59 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Tattoos and Meanings


The fascination for all the tattoos Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber got, as well as they as a couple and as individuals cannot be tamed or denied. It can be however completely understandable since these two are not just celebrities with interesting and adventurous lives, but also people who have a lot to express. Besides other ways of expressing themselves, both of them have chosen tattoos to do so.

There is a huge difference between Selena Gomez tattoos and Justin Bieber tattoos. She opted for small lettering and symbols that are barely noticeable, while he didn’t back off from getting large tattoos with plenty of graphic designs that cover a major part of his body.

In order to properly admire and fully understand this former couple’s tattoos, we should take them separately. As it follows, you will get an insight and fun information about all their tattoos!

59 Justin Bieber Tattoos

According to the Internet database, Justin Bieber has a total of 59 tattoos. That is a very high number, but if you sum up all the tiny ones, then this is the result. While only a true fan would want to know the exact meaning of all of them, you have to see the bigger picture: some of them are more important artistically speaking and less personal. This means that you can steal your favorite celebrity style or adapt a certain design to yours. As it follows, we’ll talk about a religious tattoo that has great meaning, a lettering piece located on his back, a diamond depiction and other interesting ink art.

  1. The Greek symbol for Christ

Located on his left forearm, the Greek symbol of Christ is a tattoo that stands out. Considering Justin Bieber’s Christian beliefs and his other religious tattoos, there is no surprise that he got this one. Sometimes, there are multiple ways to express the same thing and their diversity can look appealing.

2. A compass to guide him through this world

“Always look forward and never look back” was Bieber’s description for the compass tattoo that he got on his left bicep. Less of a guiding device and more of a symbol to his tumultuous life, this piece is nicely linked to his other tattoos using shading.

In addition to the compass, you can also notice an angel wing. He seems to have a thing for wings, since he also got two more on the nape of the neck, which are also called David Beckham wings.

If you look carefully, you will also notice the Indian head, which is a hockey team logo. He is a supporter of the Stratford Cullitons hockey team. Boys and sports, right?

3. Faith and devotion to God

Justin Bieber is a fan of religious tattoos and his chest cross is just another proof. In addition to his chest piece, you can also see a big lettering design that reads “son of God”. Moreover, in order to express his faith and the fact that he is searching for a purpose, he got a face tattoo that is barely noticeable; a tiny cross situated below his left eye. Speaking of purpose, this powerful work ended up on this well-sculpted abdomen as well.

These are not all the tats Bieber has to show his belief in God. Read further to find out more!

4. Graffiti artwork and a big diamond

Some of the graffiti artwork you can see on his forearm, as well as that big diamond got inked together. Graffiti artwork is among Justin Bieber’s hobbies, so it’s only natural to choose some for his awesome sleeve. Tattooed in March 2014, the large star with two X’s for eyes, a cartoon hand throwing a peace sign, a red heart with X’s for eyes, and a graffiti-style cartoon face are the designs he picked to represent his hobby.

5. A way of showing tribute to his mother

Not only a Christian, but mommy’s boy too, Justin got Roman letters inked on his chest that represent his mother’s birth year. The tattoo reads “IIXVIIV”, which means 1975. As a side note, Roman letters are really cool to use because not everyone can read them. It’s like hiding a message in plain sight. However, you’ll have to be willing to explain it or otherwise you could be considered rude.

Since we’re still looking at this hottie’s abs, you can see the small bird tattoo as well. In fact, this is Bieber’s very first tattoo, that he got when he was only 16. This piece is similar to his dad’s and it speaks of freedom and love for nature.

A fan of writing tattoos, this talented singer also believes in forgiveness. His abs are like a nice canvas he can write on, so maybe that’s why he kept adding more and more. Someone’s ability and willingness to forgive are very important qualities, don’t you think?

6. The highest altitude tattoo

Since Justin Bieber isn’t a simple guy with no budget, he invited artist Bang Bang with him on a plane. This was not just for fun and bonding, but because he commissioned him to ink him during the flight. This has happened in January 2014, when Bang Bang admitted it was one of the most difficult tattoos he has ever inked. The reason was, of course, the fact that the plane was shaking and the need of a steady hand is imperative.

7. Psalm tattoo on the back of Justin’s shoulder

His 22nd tattoo, it quotes Psalm 119:105 from the Bible, which reads “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” In other words, he thinks following God’s teaching is the right way to live, for which he is grateful.

8. A symbol is his rising success

The tiger is a very powerful animal; a predator who wouldn’t settle for nothing less than being the kind. Maybe that’s what Justin has in mind as well. Since the design doesn’t portray the tiger as friendly, maybe it has some kind of hidden meaning.

9. A full left arm sleeve

If you are familiar with this pop star’s tattoos, then you know he didn’t just get this sleeve over night. He thinks about his choices a lot, although he might look like he’s done all overnight. Due to the skilled artists he has chosen to ink him, his sleeve binds multiple designs into a big, balanced work of art and meaning.

10. Black and white shading at its best

Celebrity tattoos might not be flawless as a general rule, but if you’re looking for good shading work, that Bieber’s tattoos are great examples. This is another good reason to pay good money for what you really want.

11. Roses aren’t just for girls

This large black and white rose brings together his knight, tiger, and owl tattoos. However, some think that this rose is also a tribute to Selena Gomez. Why? Because just a few days prior to getting this done, he gifted red a single white rose. In addition, white roses are symbols for purity.

12. The David Beckham wings

A more recent tattoo dating back in 2015, these angel wings placed on the nape of his neck are also referred to as the David Beckham wings. This is a cute design and it might not be actually copied from David Beckham after all.

13. Another type of rose

14. Patience is a hard to obtain asset

People who have patience are considered lucky. Being patient is an asset and maybe having a tattoo that reads patience will contribute to him finding some.

15. An almost full on sleeve

9 Selena Gomez Tattoos

One very fun fact about Selena Gomez is that, after she got her first tattoo, she said she will not get a second one. Whatever her reasons were back then, they didn’t continue to haunt her in the present as she got at least 8 new tattoos after that.

Going from the image of an innocent girl, to a fully grown woman, Selena Gomez hasn’t failed to show bits of her private self to the world. She did so by flaunting her small and delicate tattoos as soon as she got them.

If you are trying to characterize her tattoos in any way, you can think of attributes like feminine, meaningful, dainty and refined. She didn’t opt for large works of art, but for small lettering and symbols that speak so much about what she believes in and what represents her.

Selena Gomez’s first tattoo: Music note on the outside of her right wrist

February 22, 2012 marks the day when Selena Gomez got her first tattoo, which is a music note. That tiny symbol means so much to her because of multiple reasons, such as being a singer herself, the fact that her name was picked after a famous singer, namely Selena Quintanilla-Perez and, least but not last, her mother’s ties with music. The moment this celebrity picked to ink the music not was a special one too, because that’s when she decided to focus less on music and more on her acting career.

Selena Gomez’s second tattoo: A series of small Roman numerals that read “LXXVI”

Inked in September 2012 by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, the Roman numeral tattoo is placed on her neck. According to her tattoo artist, this design was dedicated to her mother, who was born in 1976, which is exactly the number written in her skin.

Selena Gomez’s third tattoo: Lettering that reads “God strengthens me” inked vertically down her right hip

First seen on October 28th 2013, Selena Gomez’s third tattoo came as a completion to her other two tattoos. While her previous tattoos were dedicated to her mom and music, this one is dedicated to God. Written in a cursive font, this message has an obvious strengthening effect for her and contributes to her “good girl” image.

Selena Gomez’s fourth tattoo: Arabic lettering on the upper-right portion of her back

Inked again by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, in June 2014, Selena Gomez wanted to keep the meaning of this tattoo secret by choosing the Arabic language. However, that intention didn’t last long for her, as her fans deciphered it fast. The lettering reads “Love yourself first”. Rumor has it that her shaky relationship with Justin Bieber determined her to choose this message.

Selena Gomez’s fifth tattoo: Initial tattoo placed behind her left ear

As usual, in June 2015 when Selena got her 5th tattoo, she didn’t want to talk about its meaning. However, we now know that it stands for Gracie, who is her half sister. The emotional story behind this initial is that Gracie is her first sibling, one that came after a disappointing miscarriage her mom had. Once again, this talented female proves how important family is to her.

Selena Gomez’s sixth tattoo: Hindu Om Symbol inked on her left hip

First seen in a picture taken in September 2015, the Hindu Om tattoo Selena Gomez got was quite controversial. People say she isn’t a full Catholic anymore and that she is looking for answers in another religion. However, you must know that the Western culture presents the Om symbol in connection with peacefulness, mindfulness, and meditation. So, these are things she probably kept in mind as well.

Selena Gomez’s seventh tattoo: Lettering on the outside of her right foot that reads “Sunshine”

Selena Gomez calls her grandmother “Nana” and mentions her when she explains the meaning of her seventh tattoo. Debbie Jean Gibson is Selena’s maternal grandmother who, apparently reminds her about nothing less than sunshine.

Selena Gomez’s eighth tattoo: Pony tattoo placed on her hip

In order to express the child inside her, Selena Gomez got a pony tattoo on her hip that was first seen in May 2016. This specific pony is a character from the cartoon My Little Pony. If you are a fan, then you definitely know about it!

Selena Gomez’s ninth tattoo: Semi-colon symbol on her left wrist

Inked in April 2017 and revealed on Instagram, Selena Gomez’s latest tattoo was a tribute to the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. This is because the show is related to what this symbol means worldwide; more specifically it speaks about mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


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