Proven Ways to Make You Last Longer in Bed


Sex is a fundamental part of any healthy relationship. Of course, strong relationships are all about good communication and loving one another for who they are as people. However, being intimate with your partner is still a big deal. That is why it can be really frustrating when one or both of you are not enjoying your sex life. One of the main causes of frustration in sexual intimacy is finishing too quickly. It can leave both individuals annoyed and unsatisfied which can, eventually, break the whole relationship. To overcome this issue, here are some effective ways to help you last longer in bed and enjoy healthier sex life.

Wearing Condoms

Using condoms is not just beneficial for when you are trying to reduce the risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases or getting your partner pregnant, it can also be the perfect solution for lasting longer in the bedroom. A condom works as an extra layer on the penis where it reduces its sensitivity and makes it harder for premature ejaculations to happen. Certain condom types also have light numbing elements in them as well as a thick layer of latex that would bring the man’s excitement to a manageable level and increase their stamina so that they can enjoy more pleasure and be able to please their partner as well. After a while of using thick condoms lined with numbing creams, you can start performing better even without them.

Taking Supplement Pills

Sometimes all you need to last longer during sex is just a little medical boost. As mentioned on, the makers of Male Extra pills, supplemental tablets can improve your stamina and would not be harmful to your body if you use them wisely. The supplement pills would ensure the penis get sufficient blood flow to make it harder and increase the male sex drive. Not only do such pills improve erections and increase the sex drive, but they also help when it comes to delaying ejaculations so that you and your partner can enjoy a longer and more satisfying sexual experience.

Working Out

Exercising regularly has numerous benefits to the human body. Among those benefits is helping you improve your sexual performance every time. A fit body that works out on a regular basis would not only look extremely attractive, but it would also help you increase your pleasure during intercourse. You can work on training your pelvic floor muscles, in particular, to become stronger, so that you give your sexual abilities a little boost. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles, the longer you would be able to last and the more delayed your ejaculation would be.

Engaging in Foreplay

For many people, foreplay can be the most enjoyable part of the whole sexual experience. Couples often complain about losing their love spark after a while and that they no longer have that fire around each other after being together for a while. Engaging in foreplay can bring back that spark and reignite that fire as well as help you last longer during intercourse. Foreplay is a two-way street where both partners need to put in some effort and learn about what the other person likes and how they can turn them on. If you do it right, engaging in foreplay can make your sexual experience a lot more pleasurable and exciting.

Switching Things Up

A lot of the time, the issue leading to premature ejaculation and unsatisfying sex is that it becomes boring and repetitive. Instead of choosing just one position and sticking to it for a long time, you might consider switching things up a little to make things more exciting and pleasing. Switching between a variety of positions in one session is proven to be quite effective when it comes to increasing the duration of your sexual encounter. Speak with your partner beforehand to agree on a number of positions and see how they feel about it as it can change your entire experience for the better.

For many people, discussing sexual issues can still cause some shame and embarrassment. Although sex is a very important part of any healthy relationship, not everyone has a satisfying experience in that area. In order to combat such issues, it is important to speak to your partner about anything that worries you or anything that you would have liked to do differently. Sometimes, a few simple tricks can change your sexual encounters for the better without needing any drastic changes. If your sexual frustration continues for long without anything proving to be beneficial, then it would be wise to consult with a physician so that they can help you in a more professional manner.


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