The Beautiful Meanings Behind Every Rose’s Color


When you think of flowers- roses, in particular, an image of a classic red rose is what probably comes to mind. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are over three hundred rose species and thousands and thousands of cultivars. Roses make the perfect gift for every occasion; whether it’s an expression of love, congratulations, or condolences, you will find a rose that serves the intended purpose. There are at least 24 shades of roses- each of which symbolizes something totally different. If you want to express your feelings but don’t know the best way to do it, read through our article to find out what the most popular rose colors mean.


White Roses

White roses typically symbolize youthfulness, innocence, and purity. They are the perfect bridal roses, symbolizing everlasting love and new beginnings. They are also associated with honor and are suitable for funerals, allowing you to bid farewell to a loved one.

Black Roses

Black roses can convey various meanings. Although they are often associated with death and mourning and are sometimes used at funerals, they can still bear positive meanings. They are known for their ability to bring courage and hope, instilling confidence. Like white roses, they may also stand for new beginnings and huge chances.

Burgundy Roses

Burgundy roses have a strong clear meaning, which is “unconscious beauty.” They are strong enough to show your desire and passion for the person that you give them to. Burgundy roses hold an even stronger implication than the popular red rose.

Red Roses

The elegant and timeless red roses are greatly associated with romance, desire, and passion. This rose has been traditionally used, for centuries, to express feelings of romantic love. If you give someone a red rose, you will be showing them that you’re ready to commit to them, trust them, and respect them for a long time to come.

Pink Roses

A pink rose is a very versatile rose option; it is bright, splendid, and can be used to convey different meanings. If you offer someone a pink rose, you may be showing them your deep admiration and appreciation for them. It’s a simple and pure way to express your love toward family or a significant other.

Dark Pink Roses

Offering someone a dark pink rose is among the best and most unique ways to show you gratitude and appreciation for someone. They are the ideal thank-you gift, and since they are pink, they would still express feelings of love and admiration. They can truly convey your indebtedness in a very special way.

Yellow Roses

Yellow is innately a very joyful and fun color, making it the perfect rose choice to express happiness, admiration, and joy toward someone. Yellow roses are the perfect gifts for friends or professional acquaintances, as they lack any romantic connotations. They are a great way to light up the mood at the office or congratulate a colleague who has ranked up in the workplace.

Purple Roses

Purple roses, or “mystical roses,” are not quite common. Their rich, enchanting color is linked to majesty and royalty. According to a trusted website, purple roses can often signal to love at first sight. They are also suitable if you want to show someone that you value their opinions or look up to them.

Peach Roses

Peach roses have a very sweet color that is often tied to gratitude and sincerity. It is also a great way to express how genuine your feelings are. Peach-colored roses make great thank-you gifts. They are also a considerate way to show sympathy toward friends or family.

Pale Peach Roses

Paler peach shades are symbolic of modesty. It is a very innocent color that lacks any mixed connotations. If you want to congratulate a little girl on her efforts at school or express your pride and appreciation, a pale peach rose would be great for the occasion.

Salmon Roses

If you feel stuck choosing between pink and yellow roses, salmon roses are the way to go. If you want to convey enthusiasm and excitement and express admiration and appreciation sans possible romantic connotations, then you should go for a salmon-colored rose. Salmon roses are great if you want to express how grateful you are to have this person in your life.

For centuries, humans have gifted flowers on various occasions. They are a universal symbol of expressing love, happiness, and grief. Just as peonies are known for their representation of prosperity and good fortune, roses have always been thought of as a classic symbol of love and romance. Many people don’t know that roses come in many different colors- each bearing a different meaning.


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