55 Classic Tapered Haircut For Men


In the layman’s point of view, the tapered haircut is a men’s haircut with gradual fade of length of the sides and back. From a superficial assessment, this is acceptable but does not consider the technical nuances that meet professional hairstyling standards. For the hair experts, a fade is the transition of short hair into shorter and finally to a totally absence of hair, exposing the skin entirely. On the other hand, taper to them, follows the head shape in short to medium hair lengths. Some taper haircuts are essentially taper fades containing the taper profile that has a fade at the neckline. To professional hairstylists, tapered hairstyles have the classic looks that are style-updatable at the top.

Tapered Haircut Facts and Nuances that You May Not Know

No one will dispute the visual attractiveness of the haircut, but some information would help in appreciating more the tapered haircut. Here are a few of them:

  • The tapered haircut is created not only by simply executing a hair fade but by also making sure that entire structure follows the shape of the head.
  • Tapered haircut exploits trendy fades that make use of side burn and nape shaved designs.
  • Wearers of the hairstyle vouch for the clean look, classical appeal and the unique fade at the sides and back that are also ripe for shaved design additions and tweaks.
  • The haircut is exciting but not too wild. The boring impossibility and solid style makes the haircut extremely popular and a certified classic.
  • The cut is considered men’s hairstyle, although in very rare occasions, some women have tried them.
  • So far, the reliability of the haircut has been tested with success in practical use. No one will surely go wrong with a high-performance style combined with low maintenance. Installing it is easy and uncomplicated while modification is almost limitless.
  • The type of face you will not prevent you from finding a suitable style from among the many cuts available and the ability of the haircut to look good in casual and formal settings will amaze you.
  • Shorter hair gives an impression of being more professional and standard with classic appeal while longer hair exudes a casual contemporary appearance.
  • Fans of celebrity sports personality David Beckham will be interested to know that the soccer superstar only favors and uses short to medium hair lengths with the tapered haircut style.

Tapered Haircut Styles worth Trying in 2017

Every year, a certain haircut seems to be the favorite in traditional and social media. For 2017, it looks improbable that another men’s hairstyle can eclipse the immense popularity of the tapered haircut. The versatility of the hairstyle is amazing as exhibited with these styles:

  1. Tapered Sides and Back Haircut

With a form resembling a classical fade, this haircut is always confused with the latter. With the former however, the hair has an obvious and distinct top hair. When the hair is long in this haircut, there is a tendency to soften strongly rounded or squared faces making them look more neutral and natural.

  1. Extreme High Top Taper

The 80’s and 90’s witnessed an abundance and proliferation of high top taper not only with the young but to a lesser degree, with the older age group as well, attesting to the adaptability and versatility of the hairstyle. Even curly kinky hair is not a hindrance in the adaption of this hairstyle which requires a certain hair height on the head. A gradient taper down the nape or shaved face are creative design elements that can boost the attractiveness of this tapered haircut.

  1. The Maze Tapered Haircut

This version of the high top tapered haircut may be bordering on side trim extremeness, but the pull of an edgy cut is unavoidable with expressive and arty individuals. Instead of the sides being merely short-trimmed or shaved with an elegant side, an extreme trim with the skin exposed is the unique tweak. An artful elaborate design of limitless themes turns the sides into an artful canvas.

  1. Classic Curly Tapered Haircut

The Classic Curly Tapered Haircut is suited to those of you who desire for a unique and distinct haircut, apart from other high top tapers, that will set you apart as an individual soul. Beginning from the forehead, downwards to the neck, the tapered hair creates a pleasing transition. Usually the front hair is sparse when compared to the nape area hair.  The haircut is distinct when seen up close and at a distance.

  1. Groovy High Top Tapered Haircut

“Groovy” is the word that is used to describe this haircut way back during the 70’s and today, “cool” is the modern description. Words are powerful but sometimes become an understatement when pertaining to this gorgeous curly hair tapered cut. The natural hair reveals its texture with unbelievable clarity and edginess while the unlimited possibility and amazing flexibility of the hairstyle allows shaved back or fading hairline as added features that are available for tweaking or total manipulation.

  1. High Top Tapered Haircut with Extreme Shave

A voluminous curly adds the right elegant but edgy touch to the tapered haircut with high shave on the sides and back of the hair. Everything turns bolder and aggressive-looking with the addition of a screaming beard.

  1. Bold High Top Tapered Haircut

A bold high top tapered haircut is incomparable to a bald cut because of the big and irreconcilable difference in complexity and appeal. In the former hairstyle, the smooth transition with every change in hair length at the sides is the handy work of meticulous trimmings. Instead of filling the top of the head with complicated hair formations, keeping it simple with short-trimmed hair that looks bare and edgy is more eye-catching. The best way to complement this hairstyle is to wear a neat beard.

  1. High Tapered Fade Mohawk Haircut

Tapered fade haircuts are not simply templates with restricted modifications. Rather, it is a richly artistic haircut with room for personal interpretation and innovative installation. The Mohawk is not an everyday haircut suited for the conformist. Even if the word Mohawk means fake hawk, there is nothing secretive with a spiky Mohawk style with high tapered top. Despite the distinct Mohawk, constructed from ample hair at the middle of the head, the hairstyle still borders as a regular high tapered haircut. Just make sure you have plenty of gel at hand to sustain the hold on the spiked Mohawk.

  1. Spiky High Top Tapered Haircut

Curly afro hair are difficult to manage, but can be easily tamed with this top fade hairstyle. The hair is usually cut very short with just enough hair volume to accommodate a tapered fade on both sides and the back of the head. The top hair should match the shortness of the rest of the hair but left with the right amount of strand to accommodate a high spike. If the wearer wishes so, the spike could be totally trimmed of resulting in a standard tapered fade haircut.

  1. Tapered Haircut with Awesome Beard

This hairstyle is not suited for everyone.  Lame and less aggressive will not feel comfortable wearing this tough-looking haircut. All the signs of a toughie are evident – short snappy hair, mean sides and back fades, and a thick growling beard. This bold and aggressive hairstyle should not be set aside for long if you are in search of a hairstyle that is intimidating!

Awesome Tapered Haircut Tutorials

When most men visit the barbershop, it is an unspoken understanding that the tapered haircut is the automatic choice when talking about barber cut. It is only the exact style where the decision has to be made. Being enlightened with these 2 tutorials can give the customer an idea of the haircut process to help in the decision-making.

  1. Tapered Haircut with Short Top Fade

The clean and natural look of well-blended tapered back and sides complemented by short fade at the top requires the diligent installation of a classic hairstyle. Here is a step-by-step breakdown:Also See:

Step 1: Using the scissors, begin cutting at the top and center portion of the head. The proper way is to use the scissors over finger technique while holding the comb parallel to the floor. Pull the hair up utilizing the advantage of the bangs as a guiding element. Cut off the unwanted length in the first section, and this length will be the basis on how to cut the other section. While keeping the comb parallel to the floor, move in with the comb and scissors toward the crown with the proper angle to cut just enough length to keep the hair sticking up.

Step 2: Using the same procedure as Step 1, proceed with the other 2 sections, left side and right side. Fine tune the cutting by trimming the hair as many times as possible until the hair follows the form of the head.

Step 3: Try to be artistic and skillful by creating textures out of the top hair that give an impression of interesting movement and randomness to the haircut. The proper technique in cutting is to avoid staying too long on a particular section so as not to overdo the cutting and to also move faster in areas which have less bulk, while moving slower in bulky areas to take out more hair.

Step 4: Cut the hair at rounded section of the head by using the scissor over comb technique. The 8 inch barber scissor with a rotating thumb is ideal in this situation to cover more ground with high accuracy. Make a seamless transition following the cut guide from the section on top.

Step 5: Continue on with the back and side sections with the use of a 1/2″ blade on a blade-detachable clipper. The blade on skin technique should begin at the right sideburn towards the side and upwards of the head deliberately and carefully. This procedure will blend the sides and back into the round of the head.

Step 6: Repeat the previous step, this time using a 3/8″ blade. Bevel the clipper away from the head with slow movement at about 1/4″ below the previous clipping.

Step 7: Repeat Step 6, this time using 1/8″ blade.

Step 8: Repeat Step 7 while flattening the blade angle to remove more hair length and fine tune the blending. Use the tip of the blade over the comb to achieve the dual action of cutting and blending with one motion.

Step 9: This step starts the taper. Move with the adjustable clipper on the semi-finish area and blend the outline of the haircut with a scooping motion of about 1 to 2 fingers width.

Step 10: Repeat Step 9, this time with a half to 1 finger width.

Step 11: Repeat Step 10, with the scooping motion reduced to a quarter to half inch coverage around the perimeter of the haircut. The taper is now completed and ready for the final touches.

Step 12: To complete the finishing touches, use the t-trimmer to give the side burn a clean and seamless edge around the ears and create a natural looking diagonal line on the neck behind the ear.

Step 13: Clean up the back of the neck by using upward shaving without getting anywhere near the hairline. Do this also with the opposite side of the neck and areas of the sideburn

Step 14: Style the hair with hair care products depending on the dry or wet options.

  1. Tapered Haircut with Cowlicks

Step 1: Wet the hair using plain water and comb through it while carefully forming attractive and impactful cowlicks.

Step 2: Attach the number 2 guide comb on the clipper and begin cutting the hair off beginning around the ears towards the back of the head, with upward scooping motion. Make a taut skin pull while cutting to get a tight taper around the ears.

Step 3: After the sides and back have been taken care of, attach the number 4 guide comb and process the top of the head, using front-to-back scooping motion as you cover across the top of the head with the clipper.

Step 4: Detailing is critical in this haircut. Enhance the cowlick by avoiding cutting it and moving in opposite direction of the growth as you shape and blend the hair on top using scooping inverted clipper action.

Step 5: Use hair care products by applying styling gel to the hair and emphasizing the hair form and cowlicks.

Two Trending Tapered Haircuts this Year

Showbusiness and sports personalities will continue to popularize the use of this hairstyle this year. Two tapered haircut that will likely dominate 2017 are:

  • High Top Fade with Thin Whiskers

In hairstyle practice, sometimes by trying just to be just new, may mean featuring meaningless modifications, but not with this hairstyle. The whisker tweak may seem be so simple addition, but the allure is significant. Also, the whiskers have the effect of elongating the face, a similar benefit you will get from high fades. Not so pe rfect round and square face will be effective neutralized by the hairstyle.

  • High Top Fade with Artistic Sides and Back

Resourceful gentlemen like you will always find a means to explore the empty shaved areas found in hair sides and back. Some artistic hair curving is available to fill those areas, thus the hairstyle. Strong lines and geometric shapes will make your hair unique and special and provide an outlet for your emotions and inner feelings.

Celebrities That Boosted the Popularity of Tapered Haircut to Great Heights

Fans avidly followed the careers and hairstyles of two iconic celebrities, Zayn Malik and David Beckham. Here are a few things about them:

  1. Zayn Malik

Zain Javadd “Zain” Malik is a British singer and songwriter who is a recipient of the highest and most prestigious accolades in the music industry, including an American Music Award and a Billboard Music Award. His popularity has gone sky high, that naturally, whatever he wore in public, including hairstyle, is relevant and attention-drawing. While receiving one of his prestigious awards, New Artist of the Year Award, he remarked with a requisite One Direction joke that pertained to his grateful thanks to his millions of fans and very supportive parents. While trying to figure out the sense of the joke, people were also contemplating on the merits of his new haircut, which was a clever combination between a classic taper cut and an edgy low fade that is literally dead-even with one half each of the 2 hairstyles occupying the same amount of spaces of his head. It was unique and amazing with eye-popping results in his back side.

  1. David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English former professional football superstar who has played with the most prestigious and biggest clubs ever, including Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Saint-Germain and the England national team. He was best known in the sport as having no equal in his range of passing, crossing ability and bullet -like free kicks in his role as a reliable right winger. While he was always ranked as one of highest paid athletes which he shared with some of his co-athletes in other sports during  his active days, his unique achievement as a sports and style icon is rare, not to be shared with many.

The modern tapered haircut was one of his iconic haircuts that brought many exciting hair moments. Looking sleek and sexy, this stylish haircut blended magnificently with the complementary tamed beard that adorned his pleasant-looking face. The cut also left the top portion hair quite long, contrasting attractively with the tapered and taken-down short sides and back. Surprisingly, though not to Beckham insiders, he successfully sported the hairstyle wearing classic formal suits and even in just casual jeans and t-shirt.



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