155 Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend


Calling your boyfriend some cute nickname is a good way to jumpstart your relationship. Endearing nicknames work like a constant reminder that your boyfriend is the most important person in your life now. They help both of you distinguish each other from a sea of people. For instance, when you are in this crowded place and you’re trying to look for each other. You just have to shout a nickname and voila, your boyfriend is coming your way. Besides, don’t you like it when you call your boyfie “bebe” in public and then he immediately looks for you because he knows you were the one calling him? or don’t you feel special just by knowing that you are the only “munchkin” of his life?

Finding nicknames that will work for you can be challenging. So, our task today is to help you sort the best and cutest nicknames you can call your lover. Remember, there is nothing cheesy about calling your lover a nickname if that’s the only way he would feel special and secured of your love.

It’s a Lovers Thing

He’s your boyfriend and your full-time lover. So, why not call him that in a quirky and unique way? Here are some suggestions that may work for you:

  1. Love

Because he’s your one and only love, why not call him “love”? Plus, calling him “love” is like hitting two birds with one stone. You’re not just able to call him a cute nickname. You also sort of reminded him that you love him always.

  1. Lovey

If “love” seems generic for you, try its cuter version, “lovey”. Who knows, you can be lovey dovey after that? Lol.

  1. Mi Amor

Love knows no boundary and language. Try expressing your love to your partner by calling him “Mi Amor” which is a Spanish term that means “my love”.

  1. Mon Amour

If Spanish does not appeal to you much, try it in French. Call your boyfriend “Mon Amour” to indicate that he’s your one and only.

  1. Oppa

If you’re into K-thing and felt that you just have an “Oppa” of your own, try calling your boyfriend “Oppa”.

  1. Yobo

If you’re still into K-thing but finds “Oppa” too much or flirty and generic for you, try “Yobo” instead. “Yobo” is a Korean term which means darling. You will often hear this in Korean dramas and movies as means of endearment for lovers.

  1. Hubby

If you see that you will end up with this guy in the future, try to refer him as your “hubby” now. Of course, that should be vice versa. From now on, you should be his only “wifey”.

  1. Sweetheart

Yes, we all know this sounds so ordinary. But, what can we do if he really is your sweetheart because he has captured your heart?

  1. Heart

If you want it just one syllable, drop the sweet and call him your “heart”.

  1. Mister

If you want to be his “Mrs.” because you feel like an Angelina Jolie to Brad (before they messed up), try calling him “Mister”. This is a subtle nickname for your love since he’s a mister anyway.

Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Your Grownup Baby

Babies are the cutest bundles of joy. We do everything we can to spoil them and it really feels good to make them smile just by being silly. Our lovers like our grown-up babies. So, it’s just fitting to give them nicknames that sounded like one.

  1. Baby

Your boyfriend is your very own baby. So, why not call him the obvious?

  1. Babe

Th­­­is one is perhaps the most common nickname you will ever heard of. Lovers use this because it’s very easy to say and sounded sweet and endearing. So, why not join the bandwagon?

  1. Bebe

Yes, just like the brand with a soft twang. Call him “bebe” instead of baby.

  1. Bibi

If you want to refer to your boyfriend as your “baby” but wouldn’t want to sound like the others, try “bibi” as an alternative.

  1. Bubba

If the sound of “baby” does not work for you but you still insist that he is your baby, why not call him “bubba” as another option?

  1. Baba

Did you know that in Pinyin Mandarin, what we read as baba there (as in “ba” in backbone) is read as papa? So, the nickname “baba” can have a double meaning. In short, if he’s papa, that makes you a mama. Then, you’ll live happily ever after. LOL

  1. Bubu

Just how babies would utter gibberish sounds, call your main guy your “bubu”. Also, have you noticed the pattern? The more you repeat a syllable, the cuter it gets and the more it fits for your baby.

  1. Babsy

Dictionary.com says that the suffix “sy” is used to imply a quality that is self-consciously assumed or feigned. But, in your case, you’re not assuming or feigning that he is your baby. He is indeed your baby but just a grownup one. As David Cook has sung it, he will always be your baby.

  1. Bae

If you want to say “baby” in a cool and stylish way, try to call your partner as your “bae”

  1. Moo

If you are super-duper sure that he’s the only one for you, why not call him your “moo” which stands out for “My One and Only”.

Animal Kingdom

Who says love is just for humans? The animal kingdom has its take on it too! Here are some of the cute animalistic inspired nicknames you can use to call your boyfriend:

  1. Care bear

Who doesn’t love bears, the Care Bears to be precise? I mean, just look at them. They’re so fluffy and huggable just like your boyfriend. So, if your partner is as cuddly as care bears, don’t hesitate to call him your “care bear”

  1. Lovebug

As Jonas Brothers told you, you wouldn’t have thought that you would catch a “love bug” in your current boyfie.

  1. Bee

Bees love honey. You are his honey and so he is your bee that loves you.

  1. Frog prince

Tease him a little bit. Then, refer to him as your “frog prince”, the prince who turned into a frog and then turned back into a prince again after one magical kiss.

  1. Dolphin

Dolphins are simply adorable and lovable creatures. They’re gentle and kind animals so if your main guy has an aura of gentleness in him, consider calling him as your “dolphin”

  1. Puppy

They say you can’t call a woman ‘cute’ because ‘cute’ is for puppies. But, who says you can’t refer to your man as your puppy? Yes you can because he’s as cute as puppies.

  1. Lion

This is a cute nickname for boyfriends who are brave and will do anything for love.

  1. Beast

You are a beauty and he’s your ‘beast’. Good news is you don’t have to kiss him to know that he’s the “beast” person in your life so far.

  1. Batman

If your guy is always giving you surprises and becomes more mysterious most of the time, why not call him your “batman”?

  1. Baby Shark

Sharks can be scary but the baby sharks in the hit children’s song are way too cute. If your boyfriend looks cute as those baby sharks, try calling him your “baby shark”.

Sweet Things

Love is supposed to be a sweet thing so it is just fitting to use nicknames that were inspired by sweet things such as desserts, candies and pastries.

  1. Hun

Honey is a classic sweetener and an endearing name at the same time. Although calling your partner “honey” is so in the past, you can still use this cute nickname for your lover. Hun is an option that you can try.

  1. Peanut butter

Call him “peanut butter” if you believe that he’s the peanut butter to your jelly and you’re the perfect two just like in Auburn’s song.

  1. Cupcake

If cakes are your favorite and you feel that your partner is the miniature version of your favorite pastry, call him “cupcake” to remind yourself that he is your favorite person.

  1. Pudding

Your boyfriend is your “pudding” if he satisfies your “sweet”-ness cravings.

  1. Gummy bear

If your boyfriend is so adorable and sweet, why not call him your “gummy bear”?

  1. Jelly Bean

When your boyfriend is always jealous of the other guys around you, give him “jelly bean” as his nickname. On other note, jelly beans are eye candies too. So, if the mere sight of your partner makes you relaxed and refreshed at the same time, then he deserves to be the “jelly bean” in your life.

  1. Muffin

If cupcakes don’t work for you, try to refer him as your “muffin”

  1. Sweetie Pie

This one is one of the tried and tested endearments. Who knows this might work for you too?

  1. Pancake

Call him your “pancake” if he’s the first thing you would want in the morning.

  1. Waffle

Your boyfie is your “waffle” because you  always say: “wa-FALL” in love with you always in all ways. That sounded cheesy but hey, it’s all for love!

Make it Personal

The good thing about love is that it’s personal. So, you can express it in different ways. If calling the above nicknames doesn’t suit your relationship and personalities, why not personalize your terms of endearment? For example, you may call him as one of your favorite things below. He is your favorite person anyway!

  1. Pumpkin

Pumpkins are healthy and delicious vegetables. If you love pumpkins so much, try calling your guy “pumpkin” because you love him as much.

  1. Buttercup

Did you know that buttercups are actually flowers and not some kind of food? Why not call your main man your “buttercup” if flowers play a special part of your heart?

  1. Baby Ruth

If Baby Ruth chocolates are your faves, consider letting your man know that he is your favorite too by calling him your “Baby Ruth”

  1. Raisins

If you can’t get enough of those black round thing, why not call your boyfriend as your “raisin”? On other note, raisin sounds like rays so that might make you the rays of sunshine in his life.

  1. Oreo

Oreo is not just a household brand. It can also be a sweet and cute nickname for your boyfriend.

  1. Sweet bacon

While you can’t always have a sweet bacon every day, you can always refer to your very own “sweet bacon” when you need someone to talk to.

  1. Apple

Because an apple a day chase the doctor and so is your boyfriend who chases the bad things away.

  1. Cookie bear

These are two things wrapped in one package. Who wouldn’t want to be called a “cookie” or a “bear” if those meant a lot for the person you love.

  1. Ice cream

Call him “Ice Cream” if these are your favorites and you can’t help but melt like an ice cream every time he stares at you.

  1. Kitkat

Refer to him as your “Kitkat” if you feel that you’re on a break when he’s around. In a world where everything seems to be busy and complicated, your boyfriend or partner should play as your oasis or comfort zone.

Romantic relationships are one of the best things to experience in the world. It is always great to find out that someone loves you as much as you love him. It’s also nice to hear the words “I Love You” from another person who’s not a family to you. But, you don’t actually have to say the magic three words all the time to express your love. Calling your partner with cute nicknames can already do the trick. These nicknames express how much you love each other and somehow create a secret bond for you. If you’re just in the early stages of the love game, using cute nicknames is a good start.


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