70 Best Unique Skull Tattoos for Men and Women


A tattoo is an image on a person’s body, which gives them the power to bring out an aspect of themselves without uttering a single word. Each thing that you come up with becomes alive, after you get it tattooed on your skin. And your attitude towards a certain thing does not need any explanation since it’ll be represented through your body art. This is the reason why people appreciate tattoos a lot.

Skull tattoos, meanwhile, can both be creepy and amazing at the same time. One of the best things about placing in a unique skull tattoo is that it brings out the person’s creativity by incorporating it with other symbols or putting the skull as a part of a bigger tattoo. You can also experiment with the design of your tattoo by adding various colors, or by putting in your own personal touch to it. Simply put, your tattoo defines who you really are, so the placement and overall design are very important. Everything is completely up to you.

A lot of people who have noticed skull tattoos at a first glance always assume that this symbol only represents one thing: Death and destruction. A skull tattoo isn’t necessarily associated with anything bad, but as the Mexicans have shown us, it can also be connected to life and everything that’s good. Certain people acquire skull tattoo designs to represent only the good things in a person’s life. Unique skull tattoo designs are the best choice for people who want to tell everyone that they don’t fear death and have accepted their mortality. And these skull tattoo aren’t just meant for guys to wear – Women can place skull tattoos on their body as well, for the exact same reasons. In fact, loads of women have added a bit of a feminine touch to their tattoos as well by incorporating things such as heart-shaped eye sockets, flower crowns, and heavy makeup into the design.

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Types of Skull Tattoo Designs

The meaning of your skull tattoo will all depend on how it is used. For example, plenty of people choose to associate a human skull tattoo with giant eye sockets as a symbol of death, but this makes a fabulous tattoo idea as well. Certain people will pick this tattoo design to show that they don’t have any fear of death whatsoever. A skull tattoo design can also represent that the wearer has accepted their mortality. One more possible meaning of these tattoos is that they’re a constant reminder that everyone will die someday, and that they should always live their lives to the fullest.

  • Sugar Skull Tattoo: A sugar skull, commonly seen in Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos celebration, is often meant to celebrate the life of somebody who had passed away. Sugar skulls look very vibrant and colorful, copying the lively and celebratory mood of this festival. Sugar skull tattoos, meanwhile, are a very popular tattoo style that is meant to be a tribute to a loved one, and can look very stylish with both women and men.
  • Skull And Rose Tattoo: A tattoo that includes these two symbols are often meant to represent the contrast between life and death. Skull and roses combined could also signify duality, and serves to remind the wearer about the contrast of dark and light, good and evil, and the balance of these two philosophies.
  • Girly Skull Tattoo: Females often choose this design when they want to get a tattoo. Your artist can modify this skull to give it heart-shaped eyes, make it wear a hairbow, or give it some traditionally feminine characteristics and aspects. Sometimes this type of skull tattoo is often chosen as another half of a couple tattoo.
  • Skull And Crossbones Tattoo: Are you dreaming of becoming a pirate, or was it one of your childhood fantasies? A skull and crossbones tattoo is the best for those who want to show that they don’t follow any authorities and live by their own rules. Although the design might seem a bit creepy at first, it still shows off a bit of a cool edge. One of the best things about wearing a skull and crossbones tattoo is that it shows off you and your artist’s creative sides by accompanying it with whatever symbol you choose, or even an abstract design that only the wearer can know. You are also free to give it several shades of color, providing the tattoo with your own personal touch.
  • Skull Sleeve Tattoos: Skull tattoo designs can be easily incorporated into a skull sleeve tattoo, but this takes the work of a highly skilled tattoo artist. They can create a design that will surely fit the wearer’s arm or leg. No matter if it’s a half-sleeve skull tattoo, a quarter-sleeve skull tattoo, or a full-sleeve skull tattoo that occupies a small area of your chest and body, these tattoo designs can give you a lot of uniqueness in plenty of aspects. For instance, a skull that carries a mischievous look to it can be drawn holding an eyeball in the hollowed spot.

Skull Tattoo Meaning

A skull tattoo does carry plenty of meaning, and people who choose to wear them have their own set of reasons why. But there are still loads of general meanings in regards to various types of skull tattoos. Plenty of individuals consider skull tattoos as a symbol of death or disgust. But during the time when tattoos were first invented, the skull was regarded as more than just a symbol of death – Instead, it was supposed to celebrate life. In ancient civilizations, skulls also represented a great change, and according to them, one of the biggest changes in life was preparing yourself for your eventual death. So this is the reason why a skull is associated with death.

Plenty of religions out there have seen skull tattooing as a type of tradition. In Christianity, a skull tattoo can represent eternal life, or any human remains that have been left behind or decayed after the person dies. In Kabbalah, the skull symbolized an uplifting in recognition after a loved one’s demise, or simply represents rebirth.

A skull tattoo stands for either rebellion and triumph, since this is an emblem used by pirates on their tattoos and their flags. A skull can also represent protection, power, strength, or a significant life change. There are instances in which the skull tattoo can also mean that the bearer has successfully gone through a huge obstacle.

So no matter what kind of skull tattoo you’re currently wearing, there’s a huge chance that could get misinterpreted by anyone who sees it, because of its subject. When you pick a skull tattoo, always be prepared to give an explanation about what the design means.

In regards to the science of alchemy, the skull has turned itself into a symbol of consciousness, forethought, higher intelligence, and judiciousness. This is the reason why mankind’s wisdom is so much better compared to other animals. The skull is often seen in sea travel, especially with pirates. Movies such as Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have incorporated skulls into their motif. Pirates have seen skulls as a sign of protection, power, strength, as well as triumph and rebellion. Some have even used it as a sign to warn other sea voyagers about the trouble that could happen if they cross them. Sugar skull tattoos celebrated during the Mexican Day of the Dead have become a sign of celebrating life.

Skull Tattoo Placement           

A skull tattoo is positioned on various parts of the wearer’s body. However, men like to wear them on their sleeves as a giant sleeve tattoo, which could be at the biceps or the forearms. Other best places to wear these kinds of tattoos are the chest, the back, and the legs or thighs. There are also people who place these skull tattoos on the back or side of their neck.

When you decide to pick a permanent place to put your tattoo on, you need to consider several factors here, apart from the type of tattoo design you want to have. Another thing to consider here are the spots on your body which let you hide your tattoo immediately in case you work at a formal career, as well as the attractive attributes of your body that you can highlight using the tattoo.

Practically anyone can look great with a shoulder tattoo. Getting a skull tattoo done on this area is a good idea. And what’s so nice about shoulder tattoos is that you can expose it as much as you want to.

Another nice spot for a skull tattoo is the chest, especially if you’re a man. The chest has more than enough space to squeeze a tattoo in, so you can opt to get big tattoos. If you prefer tiny skull tattoos instead, then go for the wrist. Thanks to the small area of skin surrounding the wrists, your tattoo will look twice as outstanding despite being tiny.

Skull Tattoo Preparation Tips

Acquiring a tattoo can be a huge milestone for some people. Nowadays, more and more individuals are brave enough to take the plunge and dive into the world of body art. But it’s still important to know how to prepare yourself for getting a tattoo. This means not getting one spontaneously during a drunken party or as a dare, to making sure that the shop you have chosen meets your standards and follows the correct safety precautions. There might be a lot of things you’re curious about getting a tattoo, especially if it’s your first time.

After you turn eighteen, you might think about getting a first tattoo to celebrate. A lot of people are getting tattoos lately, so a person who sports plenty of tattoos isn’t really a head-turner anymore. Plenty of careers nowadays are also more accepting of people who get themselves a tattoo. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato are also known for sporting plenty of tattoos, so it’s safe to say that beauty standards are now going through a serious transformation.

Even though it could be tempting to visit the nearest tattoo shop and get one done on a whim, it’s always good to think about the safety concerns that come with getting inked.

First off, it’s a good idea to find a tattoo artist that suits your taste the most. This has to be someone who is enthusiastic about their job, and knows what they’re doing. Professional tattoo artists will always place plenty of time and effort into honing and perfecting their craft. Being a tattoo artist isn’t just a job – It’s their lifestyle. They need to enjoy what they’re doing to create a really good tattoo. Do not let a novice artist or even an inexperienced person give you your tattoo.

There are loads of options available in regards to getting a tattoo done. This means that you have to do plenty of research. One of the best things about the Internet is that you can do loads of research about the shop you want, before you can even pay a visit. If the shop is known to carry a stellar reputation, and contains loads of amazing reviews and recommendations by past clients, and if the ambiance is clean and doesn’t look too intimidating, then you shouldn’t be too concerned.

When you visit the shop and consult with your artist, you need to ask them plenty of questions. Ask them anything about tattooing – No matter if it involves the design of your future tattoo, the healing and sterilization techniques, etc.

Are Skull Tattoos Painful?

The more details placed into your tattoo’s design and the more shadowing and coloring required here, the more painful will the entire experience be. That’s because the detailing of your tattoo is one of the reasons why your artist will choose to spend more time doing the tattoo on that space, which could lead to continuous movements on the wearer’s skin in the same area.

As the tattoo session is happening, it’s always a good idea to keep as calm as possible. If you feel tense, your muscles will start trembling, and could increase the chances of your artist making a mistake. And because the last thing that they want to do is to make a mistake, they’ll take a while longer to fully finish up the work, which will result in more pain for the wearer. If you have anxiety issues or you’re just nervous, then go practice some meditation techniques or breathing exercises used in yoga. This will help you feel relaxed and remain still during the entire session.

Getting a tattoo on your hands can be downright painful, depending on the wearer’s tolerance for pain. The lack of a fatty layer for cushioning, the thinness of the skin there, the amount of nerve endings, not to mention plenty of bone beneath the surface can cause tattooing to feel uncomfortable. A person’s arms and legs are the best spots go get a tattoo on, according to both tattoo enthusiasts and experts. That’s because there’s loads of muscles and fat, not to mention the skin there won’t deform over time. The arms and legs are also a spot that allows you to conceal and display your ink as much as you want. It’s one of the areas where tattooing doesn’t cause too much pain, and has plenty of options for your tattoo’s position.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoos

  • What is the minimum age for getting a skull tattoo?

The minimum age for getting a tattoo is sixteen. If you’re below eighteen and you want to get a tattoo, then you have to bring a legal guardian with you. The two of you will need state-licensed identification. A driver’s license for both the client and their parents or guardian must have both a matching last name, as well as the address. If the underage client doesn’t have his own license or a matching license with the parent or guardian, then they have to bring their birth certificate along with them, as well as a state-issued photo ID, a school ID, or a passport.

  • Can I get a tattoo without permission from my parent or guardian?

It’ll depend on where you live in, or where your chosen shop is located. As of this year, there are no federal laws in the US that assigns the proper age where you can get yourself a tattoo. And even though each state has the right to set up their own rules for tattooing, in plenty of other states, whenever a minor turns eighteen, they’re technically considered as an adult and can now make their own choices about wanting a tattoo or not. A couple of states will also require the minor to have a note from a guardian or parent which allows them to get a tattoo. In other places, meanwhile, the guardian or parent must sign a consent form, and be present while the minor gets their tattoo.

  • How long does it usually take for a tattoo to heal?

A professional tattoo artist must be able to answer this question. The average tattoo takes about three weeks to heal up. And as your tattoo is still recovering, you’re not allowed to submerge it in water, like baths, hot tubs, pools, and beaches. The amount of time it takes to heal will all depend on how well you care for you tattoo as well as the skin that surround it, and the location. But a tattoo is fully healed after six months.

  • When can I tattoo over scars?

A tattoo scar also needs time to heal up. And even though a tattoo scar takes over a year to heal completely, others take more than that – Up to eighteen months, at least. A tattoo scar will heal at different rates, based on how your own body can handle injuries, as well as the injury itself.

There are plenty of things you can do to help your scar heal as quickly as you possibly could. This includes taking plenty of vitamin E, or purchasing over-the-counter silicone patches. Drinking lots of water can also help your body recover faster. Water helps hydrate the skin, and encourages regeneration in your tissues and cells.

  • Does a skull tattoo look bad on men?

It all depends on the style you have chosen for your tattoo, the placement, the quality, and style. For example, a man can get himself a skull in an exquisitely shaded artistic sleeve tattoo which looks amazing on him. The final look of the tattoo will all depend on the expertise of the artist as well as the design, as well as the wearer’s personal opinion. Unfortunately, there will also be people out there who will find the entire thing ridiculous, or even offensive.

How Much Does A Skull Tattoo Cost?

Plenty of tattoo artists out there enjoy charging their own work. It all depends on the amount of hours it took for the tattoo to be completed. The smallest charge, at average, is for an hour’s worth of work done. So if you enter your chosen shop and expect to get a tattoo that will take only thirty minutes to be finished then you’ll still end up paying for the amount of hours it took for it to be completed.

It’ll also depend on the artist themselves. Some of them will tell you that the final cost can go for $2500. Others will tell you that they pay by the hour – For instance, $150 per hour. There will also be other artists who will ask for $500 as a final price. Whenever you ask about how many hours it’ll take for the tattoo to finish up, it’s actually quite hard for the artist to answer on the spot. There’s just no way for them to accurately reply about the number of hours it takes, in regards to the tattoo’s artwork. The time spent creating and designing the tattoo will also vary.

Skull Tattoo Maintenance Tips     

If you have either 1) Gotten yourself a new tattoo, or 2) You’ve simply thought about getting a new tattoo, then either way, you have to keep in mind that tattoo maintenance does vary from one artist to another.

Depending on how big your tattoo is, as well as your artist’s advice, you have to keep the bandage on your brand new tattoo anywhere from two to five hours, to overnight. It could be tempting to remove that bandage after you arrive home, so your tattoo could get the chance to breathe a little bit. But in case you’re still bleeding, then you could consider dabbing the tattoo gently using a new paper towel so that the blood won’t clot or start pooling.

When you take off the bandage, make sure you do it very gently by peeling it off slowly. If it sticks to your tattoo, stop right away, then pour cold water in between the bandage and the skin. Do not stick your tattoo underneath a running faucet. Then wait for a couple of minutes, then attempt to take off the bandage again.

The cold water should end up loosening your skin from the stickiness of the bandage without potentially removing the color or ink from your tattoo. Keep in mind that while your tattoo heals, you should never pull out the scabs or old skin from your tattoo, since this could also remove the ink. It could result in dull or uncolored gaps right in the tattoo, which could affect its quality.

And after the bandage has been removed, rinse the tattoo gently using your fingers. Use an unscented mild liquid soap, or any other gentle soap – What’s important is that this soap is free from skin softeners, deodorants and perfumes, since it contains chemicals that could harm the quality of the tattoo. Using your fingers, rub the soap gently on your tattoo.

Once you’re done cleaning it up, pour cold water over it for a couple of minutes. This can help tighten up your pores, and in turn, will allow your tattoo to heal up faster and quicker. A couple of professional tattoo artists believe that the cold water allows the colored ink to settle into your skin.

The next step is to pat the tattoo dry very gently using a soft cloth. Then apply a very light coat of aftercare lotion or healing ointment. Do not smear a thick layer of the ointment on the tattoo, since this could clog the pores. Just a tiny drop or two should do the trick, depending on how big or small your tattoo is. Then incorporate the ointment into your skin using your fingertips.

Water-based lotions are one of the best options available for moisturizing your skin, or ointment that has plenty of vitamins D and A. This is the best balm to use on a brand new tattoo.


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