14 Hard-Hitting Reasons Why You Must Start A Blog In College


In college, you are used to doing your research online by opening several blogs and finding information. My essay writer gives a great start for people looking forward to becoming great bloggers. Have you ever thought about why you should start your own blog? Starting a can work in your favor if you do it for the right reasons and at the right time. Still not convinced, here are 14 reasons why you should start your own blog

  1. You write better

Writing articulately is a skill that develops with time. Even the best writers did not start at their best. You learn how to clearly and consistently put your thoughts together in writing. Blogging keeps you on your toes because it is constantly writing while you pay attention to the standard of quality. At first, it is challenging, but with time you write more naturally. Your mind is trained on how to come up with ideas on anything with tips and personal tips you would want to share. Some people find it easier to express themselves with photos.

  1. Build your self-esteem

As young as you are in college, they are many things you are not sure off and starting a blog is one of them. Maybe you are just afraid of what people will say or what they will think. A blog gives you a chance to comfortably express yourself. This is how you develop your own voice as you share what you know with others.

  1. Teach others

Most of the time blogging is about helping others by putting information out there. A blog gives you an opportunity to share things you have learned and things that you know. Actually, you are good at many things, but you rarely find chances to help out people who really need it. A blog is the best way to have the information out there and connect with people in an amazing way.

  1. Start building your CV

Well, a freshman has no job history, but then you can establish yourself as an expert in your own field. Going through college does not automatically label you as credible to work. A blog would be your best bargain because you need to constantly research and stand out as an expert in your line of work. The more you write, the more knowledge you gain to put out there and when you graduate you will be an expert that is ready to join the workforce.

  1. Build a network

A blog is a great way to reach out to others and build relationships with them. You never know you might have ideas that other companies would be interested to invest in. Once you start a blog your title becomes a publisher and you will find people reaching out wanting to be featured in the blog or their products and companies want to be associated with your blog. Now you are an expert.

  1. A blog holds you accountable

If your blog is a personal journal or has a mixture of both personal and professional experiences you have to be accountable. Imagine if you have a blog about fashion and design you want to maintain your image as such until you become a marketing tool for your blog and possibly your brand. Posting progress on your blog such as a fitness blog reminds you of your accountability and the reason as to why you need to remain consistent even through your daily routine.

  1. Acquire technical skills.

When you own a blog you control everything on the platform such as the design, layout, and content. You are not only a better writer, but you learn how to work the background of the blog. To some extent you will have to learn a few tricks you need to publish and design your blog or you end up paying someone to do it for you. Having someone do it for you is not bad, but you need to work on it yourself for best results. Learn about HTML, PHP, CSS, SEO, Photoshop and other technical knowledge used in running a blog. You just start learning with simple technical knowledge, then progressively move to the complicated stuff.

  1. Become a solution finder

You will notice that most people, when faced with challenges, will ask around for solutions, but the problem is, they ask you to go a little further and solve the problem for them. Have you had that friend who will ask how do we do this? Then you go on and give them detailed explanations on how to do it and they end up asking you, can you come over and practically do it for me? It’s disappointing. Since you have a blog you have to go a step further and learn how to find solutions and work on the right ones until you know what works. Solution finders make an impact on their blog because they put in extra effort to bring out the solution to their readers.

  1. Express yourself

You start a blog about what you are passionate about. It is through them that you express yourself and ideas that you have about your field. As you do this remember to be sensitive, remain professional and maintain consistency because your blog is part of you and is a part of your job resume. Do not share sentiments that might affect your future because of their negativity in the job market.

  1. Improve your SEO

In this day and age, even employers have access to the internet and can easily look you up for more information about you. If you have a blog it should be the first this they see and if it will work for you will definitely get the job. Improve your SEO search results for better chances in the job market.

  1. You acquire marketing skills

When you start publishing you are afraid of what people will say, now that you are more confident about your writing you want everyone to read about it. You will need at least basic marketing skills for people to visit and read and react to the content in your blog.

  1. Make recruiters love you

Most jobs require one to have a college degree, but a blog is a plus which will make recruiters love you. They love someone who is bringing in more than the basic college degree to their company. Imagine if you are employed as an office assistant, but you have found your way to work with the IT department. Recruiters will love you because you have more value than they bargained for.

  1. Make money

Making money off blogging is challenging and that is why it is not our top most priority when starting a blog. You gradually increase your earnings through blogs, but if you started your blog because of your passion and love; you will want to improve daily then start making money through your perfected blog.

  1. It can be a foundation of your business

Not all people think of starting their own businesses, but those who do start planning early. If you are sure the course you are taking in college is the thing for you to start building your company early using a blog. Every business and company out there has their online presence felt. While in college, start building your business presence and eventually when you begin setting up people will be familiar with your business or service.

You are not too young to own a blog and you are not too busy to work on it. Joining some sites such as thesisrush.com is a great site to start learning about different writing styles you can use on your blog. Make time to write and publish to create networks that will work in your favor. The most important point to consider is owning your own self-hosted blog.


When you get to college you realize that you have less time and more work to cover, starting a blog means sacrificing time. It is not too early to start a blog, in fact, it is the right step to securing your future in the job market. With a well laid out foundation and a well thought out networking plan, you are already experienced to start working.


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