175 Unique Semicolon Tattoo Designs and Placement Ideas


Tattoos have grown in popularity over the past few decades and have gradually turned into one of the many ways that people could express themselves, and reveal their personalities without mentioning a single word. Plenty of people get tattoos to tell their own stories, as well as to show off the triumph, pain, and obstacles that they have encountered prior to getting it done. Each tattoo on a person’s body more or less has a secret meaning, something deeply personal to the one who wears it.

The semicolon tattoo first began on a special occasion in which people were asked to draw a temporary semicolon on their bodies and take a picture of it. Soon enough, it grew into something bigger and long-lasting, until it became a movement. Nowadays, people from across the globe are getting semicolon tattoos as a reminder that they have conquered several obstacles in their lives. There are dozens of tattoos out there that carry a personal meaning to those who wear it, but a semicolon tattoo takes it one step further, and that’s what’s so special about them.

Nowadays, the semicolon is mostly seen as a symbol of survival and hope. It was the result of an awareness movement known as Project Semicolon.

Types Semicolon Tattoo Designs

The semicolon tattoo is a brand new tattoo design that has slowly risen to popularity since it’s meant to be a symbol of hope in trying times. Back in the day, people who owned semicolon tattoos were considered to be language geeks or grammar nerds. But nowadays, especially in the late 2010s, there’s a much deeper meaning behind the semicolon tattoo. Semicolons have come to represent support, survival, as well as positivity and hope. And thanks to these associations, it’s not surprising that people are coming up with more and more tattoo ideas for this punctuation mark. Semicolon tattoos come in so many designs, despite the simplicity of the semicolon itself. You can actually separate the semicolon into two main ideas. The first one would be the plain semicolon tattoo, while the other one is the embellished semicolon tattoo.

  • Colored Semicolon Tattoo: Semicolon tattoos don’t have to be drawn exclusively in black ink – You can add a splash of color, or many splashes of color to the design as well. This is a great addition to the overall design of the tattoo. It could also tell to not give up your battle with depression because you have lived, or will be living, a colorful life ahead.
  • Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo: You can use the semicolon as the body of a butterfly, when you decide to go through with this tattoo idea. Some have gone further as to use their own fingerprints as the butterfly’s wings, instead of sticking to ordinary wings. This is great since it gives your tattoo a much more personal touch. A butterfly semicolon tattoo means that you have overcome your mental illness and have started a brand new beginning in your life, ready to live it to the fullest.
  • Heart Semicolon Tattoo: Hearts are pretty much a great addition to any tattoo design out there, and not only that, it carries plenty of symbolism itself – Much like the semicolon tattoo. There are plenty of ways for you to design a heart, and one of the most common ones deal with placing the semicolon along the lines of the heart, or inside it. You can also choose to change the shape of the semicolon’s top dot from the usual rounded shape, to the shape of a heart. A combination of a heart and a semicolon means that the wearer enjoys what life has to offer and wants to live for as long as they possibly could.
  • Quote Semicolon Tattoo: It’s always great when a semicolon tattoo is accompanied by other body markings, and this includes a positive quote or a word that has a positive meaning to it. A quote, phrase, or word always brings out the meaning of your semicolon tattoo, especially for those who aren’t fully aware of what it stands for. For instance, you can write ‘I love life’ on your arms or wrists and affix a semicolon at the end of it. Another great idea is to place in the name of a person who is currently struggling with, or you have lost to, depression or suicide, then place a semicolon at the beginning or end of it.
  • Anchor Semicolon Tattoo: Aside from the heart, anchors also make a wonderful combination with the semicolon tattoo, because both of them hold really deep meanings. The main symbolism for an anchor is steadiness and loyalty, among many others. If placed together with the semicolon, then it can mean you’re loyal to someone you have lost, or you’re loyal to life itself.

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Meaning of Semicolon Tattoos

Unlike other tattoo designs which all have vague origin stories, the semicolon tattoo can be traced to one individual: A woman named Amy Bleuel. Bleuel started an awareness movement called the Project Semicolon, after she tragically lost her father to suicide. Among the other punctuation marks out there, Bluel decided to choose to semicolon as a symbol of her mission to share support and love for those who suffer from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, as well as to give help to those who need it. The Project Semicolon website states that ‘A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life’.

Plenty of grammar and language experts are fully aware that the semicolon can mean other things apart from serving as a beacon of hope. But technically, the mark does provide a good idea of continuation. As semicolon tattoos grew in popularity, it became a symbol of support, as well as membership inside a friendly and welcoming community that is fully aware of the fact that people who struggle with depression are also hurt.

The strong significance of a semicolon tattoo does give an explanation to the many usual embellishments that come with these semicolon tattoo ideas. It’s fairly common to find a semicolon incorporated with other symbols of freedom and overcoming obstacles, like birds or butterflies in flight. That’s because the semicolon suggests that the person is depressed, while a flying bird is a hint that they have escaped this obstacle and is now feeling much better. People who get semicolon tattoos also choose to have them drawn in a certain color or a group of colors, so they can connect their tattoo to something that’s very personal to them. For instance, a member of the LGBT community can get a rainbow-colored semicolon tattoo.

But keep in mind that everyone who has a semicolon tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going through, or survived anxiety or depression. As mentioned earlier, support is always a huge part of the Project Semicolon’s advocacy. This means that there are people who choose to get semicolon tattoos as a way to help their friends and loved ones, telling them that they can reach out and talk to them any time.

Choosing The Right Placement For Semicolon Tattoos

Selecting the right design for your semicolon tattoo is one of the very first steps in getting it permanently done on your body. The next step is also just as important – Picking the right place where to put it. In the case of a semicolon, it is a small tattoo, so people will put it on their wrists, the ankle, behind the ears, and finally, the fingers.

But just like any other tattoo out there, you can position that semicolon tattoo anywhere you prefer, or where you find it the most appropriate to place. There are people  who will accompany their semicolon tattoos with a quote or a phrase, putting it on the chest, the upper arm, the back, or on their feet. These semicolon tattoo designs will also end up dictating where exactly is the appropriate spot to place it on, since a tattoo of this size won’t be seen on your back or chest, since it’s such a huge area.

Bigger or medium-sized tattoos, or at least the ones with plenty of detail in it, are the ones that are usually placed on other parts of the body, for obvious reasons. The inner forearm is one of the popular spots to get tattoos in. There are people who get it done there as a reference. People who are suicidal choose to put semicolon tattoos on their wrists, to prevent themselves from lapsing into something horrible, like wrist-slitting. Semicolon tattoos can also be placed at the back of their neck, the thighs, the side of the neck, the back of the ears, and so much more.

Semicolon Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if this is your very first tattoo or if you’re simply getting a new one, there’s a huge chance that you could actually do other things in order to prepare yourself for yet another tattooing session. These are some tips that can teach you how to get ready for a brand new tattoo, so you can feel comfortable as you possibly can.

Always eat a nice well-balanced meal before you head on down to the shop for your appointment. Sometimes, people get so nervous about their upcoming tattoo appointment that they don’t have enough energy to eat a proper meal then end up getting dizzy or passing out while the tattoo session is going on. Even though it might seem as if you’re just lying down or sitting down on the tattoo chair as the session is happening, you’re actually exerting plenty of energy as it happens. Besides, as you get more hungry, it becomes much more difficult to deal with pain, and makes the tattooing process much more difficult for everyone involved. It’s also a good idea to eat food before the session happens.


The Level Of Pain During And After Getting A Semicolon Tattoo

The spot where you get that semicolon tattoo on will ultimately determine just how much pain you can tolerate. There are body parts  that might seem a bit painful to put a tattoo on, while there are also other areas where you won’t feel the pain that much, thanks to the high amount of fat, muscle, flesh, and a low number of nerve endings.

There’s just no way for any person to talk about the specific pain that comes with getting a tattoo done – The sensation of the tattoo gun’s needles passing through the top layer of your skin at a million jolts per second. But if the thought of dealing with pain makes you nervous, then you might want to put your semicolon tattoos on a fleshier or muscular portion of your body – Like the back of your shoulder, or your upper arms, for example. Compare this to other areas like the lower back, which is soft in the middle (especially near the spine), or the ankles, the wrists, which don’t have additional padding of muscle and fat.

Another thing to consider with how much your tattoo will hurt is during the healing process. You need to put on coats and shirts for work, and you’ll also be lying in bed at night. This means the part of your body with the tattoo could feel irritation until it heals up.

There’s simply no way to avoid the pain of getting a tattoo. Technically speaking, a tattoo actually injures the top layer of your skin, which means it has to eventually heal. This entire healing process could actually feel much more painful compared to getting your skin pierced by a needle repeatedly. The pain with the healing process can actually be increased depending on the location of the tattoo.



infinity semicolon tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Semicolon Tattoos

  • Is there anyone who should not get a tattoo?

Plenty of tattoo experts out there will end up screening a possible client who could have problems while the tattoo session is ongoing, or during the healing and aftercare period. There are also several conditions  that could cause the artist to refuse to do the following:

  • Pregnancy is always a delicate topic, and plenty of artists will not tattoo a woman who is pregnant. The biggest issue here is the unnecessary amount of trauma that the mother could face during the session.
  • It’s very common for an expert tattoo artist to turn down small children and underaged teens too.
  • People with weakened immune systems are oftentimes lectured regarding the difficulties that could happen during the tattoo’s healing process.
  • There are several skin allergies that could require special types of aftercare procedures.
  • Those who are concerned regarding possible problems due to any health issues need to talk about them to the artist, as well as their doctor.
  • It’s pretty much a cardinal rule that you should never get a tattoo done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • When is the best time to go through a tattoo?

Even though you can pretty much get yourself a tattoo done at any time you like, your skin goes through several changes during the summer season, all thanks to the amount of tanning and swimming done. Basically, your skin is much more exposed to the harsh sunlight. So wintertime is the best season where you can get yourself a tiny semicolon tattoo.

  • Are you prepared for the aftercare?

Getting a tattoo done isn’t all about the process, as you lie down in the tattoo chair. You must also take good care of it afterwards, to ensure that it looks as good as new. A tattoo needs a long period for healing, and you need to follow the correct aftercare and maintenance tips in order to stop it from scabbing or fading too much, especially if you want it to look the best. If you have plenty of things happening in your life right now, then it’s not exactly the best time for you to get yourself a tattoo.

  • How long should you wait to take a shower after getting a new tattoo?

After you leave the tattoo shop and head straight to your home, your tattoo will be covered up with a bandage that the artist has placed on, instructing you to leave it on for a couple of hours. Most of the time, this equals to getting rid of it at night, right before you go to bed. And once the bandage has been removed, it stays off, keeping your tattoo exposed to the air and allowing it to heal faster. But without the protection of a bandage, any direct contact with water could infect your tattoo. Only a handful of anti-bacterial soaps work on the tattoo without rinsing off the ink, while there are some really good cleaning methods  that can keep your tattoo protected from wearing and tearing. Yes, you can shower at any point after the bandage has been removed, but make sure to clean it around the tattooed area.

  • Will hair still grow through my tattoo?

If you want to get a tattoo on a spot with body hair, then the artist has to shave off all the hair on that area as a part of preparing one’s self for the tattoo. The hair should grow back normally while the tattoo is healing. You won’t see any changes in regards to the color of the hair, or its density, as it grows back.

  • How long do tattoos take to heal?

The healing time of a tattoo will vary dramatically from one individual to another. There will be several things that play into this issue. Plenty of artists will tell you that the healing process should take up to two weeks, but it could be anywhere from two up to six weeks, especially during the first two stages of healing.

Semicolon Tattoo Price And Average Cost

Semicolon tattoos are pretty much one of the easiest and fastest tattoo designs to get, especially if you’re only getting a plain one without any details or accompanying embellishments. The final cost of a semicolon tattoo is only minimal, especially since it’s such a small tattoo – At least measuring over two inches or higher. The tiniest tattoos could actually cost at least $40 or higher, but it really does depend on where you live. The final pricing of a tattoo will all depend on the current location of the shop itself. If the parlor is found in a small town, then the price would be quite cheap, compared to a bigger urbanized city. This is because of the amount of customers that the shop gets on a daily basis.

Within the cities or towns, though, the prices should be the same. But thanks to competition from other tattoo shops, some of them could end up charging cheaper prices for their art, in order to reel in more customers. The price may also vary from one state to the other.

The complexity of a semicolon tattoo design will also depend on how much it costs. Ordinary and easy-to-do designs, like numbers and letters, will obviously cost less compared to a detailed tattoo of a wolf or a tiger. And if the artist needs to freehand the tattoo design, instead of basing it after an image, then the final price could also go up. Apart from that, if the tattoo takes more than four hours to finish and you need to return for multiple sessions, then obviously the pricing would get so much more expensive.

One of the more important things to think about here in regards to finding a good tattoo for you, is to remember the age-old advice: ‘You will get whatever you paid for’. Before booking an appointment, please check out the artist’s portfolio first, since their work will speak for itself. What kind of price will they end up placing on something that will be connected to you for the rest of your life, and hopefully, one that you’ll end up enjoying for so many years?

Semicolon Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Make sure to always give your hands a rinse before you touch your new tattoo. Take off the bandage at least three hours after you leave the tattoo shop. Don’t put a fresh new bandage on it, since this could infect your new ink. Wash your tattoo using a mild, unscented anti-bacterial liquid soap. Do not rinse using a washcloth or just about anything that works as an exfoliator. Just use your hands for washing.

Once your tattoo has been rinsed, pat it lightly using a paper towel or clean cloth, and do not rinse or rub using a washcloth, or any fabric that has a rough surface. After the first three days, rub a tiny amount of ointment, unscented lotion, or any tattoo aftercare lotion on top of the fresh tattoo. Brands include Neosporin, A&D, Tattoo Lube, and Bacitracin – As long as you’re not allergic to any of them. Once again, make sure your hands are clean when you do this, and put your fingers back inside the ointment after you’re done touching the tattoo. Rub the ointment on the tattoo up to the point where everything isn’t greasy or shiny – The coat should be as thin as you possibly can. Pat off any excess ointment, after you have touched your tattoo using a clean paper towel or cloth. Don’t use any petroleum-based products like Bag Balm or Vaseline. Afterwards, wash your hands dry. Do this process at least five times a day.

On the first night after getting your tattoo, wrap it using cling film so the ink won’t stick to your bedding and leave any stains. Refrain from using any pads or cloth bandages because the material’s fibers can delay the healing process of your tattoo.

Over the first two weeks, wear nothing but soft clean clothes – Do not put on anything that is skin-tight, irritating, or abrasive. If your tattoo is on your foot, then try to wear sandals or flip-flops as much as possible.