125 Icy White Platinum Hair (Color Ideas and Tips)


Sometimes it feels like everywhere you turn to, you end up hearing about or seeing a celebrity who has dyed their hair in a brilliant platinum blonde color. This color is often present in most Hollywood celebrities’ hairstyles. Platinum blonde hair has had a rich and golden history (pun not intended), starting off with 1930s stars like Jean Harlow (there’s a good reason why she was known as ‘the original blonde bombshell’!), to Marilyn Monroe, to legendary female rockers like Blondie singer Debbie Harry. Indeed, the platinum hair color has truly withstood the test of time, giving anyone who has worn it a cool, calm, and calculated demeanor. Especially with the hair climate nowadays, involving rainbow colors like mermaid hair, kaleidoscopic hair, and ombres, having platinum hair is practically similar to wearing a palette cleanser that screams ‘hip, yet minimalist’. It’s not easy to maintain a platinum hair color, but the results are always worth it in the end.

So many people want to try out this shade of hair. Even though you can practically find blondes – Both natural and dyed – In nearly every part of the world – At least two percent of the entire world population remain natural blondes throughout their adult life. The reason why people have light hair connects to the body’s own synthesis of Vitamin D.

Having naturally blonde hair and pale skin lets the sunlight create twice the amount of Vitamin D in our bodies. This is the reason why Europe has a high percentage of natural blondes compared to other regions like North America or even Australia – Because there’s not much sunlight to go around. But if you’re ready and willing to take your hair to a brighter blonde shade, then be sure to consult with your hairstylist at first.

There’s just something about sporting a bright platinum blonde hair color which looks both cool and fashionable at the same time. So it’s not exactly surprising as to why this metallic hair color is now considered to be one of the best-known hair and beauty trends at the moment. In this case, ‘platinum’ is defined as a sparkling blonde, almost white shade that suits nicely with practically any outfit out there and tends to draw in plenty of attention from people. This means that if you have platinum blonde hair, that is how people will remember you by. And because obviously people would want to be remembered for all of the right reasons, it’s always great for you to acquire a platinum blonde hair color in the best way possible.

Should You Dye Your Platinum Hair Blonde?

  • The thought of willingly dying your hair in a platinum blonde shade can create so many images, ranging from the faintest blonde highlights, to a full head of bleached blonde hair. But no matter if you desire to switch to a more daring platinum blonde color from a much darker natural shade or if you just want to brighten up your already-blonde tresses, then the best hairstylists out there can respond to your questions and help you with your dilemma.
  • There are dozens of various shades of blonde which you can pick to dye your hair. They could go from pale, almost light grey or white platinum, to applying several streaks of blonde over a darker base color. Every shade of blonde can actually contain several sub-shades beneath it.
  • Once you do decide to dye your hair blonde, there are many ways for you to break the usual standards for doing so. No matter which shade you plan to go for, keep in mind that one of the important things you have to do when you dye your hair blonde is to make a consultation with your stylist. An excellent stylist knows just how to dye a person’s hair in any shade imaginable, and can save you the grief of a terrible outcome.
  • Going platinum blonde isn’t exactly a foreign concept, but there are dozens of celebrities out there – Most of them being natural brunettes – Have been acquiring a much more dramatic icy-blonde makeover these past few years.
  • However, going from black or brown to a bright blonde isn’t as easy as you might think. First off, despite getting your hair professionally done, your hair will still get slightly damaged in the process. Since switching to platinum blonde entails two rounds of bleaching your locks – Or possibly a third or even fourth bleaching session, depending on your hair’s reaction to the bleach – It gives off more damage to your hair compared to the regular blonde highlights or dye. Apart from physically preparing your hair, there’s also the issue of facing a brand new look.

Hot Styles of Platinum Hair This 2018

Since platinum blonde is a highly stylish hue, your hair would still look effortlessly great no matter what you choose to wear. So if you want to wear those platinum blonde locks, then go ahead – Nobody’s stopping you. You can find so many pictures of the hairstyle of your dreams when you browse through social media sites or fashion websites.

  • Babylights Platinum Hair For Women – This is a type of low-maintenance platinum hairdo. You can include a bit of shadowy effect to your roots, all the while keeping it in a stunning platinum blonde color. When you leave some of your real hair color on the roots or have it surround your face for a bit, then platinum makes a much more flattering shade, and you can make it work on either lighter or medium-colored shades.
  • Platinum Pixie Hair – Short locks also complement platinum blonde hair very nicely since the shade is light enough to show off all of the sharp cuts in each strand. Having a platinum pixie cut only heightens this fact, and enriches it with your own styling choices, which are so daring that you won’t even notice it at first glance.
  • Platinum Hair with Colored Highlights – If you’re currently wearing platinum blonde hair and want to find a change that isn’t too overwhelming, then simply adding blonde highlights is definitely the way to go. You can throw in several cool or warmer tones to your hair, giving it a bit of texture and lightening it up. Meanwhile, you can check out other great hairstyles which can highlight the mid-length part of your entire hair.
  • Brush Up Platinum Hair For Men – This type of platinum hairstyle can add in a bit of a dramatic flair and even throw in a bit of weight to the hairstyle overall. This is a style that screams ‘sophistication’. The general length of your hair, if you want to wear this kind of hairstyle, must go up to over three inches, while the top must be a bit on the shorter side. With the help of a brush, you could style the hair in an upwards direction, while trimming the back and the sides with a pair of scissors.
  • Slick Back Platinum Hair for Men – After you have dyed your hair platinum or have gotten platinum highlights, you can choose to slick it back to create a classic hairstyle. Using the best kind of hairstyling products or a good brush is always the key to achieve this kind of hair. If you want, you could choose to do the bleaching at home, and use the comb to push back your hair in a repetitive motion. Or you could just go and see your barber to find the best kind of platinum bleached hairdo that fits you.

Guide Your Way To Gorgeous Platinum Hair

There are actually two methods for you to give your platinum hair that lovely color – The first one is the DIY method, and the other one is getting it done by a professional hairdresser. Even though the very first option is always the popular choice since it’s done in the comfort of your own home, visiting the salon to bleach your hair can actually help you color your hair since it is done by an expert.

DIY Platinum Pixie Hair

  • You begin this process by bleaching both the back and sides of your hair, as well as the roots found on top of your head. You can do this through mixing powder bleach with the same amount of volume 30 developer. This could either measure one capful from the bucket, or use the entire packet, if you want. To create finer or lighter hair, you can use up to 20 volume. You can also rub in some coconut oil into your hair before applying the bleach, since it lessens damage.
  • Leave the bleach on for about an hour. If you’re planning to touch up on your roots, make sure to avoid applying the same formula on hair that’s already blonde, to avoid further damage. One thing you should remember here is that bleach tends to hurt or irritate your scalp a little bit and give you chemical burns. If you can’t deal with the pain, just rinse it off right away. It’s always not a good idea to hurt yourself for the sake of styling your hair. And wear old clothes while you get that bleach job, since it can and will ruin your clothes. The same applies for hair toner.
  • Shampoo out the first round of bleach. Then, bleach your hair again to make the color seem as light as possible before you move on towards the toning process. You need to wait for a couple of hours in between bleaching sessions (at least one week, at the longest) so you won’t damage your hair.
  • Place in some toner after you shampoo and rinse out the bleach. Do not put in conditioner. If you already have blonde hair before bleaching, you can move on straight to the toning process to remove any warm hues that your hair already has.
  • Combine a portion of the toner with two portions of 20 volume developer and place it all across your damp and towel-dried hair. Leave the towel on for at least 40 minutes, then rinse it out and condition your hair. Keep in mind that the toner hurts a bit more compared to the bleach. Once again – If the toner is a bit painful to the scalp, you can just choose to rinse it off immediately, rather than giving your poor scalp a chemical burn. If the toner doesn’t remove the brassiness from your hair, then wait for one or two weeks before applying the toner to your hair. Make sure to use dark purple shampoo to counteract the brass color. Also See:

DIY Brush Up Platinum For Men

  • Using this type of hairstyle, you can show off the hair above your head in a messy fashion. Here, both the sides and the back is cut short, using either a taper, a fade, or an undercut.
  • The hair found on the top of your head, meanwhile, must measure at least two up to four inches long. Despite that though, this hairstyle works with either long or shorter hair (roughly 1.5 to 4.5 inches). Four inches should be the perfect length here.
  • Begin by applying pomade, gel, hair wax or mousse to your damp platinum blonde locks. You might want to apply a good amount of wax on your hair first to test it out. Do some experiments so you can find out just how much product you will need for your hair.
  • While you put the product on, you can style your hair and have it go upwards. Try to style your hair as if you’re putting it in spikes. However, make the whole thing undefined and messy. You can style your hair with the help of a brush, a comb, or just your hands.
  • Take your hair dryer and place it at your bangs. Use a brush or your fingers to style your hair in an upwards direction. The air coming from the dryer, as well as the lift that comes from your fingers or your brush, will give off the main brush up look.
  • And once you’re done fixing your bangs, you can gradually move on to fixing your hair on the top of your head. Go in a backwards direction and repeat the lifting motions as you focus the hair dryer’s air into the one you’re styling. Keep doing this until you have achieved a brushed-up hairdo.

The Right Hairtypes For A Platinum Hair

For Thin Hair

  • Platinum Balayage Bob

Having platinum blonde hair could be either a hit or miss look for certain people, but once you style everything correctly, much like this balayage bob, then this means you’ll achieve huge success with it. This is the best kind of hairstyle to use if you have thin or fine hair, because it’s so easy to incorporate volume into it. And before you even know it, you’ll have a head of gorgeous and fun platinum locks to wear during the summer season. This is the type of hairstyle that could either look edgy or sweet, depending on what type of outfit you choose to pair it up with.

For Thick Hair

  • Brush Up Platinum Hair For Men

This is the type of brush-up hairstyle for guys who currently have thick platinum hair. This is where you lift up your locks and comb them over to one side, while the other sports a fade. This is an exciting hairstyle that you can match with all sorts of outfits, even formal ones. This haircut is also the best for both wavy or straight hair. If you currently have curly locks, then you won’t have a difficult time achieving this look with a brush or comb.

Celebrities Who Have Worn Platinum Hair

1.Justin Bieber – The Canadian heartthrob’s platinum blonde hair is one of the many things his loyal Beliebers love to talk about, purely because it’s one of his trademarks – Not to mention it’s got a distinct look to it. Through the years, Justin has tried out so many different hairstyles and colors, but whenever he goes back to platinum blonde, it becomes a subject of discussion. Even though there are many reasons for this, everyone can all agree that Justin looks good with blonde hair and gives him lots of styling options as well. He first debuted this particular hairdo during a performance at The Today Show.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence – The ‘Hunger Games’ star officially premiered her platinum hairdo during an event in Las Vegas, sporting a look which bordered on light gray. She’s one of the few celebrities who could make the short platinum bob look very fancy. J-Law has actually been going blonder and blonder through the years, and the platinum suits her perfectly.
  2. Lady Gaga – Gaga has always worn platinum blonde locks ever since she first stepped into the spotlight back in the late 2000s. Even though she is actually a natural brunette, the ‘Million Reasons’ singer has rarely separated herself from her blonde hair, no matter which style she decides to go with for her new music. A good example is when she sported icy-white locks at the 2016 Oscars.


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