155 Movie-Inspired Poetic Justice Braids


Have you ever encountered a hairstyle popularized almost singlehandedly by a celebrity and named after a hit movie that she starred in? Perhaps, only the poetic justice braids will come to mind, considering the multitude of available hairstyles. The actress we are talking about is Janet Jackson, and the movie where she starred in is Poetic Justice, filmed in the 1993. The movie featured her wearing sassy thick box-braids, another name referring to the hairstyle, in many scenes of the movie.  She did not even realized it at the time, that the hairstyle would propel into a monster trend that would fancy the imagination of hair lovers from 80’s to 90’s and even up to today when the itch to wear the hairstyle occasionally jump back as a retro theme. They say that, women troop to hair salons all over the world, with film credits in of the movie in cinemas barely finished. That is how impactful the hairstyle was.

The trend setting, box-braided installation of the hairstyle is highly modifiable and can be twisted and turned into the most stylish updos, ponytails, buns and other arrangements. Also, with left down or pulled up possibilities, the longing for a sassy hairstyle is achievable in so many ways. This hairstyle definitely belongs to any women, regardless if she is Janet Jackson or not.

Facts about the Poetic Justice Braids that You Should Not Miss

If you only know few very basic things about this hairstyle, you should read on and know what you are missing about the aesthetic and functional hairstyle.

  • More than anything, the poetic justice braids is a protective hairstyle. The hairstyle shields your natural hair from the sun and element damage while being provided with rest. Installing the hairstyle also oversteps using heat generating styling tools.
  • There is a multitude of styling options with this hairstyle. Your hair type will not hinder your poetic justice braids goal.
  • The Poetic Justice Braids and the box braids are often mistakenly identified or referred to each other interchangeably. Poetic Justice braids are specifically thick and long box substantially identical to the ones worn by Janet Jackson in the movie with the namesake
  • Maintaining the hairstyle entails minimum to zero effort. Upon installing, you barely need to do some minor tweaks unless you feel like it.
  • Poetic justice braids can last for months with proper care.
  • You can add new color to the braids without damaging them. You do not need to undergo bleaching to lighten and achieve your desired color. The artificial braids come in different colors to rescue you from damaging your natural hair.
  • Once you decide to install the poetic justice braids, you should be prepared for some discomfort, long hours of sitting, and the cost of spending $150 to $300.

Poetic Justice Braids Hairstyles that Have Classical Appeal Also See:



  1. Long Poetic Justice Braids with Purple Pop

Both long braids and arresting purple are two favorite features of women hair fanatics. And combining the two in one hairstyle is hard to resist with these women. The long braids seem to flow from the top of the head with bursting energy. A single length of purple braid chosen from a selection of other colored artificial extensions, enhance the black braids with glorious shine and revealing braid textures. The silver and gold embellishments elevates the hairstyle several steps higher in elegance.

  1. Ombre Braids in Stark Black and Red

Black and red combination may be too strong for some, but for those of you who favor boldness over timidity, and confidence over hesitation, there is no doubt that this hairstyle will suit you. The hairstyle sizzles with central braids raised to an updo, with both braid lengths at the right and left allowed to hang loosely. The reddish brown tinge splashes at the hair ends and in a single braid that accents the updo. If red alone is hot, then the color contrast in combination with the hairstyle is sizzling hot!

  1. Poetic Justice Braids with Cute Updo

This hairstyle best exemplifies aesthetics with functionality. The attractiveness of the hairstyle is obvious to the eyes of the onlookers but the protective function does not show. The natural hair is cleverly protected by artificial hair braids and is piled very high on the head making sure that the face is completely cleared. Celebrities like Solange Knowles is a regular customer of the poetic justice braids, where part of its bun, right above the s covecalp, can be covered with a scarf for more protection.

  1. Half-up Bun Poetic Justice Braids

This is a highly popular poetic justice braid variant and is quite intricate in form. Hair experts however, consider the hairstyle as only the framework for other more intricate poetic justice braids variant. But even if technically, it stands as an uncomplicated hairstyle, the attractiveness and elegance of the half-up bun is difficult to overlook. Basically the hair is sectioned into three, consisting of thin sections and braided completely. The middle part is raised up into a glorious while the long lengths at the side are made to hang loosely all the way to the waist.

  1. Royal Braided Updo

Do you fancy being a beautiful princess wearing a royal crown? The box braid crown is the culmination of intricate twisting using poetic justice braids. Unlike half-updos, this hairstyle does not contain other braided lengths to hang loosely, but rather just a huge royal braid sitting in the entire area of the head top in all glory!

  1. Unique and Scintillating Blonde Braids

If Beyonce pulled off this hairstyle in 2001, you could at least give it a try, more so that the blonde braids is back, just as it did many times since 2001. This just show the variety of the poetic justice braids, and considering that the option we are referring to covers only the area of hair color. There is no restriction to the preference of hair extension shade and even blonde extension on black natural hair is possible. The option obviates hair bleaching which is tedious and can cause damage to the hair. Of course the hairstyle installation is critical and Beyonce’s style consisted of thin braids formed into a half updo.

  1. Lengthy Light Brown Braids

Alicia Keys always excites her fans with all sorts of braid styles in her public appearances, and it never fails to keep them on their toes in anticipation of her new braided hairstyle, which she is so fond of. She wore this long, light brown poetic justice braids in a 2002 concert, without realizing the impact to audiences who never forgot the hairstyle until today. Her fans tried to emulate her look, including the hat she wore with swag. The light brown artificial extension fully covered her black natural hair but looked natural as if they were simply bleached.

  1. Poetic Justice Braids with Medium Length and Small Braids

This fun hairstyle contains queer pig tail-like formations, but is actually pig tail twists or twirls to some. In any case, wearing your short Poetic Justice braids with this cute twirls should not totally overshadow the crafty box braiding of the entire hair. The thin braiding is fabulous making the choice of where to part the hair almost unsubstantial.

  1. Awesome Bow Updo

The hairstyle looks difficult to achieve, but the bow updo is doable with some practice. It’s like throwing the thin braided medium length of hair into a ponytail that is loose and then separating the heap of hair into three and using the middle section to tie the two remaining sections, like a knot. This is just one of the hundreds of possibilities with Poetic Justice Braids that can bring out your inner diva just like it did with Lady Gaga.

  1. Poetic Justice Braids with a Twisted Half Updo

This modern box braid with Poetic Justice look with the relatively novel twisted configuration is a thing of beauty to behold.  The thin braids and side part are customary, but after that everything is random as the braids are twisted in all directions intuitively.

  1. Poetic Justice Braids with Short Length

Whoever thought that the short Poetic Justice braids is a beautiful possibility? Just because Beyonce wore then elegantly long and free does not mean that the possibility for this hairstyle is limited by hair length. The short variant, with thin and elegant braid simply looks perfect and neat with the braids pulled back downwards starting from the front hairline. This hairstyle is not only less stressful but also cool and refreshing for the summer.

Great Poetic Justice Braids Tutorials that will Enlighten You

Hairstyle tutorials can be enlightening and sometimes even inspiring. Get encouraged with these simple to understand and execute Poetic Justice braids tutorials.

  1. How to Do the Poetic Justice Braids

Step 1: Wrap the artificial jumbo braid around your natural hair. The extensions add volume and length to the hair while protecting the hair against stress and sun exposure.

Step 2: Use water to assist in braiding the combined artificial and natural hair. The water reduces the friction between natural and artificial hair during braiding. At the same time, water facilitates the braiding.

Step 3: Upon finishing a few turns, divide the natural hair into two and also one of the jumbo braid legs into two.

Step 4: Form three legs with what you now have. One should consist of only natural hair, while the other two should be a combination of half jumbo braids and half natural hair. Combine these three legs. This is a preparatory procedure prior to braiding.

Step 5: Go on with your braiding past the natural hair, to the desired hair length.

Step 6: Decide around the area where you want your hair end to be and wrap it with a small section of the jumbo braid that you picked.

Step 7: Cut away any excess hair end at a slight angle.

Step 8: Use a lighter to carefully touch the end of the braid with open flame.

Step 9: Quickly remove the flame when you feel that you have already successfully sealed the hair end. Roll and smooth the hair end, Do this with all the remaining hair ends.

  1. How to Do the Poetic Justice Braids Half Updo

Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite safe shampoo and deeply condition them. Conditioning is crucial because Poetic Justice braids will stay long and your hair should have a reserve of moisture and nutrients.

Step 2: After the hair has dried, section it into four different parts. Each section should also have four and even straight squares of hair strands. Use clips to hold each section in place.

Step 3: Take a pinch of hair from the first section, which will now be your standard thickness for the next step, which is braiding.

Step 4: Braid your hair from the first pinch by taking tree strands of hair and crossing the left strand under the middle strand. Then, put the right strand also under the middle strand.

Step 5: Proceed with braiding the entire hair, section by section, from top to bottom or hair root to hair ends. Use rubber band to secure the hair and keep them from coming out.

Step 6: After the entire hair has been braided, divide it into three equal parts, two sides and one middle part. Raise the middle part upwards to form a bun, while leaving the remaining two sides hanging loose. This hair configuration gives you what is called the Poetic Justice Braids half updo.

2 Must Wear Trendy Poetic Justice Braids for this Year

  • High Ponytail Poetic Justice Braids

This sassy ponytail placed sky-high on the head is a looker and can be seen distinguishably even from a distance. With all those thick braid ends neatly tucked and looking fierce yet elegant, the high ponytail is more powerful than cute.

06/24/2011 – Solange Knowles – Solange Knowles 25th Birthday Celebration at Lavo Nightclub in Las Vegas on June 24, 2011 – Lavo Nightclub at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV, USA – Keywords: 1/2 length shot, ring, rings, beige and tan dress, pulled back long wavy braided black hair, updo, earrings, jewelry Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: PRN / PR Photos – Contact (1-866-551-7827) – Portrait Face Count: 1

  • Super Long Poetic Justice Braids

They described Solange as having a hair from head to knee. What the hair experts and fans were referring to was her iconic Poetic Justice braids hairstyle that left an indelible mark in the memory of people who viewed it. If you want to copy this hairstyle, be advised that longer braids especially of this length will take longer time to insert and would require more maintenance. However, the rewards are gratifying especially if you feel like being Solange without the magnificent voice!

Celebrities that Swear by the Poetic Justice Braids

  1. Janet Damita Jo Jackson

She is Janet Jackson of the celebrity world and to her millions of adoring fans. As an accomplished American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer, she loomed as a prominent pop culture star for over 30 years. Her music is sonically innovative makes her distinct as well as socially conscious and sexually provocative records. She may be often compared to her Jackson family members, but set that aside and made a name for herself in her chosen career. Her reputation though as a Jackson, was her own stepping stone to show business, when she first appeared in television via the series The Jacksons in 1976. She followed this up with a string of other television series, until she tasted her first musical success, when in 1991 she signed a multi-million dollar contract with Virgin Records that established her as one of the industry’s highest paid artists. Her musical accolades later included: Billboard Top 100 singers of All-Time, Top 50 R&B/ Hip-hop Artist of the Last 25 Years and many more

Her 1993 movie, Poetic Justice, provided her the platform to shine as an actress to her movie-going fans and as a hairstyle icon to her hair enthusiast fans. The scenes in the movies showcased her distinctly styled box braids that they were later named Poetic Justice braids. The hairstyle became overly popular, that until today, it is continued to be revived by various celebrity figures. In 2013, Janet herself, made minor ripples wearing the hairstyle during the Milan Fashion Week, wearing them high and combined with a ponytail. This just proves that she has elevated the hairstyle into a timeless classic.

  1. Solange

Solange Knowles is an American singer, songwriter, model and actress, who despite her gifted innate talent and versatility, still has to work hard to hone them, if only to hurdle the shadow of her older and iconic celebrity sister, Beyonce. Solange was once quoted, as saying that, she and her sister, Beyonce, have different aspirations and they are both musically different. To prove her point, she tried to make a name for herself inmany fields including singing, nodelling, acting and dancing among others. She was a backup dancer and later lead singer, for the R&B group, Destiny’s Child. She wrote songs for Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams. Her minor acting credits include appearing in Bring It On: All or Nothing. But in was in music where she made the most impact, money, and fame. She became a recipient of the highest award in the music industry, the Best R&B Performance Grammy Award, for her hit single “Cranes in the Sky”.

Her moments did not end there, but in the area of hairstyling also. Miss Solo, in the tradition of passing of the torch, became the new face of the Poetic Justice braids. She not only successfully revived it revived it, but also infused her own style and modifications. The knee length style was her staple but she also made an excellent account of herself in a bun, ponytail or with a scarf. Who knows, she might be next seen wearing a braided crown.


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