101 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas


“I like to feel blonde all over” – this is the famous quote from 50’s Hollywood star and sex goddess Marilyn Monroe that sums her shared passion with so many women at the time and until today, for the intimately sensual and elegant blonde hair. Beautiful women like Marilyn has been automatically linked to blonde hair so frequently that certain individuals and groups protested by coming up with an anti-slogan – “blonde girls are dumb”. This is far from the truth. The research of a certain Jay Zagorsky of Ohio State University concluded that blonde women are actually equipped with a higher IQ than brown, red and black haired women, and are also less likely to have extremely low IQs. There is no argument, however, on the issue that blonde haired women are attractive and beautiful to look at.

Two strong hair colors, blonde and strawberry when combined can form a striking perfect mix into a modern hair color called strawberry blonde. This comes in a variety of shades than can work well with different complexion colors and personality types.

Interesting Features of Strawberry Blonde Hair

  • Warm strawberry blondes work best with fair or neutral skinned women, and the auburn strawberry blondes complement warm complexioned women.
  • Strawberry blondes are unnatural, if not rare. Without the luck of having one, you can rely on modern hair dyes that are safe and easy to use. Be ready to emulate the looks of celebrities like Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, Rachel McAdams and many others.
  • Dark haired wishing women for a strawberry blonde hair color are advised to seek the help of professional hair stylists rather than relying on themselves.
  • Blondes can experiment with semi-permanent dye colors to exactly identify which one fits their tastes. Shade can run from a long list of pale pastels all the way to vibrant golden ginger.

20 Inspiring Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle for 2017

The strawberry blonde hairstyle is trendy yet versatile. It is usable for all occasions, both formal and casual events. The cut of the hair should not be restricted as strawberry blonde goes well with any style. The following are strawberry blonde hairstyles that are in the requested list this year:

  1. Pumpkin shade with hanging waves

This difficult to describe hue is a beautiful peachy strawberry blonde with touches of warm orange and tangerine colors that seem to pop out against porcelain skin and blue eyes. A pastel rose lip is a perfect complement to create a balanced contrast that gives just enough tension to catch attention without being unwantedly distracting.

  1. Blonde spotted with reddish/brown low lights

Auburn lowlights are the less overpowering alternative to the vibrant peach and tangerine low lights. The effect is subtle but a dynamic soft flow that is a creation of the low light color and the blonde hair which is impossible to miss but is not too strong.

  1. Honey Blonde with Warm Strawberry Tinge

This is the perfect blonde hair color for you if it is your first time to don a blonde hair and you want to be on the safe side. The subtle strawberry blonde strikes the middle ground between a boring and a bold blonde. The warm honey blonde tone has barely a hint of a red undertone to create a sweet combination.

  1. Blonde with Gold and Ginger highlights

Nicole Kidman was fashionably astute and correct when she appeared red themed in public. Her gingery blonde hair paired with red predominantly red makeup and wardrobe was stunning Golden blonde highlights adorned her strawberry blonde hair and help emphasized her ivory white skin and strong blue eyes.

  1. Bold Blond and Copper Hues

A fashion disaster is never on the horizon with this lively and vibrant strawberry blonde hue. White skin stands out well with this copper and blonde tone combination and subtle, natural makeup does not cause abrupt contrast to this vibrant hair color.

  1. Strawberry Blonde in Pastel Hue

Muted red and blonde tones make up the soft strawberry blonde pastel hair color that is a viable option to experimental women who seek refreshing colors to the usual standards. This is a fun hair style with retro looks, especially when worn with center-parted bangs.

  1. Beach blonde accentuated with strawberry highlight

Would you have taught it possible to play with color without substantially altering your look?  Cameroon Diaz, famous for her beach blond hair, added strawberry highlights to her hair and looked more stunning with her blue, piercing eyes and warmly glowing skin. The public adored her looks but cannot pinpoint exactly the slight tweak that she made on her hair.

  1. A-line blunt cut in pale strawberry hue

The A line blunt cut instead of looking severe, appears to become dreamy when colored in muted orange and blonde creating a unique pastel pink hue. The roots of the hair should look paler than the rest of the hair. This hairstyle connects to women with porcelain and ivory skin.

  1. Ombre with Strawberry blonde gradient

Teetering on the adventurous, this hairstyle is a favorite of Katy Perry, who donned the ombre from golden blonde on top to a coppery ginger tone below. The use of platinum highlights on tops adds more dimensionality and balances out the big curls at the hair ends below.

  1. Blond Ombre from red to light blonde

Considered to be an extra soft strawberry ombre style, the gradient starts from a subdued shade of red on the top and gradually transitions into light blonde at the bottom. Care is critical when coloring the bottom part with light blonde as hair ends are susceptible to damage when chemically treated.

  1. Ombre with Strawberry to Platinum Transition

This hairstyle begins with a slightly dark strawberry auburn at the hair roots and transitions into a pale platinum beginning at the ears and throughout the remaining hair length. This is a chic, choppy and wavy look that requires frequent touch-ups.

  1. Dark Roots with Long Layers

This is a super trendy and highly dimensional hairstyle that requires boldness from the wearer like you. This requires a long hair with plenty of layers. The roots are dark brunette colored to contrast beautifully with long strawberry blonde highlights. Curly and braided hairstyles look awesome in this hairstyle.

  1. Dual Tone Long and Wavy Hair

This beach hairstyle exploits long wavy hair with a combination of red and golden blonde color. The bold and vibrant colors cannot escape curious onlookers who are used to seeing only standard strawberry blonde colors.

  1. Extra Light Reddish Brown Strawberry Blonde

This hairstyle is ideal for those of you who occasionally fancy hiding the hair color effect. Dark reddish roots established the base and subtle strawberry highlights throughout the hair complement the base roots. The color is intentionally kept almost muted for the subtle effect and as a way of hiding the colors if the wearer so decides, either by wearing a side part or pulling the hair back.

  1. Strawberry Blonde with Ginger and Chestnut Tones

A strawberry blonde hair can tilt to a darker version with the use of ginger and chestnut tones. Warm and tanned complexions blend well with this orange tone, but women with fair skin vouch for the hue as an excellent autumn color choice. Smoky eyes and muted lipstick colors complement the hairstyle.

  1. Short Chic Cut with a Spank

Cate Blanchett made a hair statement by proving that the strawberry blonde hairstyle is not only for fun and trendy cut with long hair. She made public appearances wearing short, chic hairstyles in golden brown color with subtle red and ginger tinge spread throughout her short hair. The hairstyle became a buzz and hair experts further suggested to followers to wear coral lipsticks and blue-green eye contacts to maximize the impact.

  1. Madonna Inspired Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

80s musical pop icon Madonna sported and popularized her signature strawberry blonde hairstyle that utilized deep copper tones underneath and pale blonde highlights on the outside. Neutral colored make-up and outfit also characterized her get up which helped in accentuating her hair. If you prefer not to emulate the pop star’s outfit, violet or aqua is a good choice.

  1. Gold Toned Hairstyle

Hazel and light brown eyes sparkle and skin achieve dusky glow with warm gold and auburn hair colors. Summer is ideal for a strawberry blonde hair leaning to less blonde proportion while fall favor rich and vibrant strawberry blonde.

  1. Strawberry Blonde with Bold Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle is anti-conservative and provocative. Pale blond highlights are liberally spread across the entire hair length to intentionally look unnatural and intriguing. Wearing big and bold curls add to the lavishness of the hairstyle.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Short Cut with Auburn Highlights

Michelle Williams set a trend, initially with her solid blonde pixie and later topped this with auburn strawberry blonde shade. Michelle’s hazel eyes and peachy cheeks looked glorious and her entire face as fresh as the morning. For non-celebrities like you, a natural dark brow will need no modification.

Tutorials on How to Obtain Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde hair is not difficult to achieve once you follow the simple steps logically. The best way for you to prove this is to start with your hair coloring now!

  1. Basic Strawberry Blonde

Step 1: Deep condition your hair for one week prior to hair coloring.

Step 1: To allow the air to circulate in the bathroom while coloring your hair strawberry blonde, a good advice for you is to open all bathroom doors and windows if you do not have an exhaust fan.

Step 2: To make sure that you have the right shade of hair coloring tints check the label at the back of the tubes. They should have the code 7R and 8RB printed on them.

Step 3: Open both boxes and pour out all the developer together in a suitable mixing bowl.

Step 4: Add the color tubes contained in both boxes into the mixing bottle.

Step 5: Wear rubber gloves and cover the tip of the mixing bottle with your finger to prevent the mixture from spilling out while you shake the bottle vigorously for 1 minute. The idea is to make sure that the coloring components are mixed evenly and thoroughly. The best way to ensure this is to shake for an additional 30 seconds more once you feel that you have achieved proper mixing.

Step 6: You should time your color application to get accurate results. Inaccurate timing produces a brassy outcome. Work fast in putting the colors in the hair, use only 5 minutes. Start with the hair around your face, then the center part, followed by the top of the head, sides and finally the back part. Next is to leave the color in your hair for 35 minutes.

Step 7: Add the remaining dyes to the middle and end parts of the hair for 20 minutes and finally, add another 10 minutes for the entire hair to absorb more the colors.

Step 8: Rinsing is done by running the water through your hair while massaging the color from the scalp down to the hair ends.

Step 9: Use your favorite hair conditioner to make the hair supple and manageable.

  1. Dark Brown to Strawberry Blonde

Step 1: Deep condition your hair for one week prior to hair coloring.

Step 2: Purchase three boxes of hair colors: light brown, dark blonde and strawberry blonde. Use only one brand with permanent and ammonia-free properties.

Step 3: Read the instructions on the boxes carefully and heed allergy warnings. If you find yourself to be allergic, shop for other brands and perform another allergy test. Proceed only if safety is assured.

Step 4: Start with the light brown hair color and apply to the entire hair following the manufacturer’s instructions. A day after the light brown dye application, you should deep condition the hair.

Step 5: After five days upon the light brown color application, you can now apply the dark blond hair color throughout the entire hair.  One day after the application, your hair needs conditioning to rescue the hair from damage.

Step 6: Use the strawberry blonde five days after the application of dark blond dyes. On the next day, deep condition the hair.  Conditioning the hair prevents brittleness and porosity, which are natural consequences of multiple hair coloring. Also, it is advisable for you to wash your hair only with a sulfate-free shampoo.

2 Trendy Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles for Contrasting Personalities

  • Daring Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle has no intention of looking common but also avoids overly unnatural looks. The strawberry blonde hair is not intense but the blonde highlights spread throughout the entire hair is grandiose.  Wearing big hair and bold curls add lavishness to the hairstyle.

  • Strawberry Pixie Highlighted with Auburn

Celebrity Michelle Williams popularized the trendy blonde pixie with her sophistication and stylish interpretation. Her hairstyle became even more chic when she went for an auburn strawberry hair color. The orange tinge strawberry color made her hazel eyes and peachy cheeks stand out even more. Her face looks ever so fresh whenever she wore it in public. Michelle goes to the extent of toning even her eyebrow, but it is alright for you to wear the strawberry blonde with naturally colored brows.

Hot Celebrities with Strawberry Blond Hair

Celebrities are the biggest influencers of trendy hairstyles. For 2017, these 2 celebrities made waves in the hairstyling circle.

  1. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is an American former fashion model who transitioned into a successful actress, comedian and producer seamlessly. She is not without equal compensation for her talent and hard work though, as she gained the reputation of being the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood in 2013.  Her body of works that earned her several nominations and acting awards define her as an actress.

Her good looks were her entry step to Hollywood even before her acting talent shone. She was particularly conscious of her blonde hair and popularized a uniquely Diaz hairstyle that became her signature mark. The strawberry blonde need not be more strawberry than blonde. She cleverly exploited her blonde hair to the hilt by doing the opposite. She merely added tinges of strawberry red to accentuate her blonde hair that also broke the monotony of pure blonde at the same time.

  1. Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is the real name of American singer and songwriter Kate Perry. She was a child gospel singer before she started her professional singing career in 2001 which was unsuccessful. Eventually, she rose to worldwide fame in 2008 with the release of her single “I Kissed a Girl” and then followed this up with another hit “Hot n Cold”. Today, she is a multi-awarded singer with several hit songs that became household items.

Her ever-changing hair color cycle starts from black to a ton of hues, and back to black.

You would be surprised to know that Katy is naturally blonde and has spent several years maintaining her dark brunette, and she even when to the extent of dyeing her eyebrows and eyelashes. She discovered the strawberry blonde, which suits her very well, by accident. Once, when she decided to go totally blonde from black, her hairstylist told her that it would take two stages to achieve. The intermediate color she chose was strawberry blonde. The new color hairstyle stuck as one of her favorites in reaction to the high approval it got from objective supporters. She first wore it in MTV News and afterward vied for nine MTV video awards.


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