70 Beautiful Rose Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women


The rose is pretty much one of the best and most recognized flowers throughout the entire globe. It’s also an enduring symbol in Western cultures, much like how lotus flowers are celebrated and admired in the East. Roses, like most flowers, have been a favorite subject of most artists, photographers, and poets. And this is also perhaps the main reason why it has also grown to be a popular tattoo design.

Roses first started blooming in Persia, where it was actually considered a masculine symbol, instead of a feminine one. Throughout the ages, it eventually became associated with femininity – Even though it is still admired by both women and men. And even though roses carry plenty of meanings when incorporated in a tattoo, it is now used to represent romance and love.

During the height of its popularity, roses were highly sought after by the public. People loved its beauty and elegance. But in regards to it being a tattoo design, it was only put into use beginning in the 1930s and the 1940s. Sailors and navy men popularized the rose tattoo by placing it on their arms – Sometimes done by themselves and without the help of a tattoo artist. Roses have often been chosen by sailors to represent a wife, a girlfriend, a mother, or just about any other woman important to their life. It’s also one of the ways to honor a sacrifice that these ladies had to make, while the men were out at sea. Back in the day, women were often honored that these men paid tribute to them through the use of permanent body ink.

Rose tattoos are often connected to romance and love. They’re a constant motif in paintings of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. This is one of the main inspirations for symbolism. This is also the reason why roses are a go-to flower for those who want to express their love for another person, no matter how cliché it might be. Sometimes men will find a link that seemingly connects their rose tattoo to someone that they love, like a daughter, a wife, or a mother. Their rose tattoos are accompanied with the name of that person whom the tattoo is dedicated to.

Rose flower tattoos are a highly popular choice with both women and men. So many people enjoy the overall look of just about any symbolic meaning behind rose tattoos, or even flower tattoos. That’s because rose tattoos come in a whole assortment of colors, and plenty of these colors carry various symbolisms as well. As mentioned, roses are often associated with love and romance. A white rose represents innocence. A black one represents a tragic love or death. Orange roses, although rare, mean lust or desire. And this is the reason why rose flower tattoo ideas give off a wonderful amount of symbolism. It’s always great to know more about the symbolism and meaning of every rose color out there, before you can decide which design to place on your body.

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Types of Rose Tattoo Designs

If you want to find a brand new rose tattoo design, then you can look for some good ones on the Internet.

The rose tattoo has always been one of the most popular tattoo designs, for both men and women alike. Plenty of people like how this tattoo looks, but little do they know that the rose isn’t just a pretty flower design – It carries loads of symbolic meanings as well. A rose tattoo, in fact, carries plenty of value thanks to its deeper symbolism. A rose is known to be one of the most beautiful flowers out there. They’re a highly prized flower that ladies usually receive from a loved one. A rose, along with a heart, is a symbol of romance and love. Men give roses to their girlfriends when they want to express how they feel about them. A rose is also considered to be a fashionable choice.

The reason why people pick roses as a tattoo design is thanks to their natural beauty. Their versatility is also the reason why roses are the flower of choice when it comes to tattoo design. Put in a rose with just about any other tattoo design out there, or even a simple quote, and everything becomes much more striking and lovelier. You can also get a rose tattoo in any color.

  • Tribal Rose Tattoo: The combined appearance of tribal patterns and a rose look amazing together, despite being two completely different concepts. A rose tattoo is usually comprised of a linear and a lengthy design (thanks to the stem) which compliments the beauty of the flower. This combination looks great on both men and women. But in regards to a tribal rose tattoo, you can only get them in a singular color – Black. And thanks to this hue and the style of the tattoo, this type of rose tattoo can look fashionable and appealing at the same time.
  • Black Rose Tattoo: Here’s another tattoo idea that doesn’t rely on a rose’s red color to shine. Plenty of people get black rose tattoos, and they’re much more common that you would think. Despite the nature of the overall design, it’s got a rather appealing look to it. Plenty of people get black rose tattoos since it’s got a dark, gothic, yet romantic feel to it, with the flower symbolizing love, and the black colors representing sadness, or in some cases, death.
  • Prickly Rose Tattoo: Some people have mentioned that the thorns on a rose represent the idea that sacrifice is often an accompanying factor when it comes to love. It could also mean that people don’t pay attention to a person’s physical appearance, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But what’s certain here is that a cluster of rose tattoos with thorns in them don’t show too much sensitivity. A prickly rose tattoo looks great in all colors, but especially in black, white, and red.
  • 3D Rose Tattoo: Since the rose is a beloved flower, roses in various colors and species have continuously been used not just in tattoo art, but also in paintings, photographs, and drawings. Rose tattoos are famous for carrying a rather symbolic meaning, and they’re so pretty to look at, as well. A rose tattoo is a highly popular idea for both men and women.
  • Rose Outline Tattoo: It’s actually hard to create an outline tattoo, no matter how simple it looks. Sure they look amazing, but these roses would also look great with a bit of color mixed in. So if you end up changing your mind about that outline tattoo, then you can get the option to place a bit of color in them. Outline tattoos pretty much make any design look airy and light, as if it were only projected onto the wearer’s body. You can also accompany this with cursive writing, since it seems to suit this style just right.

Rose Tattoo Meaning          

Even though a lot of people decide to get stone tattoos because the design looks amazing, these tattoos also carry a deep meaning to it.  As mentioned earlier, roses are often given as a romantic present to someone special. And if you get yourself a rose tattoo on your body, then this means you want to express your love to a certain individual, or for something that you’re very passionate about. The rose contains plenty of hidden meanings that people might not even realize. For instance, rose tattoos symbolize the union of life and a person’s soul. It could also mean rebirth, resurrection, and blood. In some cultures, people offer roses to the deceased, placing them on graves during the funeral. This is supposed to represent a brand new start as the departed person heads to the afterlife.

Each tattoo carries a different meaning to them, since there are plenty of people who have managed to get tattoos in so many different designs. Roses are a highly popular tattoo design, and this is the reason why they are extremely liked. A rose tattoo is a gorgeous design overall. Its artwork really does speak for itself, and it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like roses very much.

The rose is one of the best designs you can get for a tattoo, since it’s so stunning and gorgeous once it has been placed onto your skin. Roses are a symbol of love. They’re also popular with both men and women. They are filled with meaning, and you can pair them up with other designs too.

Where To Place Your Rose Flower Tattoos

The present location of your rose tattoo will all depend on just how many roses you want to place in the design, the size, and its overall look. Do you want to do a full rose bouquet complete with interweaving stems, and green leaves. Then your chest or your back makes the perfect canvas to put those in. The upper arms, as well as the legs, are also excellent candidates.

A singular rose with stems can also be made very small and suited alongside long areas of the body or wrapped around the body part. For instance, women might place a singular rose on her wrists or her ankles. And even though your neck is one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo done, it’s also nice find just one rose in there. You can also attach the rose to another symbol – Including a heart, or even another flower.

The rose tattoo also fits in very nicely along the shoulder blades, as well as your collar bones. For instance, a man might get a rose tattoo done on his calf, or his bicep. The hands and forearms are the perfect spots to put in just a singular rose.

Rose blossoms are round and fit nicely on the shoulder blades or by the lower back. It also looks great on the calves or biceps. Right above the feet or ankle bones are some nice rounded areas suited for rose blossom tattoos.

But what if you want to get a rose tattoo accompanied by the name of someone dear to you? Then the back or the chest area, which is close to your heart, is probably the best spot for that.

 Rose Tattoo Preparation Tips

It’s always great to remember that the entire experience of getting a tattoo does start right before the real session can begin. The entire process of acquiring a tattoo does change one’s own state of mind, and even the blood composition of the client. The immune system can also weaken while the tattoo process is going on, sometimes continuing during the healing. Here are several tips that can help you prepare for the best tattoo session:

Be sure to come to the shop well-rested, and on time. Plan the day of your appointment, in case you have other activities scheduled. Getting other important stuff done before arriving at your session could potentially stress you out, and leave you feeling exhausted. It can also distract you from doing other things, especially if the tattooing session would take more than an hour.

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Level Of Pain During And After Getting Rose Flower Tattoos

Tattooing often deals with the artist inserting ink underneath the topmost layer of your skin, either with a tattoo gun equipped with many needles, or a sharp needle overall. It will definitely hurt no matter which equipment gets used – But just how much it’ll hurt will all depend on a bunch of factors.

Yes, it’s completely true that not all tattoo pieces out there will hurt equally. For instance, a tinier tattoo piece won’t hurt that much since they won’t be distributed over a huge portion of your body. And pieces that come in a singular color are actually so much better in regards to pain, compared to a huge back piece.

You could pick a less sensitive are to place your tattoo in, if you have a low threshold for pain, or if it’s your first time getting a tattoo and you’re feeling really anxious about it. The areas with the most padding are said to hurt the least. These include parts that are fleshy, fatty, or have loads of muscle on them, like the butt, the legs, the arms, the back of the shoulders, or possibly the upper chest area or the back. Meanwhile, the most painful spots to get a tattoo would be the ones closer to the bone, or have plenty of nerves underneath, like the ankles, the underarms, the ribs, the hands, the feet, the face, and the head.

You can actually control the amount of pain you experience here, just by thinking it through and mentally preparing yourself for the best possible experience yet.

And while your fresh ink is healing up, it’s going to feel a bit sore for the first couple of days – Especially if you decide to get a big tattoo. The feeling has been described as being similar to a moderate or severe form of sunburn. Much like the soreness, the whole tattooed area will look red, and slightly raised above the skin – Carrying plenty of bruises due to the blood seeping beneath the top layers of the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Rose Flower Tattoos

  • What rose flower designs should I get?

Apart from deciding if you want to give yourself a tattoo or not, perhaps another big decision here is to pick the right design for you. A tattoo always looks cool no matter what, especially if you have given plenty of thought into what goes on with the design, completely understanding that this is going to stay on your skin forever. Tattoo removal is a fairly expensive and painful process, but it’s not always effective. So it’s always great to make the best choice right from the get-go, so you won’t experience any possible tears or regrets later on.

  • Why should I ask for organic ink for my rose flower tattoo?

Even though tattoo ink companies have since worked hard to remove any traces of toxic, harmful, and carcinogenic chemicals from their products, it’s still a good idea if you choose to get your tattoo done using vegan, organic, and non-toxic pigments. Ingredients that comprise of vegan tattoo ink include burnt animal bones (or animal-based charcoal), as well as animal-based glycerin. Meanwhile, the ingredients found inside organic tattoo inks are taken from vegetables and natural charcoal. These organic ink manufacturers also sometimes use herbal and carbon-based pigments, instead of relying on the usual plastic-based ones. A good way to tell if your ink is organic is checking how bright it is. If the colors are bright, then this means that the ink isn’t organic since it uses plastic-based ingredients.

  • What makes a tattoo permanent?

Artists use a type of mechanized needle that passes through your skin and injects the pigment right into the top of your skin, also known as the dermis – Or the second layer of your skin, called the epidermis. And because the process deals with damaging the skin, your body will respond to this situation using white-blood cells, which will try to absorb the foreign particles and dispose them from the blood stream. The main reason why pigmentation stays there is because the particles are too large to be consumed by the white blood cells. So as a result, they’re just sitting there.

  • How long after I get my tattoo can I shower or swim?

Make sure that you don’t submerge your tattoo in water for up to ten days. This means no baths, no pools, and no hot tubs. Taking a shower will suffice if you want to clean yourself. Be sure to wash your tattoo lastly when you’re in the shower, so all of the remaining conditioner and shampoo has been washed away. And use your hand to clean up your tattoo – A washcloth or a loofah can prematurely remove the healing scabs and create plenty of irritation.

  • What about sun exposure or tanning beds?

Don’t bring out your tattoo and expose it to direct sunlight or visit a tanning salon for up to three weeks. This can cause plenty of damage to your skin, and your tattoo could fade away prematurely. Once it has completely healed up, you can apply a tiny amount of sunblock (SPF 45) and make sure that your ink is well-protected against the sun’s harsh UV rays. You can also use sunblock on your tattoo to stop if from fading when you go to a tanning salon.

Cost Factors In Getting Rose Flower Tattoos

Tattoos in general have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. And when people ask for more tattoos, the prices could end up increasing as well. The most talented tattoo artists can ask for a really hefty dollar when it comes to their work – And of course, there will always be people who are more than willing to shell out some cash in order to get a work of art etched permanently into their skin.

Both the shops and their artists will vary depending on the overhead costs, the amount of skill level needed, as well as their reputation in general. Everything will also depend on the inks used, as well as the pigments and inks used, together with the sizing and the details. The more colors you end up using for the design of the tattoo, of course the more expensive everything will be. A tattoo drawn exclusively in black ink will surely be much cheaper compared to a design using different colors. It’s also going to take plenty of time and dedication to capturing detail, for the artist to create many stunning colors.

The third factor to consider here is whether you live in the suburbs, or in a city. Larger, metropolitan cities tend to have tattoo shops with highly-skilled artists, and therefore everything will be much more expensive. A shop in a smaller town doesn’t exactly have the same draw, not to mention the artists aren’t that skilled either. But that doesn’t mean they’re not talented just because their tattoos are cheap – It only has to do with the current location of the shop.

Eat a decent meal a couple of hours before the session begins. Acquiring a tattoo can affect your blood sugar levels, and you could also experience a sugar crash which could interrupt the session, or end it earlier than expected.

Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol several days before the appointment. A tattoo session requires you to feel as calm and relaxed as possible.

Tattoo Maintenance Tips

So you have finally gotten that long-awaited tattoo of yours. It’s so bright, pretty, not to mention very colorful. But now comes the fun part – Having to take care of it and keep it maintained, to make sure that it always looks new, and that you won’t get an infection from it. How exactly do you even know which proper steps to take here? Should you ask your dermatologist about it? How about the tattoo artist?

Sometimes it all depends on where you live in. The US, for example, has implemented some standard rules that artists need to follow for safe tattooing, but there’s not much rules out there when it comes to taking care of your new ink. Out of the 50 states, only seven of them don’t have standard rules. The remaining 30, however, all have lists of licensed tattoo artists, and require them to provide their clients with either verbal or written instructions on taking care of your new art.

Expert dermatologists feel like these rules must be changed or given more importance, so those who get tattoos will receive a set of instructions on taking care of it, to stop serious infections and potential complications from ever happening.

So how can you exactly be sure that your brand new tattoo is a thing that you won’t end up regretting anytime soon? You have to follow several steps as the healing process goes on:

Make sure that the artist covers your new ink with a thin layer of petroleum jelly, then a bandage. Take off the bandage after one day, then clean it up gently using lukewarm water and unscented antibacterial liquid soap. After it’s done, pat the tattoo dry.

Apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment on the tattoo at least two times a day, but don’t put on another bandage. And don’t forget to clean up your tattoo several times a day with water and unscented liquid soap. Make sure to pat everything dry. After you have cleaned up your tattoo, put on a thin layer of moisturizer or unscented lotion, to lock in the moisture.


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