125 Meaningful Sun Tattoo Designs for your Next Ink


Back in the day, ancient civilizations utilized images and paintings of the sun as a sign of energy, life, and fertility. Native Americans have considered the sun to be the guardian of the day, and that it had the ability to heal people. The sun’s ancient design is comprised of an ordinary circle, which had a point located right at the very center of it.

There are plenty of individuals out there who would worship the sun like a God, and this is the reason why they get sun tattoos on their bodies. Various cultures can have different interpretations of what the sun is all about. They are created in various designs, but all cultures generally agreed that it was something to be worshipped.

Sun tattoos, both during the ancient times and modern era, are crafted in various designs, and all have different meanings as well. It all depends on the backstory, the foundation, or the basis of the tattoo’s art. A sun tattoo is often drawn to represent rebirth, endurance, strength, and fertility.

Another reason why sun tattoos are so popular is because the sun is considered to be an icon. Each culture does have its own interpretation about what the sun really means: Whether positive or negative, depending on which culture it is. But science tells us that without the sun, there is no life. And if the sun shines too brightly, all forms of life would perish. Sun tattoo designs are probably the best choice for a person who has a magnetic, energetic personality, or somebody who is down in the dumps and needs a pick-me-up once in a while.

A meaningful sun tattoo can be applied to both genders. In fact, you can find plenty of ancient and modern religions who have deities with both genders dedicated to the sun. That aside, you can find so many ways to make the sun carry both a feminine and a masculine look, just by adjusting its overall look. Straight, hard lines are commonly associated with the male form, so utilizing geometric shapes in your sun tattoo, like circles, squares, and triangles, is great for this type of thing. And if you want to give your tattoo a feminine touch, then a sun with plenty of waves and curves is an excellent choice.

Types of Sun Tattoo Designs

A tattoo can have so many different functions. A tattoo sometimes serves as a fashion statement – Meanwhile, others get a tattoo because it carries a personal meaning to them that they want to show off to the world. No matter what your reason may be for acquiring a piece of body art, you always need to pick a design that will describe you as an individual. Plenty of people will be able to see your tattoo from time to time. People who have no idea who you are will also get a bit of an idea about what your personality is really like, just by seeing your tattoo’s design. This is a good reason why you must only get a tattoo design if you’re pretty certain about what it actually means.

Sun tattoos are highly trendy nowadays. Plenty of men and women use the image of the sun as a design for a personalized tattoo. A sun tattoo is also highly iconic. Apart from its literal meaning, a tattoo with a picture of a sun in it can be considered, well… Hot. You can never go wrong with using the sun as an inspiration for your tattoo design, no matter if you fittingly decide to get it during the summer, or if you book your appointment during the winter season. There are plenty of sun tattoo designs for you to pick from.

  • Sparkle Sun Tattoo: This tattoo design gives the impression that the sun is shining even brighter than usual. The colors used here are just stunning. So if you want to have a sun tattoo that looks gorgeous and gives off positive vibes at the same time, then this is the best tattoo for you. It’s both simple and fun.
  • Sun And Moon Tattoo: This sun tattoo is paired up with the moon, and is often considered to be a complimentary tattoo design. The moon in these tattoos can be found inside the sun, making the sun one of the main highlights of the tattoo. This tattoo idea is extremely unique, and will surely be loved by anyone who sees it.
  • Sun Tattoo With Bold Lines: This is a large sun tattoo design that will surely provide you with loads of inspiration. The lines found in this particular tattoo design are thick, dark, and bold. This is the reason why the design looks so stunning. So if you want a tattoo that’s completely fierce, then this design is the best one for you.
  • Sun Tattoo With Wavy Lines: This is an excellent sun tattoo idea that makes it seem like its rays are shining down on you. The design incorporates swirling lines, making this tattoo highly unique and one-of-a-kind. A lot of people truly love this design since it gives off a summery vibe whenever you take a good look at it.
  • Sun Geometric Tattoo: You can include some geometric shapes here like triangles and a circle to create a decent sun tattoo. This type of tattoo is very simple, but it carries practically everything you will ever need to have a sun tattoo – The rays and the circle.

Meaning of Sun Tattoos                                

If you want to get yourself a tattoo that can brighten up your day, then the sun tattoo is a fantastic option. The sun is known to be the purest source of life and natural light. People like to go out during the summer and spring seasons, especially when the sun is at its most high. Nowadays, the sun is often considered to be a symbol of everything that delights us. Whenever we go outside, the sun is always shinning brightly, making us feel so alive and happy. This just proves that the sun has a huge amount of power over our lives, no matter what. Sun tattoos, meanwhile, are a highly popular type of tattoo design because you can draw it in any shape or form that you wish. You can get a tattoo in plenty of sizes and shapes, as well as either in black ink, white ink, or by using so many different colors.

Men and women enjoy getting sun tattoos. In other cultures, the sun is a symbol of faith, bravery, courage, wisdom, truth, and good luck. It’s also considered to be a symbol of belief in humanity, hope, energy, as well as to keep the person safe from harm. You can find plenty of designs on the Internet in case you really want to get a sun tattoo. There’s no limit when it comes to the amount of inspirations found for tattoos like these. You can get both a small or a large tattoo, and you can pretty much place it on any part of your body. However, one of the things that you have to remember here before you can book that tattoo appointment with your artist is that positioning is very important when it comes to tattoos. Always take time to consider which place is the best place to get a sun tattoo done, and if you want others to see it or not.

And even though the sun is located at least 92 million miles away from Earth, it only takes less than a minute for you to take a peek through your windows and see it in all of its glory. The idea of a beam of natural light travelling at over 300,000 kilometers each second does sound highly impressive, it takes millions of years for any form of energy to make its way beginning from the sun’s core, going all the way towards its surface. The sun was widely viewed as a God during the ancient times, worshipped by the Egyptians (in the form of Ra, the sun god), Greeks, and Romans. Until now, some cultures have embraced the sun and regarded it as one of the highest symbols of life on the planet.

Ancient Chinese philosophers had this belief that it was meant to represent the cosmic eye found in the sky, as well as the Yang, the ultimate male principle (and the opposite of Yin). Native Americans believed that the sun had the ability to heal and had likened it to the element of gold. The sun also represents the mind and having high intellect. In their culture, the symbol of a circle with a dot means completed good work.

Sun Tattoo Placement                               

A tattoo that comes in any shape or form is still a lifelong commitment, no matter how big or small they are. A tiny sun tattoo is probably not even noticeable compared to a bigger one – However, it’s still going to be there no matter the size. A bigger sun tattoo allows for plenty of detail into the artwork. You can also find plenty of opportunities to throw in some shades of color, which can further enhance the tattoo’s look. But how big or small you want your sun tattoo to look will all depend on you and your artist’s agreement. A big sun tattoo doesn’t have to occupy a larger surface area – However, it should come in a size that you’re completely contented with.

You can actually place your sun tattoo in any part of the body. If you’re a woman, then a sexy spot would be at the back of the neck. This is great for those ladies who love to tie up their hair and show off their elegant napes. A sun tattoo can also help accentuate your backbones, and make you look attractive, even from the back.

And for guys, you can place a sun tattoo on your shoulders, legs, or arms. These parts of the body are always noticed by other individuals. You won’t have too much trouble showing off your amazing tattoo in these placements. The size of your sun tattoo can actually affect the spot where you place it on the body. Bigger sun tattoos, for instance, are placed on the chest, the back, and the stomach, with giant wrap-around work placed on the legs and arms. This further accentuates the tattoo. A tinier sun tattoo can be placed on just about any part of the body, and this is the reason why they appeal so much to those who are about to get their very first tattoo, or a second tattoo.

Plenty of these sun tattoos can be simple or epic, depending on the artist and the design. A lot of these tattoo designs are an excellent choice, and they’re a highly versatile and generally accepted design, which makes it an astounding tattoo overall. When you do choose to get a sun tattoo, talk to your artist about the correct color choices, the personalization techniques, the size of your tattoo, as well as how to place it in the area of your choice.


Sun Tattoo Preparation Tips                         

Always keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least one or two liters of water daily. When your skin is hydrated enough, it’ll be able to heal better especially after a tattoo session, and you’ll be able to relax more as well. Plus it also helps keep your skin moisturized.

Another thing that can help out with the moisturizing is if you put lotion onto the area that will be tattooed – Once again, once or twice a day. Having healthy skin always produces better results for tattooing.

Make sure to always exfoliate and shave the area at least one to three times per week. If you have a decent amount of body hair, this will definitely make a huge difference. It’s highly difficult for lotion or moisturizers to get in your body, especially if you’re a particularly hairy individual. If you end up getting razor burn from shaving too much, then you have to stop shaving your skin at least a week before the scheduled tattooing appointment. Exfoliating the skin has to be gentle – Use a body scrub or a loofah.

Get at least enough sleep a day before you arrive at the shop for your session. Don’t stay up too late. Acquiring a tattoo when you’re exhausted isn’t exactly fun for both you and the artist.

Eating a good meal before the session starts also helps. Some artists have reported clients passing out because they were too nervous about getting the tattoo done, to the point where they could barely eat anything. A tattoo session, despite you sitting or lying down throughout the entire thing, is equivalent to a massive workout for the body. It needs plenty of fuel for it to keep up. And what’s more, pain management is more difficult when you’re starving.

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How Painful Is It To Get A Sun Tattoo?

The outer layer of your skin – The one that continuously regenerates itself – Is known as the epidermis. However, your artist won’t be placing your tattoo there. Because the tattoo gun shoots the ink inside a much deeper layer than the epidermis, this means that the ink stays in your body for the rest of your life, with a bit of touch-ups done here and there. The layer where the tattoo ink resides is the same layer that doesn’t peel off.

There are also some parts of the body where getting a tattoo done can be downright painful – Even more so than the average. Certain areas, such as the face, the spine, the hands, and the feet will hurt. Meanwhile, other parts, like your calves, your arms, and the back of your shoulder won’t be that painful when getting tattooed.

For those who don’t have a tattoo, or if they only got themselves a small tattoo, the amount of pain might not be too much of a concern compared to how long the pain will last. A lengthy tattoo appointment that takes more than an hour to finish could be downright intimidating, compared to a single piece that gets completed in thirty minutes. Always remember that during a longer tattoo session, your artist will allow you to take a break and relax – Or they’ll stop right away if you tell them to. And if you show up to the shop with enough hydration, proper sleep, and are well-fed, then your body will be able to cope throughout the painful procedure.

FAQs Before You Get A Sun Tattoo

  • Are you getting it for the right reasons?

People who want a tattoo get them for many reasons, some of them very valid – Although trying to follow a new tattoo trend or attempting to copy a tattoo design that a favorite celebrity wears is probably not a good idea. If you’re planning to get a tattoo to remember a particular feeling, to mark a certain milestone in your life, or if you want to move out and live in a different country, then by all means, go right ahead. And keep in mind that tattoos in general are highly time-consuming and pricey. Tattoo removal can actually hurt twice as much than getting a tattoo done, so if you want to get a tattoo, you have to make sure that the design is classy enough so that you can picture yourself wearing it for the rest of your life. This means thinking about what it’s going to look like as you grow old, transferring to different jobs, heading off to the beach, or even when you get married and start a family.

  • What should I look for in a safe tattoo shop?

If you want to get yourself a tattoo, always pick a highly reliable shop. It’s important that the shop practices proper hygiene and the correct safety standards. The amount of risks involved can dramatically increase if a person who wants a tattoo attempts to do it by themselves, or with the help of a novice artist.

The first thing you need to check is if the shop itself is very clean. The shop should have separate areas for both tattoos and piercings. It should also utilize an autoclave – An equipment that most professional tattoo artists use to keep the important tools sterilized. If you can’t find an autoclave in the shop, then don’t push through with the procedure. The artist should also use a needle once, and should be opened in front of you before the tattooing or piercing starts, to guarantee cleanliness. The artist must also wear clean, new gloves during the entire procedure. The inks and pigments used for the tattoo must be placed inside a single-used cup, then thrown out afterwards. The artist should never take the ink directly from the bottle itself or pour the extra unused ink back into the bottle after usage. If you’re still feeling very uncomfortable working in the shop or with the staff, then leave.

  • What are the common terms that an artist uses to explain tattooing?

A lot of tattoo artists use plenty of common terms most artists in general use, like ‘black and grey or color’, ‘shading’, ‘design’, and ‘style’. Plenty of these terms often refer to what you want your tattoo to look like once it’s done. For the style that they do, the artist often incorporates light, delicate lines, referring them to ‘fine lines’, and ‘bleeding’, which refers to the ink blurring out or bleeding (not involving actual blood). And if you’re completely unaware about what these terms really mean, then you can always ask your artist and get them to clarify it for you. This will save you plenty of time, and let the artist know what you really want.

  • What are some things people can do to keep their tattoos looking fresh longer?

There are several things out there that can help you make your tattoo seem brand new – One of the basic steps is to keep it as moisturized as possible and use a sunblock with a higher amount of SPF when you must go out into the sun. Just practicing proper hygiene is already enough to keep your tattoo looking as fresh as possible. Keeping your skin looking healthy and taking care of your body is always important. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a proper meal. This is important when you’re getting your very first tattoo, so you will know how to take care of it while it’s healing up.

  • What are the potential complications of tattoos?

A tattoo can have plenty of complications – And what’s worse is that these complications can show up immediately, or even years later. These complications include an allergic reaction to the pigmentation used in both temporary and permanent tattoos, or an infection caused by a dirty needle. You can also acquire unwanted scar tissue from either removing or getting a tattoo. Your skin can get inflamed as well if you don’t use sunblock on your tattoo while out in the sun.

How Much Does A Sun Tattoo Cost?                 

The final pricing of your tattoo will all depend on the artist and shop you choose. If you get your tattoo done by a popular artist, then you could end up paying at least $250 per hour. There are also artists out there who charge you by the number of hours required to finish the tattoo. If your sun tattoo is too complex or big, then you could spend over two hours in the shop – And this can cost over $500 for the whole design. You can also pay cash for the recommended aftercare products from the artist

Sun Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After you have picked your favorite tattoo design and had gotten it done inside a tattoo studio, then taking care of it afterwards is one of the most important aspects in your journey to a great piece of body ink. You need to know how to take good care of a tattoo, and tattoo aftercare should be taken seriously.

Keep the bandage on and remove it only when your artist tells you to. Even though some artists out there will tell you to keep your bandage on for an hour, there are others out there who will tell you to leave it on for an entire day. Only your artist will know how long it’s best to keep that bandage on, so make sure to listen to their advice.

Wash your tattoo after you take off the wrap and the bandage. Rinse off the leftover blood, ink, and plasma using lukewarm water and a scent-free liquid soap. Pat your tattoo dry gently after it has been cleaned, using a clean paper towel. Do not rub!

Apply a thin amount of unscented lotion to your tattoo, but make sure that the entire area is fully dry before you do so. This can help moisturize your skin and nourish the area. Continue using scent-free lotion or soap to clean up your tattoo daily, at least two times a day. Repeat this process until the tattoo is completely healed up (usually two to four weeks).


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