Keep Shining with 80 Star Tattoo Designs and Ideas


Stars are known to be a classic symbol, going back to the ancient times. This is a symbol that has played so many vital roles in countless cultures and religions. And one of the best designs in regards to tattoo art are star tattoos, since they tend to showcase plenty of sparkly and glittery celestial bodies, looking just as eye-catching and highly impressive as the marks found on the wearer itself. Stars are supposed to be simple and tiny, but very dazzling as a whole. Since stars carry off an uncomplicated design, this makes it the best kind of tattoo for those who want to get a tattoo for the first time. It doesn’t deal with too much pain and is a highly common design too, so it’s not too pricey.

In Catholicism and other Christian religions, stars are a highly significant symbol since it represents the five senses and good health. Meanwhile, on the other side, Satanism and pagan cultures use the pentagram which is framed right inside a double circle. You can also choose to get a star tattoo in either plain black ink, or in different colors, which creates a rather stunning effect on your body. For instance, stars and flower tattoos, or a group of shooting stars look amazing on women, since there’s plenty of colors involved here.

A star tattoo can look pretty flexible as well, and a really skilled artist can combine it together with the sun, the moon, fairies, a planet, wings, skulls, or a group of butterflies. Whatever symbol or picture that looks great with a star always ends up accompanying it in a tattoo. This is the reason why star tattoo designs are so popular, since people like to give it a bit of a personal touch.

Types of Star Tattoo Designs

Star tattoos might be common, but they’re both completely unique and wonderful depending on the design. A star tattoo always looks cool, and not only that, they’re excellent for those who want to get themselves a first-time tattoo. That’s because star tattoos are very small, and they don’t need to be that detailed either. The designs of these star tattoos look amazing, and they are meant to represent a huge change in the wearer’s life.

Stars are actually one of the most classic and oldest cryptograms around. It’s been present in so many religions and cultures. Even back in the ancient times, when humans knew nothing about stars or what they were really made out of, they were still well-liked because of their beauty. Ancient astronomers would stare up at the sky and try to explain what stars are thanks to the aid of religion, and mythological tales.

A star is also a universal cryptogram. Since it’s a celestial body, it isn’t connected to any religion or culture, and as a result, it could mean so many things to all sorts of people. Men and women can get separate star tattoo designs. For instance, women enjoy shooting star tattoos since they sport a rather feminine look to them. Meanwhile, guys prefer nautical stars because they give off a manly appearance. A star tattoo can be drawn as just one star, a group of tiny or huge stars, a nautical star, or a celestial star.

The reason why star tattoos are very popular is because the designs are truly flexible, and you can combine them with other symbols like wings, the moon, the sun, flowers, a skull, a scroll, a butterfly, and a fairy. Nearly every symbol or image can be combined with a star tattoo, in order to create something very personal and meaningful to the wearer. This is great if you want to find a star tattoo that isn’t too simple or detailed for your liking.

  • Shooting Star Tattoo: This deals with a big group of stars drawn on the wearer’s side. A couple of the stars in this design have two layers, while some of them contain black effects located in the outer area of the tattoo. For this design, you can get stars that differ in sizes and even get them in several colors. When done by the correct artist, it can take on an enchanting appearance.
  • Pentagram Star Tattoos: A pentagram is typically associated with Wiccan culture, and the occult. Typically, pentagrams are surrounded by a circle. The circle symbolizes protection and eternity, as well as nature and the circle of life. Since the line in a circle is unbroken, circles are also symbols of infinity. The star’s five points, meanwhile are meant to symbolize the four elements: Earth, fire, air, water, and the final one is the spirit.
  • Nautical Star Tattoo: The nautical star represents the memory of those who died in battles involving the Coast Guards, the Navy, and the Marines. It’s a logo that’s filled with plenty of sentiment. It also provides you with a great view of oceanic panache. The nautical star also combines both tattoo culture, and life at sea. The alternating colors that come with the nautical star comes from the star’s connection to fallen American warriors. Since this is a symbol commonly associated with servicemen and veterans, this is the type of tattoo that looks so much better with black and white ink.
  • Star Of David Tattoo: This is technically called a Hexagram, and it also goes by the name of ‘Shield of David’. It is a symbol of Judaism. This is a six-pointed star that is meant to represent God’s interaction with the people of Israel. A fourth name for this symbol is the Creator’s Star. The six points all represent a day of the week, while the middle is for the Sabbath, an important day for Jews.
  • Flaming Star Tattoo: A flaming star tattoo represents the wearer’s strong will to pass through anything so they can achieve their goals in life. This is a tattoo that is meant to symbolize courage, change, as well as enduring through any kind of obstacle.

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Meaning of Star Tattoos                                                

There are more than a billion stars in the sky. These stars are all different, and all of them contain plenty of meanings. The same can be said for star tattoos. Stars are very important for the solar system. You can find clusters of stars in the sky, and all of them have their own specialty.

Star tattoos have been continuously introduced in plenty of tattoo art. The designs are highly popular. You can get star tattoos placed on any part of your body. There are dozens of celebrities out there who wear star tattoos. Perhaps the most common types of star tattoo designs are pentagrams and the nautical star. You can get a star tattoo in so many one-of-a-kind designs, such as shooting stars, as well as tribal stars. A star tattoo is supposed to symbolize achieving one’s goals, protecting one’s self, and hope. You can get a star tattoo in many different sizes. You can also use these stars at home as a form of decoration. And similar to that, star tattoos are supposed to decorate the body after the ink is finished. It further increases the beauty of your body in an artistic way.

Another meaning that the star tattoo could have is protection, hope, goals, and fun. A star tattoo always complements the other tattoos in the wearer’s body, and you can complete them in various shades of color. You can do star tattoos in so many different styles, like 3D, tribal style, or a watercolor style. Once a star tattoo has been completed, it looks very unique and unlike all of the other designs out there. If you want, you can test to see if a star tattoo looks great on you by purchasing a fake tattoo from a children’s store and putting it on you.

Ideal Placement For Star Tattoos

The positioning of the star tattoo is actually quite different for both men and women, and ultimately, it determines the final look of the tattoo’s design. With men, they usually get star tattoos placed on their wrists, their shoulders, their back, their chest, and their upper arms. Meanwhile, star tattoos on women are drawn and placed in a much more delicate manner – Preferring to put them on the shoulder, the navel, the abdomen, the neck, beneath the ears, the hips, or in rare cases, the face.

Placing a star tattoo on your wrist will definitely capture people’s attention. The placement of this tattoo actually gives the wearer an opportunity for others to see the artist’s design – One of the disadvantages that comes with putting a tattoo in a less visible area.

And because stars are a common star tattoo idea, you can put them on any part of the body that you wish, from the arms, to the back of your neck, to even your face. A good advantage of a star tattoo idea is that stars are completely versatile as a tattoo design, it looks great no matter what they look like, or how big or small they are. A tiny star tattoo is placed on practically any part of your body.

Technically speaking, the overall size of the tattoo will decide which part of the body you want to place it on. Larger star tattoos are perfect on the back, the arms, and the chest. Meanwhile, a smaller star tattoo, as mentioned, looks great on the back of the wearer’s ear or neck, the fingers, the ankles, and the wrists.

Star Tattoos Preparation Tips                

So you have finally booked an appointment for your very first tattoo. You have managed to prepare your schedule and saved up enough cash for it as well. Now what? You have sent the perfect tattoo design to your artist, and the only thing you’re waiting for is that fateful phonecall, where your artist asks you to go and visit them at the shop and get that tattoo done. So how can you be truly prepared for that day?

There are plenty of ways for you to deal with pain and get yourself ready for a long tattoo session. Each person reacts a bit differently when it comes to getting a tattoo, but here are some ways to be truly prepared.

Absolutely do not drink on the night before, or even a week before you get your tattoo done. That’s because alcohol is a known blood thinner. Always keep yourself hydrated, and carry a bottle of water and some snacks with you just in case. It’s always good to be hydrated throughout the entire session, especially since tattooing can cause a bit of pain. Both your blood vessels and your moisturized skin will thank you for it.

Is Getting A Star Tattoo Painful?

Understandably, there are people out there who opt not to get a tattoo because of the pain. Other people who decide to get tattoos are reluctant at first, but they get used to it eventually. Meanwhile, there are others who try to find a good anesthetic to relieve the pain or stop it from happening, especially if they aim to get a giant tattoo for themselves.

People who have acquired tattoos have often compared it to getting a cat scratch, or a mild burning sensation. But the real determining factor to see how painful a tattoo can be really goes down to the spot where you plan to put it on. Any spot that has a thin layer of fat or muscle, or anything with bone directly below the skin will be a rather sensitive area to get a tattoo on: This includes feet, head, hands, the pelvis, and the ribs, to name a few.  If you want to find a spot that isn’t too painful, then you should get it done on an area where there’s enough fat or muscle layers beneath the skin. This includes the forearms, the upper arms, the shoulders, the thighs, and the calves. That aside, every person has their own threshold of pain, so there’s no fast or concrete answer to just how painful a tattoo can get.

The upper thighs is actually one of the best places to put a tattoo in, since it’s not that close to the thigh bones, and there’s plenty of muscle, flesh, and fat surrounding it. But according to some artists, getting inked here can also be painful since the thighs are a spot in the human body that isn’t exposed very often, so the skin there is a lot more sensitive compared to the rest. It can also be much more painful compared to other areas as the new tattoo begins to heal – Because the skin there rubs against your other leg very often.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Star Tattoos

  • How safe is tattoo ink?

It really depends on the shop where you get it done. There are dozens of tattoo inks found on the market nowadays that artists can readily purchase. This is high-quality, top-notch tattoo pigmentation ink. This is the type of ink that has been tried and tested by both new and expert tattoo artists, without their clients experiencing any negative effects. Now, companies who create pigments and tattoo inks are required to follow certain safety and health standards – But this rule is only limited in countries like the UK and the USA. Keeping this in mind, it’s not even good enough to be confident that your artist only uses the best tattoo ink brands – They also have to buy it directly from the companies themselves, or any outlet that sells the ink and has met the company’s standards. This ensures the quality and excellent reputation of their products.

  • Can You Shower After A New Tattoo?

As soon after you leave the shop with your brand new ink, you’re probably wondering if it’s completely safe for you to go for a shower. Technically, yes, you can take showers after you get yourself a new tattoo. However, you still need to exercise caution here, since there are a couple of instructions that the artist will give you, to make sure that your tattoo isn’t going to sustain any form of damage.

  • How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal?

In regards to the overall appearance, your brand new tattoo must be fully healed in around three weeks – Even though it’s going to look scaly and shiny for a couple more weeks after that. This is normal as long as it doesn’t get infected, or if you leave the scabs alone and don’t pick on them. The skin below the surface of the tattoo, meanwhile, does take longer to heal up compared to the top layer – Roughly four months. This is the reason why getting a cover-up tattoo is twice as painful, especially if there’s only a short amount of time elapsed in between the sessions.

  • Can Tattoos Be Removed?

You can find several available options if you want to get a tattoo removed. The first and most common option has got to be through a cover-up tattoo. This deals with you meeting up with your artist for the second time around – Or finding a new artist – Who can come up with a brand new design that can go over and cover up your old, unwanted ink. There are a couple of misconceptions in regards to getting a cover-up tattoo. For one, acquiring a cover-up tattoo isn’t that easy. That’s because your brand new ink will sit on top of the same layer of skin, right above the old one. The cover-up’s shading must be darker than the previous tattoo, to completely overpower the old one. This is the reason why a cover-up is only great if your old tattoo has faded away over time.

The other option you have is through laser removal. This is also highly effective, depending on the shading and age of the old tattoo – But at the same time, it’s also very time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

The third option is combining both of the above. You can get a laser removal treatment to lessen the density of the previous tattoo, so that you can only get a tinier tattoo to mask the previous design, instead of a larger one. The amount of laser treatment needed here is much less than getting it removed completely, not to mention there’s so much better coverage with the new ink as well.

  • Do You Do Custom Star Tattoos?

If you’re planning to give yourself a customized star tattoo, then gather up as much inspiration and reference materials as you possibly can, to provide the artist with a detailed and concise idea of the kind of design you want. One of the things you must consider here are: Which part of the body you want the artist to place your tattoo on, the final size of the tattoo, the design of the tattoo, and finally, the subject of the tattoo. It’s always great to take a closer look at the artist’s portfolio before you can decide which shop to get your tattoo in, since this will give you an idea which artist is the best one to do the job.

The Cost Of Getting Star Tattoos

The final pricing of a person’s tattoo is always varied – Everything is determined by the tattoo’s size, the design, and the parlor itself. But before the session can begin, always ask your artist about the possible final cost of your tattoo. There are a dozen other factors that will surely play a much more important role when it comes to how much the average tattoo costs. However, there are also factors that will play a very important role in determining the final price of your tattoo. These factors include the design, the color, the placement of the tattoo, as well as the size. Another factor is also the creativity of the artist, as well as the originality of the design. So if you want to base your tattoo on the artist’s own portfolio, you could end up paying a cheaper price compared to an original design.

The cost that comes with getting a permanent star tattoo isn’t exactly cheap, unless you go for a temporary or a henna one. If you ask your artist to give you a giant tattoo, then be prepared to pay more than the usual cost, since this could go for up to a thousand dollars. And if you want a completely original work, then the artist might just charge you for a rate of $250, and even higher depending on the number of hours it takes to finish that tattoo.

The factors that the artist will consider before they could assign a final price to their work, include the skill requirements, as well as the amount of experience that they have. When it comes to tattooing, bigger rates are much more associated with the artist’s competence and expertise. As a customer, paying a big amount of money means good quality work.

Star Tattoos Maintenance Tips

Now everything is over and you got the tattoo that you wanted. It’s pretty, it’s colorful, and it’s fresh. But now you have to keep it well-maintained so you won’t end up giving yourself a skin infection, and your tattoo will look as good as new. What steps should you take to keep your tattoo looking well-maintained all the time. What are the steps recommended by these tattoo artists and dermatologists?

It really does depend on where you live. In places like the US, for example, there are some standard rules you need to follow for tattoo maintenance, as well as taking care of your tattoo as soon as you leave the shop. So how can you be certain that this brand new tattoo of yours is something that you won’t end up regretting anytime soon? Make sure to do these steps as your tattoo gets better.

The artist has to cover up your new tattoo with a thin layer of aftercare lotion, as well as a bandage. This bandage has to be removed after an entire day. The next step is for you to gently wash it with an unscented anti-microbial soap and water, then leave it on to air-dry. Apply the same lotion two times a day. However, you shouldn’t put on another bandage after it.

Wash your ink very gently a couple of times a day using unscented liquid soap and water. Lightly pat it dry. Apply the aftercare lotion or an unscented ointment on top of it, so your tattoo retains its moisture and heals properly. This process must be repeated for at least two weeks up to a month. Avoid wearing tight clothes that are sure to stick to your tattoo. Do not submerge your tattoo in water, and try not to go out too much so it won’t hit direct sunlight.


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