70+ Jaw Dropping Side and Lower Stomach Tattoos for Both Sexes


Side and lower stomach tattoos can vary from small to large, but most people choose large designs because the area itself allows it. If you are brave enough to stand the pain, then you can opt for something that covers your side and lower area. In case of men, usually stomach tattoos become full pieces that often include their chests. This is not, however, a rule.

Talking about brave, you could think that the stomach area usually has enough fat to attenuate it. This is not entirely true if you also take into account the sensitivity of the area and the bony areas. Any tattoo done near or on any bone tends to be more innervating. Even so, there are multiple pro reasons regarding why you should choose side or lower stomach tattoos.

Besides the back, which is like a large canvas for you and your tattoo artist to embellish, the stomach also offers enough space for large and complex designs. Just as sleeves are inked on arms, you could also think of multiple designs that could become one big piece of art.


Pro arguments for side and lower stomach tattoos

Another argument that sustains the idea of inking something on your stomach is the fact that you can hide it if that’s what you want. Or, you could opt for something that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see; something that only your lover or maybe beach people can catch a glimpse off.

In case of women, they often think of side and lower stomach tattoos when they also want to cover stretch marks or other scars. This is a very good option for those of you who are already moms or who lost weight in an unaesthetic way. What’s great to keep in mind is that, even if you think these people’s abs are perfect, they are not. A colored or large tattoo can cover flaws no one will know about.

There is virtually no limit when it comes to style, color or complexity for side and lower stomach tattoos. The pictures below are meant to inspire you and maybe trigger a genius idea in your mind while looking at them.

As soon as you know what you want, you can research a good tattoo artist in your area and discuss your idea. Although a low price might interest you, try to choose quality over money. Yes, you won’t be embarrassed of an ugly tattoo because you can easily cover your stomach, but it will still stay on you for life.

As it follows, you will notice plenty of feminine tattoos that encompass flowers, mandalas, birds or abstract designs. As for men, they like darker themes that include guns, buildings, knives, wild animals, crowns, moths, crosses and so on.

Choose your ink based on your preferences and the body type you have. A certain design can flatter your abs area in ways you cannot imagine. It’s all about the optical illusion created with the help of colors and shading for dimension.

1. Feminine Lotus flower below the belly button

The Lotus flower symbolizes purity. The type of purity that covers the body, the speech and the mind. According to Buddhism, it is also seen as a symbol of detachment because it can’t sustain water drops.

Egyptians used to think of the Lotus as a symbol of creation, rebirth and regeneration. So, the stomach area itself can be associated with all the above attributes.

As for colors and style, it is a simple 2D design with red and green.

2. Feminine side tattoo consisting of roses

Get used with seeing flowers as side and lower stomach tattoos on women. This design is often chosen for its beauty and symbolism too. Promise, hope and new beginnings are among this flower’s significance. However, its thorns are all about thoughtlessness, loss and defense.

3. Symmetrical black and white roses

Two symmetrical side rose tattoos direct the attention on the central part of the tummy, which, in this case, it is embellished with a navel piercing. The femininity of this design is forever lasting.

4. Side and lower stomach tattoos with roses

The variety among rose tattoos is confusing. It is practically a design that you can ink on your finger or create a large piece with. In this case, the black and white roses cover her side and part of the thigh.

5. Choose the rose style you like most

Going from the simplest design to the most realistic ones, the rose can be drawn in multiple techniques and colored in countless ways, depending on your own tastes.

6. The potent and auspicious powers of the dragon

In high contrast with the designs above, this one depicts a mighty dragon. This creature is all about power, strength, and good luck. However, this mighty animal will only help those who are worthy.

7. Traditional rose tattoos and lettering

Besides looking really rad, these traditional rose tattoos contribute to an optical illusion that makes this woman’s waist look thinner. The flowers are accompanied by a lower stomach tattoo that consists of lettering. The writing is large, cursive and embellished.

8. Spring on a woman’s lower side

This relatively small flower tattoo represents a daffodil. The latter is a symbol for rebirth and new beginnings because it grows during Spring. Its design is simple and not colored.

9. The God of the Underworld

This design depicts Anubis, the God of the Underworld. Egyptians worshiped various gods and the dead as well. So, Anubis was twice as important to them.

10. Abstract Lotus and other plants design

A large but basically simple tattoo, this one is a contour of a Lotus flower and other plants that grow besides it. Simply decorative, it features harmonious lining and curved shapes.

11. The Death’s-Head Hawk Moth

The Death’s-Head Hawk Moth is not necessarily a design for men only. Although it was considered a bad omen because of its unusual markings, it is often picked as a badass design. This moth actually loves honey, so it can’t be that bad.

12. Ophiophagy represented on skin

Ophiophagy refers to different animals who hunt and eat snakes. In this case, there is a small bird who looks at its possible pray. The Mexicans, the Mayans, the Christians and even the Buddhists have legends and myths about birds that eat snakes.

13. Two dead and a book

There is no evident symbolism behind this tattoo apart from death and knowledge. However, it looks manly and cool on this guy’s lower stomach, doesn’t it?

14. Girl hugs a stag’s skeleton

A side tattoo inked on a man’s body, this girl hugging a stag’s skeleton can tell many stories.

15. Huge snake winding on a woman’s body

This chick must really be a fan of the serpent. The latter symbolizes fertility or a creative life force.

16. Three delicate roses on lower abs

The lower abs area is often less perfect than other areas, so nothing goes better on it than a delicate design.

17. Man stabbing a man’s hand

The interpretations of this tattoo are definitely meaningful. As for the inking technique, you’re looking at a realistic hand drawing technique accomplished with the help of well placed shading.

18. Nicely colored flowers on lower abs

Just as this chick found a flower design she loved, you can do the same with the flowers you like and combine them for a lower stomach piece.

19. Paddling towards salvation

The Clock Tower or Big Ben is the name of the building from this tattoo design. It seems that someone is paddling towards it, but the actual meaning is not known. What do you think? As for the quality of this ink, that’s why it’s important to choose quality over price.

20. Love and hope on guns

This is a nice example of how you can combine symbols of violence with positive messages of love and hope. Placed on this man’s lower abs, the guns look very real and detailed.

21. Black and white peonies and leafs

So far we’ve seen narcissus and roses, so it was about time to diversify it a bit with some peonies.

22. A lower belly mandala

Mandalas are very popular designs at the moment. You can personalize your own mandala or opt for one that already means something in particular. The point to mandalas is that regardless of how beautiful they are, they also represent something. They aren’t just repetitive lines with delicate ornaments.

23. Decorative flower and leafs design for your belly

Not all girls are attracted to a particular type of flower. Some of you might want something nice and abstract inked on your side or lower stomach. This design is unique and probably drawn to fit her lower stomach.

24. From leaf to bird to belly button

A colored design, this one depicts a leaf from which birds start flying and going towards the belly button.

25. A surreal wolf with 3rd eye capabilities

Take guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit and add inner realms and higher consciousness. That’s what this amazing large piece is about.

26. Simple elephant on a woman’s side

As you probably already noticed, side and lower stomach tattoos can be quite spiritual as well. In this image, there is Shiva, the third god in the Hindu triumvirate.

27. A chain of blooming peonies

With a large peony in the center, this chain of flowers goes from large to small from the middle to the sides.

28. Flowers and jewelry in one place

Situated on a girl’s side and thigh, this tattoo wonderfully combines flowers and jewelry in one.

29. The former Goddess of War

Medusa is among the monsters who are actually depicted as part beautiful. Part of the Gorgons, she was cursed by Athena to have snakes instead of hair, and, implicitly, to repel anyone who looks at her. Not only repel, but actually turn to stone.

30. Flowers that spread to intimate areas

A lower stomach tattoo can be continued towards intimate areas if that’s what you want. In order to do that, consider this when you choose a tattoo artist. You’ll have to be comfortable to sit almost naked for a few hours.

31. Red skull and red flowers

The combination between roses and skulls is quite common. When these two symbols are used together, they symbolize life and death, or beauty and decay.

32. Sculpted body embellished with plants

If you have a sculpted body and you just want to accentuate your features, then you can choose a tattoo similar with the one above.

33. Mandalas and similar decorations

Wholeness, balance, perfection and eternity are among the meanings of a mandala. A spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, mandala speaks about the universe in a way that’s far from what science knows about it.

34. Side tattoo continued on stomach

Among the side stomach tattoo designs out there, this one falls in the adorning category.

35. Imposing rosette and swallows

There is no obvious connection between a rosette and swallows. This design looks sketchy and unique, even if it combines two very popular symbols. Did you know that swallows mate for life and were first inked on pirates?

36. Burn your life down

Inked in cursive writing and interesting font, this is not an idiom, but a powerful message that we cannot understand without knowing the explanation from its source.

37. Open the door to the kingdom

Besides having an indubitable wow effect, this tattoo also contains symbols, such as key hole and crown.

38. Cherry blossoms as side stomach tattoo designs

Although cherry blossoms only live for a bout two weeks, they announce the Spring and symbolize rebirth, renewal and life. A slight water-coloring technique was applied on this one.

39. Top predator on a man’s stomach

Any man wants to feel empowered and strong. Such a design can definitely contribute to his manly image.

40. A large lower stomach crown

A very common symbol in the tattooing world and otherwise, the crown represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection.

41. Mandala that surrounds the belly button

The belly button is like the central piece of our stomachs, so why not choose to make it part of your stomach tattoo?

42. The Three Wise Skulls

This chick has replaced the well-known Three Wise Monkeys with three skulls that copy their actions.

43. Take the key to my heart and fly

44. Huge owl contour and flowers

A mythological creature, the owl is symbol for feminine, wisdom, magic, mystery and ancient knowledge. Owls can see in the dark and are usually awake at night and sleeping during the day.

45. Pink and blue flowers on stomach

46. Neo-traditional tiger tattoo design

The shapes used to draw this tiger’s portrait are typical to the neo-traditional tattooing style.

47. The harmless moth that likes honey

48. Amazing colored Peacock tattoo

The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds that looks fantastic when it spreads its feathers.

49. Message reads: tyrants tremble

A tattoo design of your choice can be all about something that is against your beliefs; something that made you feel something such as resentfulness. This tattoo is associating the revolutionary war with an attack on tyrants.

50. Florid and cosmetic tattoo for men

51. Bat, dead and halter

If you have an affinity for everything dark, you can take this man’s tattoos as example. He has combined various negative designs for his frontal piece.

52. Prettifying tattoo enhances great abs

This tattoo is inked in the dotwork technique. It is not only prettifying, but also enhances one’s curves.

53. Hard to read lettering and a bird

When choosing a font, you’ll have to think about others too. Would you like everyone to ask you what it says, or read the message without problems?

54. A crown and an anchor

55. Traditional eagle and roses

56. Huge Koi fish and cherry blossoms

This beauty must love the Japanese culture since she opted for Japanese symbols as side and lower stomach tattoos.

57. Peacock feathers and a candy skull

A truly talented tattoo artist is capable of inking peacock feathers that look as beautiful as they do in real life.

58. Fierce animals and flowers

This chick is definitely both fierce and feminine since she has chosen motifs that fit in both categories.

59. An incredible landscape on stomach

You must admit that this is skillful and thorough art that’s actually hard to realize on skin.

60. The portrait of Jesus Christ

A man or a woman’s stomach area can be used for religious tattoos as well.

61. Loyalty is the word

62. Roses and musical notes

63. Brightly colored mandala on man

64. Three mighty red roses

65. Weird combination between bird and fish

66. The owl with skull body

67. Third eye, swallows and guns

68. Adorning shapes for delicate skin

69. Fancy wolf, horse and butterfly

70. Red and black stomach tattoo matches others

71. Queen Wolf survives among roses

Trying to explain this tattoo could be more confusing than it is now. The main idea is to choose something that makes sense for you; something that you like without thinking about other people’s opinion or preferences. Treat your body like a blank canvas and paint it with the type of ink that suits you and only you!


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