave the house, as well as what you leave behind, could make or break your day. Don’t leave the house without these essential EDC items.


This one can save the day. Yes, you could carry a multitool every day and only use it to open the odd bottle, but the day you need one you will be happy you have it handy. Don’t go for a bulky multitool with more than ten tools if you are not a tradesman.

Your best option for a small and handy multitool is a Leatherman Squirt PS4. They are available in black, red, or blue and can even attach to your keyring. They have nine tools and will cover most tasks if you are not a handyman, fisherman, or farmer.

The tools include:

  • Pliers, both regular and needlenose in the same design as well as a wirecutter.
  • A small screwdriver that works both as a flat and Philips head.
  • A medium-size flat screwdriver.
  • The must-have knife blade.
  • Spring action scissor, because sometimes the knife is not the tool for the job.
  • A file that works for wood or metal.
  • Yes, the last and often most used bottle opener.

Leatherman offers a 25-year warranty for peace of mind. If you don’t manage to lose this one it will last you a very long time. Just get the blade sharpened once in a while and it is good to go.


This is one item we all use every day. The only item used more on a daily basis is usually our mobile phones. Your wallet also makes a statement so don’t choose the wrong one.

A great wallet will be small enough in order to carry it on your front pants pocket. This way you are not sitting on it and it is also safer to have it in a front pocket as opposed to a back pocket. We are all trying to carry, and handle, less cash so a minimalist wallet or well-designed money clip is worth a look. Make sure it has space for a couple of cards like your credit card, ID, and driver’s license.

Our pick for a wallet is not a wallet, but a leather handmade money clip. The custom handmade Western Money Clip by Bull Sheath Leather is perfect for carrying every day. A leather money clip or wallet will last a very long time and these can also be personalized for that extra special touch.


Mobile phones have amazing cameras, but a real purpose-built camera is still great to have. Try carrying a camera with you for three weeks and you won’t look back. Call it a trial period and maybe even rent or lend one if you need to for the three weeks. After that, you can make up your own mind.

You need to look for a camera with a large sensor. The actual physical size of the sensor makes a huge difference in image quality. This is the reason why a 14 Megapixel mobile phone sensor struggles in low light, but a real camera also with a 14-megapixel sensor will deliver clean sharp images. Forget what everyone says about megapixels. The real difference is in sensor size.

For an everyday carry camera, look around for a camera with more than 12 megapixels. More than that does not really make a difference for still images. A camera with wifi and or Bluetooth is ideal to get those images on to your phone quickly while out and about.

A Sony RX100 or similar camera will be ideal. Most major brands have a camera in this class. Sony is also on version seven of this popular camera and if you are not filming videos for commercial use the older versions will be fine. This camera easily slips into a pocket and you will see the difference in your photos.

The best thing a camera will do for your photography is that it will make you think about framing and settings. A mobile phone is fine for a quick snapshot of something you don’t want to forget. Let’s call these snapshots visual notes that you can refer back to. The difference with using a dedicated camera is that you start noticing this around you. You will look at your images more critically and start thinking about framing and settings more. Overall your images will improve rapidly by just investing in a camera to secure those memories.

With a leather money clip, handy multitool, and a small camera with a large sensor you will be able to make new memories as well as capture them. Don’t forget these handy items when leaving your home today.


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