99 Most Fashionable Prom Hairstyles This Year


Prom night is a highly anticipated junior and senior high school milestone event of their lives. Once missed, there is no other chance to experience it again. The desire to look beautiful among females is intense and is a social pressure issue. The three most important things that the female care about regarding her looks are gown, make-up and hairstyle. The hairstyles available to her are what professional stylists call as prom hair. They include vintage, side swept, updo, French hairstyle, braid hairstyle, half-up/half-down, pony tail, short bob and many others.

Prom hair styling is not difficult and particularly time consuming. Trying-out the styling by yourself will give you a deeper understanding of the process rather than totally relying on your favorite hair stylist. Once you see your favorite celebrities in glossy magazines wearing a beautiful prom hair, your imagination gets immediately stimulated and your appreciation for the hairstyle heightened.


Talking About Hairstyle Care Guidelines for a Successful Prom Night 

When the highly anticipated prom night nears, choosing your hair style is daunting or worse, panicky. Relax and pause, you are covered. You must first identify your hair type, and only then can you decide on that one particular prom hair look that best suits you in the expert’s mind and yours.

  • On a prom night the updo hairstyle, which involves arranging the hair in a direction that points up is almost a standard. The hairstyle is versatile from a simple pony tail to elaborately elegant updo in very special occasions like weddings, debuts and prom nights. The style works with straight, curly, sleek or romantic bangs. When grace and elegance is your cup of tea, by all means wear this hairstyle on your prom night.
  • The French hairstyle is your best bet for classy look without risking being fashion policed. The elegant three sectioned braid, from the crown the nape, is as successful in important events as its timeless classicality. Whether styled for black, brown, brunette or blond hair, you will never have to worry for a surefire prom hair.
  • Delegating your hairstyling to a reputable professional saves time and money in the long run rather than doing it yourself or to an unreliable person.
  • Use a simple comb in your curls to get a natural wave and stay away from curling irons.


The Best Prom Hair for 2017 

Prom night goers are usually teens who are in their life stages where they are looking for their identity, social and peer acceptance. They tend to take pride and even flaunt their emerging personality through their clothes and hairstyles. It is understandable that the best venue to vent their passion to be unique is in prom night ballrooms. The most popular prom hair looks for 2017 are the following:

  1. Mussy Updo

Young women are not afraid to mirror their messy outlook in life while they are not totally matured yet. The messy trend in hairstyling is faddish yet remains to be steady so far. Mussy updo favors slightly wavy or curly hair. If you have a straight hair, you must first seek the help of a curling iron or hot roller before trying the updo. The hairstyle also requires shoulder length hair or longer. Seek the help of a pro for this sensitive hairstyle.

  1. Half-Up/Half-Down Hairstyle

This is somewhat a daring hairstyle because it highlights your skin apart from highlighting your prom hair. Except for hair that is shorter than chin’s length, the hairstyle will work on all hair lengths and textures. Adding curls, waves or extensions add interest and appeal to the hairstyle. The hairstyle is classical and is appropriate for traditional yet slightly bold females.

  1. Classic Prom Updo

Imagine wearing a prom hair style that Hollywood celebrities don in red carpet events! No big deal, the classic prom updo is at your disposal in your prom night. A variety of classical themes are available for you to choose from including roundup of chignons, ballerina buns and many others. Just be careful not to over tighten your updo or pull it back extremely. Your forehead and neck will dominate your pictures. Still better, opt for a side part with bangs that is angled over the forehead. Shoulder length hair is a must but hair type is liberal.prom-hairstyles-

  1. Hair Down and Loose Look

Surprisingly an elegant updo hairstyle may not suit you, but instead a hair down and loose look may speak volumes about your chill personality. You can get away with wavy, straight, curly or sleek hair so long as it is long enough to touch below the top of your dress. Are you desperate to don the hairstyle without a long enough hair? Try growing your hair or better use hair extensions. All hair types are good.

  1. Short Hair for Prom

Short hair is not necessarily out of place in prom nights. With some onlookers, short hair is sassy, edgy and sophisticated. Even a pixie cut will look glorious and elegant with accentuating jewelries and fabulous gowns. Thick, thin, curly and other hair types are usable with short hair for prom.

  1. Braids

Braids are ever so popular in 2017 and black females seem never to have enough of this hairstyle. Versatile and not so hard to create, prom nights are filled with female teens wearing this hairstyle. You can try a bun wrapped in a braid, a headband out of a braid, a romantic updo from loose curly hair strands transformed into a romantic bun. Straight or wavy hair textures are braided except for super short hair.

  1. The Sleek and the Side Ponytail

The ponytail is the least formal updo although the sleek and the side ponytail are highly acceptable and trendy prom hair for 2017. With the right dress, jewelry and attitude, the hairstyle can command more followers and users. The hairstyle is best with long, straight hair. Wavy hair can be straightened first to be usable for the hairstyle but curly hairs are not compatible.

  1. Side-swept Hair

The latest Hollywood and Grammy awards nights were filled with celebrities donning the side bun or side-swept hairstyle; so with other red carpet events and gatherings. This trend has a carry-over effect on teens that happily use the hairstyle in prom nights. If you are wishing to look different and at the same time not too formal, this hairstyle suits you. This hairstyle requires long hair.

  1. Bejeweled Prom Hairstyle

Bejeweled prom hairstyle gets its regal air from the expensive jewelry pieces that adorn the hair. It is the right time to use well-kept jewelries and make good use it – in prom nights. Whether it be an updo, half-updo, braid, side sweep and others, the addition of an expensive stone is a welcome thing. If you are without precious stones, you can use substitutes like ribbons or vintage broach.


  1. Fake a Bob Prom Hair

The surprise element is the best feature of this entertaining hairstyle. One side of the face has hair strands in front while the other side has them at the back, creating an illusion that you just cut the hair. The hairstyle is suitable for wavy or one that has just been recently curled.

  1. Elegant Twist Updo

This awesome hairstyle emphasizes the highlighted locks. A tattoo on the nape adds an interesting peek-a-boo experience to onlookers. Using different colored hair extensions give the hair an interesting look.

  1. Accent Braid from Updo

Prom hairstyles can cover a wide range of styles and characters, from crazy to cute, and feminine, even. This hairstyle contains a messy, curly bun with an accent braid and delicate strands that frames the face.prom-hairstyles

  1. Messy Bun Complemented by Long Side Braids

This hairstyle is extremely versatile as it can adapt to any type of dress. The female prom queen should be aware of the possibilities with the hairstyle to maximize the benefits from the hairstyle. A side French braid gives the romantic kook while the messy bun gives it dominance. The teased proof in the back and curled long hair strands at the sides add lightness to the formal hairstyle.

  1. Majestic Curled Prom Hair

Forming this amazing updo is done by raising the hair from the back upwards toward the face and securing with pins and elastics. A texturizing spray is great in holding the loose strands into place.

  1. Traditional &Updo with Thick Braid

Chignons, French twists, and sleek, full buns are classic and traditional hairdos that had defied the test of time. Wearing them puts you in a secure light in formal gatherings and special occasions. Make sure to braid properly in special events even if you messed up with your braiding in ordinary events.

  1. The Modern Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is well suited for prom night use because of the distinct elegant and classical form. For a female with a strong personality and leadership, the warrior connotation of the name and the sharp styling has an added air of confidence and dominance. Surprising the hairstyle is easy to do and inexpensive using only bobby pins and hairspray.

Tutorials on Prom Hair Styling 

It is important to know how to style your hair even if you are hiring the services of a professional hair stylist. Emergency touch-ups may crop up and your basic knowledge in hair styling may come in handy. Also, if you are diligently involved in the work of your stylist, you may have ideas to share where both of you could benefit. A few tutorials regarding prom hair styling is as follows:

  1. Sleek Bump

Step 1: Comb the front section of your pre-curled hair backwards for massive uplift.

Step 2: Pull the hair straight back and secure with a pretty barette.

Step 3: Use mist shine hairspray to fix flyaways and add general gloss to the entire hairstyle.

  1. Soft Wave Looker

Step 1: Shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly and moisten and condition it with root boosting spray or mousse.

Step 2: Use a paddle brush to dry your hair and create hair volume by over directing the brush.

Step 3: Grab your hair back, reserving a section where to start curling. Spray the sections with a hairspray.

Step 4: Curly and frizzy hair that escaped blow drying should be given additional

attention. Smooth them out by running a flat iron 2 inches over the top of your hair.

Step 5: Begin curling each section of the hair with either 1 and ¼ inch curling iron or 1 and ½ inch curling iron.

Step 6: Gently run your fingers through your hair after each section has been curled.

  1. Finally, finish with a light spray of finishing products.
  2. Fishtail Braid

Step 1: Evenly spritz a thin coating of conditioning spray all over your dry hair, and then using a comb, part the hair in one side.

Step 2: Starting from 2 inches from the hairline, opposite the side that was parted, braid the hair to form fishtail pattern using hair extension to add volume where needed. You now have to work with two sections, the left and the right. Pull a thin strand from outside of the left section and add it to the right section. Repeat the procedure on the opposite and continue until you get to the ends, and secure them with a leather band.

Step 3: To give a messy boho look, pull out the sides of the braid. 

2 Unique 2017 Prom Hairstyles that will Surely Catch the Attention of Onlookers 

  • If you dare to be different and nostalgic in your prom night, you should try the vintage prom hairstyle. When we think of vintage glamor hairstyles we reminisced about the glory days of Hollywood when the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Bridgette Bardot and other contemporaries received venerated attention among fans. It was the era of elegance and sophistication and when beauty was divine. The hairstyle at the time consisted of loosely pulled half-back secured fully on top with long full waves. To complete the nostalgic ambiance of your vintage prom hair, use red lips, flared eyeliner in the edges, and a use hair wrap as props.
  • Prom night is “the event” next to debut in a woman’s female life. Dress shops and salons are busy decorating their display window anticipating a huge influx of businesses. One prom hair style that is creating a buzz in the prom arena is the sweet side curls that exude youthfulness and beautiful life. The style is versatile considering that with or without fringe, one sided dresses look stunning in combination with the free flowing hairstyle. Side swept hairstyles also show delicate neck and back area adding an interesting view.


Hollywood Celebrities Spotted with Prom Hair

Hollywood is a beauty business and celebrities make sure that their hairstyle is impeccable when seen in public. Two celebrities seen donning the prom hair style includes:

  1. Selena Gomez

Selena is the perfect specimen for prom hair with her high school age, free flowing hair, captivating smile tantalizing eyes and celebrity status. Her fashion sense is impeccable as her career exposed her to the limelight early on in her life. Her famous prom hair exposures include the half up, half down hairstyle she wore to match her Grecian-inspired orange dress and also her bohemian butterfly printed dress; the romantic side-swept curls that she once donned perfectly; the loose curls that produced a sassy look when combined with her rock sequined dress; her side ponytail that went boldly well with her daring silver dress; her side-swept braid in combination with her sunny yellow dress; the classic chignon accentuated by red lips; her pulled back textured volume with low pony tail that she used when she was promoting Dewey makeup; the curly bob she sported that matched her glittery sequin dress; her sassy side bun that exuded romance; the falling curls that made her stunningly beautiful in combination with her strapless fuchsia gown; the sweet bun that made her look angelic and pure; and finally the vintage hairstyle that highlighted her flawless face and she donned credibly despite her age.

  1. Emma Watson

Emma is a British model and actress who was born in Paris, France. Her fresh face and expressive eyes made her a favorite among talent scouts in the movie and fashion industry. She once wore a free flowing prom hair style that was side swept and accentuated by jewelries. The expressive face, tantalizing eyes and slighted parted lips combined with her hairstyle produced a strong image that the newspapers and magazines fed on. Young potential prom goers admired the hairstyle that they eventually wore it on prom night.

  1. Beyonce

A high pony updo in a prom night is a glittering stunt to pull especially if you are feeling Beyonce at the moment. The Hollywood star has all the resources including unlimited extensions and having the best stylists, when she paraded her now famous high pony hairstyle in one of her public appearances. Meanwhile for you to create a major pony, all you have to do is wrap a 2-inches section of hair around an elastic band to avoid visibility. Curl the pony and follow up with hairspray application.


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