Surprising Details On How Much Cam Models Make Using Live Cam Sites


When people talk about girls who perform naked to entertain their viewers, most of them think of prostitutes or strippers. The first one is the oldest trade in the world and the other one also has a long and rich history. However, we now live in modern times, and the internet and various gadgets have changed the game. This is exactly why girls today don’t have to go to the streets or strip clubs in order to entertain their customers. They can simply buy a webcam and strip in the comfort of their own home.

Girls who do this are called camgirls and some of them are able to earn a lot of money on a monthly basis. Their income is the thing we are going to talk about today. Exactly how much money can these girls earn? How do they get paid?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, make sure to stay with us as we go into the world of successful camgirls.

How Much Money Do Camgirls Earn?

Providing you with a straight and exact answer to this question is not a simple thing to do. Every camgirl works a different amount of hours every day and not all of them work every day of the week. Therefore, giving you an exact answer is not possible. However, we can talk about their income and give you information that will help you figure out how much money camgirls can earn if they work hard and have a lot of followers. The writers from write about similar topics, if you’re in that sort of thing. That said, let’s see how camgirls can earn their money in this industry.

Performing On Camsites

This is one of the most common ways camgirls earn their income these days. This is also considered to be the so-called entry point for the majority of camgirls when it comes to this exciting industry. Once they establish themselves on these sites, successful cam models usually manage to assemble their own audience and earn money from loyal viewers. This provides them with a steady income.

One of the things you need to know is that there are two main business models when it comes to camsites – Token sites and Pay per minute sites. Let us elaborate.

Token Sites

In case you didn’t know, most camgirls earn their money by receiving tips in public shows. In other words, anyone can watch the show for free, but if nobody pays, the girl simply won’t take off her clothes. This is how the best token sites work. For example, the three most popular sites, Myfreecams, Chaturbate, and Cam4, use this method.

Performing on token sites is one of the most common ways camgirls earn their income. However, you have to be really good in order to inspire the audience to give you money. Successful camgirls on token sites are able to earn approximately $10.000 – $15.000 on a monthly basis. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree? The main reason for this is the fact that those sites have no limit when it comes to the audience. Certain chat rooms can have over 5000 viewers at once. Having a crowd this size means there will be a lot of good tips during the show. Therefore, it’s easy to see how some camgirls can earn $10.000 every month.

Pay Per Minute Sites

It’s safe to say that this is the traditional business model of camming. Cam models earn money for every minute spent by viewers in paid shows. When they are not performing live, the girls are usually in “Freechat” status, trying to convince the visitors of the site to get into a paid show. This is an aspect you simply won’t find on token sites.

Regarding the income, most viewers pay between $1 and $5 per minute during a paid show. The camgirl earns 30 to 60% of this amount. It’s safe to say that 35% is a fair average on those sites.

The most successful models who work on “pay per minute” sites can earn up to $30 000 per month. To be fair, this only happens on the most popular camsites. On most sites, girls are able to earn around $15 000 on a monthly basis. Still, this is a pretty good income

Recording Videos

Performing in live shows is definitely the main source of income for most camgirls, but it’s not the only way these women earn money online. There are a lot of them who record their shows and then sell those videos to customers who offer the most money. Some girls even prefer this method because it gives them the freedom to express themselves or tailor their shows according to the viewer’s wishes. In other words, if a certain viewer has a specific taste, recording a video without a live audience allows the girl to cater to the needs of a specific viewer.

Fans Paying For Memberships

The majority of camgirls get paid by bidders during live shows, but some of them earn a lot of money from selling memberships to their most loyal fans. For example, if a camgirl is good enough, chances are she’ll have her own fanbase. In other words, she will have regulars. When this happens, most cam models are willing to reward those regular viewers with exclusive content and private videos. However, in order to get this exclusive content, the viewers have to pay for a fan membership. Those memberships can be expensive and this is one of the most creative ways a camgirl can earn money in this industry.

Getting Presents From Admirers

Interestingly enough, camgirls don’t get paid only in dollars. Yes, receiving money is the most common way, but they also get a lot of presents. Most models have admirers and those admirers usually want to express their love and affection a little bit differently. Paying for shows is one way, but a lot of them also have a habit of sending presents to their favorite camgirls. Getting expensive presents may not be the most practical way to earn money, but it still counts.

There you go, folks. Determining the specific amount of money a camgirl makes today is not a simple task. In fact, it can’t be done without interviewing a lot of models. However, we hope this helps you see how those women earn their money in this line of work.


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