125 Cool Pompadour Haircuts This 2018


The pompadour is a classic hairstyle. Its dimensions might be a bit simple, but you can’t deny that this men’s hairstyle has had a pretty huge impact. This is the best kind of classic yet modern hairstyle for men, which includes bigger dimensions on the top with trimmed sides. No matter if it’s an Elvis-inspired cut with a longer, bigger side or a smaller take, the pompadour has got to be one of the best winning hairstyles for men.

But first things first – What exactly is a pompadour? Pompadours are a type of hairstyle that goes all the way back to the 1700s. And even though it is commonly seen as a hairstyle for men, it actually started off as a cut for women. The pompadour got its name from Madame de Pompadour, who served as King Louis XV’s official chief mistress from 1745 to 1751. After that, however, the style didn’t grow in popularity until the 1950s, all thanks to the king of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley. He wore a pompadour on top of his head, and eventually created a mainstream look copied by so many young men everywhere.

Nowadays, the style involves combing the hair in an upwards direction, then slowly backwards to create a bulge. The pompadour has recently experienced a brand new resurgence, and so many men are wearing and creating different variants of this classic hairstyle. Also See:

What Is A Pompadour?

The pompadour has got to be the latest trend in regards to men’s hairstyles. It has definitely grabbed the attention of so many young men. Nowadays, you can see so many people wearing this look – Ranging from celebrities, to businessmen, to students, and even hipsters. But what exactly is a pompadour?

  • For starters, the pompadour is a hairstyle that got its name from Madame de Pompadour, one of the mistresses of King Louis XV. It actually began as a female haircut, until the 1950s, when a guy named Elvis Presley popularized the look and made it his signature hairstyle.
  • There are two ways to wear the pompadour. The first one is the classic, which has shorter sides, and sweeps the hair in both a downwards and an upwards direction. But as time went on, it slowly became more and more versatile. Nowadays, there are so many different ways for you to wear this flamboyant hairstyle, that makes it suit your career, your lifestyle, and your face shape.
  • The second version of the pompadour tends to lean more towards the edgy side. This is called as the angular pompadour, or the modern pompadour, and it’s a much more extreme version of the classic. This version doesn’t suit those who have angular faces – Instead, it suits rounder faces since it adds in more height and detracts the attention from the shape of the face.
  • Not only is the pompadour timeless, it’s also a sexy hairstyle. It’s a versatile hairdo and fits pretty much anyone. However, one of the things you must remember when you’re planning to get one is that it’s a completely high-maintenance hairstyle. This means that you have to style it daily, and trim the sides on a regular basis.

What Are The Different Types of Pompadour Hairstyles?

  • Modern pompadour – Even though the modern pompadour has continuously proven itself to be a fantastic men’s hairstyle, you can create some type of twist that makes it twice as hip. The modern version of the pompadour tends to exaggerate each different component of the haircut, making it look both edgy and striking at the same time. You can actually rock this take on the classic cut, as long as you wear it with nothing but swag and confidence. With the modern pompadour, the hairstyle’s angles are much more defined compared to the classic version. And not only that, the wave tends to look bigger as well, making your face seem longer. This is perhaps the same reason as to why the pompadour fits men with rounded faces instead of angular ones.
  • Pompadour fade – Plenty of men’s hairstyles nowadays tend to incorporate faded sides. The reason why the fade is so popular lately comes from its ability to deliver both neatness and structure to what could become a boring or very messy hairstyle. The pompadour fade mixes together the modern feel of sides, alongside the tapered length that comes with the classic version. If you taper everything down to a shorter length on top of the ears, then you can surely give off the illusion of a heavier, longer pompadour on top. This fade brings the attention to the top of your head, so it’s a great idea to keep your cut tight and clean to achieve the best results.
  • Side Part Pompadour – If you want a bit of variety with how you style your pompadour, then you can incorporate a side part into it. Even though pompadours deal with a backward-swept cut, the side part uses your own part line as the quiff’s base. This look is completely versatile and allows you to get away with sporting a pompadour, without acquiring too much style, especially when you compare it to a pompadour with a swept back hairstyle. Even though the side part looks amazing with a completely firm hold (thanks to some good hairspray or gel), you can actually complete some even amazing results using a matte finish, as well as a great texture.
  • Short Pompadour – Wanting to style the classic pompadour without having to dedicate yourself to maintaining the usual volume and length of the cut is still achievable, even when you have shorter hair. Having a short pompadour is both striking and neat at the same time. Plus the length lets you wear this hairstyle in practically any situation or job out there. If you want a much more modern styling of a shorter pompadour, make sure to style your hair going from the temple first, right down to the part line. Clean up that style by choosing a strong-hold wet-finish hair product.
  • Undercut Pompadour – This type of pompadour is easy to recreate, even though it combines two hairstyles into one. The undercut pompadour provides you with the same kind of juxtaposition with its faded sides, but it gives this hairstyle a stronger vibe. This is just one more style that provides you with some excellent versatility, which means that you no longer have to worry too much about getting your hair done all the time. The bigger poof of hair on top looks just as amazing as falling down over the shorter styles, much like a neat hairstyle would do.
  • Curly Pompadour – Whenever the word ‘pompadour’ comes to mind, you don’t normally associate it with curly or wavy hair. However, having curls can carry off the type of look that you won’t be able to achieve with just straight hair. Curls carry bigger texture and volume and create a much more interesting pompadour hairstyle in the end. The curly pompadour looks amazing if you achieve the right kind of cut. If you avoid pretending that you have straight hair, then you no longer have to copy those completely neat pompadour hairstyles that you see in magazines. However, if you incorporate shorter sides or even an undercut right into your curly pompadour, you can rock those natural curls of yours with plenty of style.
  • Wavy Pompadour – Even though the best kind of pompadour looks highly classy and sharp, its wavy iteration is just the opposite: Very fun and youthful. This hairstyle fits you the best if you want to go for a stylish look during the weekend. It’s the type of hairdo that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Apart from it being very easy-going and approachable, it’s so much more easier to create as well, compared to the typical classic pompadour.

How To Style A Pompadour Haircut

If you want to achieve the classic pompadour haircut, you need to do the following steps:

Classic Pompadour

  • First, dry off your hair until it’s slightly damp, then use a blow dry on it on light heat while you comb it using a rounded brush. The main objective here is to style your hair into the classic pompadour shape. This is achieved by brushing your hair going from the front to the back, or the front to a diagonal line – It all depends on how you want the final outcome to look like.
  • Next, grab some pomade (or gel) then rub it between your hands. Slowly work the product right into your hair, simply by running your hands through it. It’s a good idea to begin with your sides, unless you’re going for a faded pompadour. Slowly move towards the top side. If you want, grab more of the product to hold the hair in front.
  • Then style and comb your hair to show off the roots. Apply more product to the roots and give it a stronger hold. You can begin through combing the sides back, then moving on to the top. This is the part where you create a part in your pompadour in case you want to have one.
  • If you want to give the pompadour the correct amount of volume you want, then slowly comb the front, going in an upwards direction. You do this through combing straight upwards, then utilizing your other hand to guide the hair back into position as it falls. This type of technique can also help you out in learning how to control your pompadour’s height – Either forwards, or backwards.
  • If this method doesn’t work, then you can do this instead: Place your free hand in the center of your hand, so it’s touching the slicked-back hair very gently. Then slowly push the hand forward, all the while combing your hair in the front, while going in an upwards direction.

For Side Part Pompadour Haircut

It’s always a good idea to keep your pompadour styled right after you have emerged from your bath, since having damp hair is one of the important steps when creating this style. Styling a pompadour with a side part is easier than creating the classic pompadour, since you only need to do three steps. First, you apply the pomade, create the part, then make the hairstyle itself. It might seem like a short process, but the entire thing takes loads of practice. So it could take you a couple of times before you actually get whatever you’re satisfied with. Don’t worry – Just a couple of tries, and you’ll finally get it right!

  • The very first step is to coat your entire hair in pomade – Either gel or styling mousse or hair wax. The best approach here is to probably grab a couple of scoops of the product, and gradually work it right into your hair. And on the other hand, you can lift up your hair using a comb and place the product on it, working it in the hair, and backwards. To finish this step, grab your comb and comb in a backwards direction, going slowly downwards to your neck. This evens out the product and provides your pompadour with a nice coating of pomade.
  • If you want to create a part for your pomade, just choose a parting line and comb your hair in the opposite direction. A popular choice for a parting line is just above the left eyebrow. This means that you should comb your left hair to the left side only. The same goes for the right – Combing them in the right direction. Meanwhile, you need to brush both sides as they go in an outwards direction.
  • At this point, you should focus all of your attention to the hair on your right, which is actually the largest segment of your hair that has been separated. You can use the comb to lift your hair upwards. Using a rolling motion, comb your hair in a backwards direction. This should provide you with a curved pompadour hairstyle. You can use your fingers, or a little bit more product, if needed, to lift up that hair and bring it backwards to style it a bit further.

Best Hairstyles for A Pompadour Haircut

Thin Hair

  • Classic Pompadour – This is a rather lighter and fluffier version of the pompadour, which actually does work wonders for thinning hair. This hairstyle will teach you how to love your thinning hair. It involves getting extreme fades on the sides, as well as the back, making the rounded pomp the main focus. This is a hairstyle that’s both sophisticated and simple at the same time. It’s the best choice for the stylish gentleman.

Thick Hair

  • Textured Pompadour – This version suits guys with thick hair. It’s a textured pompadour that trades in the classic style’s clean lines as well as giving it a brilliant sheen. It gives your hair a tousled matte look. People who see this hairstyle on you might think that you have been riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle and cruising the streets on top speed, or just holding your own in a scrap. Instead of relying on pomade, the textured pompadour uses texturizing paste or clay (hence the name). And even though you can use a comb for this one too, you can simple use your hands to style your hair.

Which Celebrities Have Worn A Pompadour Hairstyle?

  1. Elvis Presley – Elvis’ pompadour is nothing short of iconic. He is more than just the king of rock ‘n roll. In fact, a magazine recently listed his hair as a part of their ‘Ten most iconic hairstyles’ back in 2012, and a lot of people thought that he deserved that spot.
  2. Bruno Mars – The ‘Versace on the Floor’ singer has worn a hairstyle that’s similar to the one that James Dean wore in 1955’s ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. You could probably picture Bruno channeling that pompadour as he dances and sings on stage at an event like the AMAs or the Grammys, performing his best songs.
  3. David Beckham – The soccer star is concrete proof that dads like him can rock the pompadour too. He first showed off this hairstyle of his at a fundraiser gala held at the Phillips Gallery in his hometown of London.


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