Scared to Go Short? Don’t Be! Hair Extensions can Help!


Are you looking to change things up with your hairstyle? A fresh new cut can make us feel our absolute best. You may find that you’re eager to go short with your hair, but you’re also feeling a bit of apprehension about the idea of chopping off all of your locks.

There are any number of reasons that you might find going short to be a good idea for you and your look. Perhaps your hair is going through an awkward growing-out phase? Perhaps you’re just looking for a cooler style this summer? Regardless of your reasons, you should totally and completely embrace a shorter hairstyle. After all, hair extensions can give you so much by way of styling versatility when you’re looking to change things up again.

Adding volume where it’s needed the most

Cutting your hair short can often also mean thinning it significantly. This can give you a really cute tight pixie cut, but you may find that you’re missing that volume. Adding in extensions, whether clip-ins or weft extensions that are glued in for up to a few months, will help you to restore some of that missing volume while also giving you that length back.

Getting that added length

Going short is a lot of fun, and there are plenty of fun and flirty short styles that are low-maintenance. Extensions give you styling versatility, allowing you to add back your length for a special event or special occasion.

Whether you’re looking to get added length back because you miss your sheared locks or you’re wanting to change things up for a family photoshoot or a special occasion, extensions are sure to allow you to meet your hairstyling goals.

Choosing between hair extension types

There are a number of choices in hair extensions. The first consideration is whether you’re looking for synthetic extensions or human hair extensions. There are some pros and cons to each type, and it can often largely depend on your intended use for them and your available budget.

Generally speaking, human hair extensions cost a bit more than their synthetic counterparts do. When you look at top quality hair extension details & images, you’ll often see that there are some differences between the way that the two look. Technology has advanced to the degree that both look and feel rather similar, but you’ll find that you likely prefer human hair extensions.

Your next consideration will be the type of extension. Do you want clip-ins for occasional use? Or do you want something like a skin weft hair extension that will be attached to your scalp for up to a few months at a time. If you’re not ready to commit to wearing extensions full time for several weeks at a time, consider clip-ins. This will give you the ability to get that added length whenever the mood strikes you.

Caring for your extensions

While the idea of needing to take extra steps for extensions may feel tiresome, the reality is that they don’t really need a lot of extra care. Essentially, all you need to do is to keep your extensions clean, dry and free from tangles.

There are shampoos and conditioning products that can help to keep the extensions glossy and clean, while also nourishing them in the right way that they need. Specialized combs can help you keep the strands gently free from tangles.

There are also styling products that can allow you to style your locks just the way that you need to, without compromising on hold.

Styles to consider with extensions

Depending on just how short you’ve gone, there are some really great and easy hairstyles that you can consider. Wigs are a great alternative when you’re looking to temporarily regain volume and length, but they can be costly and also uncomfortable to wear. Extensions will allow you to bring back your bouncing ponytail, while also allowing you to get that length back that you’ve missed so much.

If you’ve never had cascading curls now is the perfect time to get them. Invest in curly extensions that will instantly transform your short hair into a mess of flirty waves that can be styled in any way that you’d like.

Shaggy chic styles are possible, even if you’ve gone too short cutting your natural hair. Simply trim your extensions to the length you’re looking for and add a bit of product to them to create a cute look that is all your own. Don’t forget that extensions can also make it possible for you to get beautiful braids or perfect buns.

We all know that it’s not just hair. The whole idea of cutting your hair short can be exhilarating and frightening. Whether you fall in love with your new look, or you’re finding yourself less than thrilled with it, you will definitely appreciate the versatility in styling that extensions can give you.


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