30+ Ruby Rose Tattoos to Build Your Celebrity Style


Ruby Rose tattoos are definitely not old news and neither is she! This Australian beauty has been present in film, music, television and on the catwalk for many years now. You can’t know Ruby Rose and have no idea about her tattoos, just like you can’t be familiar with her tattoos and not know anything about her. One’s tattoos are so meaningful and representative that they become part of that person.


Ruby Rose with or without tattoos

First thing first, you should know that Ruby rose is a multi-talented Australian chick. She is a television presenter, DJ, actress, model, VJ, recording artist and singer. It all started in 2002 for this beauty and she hasn’t failed to be a constant presence in the spotlight since. Besides her career in so many domains, Ruby Rose is known for having a lot of tattoos or being among the most tattooed public persons in the world.

The face of Maybelline New York in Australia, Ruby Rose emerged in the media spotlight as a presenter on MTV Australia and co-hosted Australia’s Next Top Model. In addition, she starred in Orange is the New Black, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and John Wick: Chapter 2, among others. Furthermore, she pursues a career in music and she volunteers in Africa almost every year.

Characterized by androgyny, she is genderfluid and very active in the LGBT community. Now that you know a little bit about Ruby Rose’s achievements, maybe you can understand her choice in tattoos better as well.

Ruby Rose swims in a sea of meaningful ink

No one knows how many tattoos Ruby Rose has, not even her. How is that possible? Well, things are quite simple. When you count a symbol as a stand-alone tattoo and you don’t integrate it in a much larger tattoo, then counting isn’t supposed to be a problem. Conversely, no heavily tattooed person knows exactly the number of tattoos on him or her. They say she has around 60 designs inked in her skin and that she has began the process of removing some of them already.

Among all Ruby Rose tattoos, there was a first one, which she has done when she was 16. Although she doesn’t feel like it represents her anymore or that it has any artistic value, she still wears it with pride because that’s where all started. It’s about a rose surrounded by an architectural design.

As for the other Ruby Rose tattoos, they are about Japanese anime, her Christian belief, her godfather and other family members, animals, writings, arts and crafts, couples tattoos, traditional tattoos, cartoon tattoos, sexual orientation tattoos.

There is no particular body part that Ruby Rose likes to ink more than the other. She has plenty tattoos on her arms, back, fingers, behind the ears, stomach and neck. One example of artist who got to ink this celebrity is Jessica Mascitti Ellis.

  1. Fierce Ruby Rose tattoos on every side of her body

The right side of Ruby Rose’s body features multiple tattoos, among which you can count the little bright stars behind her ear, the boxing gloves that are a tribute for her godfather Lionel Rose, the famous cartoon character Archer, the Rabbit character from Alice in Wonderland and a cross, as a symbol for her belief in God and an opossum.

2. Colored sleeves with fun designs full of meaning

Done in April 2013, the partial sleeve containing Gumby and the afferent writing attracts a lot of attention. Dressed in a purple cat costume, Gumby is spraying a message on a wall.

On her other forearm, you can notice a large red diamond, which is fitted for a powerful person like she is. Also, the German writing and the Japanese character complete the multiculturalism present on her skin.

3. Overview image of this star’s body treated as a canvas

When you look at Ruby Rose tattoos, you might see large works of art. But, in fact, her designs became so complex when she kept adding small tattoos that represent her or parts of her life.

4. Fashion statements and powerful messages with ink

JUST LOVE is not only a positive and powerful message, but it is also related to her sexual orientation. Ruby Rose is a lesbian who wanted to become a man before embracing herself and getting involved in the LGBT community.

The bright colored Ninja Turtle is a tattoo that stands out and that shows off another side of her personality. A side that highlights her playful side and her love for cartoons, which doesn’t end here.

5. Japanese art and religion in one place

Ruby Rose tattoos are more random than you might think. No one who has so many tattoos had a well-thought plan before inking them. For example, she combined the design of a Koi fish with a cross that is obviously connected to her religious beliefs.

One thing is for sure; she picked the right tattoo artists to ink her skin. The colors and the tattooing techniques are quite admirable. Of course, depending on when a tattoo was made, it looks better or worse than others. Time definitely leaves a mark on tattoos.

6. In the process of permanently inking skin

This is how Ruby Rose looked like before she decided to tattoo most of her left arm as well. Charming and confident as always, she doesn’t go for black and white tattoos too often. One exception is the deck of cards placed on the left side of her chest.

7. Noticeable tattoo designs decorating Ruby Rose’s left side

On this side of Ruby Roses body, designs like Jean-Michel Basquiat’s portrait and a couple’s tattoo pop out. Jean Michel Basquiat is the person who got to ink many designs in this celebrity’s skin. Unfortunately, he died at age 27, fact which determined Ruby Rose to make a permanent gesture with his loss in mind.

A classic tattoo meant to show love, the heart containing the name Phoebe and Ruby is placed on her lower shoulder blade. Couples may not pass the test of time, but couple tattoos sure do!

8. A unique personal style completed by permanent artworks

Ruby Rose tattoos aren’t the only particularity that differentiates her from other models or celebrities. As you can see, she is a complex being with multiple likes, beliefs and people she cares about.

9. Fashionable DJ with personalized tattoos on display

There is no shame in showing off your tattoos and Ruby Rose knows it! Although it’s almost impossible not to be a controversial person when you are so unique like she is, there is a way to tastefully combine your love for fashion and ink.

10. Japanese sleeve and Japanese anime characters

What you cannot see from this angle, is a tattoo consisting of cherry blossoms and a tiger, all inked in the traditional way. You can get a glimpse of the Metallica lyrics though.

11. Ruby Rose tattoos spread on her upper body

This photo reveals in a very nice way that she has mostly tattooed her upper body. There is no known explanation for her choice regarding tattooing certain body parts.

12. Words inked on Ruby Rose’s body

Among all Ruby Rose tattoos, you can find a lot of writing as it follows:

  • “Trust in God” on her forearm; a tattoo she got in October, 2011.
  • “Let Go, Let God”, also on her forearm.
  • “Run With Wild Horses”.
  • “Danke Schön” which is German for “thank you very much.” She got this one in April 2010.
  • “Just Love” on her knuckles, inked in August 2012.
  • “Life” on her wrist. She later added a rainbow to the message as a symbol of LGBT.
  • “…And breathe me” on her neck.
  • Metallica lyrics on her side. The tattoo reads: “So close no matter how far / couldn’t be much more / from the heart / forever trusting who we are / and / Nothing Else Matters.”
  • “Maybe she’s born with it” on her collarbone. This tattoo is directly connected to Maybelline and their collaboration.
  • “Meow” on her lip. According to Ruby Rose, this was the most painful tattoo she got since the beginning.
  • “Love” behind her ear, inked in 2009. This one was dedicated to a special someone.
  • “Be the person your dog thinks you are” on her upper arm, which she got in January 2014.
  • “Truth” on her wrist, featuring a beautiful Gothic style.
  • “DIY” on her wrist is an older tattoo that she got before the Gumby.
  • “Mum” on her wrist. A tribute to her mother, this tattoo is done using purple, red and blue colors with each letter in a different one.
  • “Here” on her finger, which is a matching tattoo she got together with her sister, in October 2011. The meaning of this tattoo is to live each day to the fullest.
  • “King” on her finger.
  • “MTV” on her knuckles.

13. Vintage-style skeleton key tattoo

The vintage-style skeleton key tattoo dates back in May 2013.

14. The portrait of a mysterious woman

Tattooed on the inside of her upper left arm, this black and white tattoo depicts a woman whose identity is unknown.

15. Ruby Rose’s pet surrounded by bubbles

In March 2013, Ruby Rose was convinced that nobody is perfect except her dog. This thought determined her to get a tattoo of her dog, placed on the back of her left hand.

The portrait of this dog is now surrounded by blue bubbles, meant to connect all the other tattoos from that area.

16. A tattoo done together with sister SaSa

Ruby and her sister SaSa got a matching to tattoo meant to remember both to live in the present and appreciate what they have.

17. Ruby Rose’s most painful tattoo yet

After experiencing the pain of getting an inner lip tattoo, this beauty declared that she will not ever get a plastic surgery on her face because of the intense pain that she felt.

18. The fascination for fantasy stories

Alice in Wonderland is a classic fantasy story that has managed to impress us as kinds and continues to impress us as adults. In other words, it is worthy to be immortalized in one’s skin. Ruby seems to think so as well!

19. A hidden message for a loved one

According to her Twitter account, Ruby Rose got this tattoo for a special girl and dedicated it to her publicly by Tweeting about it.

20. Gifted with a skin made for tattoos

A fair, porcelain skin is the dream of every tattoo artist because it is just like a blank canvas.

21.  “…And breathe me”

This neck tattoo consists of a a line from Sia Furler’s song “Breathe Me.” In fact, Ruby isn’t just a fan of Sia, but a pretty close friend. This tattoo dates back in February 2011.

22. Ruby Rose shows off her ink at a DJ gig

23. As charming as ever on the red carpet

24. Special ink dedicated to boxer godfather Lionel Rose

25. Celebrity style at a boxing match

26. A model with a personal style

Ruby Rose tattoos are almost impossible to cover up and that’s definitely not the point. However, she managed to achieve more and more in her career despite her love for ink.

27. It’s all about love with Ruby Rose

Since she is not a gambler or into gambling, we cannot explain her deck of cards tattoo unless we think of that little black heart. She wishes for love between people regardless of skin color, sexual orientation and so on.

28. A cluster of tiny stars behind the ear

Many Ruby Rose tattoos are located on her neck and behind the ear because she has short hair and she can easily display them when she wants to.

29. Ninja Turtle, MUM and LGBT

As you can see, you don’t need to pick a theme and stay with it when it comes to tattoos. You can randomly ink whatever you like.

30. Colored message and a simple cross

31. MTV as part of her life and skin

32. The British comic book character Tank Girl

Inked in February 2011, this particular design of the Tank Girl is more realistic than the others, courtesy of artist Bang Bang.

33. Get lost in her blue eyes or artsy tattoos



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