255+ Cool Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Men that’re totally Unique


Back in the day, tattoos and body piercings were both considered taboo – But times have since changed. Nowadays, it’s normal for people to get themselves a tattoo. People often find many ways to decorate their bodies with anything they can come up with, and tattoos are just some of the permanent ones. A tattoo that carries a stunning design can draw in attention from all generations – Ranging from older people to young folk.

Types of Men Tattoo Designs

Sometimes acquiring a tattoo can be risky, especially if you work in a formal setting like an office or a hotel. You could take a risk of being discriminated by your bosses, clients, co-workers or just about anybody. It’s a sad fact that not all societies have accepted both men and women who are heavily tattooed – In fact, some countries out there still see them as taboo. So picking a placement for a potential tattoo is very important.

Men usually like to get their tattoos done on their forearms. Why the forearms? Because men’s forearms are considered to be one of the sexiest parts of their bodies. It seems like a man becomes so much more attractive when he’s got a lovely tattoo on his arm, especially when it’s peeking from under the sleeve of a shirt. For men, a tattoo can represent strength and bravery. You can pick from dozens of designs for men’s tattoos – However, each design must be placed on the most fitting body part.

  • Tribal Tattoos For Men: A tribal tattoo can hold some pretty amazing designs, and look great when placed on a man’s bulging forearms. Men in particular like wearing tribal tattoos, and the forearms are the best spot to put them on.
  • Lion Tattoos For Men: Lions are known to be the king of the jungle, and one of the ultimate symbols of strength and power. It’s not really surprising that even humans treat the lion with utmost respect. Even though lions hunt at night, the lion can also represent the sun in some cultures. Men who wear lion tattoos represent donning more than just a significant and beautiful piece of artwork – It’s also a representative of their noble persona and character.
  • Skull And Star Tattoo For Men: This tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves skulls, but wants to add a more meaningful touch to their piece of ink. A great way to incorporate both symbols is by hiding the image of the skull underneath the star, as if it’s coming out through the wearer’s skin. This can symbolize conquering trauma or death – Since the skull is a common symbol of death, and a scar represents accomplishing a hard task.
  • Anchor Tattoo For Men: The first image of the anchor came during the time where early Christians were put to death simply because of what they believed in. This is why plenty of them disguised their religious affiliations by wearing an anchor – Not only was it a good symbol of the cross, but it also symbolized Jesus’ connection with the sea.
  • Geometry Tattoos For Men: Geometry tattoos are highly popular among men, since it carries a unique look which captures the attention of those who see it. You can get a geometry tattoo in plenty of different styles. But like any other tattoo, geometry symbols carry a lot of meaning as well – It’s a symbol of perfection symmetry joining forces through science.

Men Tattoo Meaning                   

Some people have always loved to decorate their bodies with tattoos, along with other forms of body art, like piercings. A wonderful tattoo ican draw in the attention of anyone who sees it, from teenagers, to even the elderly.

Not a lot of people are too enthusiastic about the idea of tattoos, but it’s a part of a person’s nature. One of the things that causes people to decorate their bodies with tattoos is because they are attracted to all things beautiful – No matter if it’s a tattoo of a flower, or a ghostly image. Older folk from conservative areas disapprove of tattoos as a form of self expression – Back in the day, tattoos were mostly associated with gang members, the mafia, crime lords, convicts, and thugs. But thankfully, times have since changed and nowadays, a lot of men and women enjoy getting tattoos done, using it as a way to underline some of the best parts of their body for whatever reason. A tattoo can serve as a mark or a memory, which the wearer carries with them throughout their lives.

For men, tattoos are filled with symbolism. They tell stories about the wearer’s personality. Ancient headmen and male warriors have worn tattoos as a sign of power over their people. They have decorated their bodies with so many images, each representing a type of social change or a successful battle.

Modern tattoos for men, meanwhile, don’t carry plenty of symbolism at all. In plenty of instances, men take the first step and get themselves a tattoo to show off their courage, determination, brutality, or even a softer side of them that people haven’t seen before. But designs like these don’t make tattoos any less meaningful. A man’s body decorated with lovely tattoos can sometimes catch the attention of women. According to women, men who have loads of tattoos on their body means that they keep their promises and will prove their words with action. This is also a great form of motivation for them. Men are highly creative in regards to tattoo designs, as well as the placement on their bodies.

Tattoos for men have always been popular. Whenever you look at the description for the word ‘tattoo’ itself, you’ll normally learn that it’s a type of body modification made by inserting ink inside the top layer of the person’s skin. Throughout history, tattoos have signified themselves as a status rank in either a tribe or group, a rite of passage, a sign of bravery, a talisman to protect the wearer from evil spirits, and so much more.

Men Tattoo Placement

The positioning is one of the important things to consider if you want to get a tattoo done. Your design of choice can be completely attractive, creative, and one-of-a-kind. However, if it’s not scaled correctly to fit the body part of your choice, then it probably won’t work out in the way you want it. One of the most important things to keep in mind here is that a tattoo must compliment your body nicely, almost as if it’s a natural part of it. A tattoo looks amazing on well-sculpted bodies, so if you’re a gym buff, then a tattoo will suit you nicely.

The shoulders are actually one of the best places to put a tattoo on, especially if you want to show off something very important, like a patriot symbol, the name of someone close to you, or a flag. The chest is one of the most attractive portions of a man’s body. And if you’re a guy who wants to look tough and intimidating, then pick a chest tattoo instead. Chest tattoos, often combined with shoulder tattoos and bicep tattoos, can create one large design.

Unfortunately, the placement of your tattoo can make or break the design. Consider carefully where you want to put the tattoo on. Take a good look at the placement. If it looks off, tell your artist right away. A tattoo stays with you for the rest of your life, so make sure it’s found in the right spot.

Men’s Tattoos Preparation Tips                                       

People often experience plenty of mixed emotions and feelings before they can get that first tattoo. These could either be impatience, happiness, excitement, or even a bit of nervousness. This is all normal. But you should still put your mind at ease if you follow several steps on how to prepare for your tattoo.

The design has got to be a highly important step in regards to tattoo preparation, followed by your choice of shop. If you aren’t contented with how the sketches look like, then make sure to talk to your artist about it – They can answer your questions about the drawing and change its overall look for you.

Do a research about the shop. Browse through several online reviews and if possible, pay the shop a visit first so you can check out the clients, their roster of artists, as well as the health standards. It’s always a good idea to make yourself feel comfortable in the shop, so be sure to do your research before you book an appointment.

Another thing you should do a research on is the design ideas that you want ahead of time. Come up with plenty of reference material needed, in order to bring in the right description for your tattoos.

Is Getting A Tattoo Painful For Men?

While the tattoo process is happening, the ink is injected into the top layer of your skin, also known as the dermal layer, using a needle bar that punctures your skin at least 50 to 3000 times each minute. A single or a group of needles are connected to the needle bar, which rapidly moves up and down, similar to a sewing machine needle. This needle inserts the pigment into your skin. A lot of needles are utilized to fill in the color, in case you want a full-color tattoo. And as you can tell, getting a tattoo is definitely not painless. The amount of pain involved here will all depend on how the person can handle pain, and the placement of the tattoo. There are people out there who have a high threshold for pain, and don’t mind feeling any form of discomfort at all. And if you have considered acquiring a tattoo on a certain part of the body that doesn’t contain any fat whatsoever, like the collarbones or your ankle, then you need to be completely aware that these areas are twice as sensitive as other portions of the body that include loads of fat tissue. This includes the legs or the arms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Tattoos

  • How can I get a price quote?

One of the best methods to get yourself the correct price range for a tattoo that you want is by doing a consultation with your artist – If you can’t meet up in person, then do it through the tattoo request form on their Websites or social media accounts, if they have one. To be able to fully quote your idea, your artist will consider the main subject of the tattoo design, the size, the detail, as well as the placement on your body.

It’s very impossible for them to give you an exact quote over the phone without them acquiring all of the necessary info. Some shops have a minimum of $200, but you must call up these artists to talk about details.

  • How can I tell if the tattoo artist is qualified?

If you are still planning to get a tattoo soon enough, make sure to visit the shop of your choice and have a discussion with your artist about the planned design. Always ask the right questions. You must learn all about the details in your chosen tattoo design, and the effects of a tattoo on your body, with each and every step. You have to know that an expert tattoo artist might be licensed, but they don’t go through professional training. Plenty of tattoo artists simply learn and hone their craft by teaching themselves, or by watching other tattoo artists. There are plenty of states that don’t require their artists to obtain a license. If you live in an area where licensing is required, then check to see if these licenses are posted on the wall. It must also be updated. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their training. And finally, take a look at their portfolio. Is their art the one that you want for your tattoo? Or are their tattoos something that you want to place on your body permanently?

  • Should I go for a big or a small tattoo?

The larger your tattoo looks, the more details can be placed in. And if you want a tiny tattoo and your artist crams in as much detail as they possibly could, then it could look messy. It’s not good to rely on decisions based on fear, and you’ll definitely be much content with an original and well-designed piece of body art. A tiny tattoo doesn’t really age well. As you get older and your body changes, a small tattoos’ lines will gradually blend together, the colors will start combining and look muddled, and the quality will just disappear. So the larger the tattoo, the better the details will look over time.

  • How can you tell if your chosen shop is safe?

The entire shop should look tidy and fully organized. And most importantly, all pieces of equipment which will come into contact with your body must be sterilized. This means that before the session starts, your artist must open up a brand new and completely sealed package of instruments that they will use for you: This includes the aftercare lotion, the needles, and the pigments. Make sure to watch the artist open up the sealed package. They should also only use new and sterilized gloves during the procedure. Keep in mind that even if you do acquire a tattoo from a popular shop and the tattoo artist performs all of the safety regulations for tattooing, you could still risk getting an infection and scars in the end.

  • Why is a deposit required if you’re only getting a drawing or booking an appointment?

A non-refundable placement for your artist is needed to make sure that the time that your artist spends in creating your preferred tattoo design is fully compensated, in case you fail to show up for your appointment. The cost will be deducted from the final price, after the tattoo is done

How Much Does A Men’s Tattoo Cost?

A tattoo can be a pretty huge investment – Not only in regards to maintenance and time, but also in the most upfront way. So whenever you’re planning your work, paying attention to even the tiniest detail can stop you from paying too much cash for it. Your very first cost of it will come from the base fee that all studios will charge with their clients. This covers up the pigments, the needles, as well as other expenditures that are connected to the commission. Even though stencil tattoos are pretty much cheaper than the average tattoo, a tattoo shop will still end up charging you with a price that they feel is worth for them.

The final cost of your tattoo will all depend on how big or small it is, the location, the color, how intricate the design looks, as well as the reputation and expertise of your chosen artist. Individual tattoo shops can set up their own final price for a tattoo. A tiny tattoo, for example, will cost at least $80 to $100 on average. A big tattoo, meanwhile, could go up to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. There are studios that charge you by the hour. And when it comes to custom designs, the price will always vary. Plenty of factors will matter into this sliding range. The first one will be the overall intricacy of the design, especially if your piece is brought into account. How many shades will be used in the design? Remember that the cost of some pigments will be a bit pricier than the others. How big will your tattoo’s design be, and where will you place it on your body? How long will it take for the tattoo to finish? In general, the price of customized tattoos are heavily based on the final criterion, since this will take into account all of the questions listed earlier. You could end up getting charged over $100 to $200 per hour.

Men’s Tattoos Maintenance Tips               

So you finally got that tattoo that you’ve always dreamed off – It’s so brand new, and looks very colorful and bright. But here comes the hard part: You must take good care of it now to ensure that you won’t get infected as it heals up. But how exactly would you even know if you’re taking care of your tattoo properly? Should you ask your tattoo artist about it? How about another skin expert, like a dermatologist?

Everything just depends on where you live. In the US, only a handful of shops only follow the standard rules for tattooing implemented by your state, and even lesser for aftercare methods. Only seven out of fifty states do not have standard rules for tattooing. Thirty states are required to give licenses to their tattoo artists, who, in turn, must provide their clients with verbal or written instructions on how to take care of a brand new tattoo.

But only seven states only require their licensed tattoo artists to give their clients strict maintenance and aftercare instructions that were officially given out by the public health department of their state. Dermatologists and doctors feel like this needs to change, so those who have gotten themselves a tattoo will also receive instructions on how to take care of it properly, to stop complications and potential infections from happening.

So how exactly can you be sure that your brand new tattoo is something that you won’t end up regretting in a few years’ time? Always follow these steps as it heals up:

Your artist has to cover up your tattoo with a bandage and a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Take off the bandage after two hours, or after an entire day – Depending on what your artist tells you to do. The next step is to wash it with mild, unscented antibacterial liquid soap and water, and pat it gently.

Keep your new ink moisturized by applying a layer of antibacterial ointment or aftercare lotion at least twice a day. However, don’t put on another bandage so it air-dries. Wash your tattoo gently a couple of times a day using water and soap, then pat it dry. Do not rub.

Don’t forget to add in that layer of ointment to your tattoo to keep it moisturized.


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