Ten Best Ways to Have Fun When You Are a Student


Your student years will be among the best in your life, and later on, you’ll look back on them fondly. When you’re at high school or college, you might feel like you’re already an adult with lots of responsibilities, but you really aren’t.

As the drudgery of adulthood sets in, you’ll realize how much freedom you had to have fun while you were a student. Too many people learn this fact too late, and they don’t enjoy their student years for what they are, which is a time of self-discovery and fun.

Here are some ways to keep the fun alive during your years as a student.

Game time

Playing board games is a great way to spend time with your friends, and it helps you to get to know new people quickly. Board games bring out people’s competitive side with a good dose of hilarity, as well. Schedule a fun games night with a few options for your friends to choose from for a fun-filled evening.

Get out

There are always lots of ways to have a fun time outdoors, and being active outside will help you to be a better student. The fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun are good for your physical and mental well-being. Find out about activities such as hiking in your area and look out for places to picnic with your friends one afternoon.

Surf the web

Taking the time to look online for educational resources to make your studies easier might not be your idea of the best way to spend your free time, but it will pay off in the long run. For example, sites that offer an assignment writing service for students in the UK are worth bookmarking for a challenging assignment that will eat into your social life. The assignments include school homework, coursework, term papers, etc.

Get active

You may not be the world’s greatest sportsperson, but you need to get out and enjoy the sports your school or college offers. Team sports are an excellent way of meeting and making friends even though you might not make the final cut. If you can’t play, be sure to support the team when they play whenever you can. School spirit creates a sense of belonging and family.

Eat out

Another of the best ways to pass the time with your friends is over a good meal. As a student, you’re probably on a budget, but you’ll find places in town that suit your appetite and your pocket. Make it a challenge in your group of friends to see who can find the best eatery that you’ll turn into your ‘usual hangout’ spot as students.

State your case

Debating can be a lot of fun, and it’s the ideal way to learn to come out of your shell and address larger audiences. Be prepared for a list of controversial topics if you decide to take up debating. The controversy is what makes it so intriguing, after all. Throw yourself into the debate by doing the research, preparing witty rebuttals, and working well with your team.

Become a drama queen

Most schools and colleges have a drama club that puts on plays and musicals. Acting is the perfect way to let go of yourself and have a little fun. For a brief time, you get to be someone else, which a lot of people enjoy. You might not get the leading role, but you’ll make a lot of lifelong friends among your fellow cast members.

Attend an evening class

Find out what skills classes are available in the evenings in your area. Choose something you’re interested in, such as learning a new language or developing your culinary skills. You won’t have to spend a fortune on these classes since you’re probably eligible for a student discount. Courses at community centers are often run free of charge, and you’ll have a diverse pool of classmates to make friends with.


Bowling, paintballing, or laser tag are some of the best fun activities for high school students. Again, it brings out people’s competitive side, and it’s easy to make it interesting with a small wager. Form teams and decide on the terms of your bet. For instance, the losers might have to pay for a round of sodas afterward.


Your body is as important as your brain when you’re a student. A lack of exercise is bad for your body, especially when you’re making the demands of it that studying requires. Get your dietary affairs in order, then start an exercise program with your friends. You can opt to go walking or running, or you might even consider joining the local gym.


Make the most of this particular time in your life as you’ll never get these years back afterward. This is a time of paradoxes because you need to act responsibly while being a little reckless as well.

Try new things and discover as much about yourself as you can. The lessons you learn about yourself and life are invaluable, and you’ll carry them with you into adulthood. Some of your greatest friendships will be forged during your student years, so seize the chance to form lasting relationships. Above all, have fun and create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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