70 Best Neck Tattoo Designs for Men and Women


Tattoos are a form of art that people have been using for so many different reasons, ever since the beginning of time. Throughout the centuries, a tattoo has worked as a symbol of either a high ranking, a person’s rights, a religious or spiritual symbol, an award for bravery, or even something to ward off evil spirits and keep one safe from harm. On the other hand, a tattoo has also been used as a sign for slavery, for being an outcast, for being a convict, and as a form of punishment. Tattoos are a commonly-used body art that looks beautiful.

For the past couple of decades, tattoos have been frequently associated with groups or gangs that strike fear into hearts of many. But beginning from the late 80s, the reputation of having a tattoo slowly changed from becoming a symbol of social deviance, to a form of expressing one’s self. The whole process was aided thanks to the popularity of body art amongst celebrities, including athletes, singers, musicians, and actors. In the UK, at least one out of every five men sports a tattoo.

A poll was recently released which states that at least forty percent of Americans live with someone who wears a tattoo, jumping up from 21 percent from more than a decade ago. According to Forbes magazine, tattoos have now slowly become to be ‘increasingly unproblematic’, even in workplaces. But despite all that, there are still certain work areas in which tattoos and individuals who wear them aren’t wholly welcomed yet – Especially the ones on your neck, your head, and the face. Coming from a rather ethical point of view, plenty of professional tattoo artists out there don’t usually recommend facial or neck tattoos to their client, especially since it places a possible job offer and the client’s future at risk – Especially if they happen to have more than one tattoo.

In 2011, at least 31 percent of employers from across the US have mentioned that talking to a potential employee with a highly visible tattoo would lessen the possibility of them getting hired or promoted.

A person’s neck has got to be one of the most visible parts of the entire body. Neck tattoos look great on both women and men, especially since a neck is a flat canvas and these tattoo artists could get creative with the tattoo design. There are dozens of neck tattoo designs that you can think off in regards to this situation. Oftentimes, girls who sport neck tattoos get cute patterns to go along with it. Meanwhile, men who have neck tattoos often opt for religious icons or tribal-style tattoos.

Sporting a neck tattoo gives people a sense of your personality, since it’s the first thing that people will notice upon meeting you. Of course, a first impression always lasts forever. You can still get that neck tattoo of yours and have a respectable image at the same time by seriously considering the design of your tattoo for your neck. For instance, elegant tattoos may make you look classy, while a neck tattoo carrying an abstract pattern gives off a modern look and feel.

Some of the best neck tattoo designs can be seen on the part of the body right underneath the collarbones and your chin. Even though this particular area isn’t really a popular tattoo spot compared to the side or back of your neck, it’s slowly growing in popularity as well. Plenty of tattoos seen by a person’s neck are either positioned on the sides or at the back.

Both men and women enjoy getting neck tattoos. For the ladies, tattoos of their choice are much more inclined towards gracefulness and artistic beauty. Meanwhile, men like to have strong, bolder designs for their tattoos. In fact, not a lot of guys choose to get tattoos on their necks since they prefer bigger designs on their arms, legs, back, and shoulders.

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Types of Neck Tattoo Designs       

     Neck tattoos require loads of time and commitment. These are definitely not for beginners. It doesn’t matter what your clothing choices are – It’s a tattoo that will show up under any circumstances. Depending on the type of work environment you’re in, getting a neck tattoo isn’t exactly the best choice for many people. That’s because your neck is a visible part of your body, so make sure that you’re ready to take on that level of commitment. Aside from that though, you also have to think of the different ways that it can potentially affect your personal style. Women, especially, are fond of decorating their necks with sparkly jewelry, so this simple hobby could be hard if you have a neck tattoo. There’s no reason to wear big necklaces around your neck if you have a tattoo there.

But if you’re simply not the type of person who enjoys donning on jewelry, then getting a neck tattoo might not affect your life that much. In fact, women who have neck tattoos have considered them to be their own set of jewelry, which they can wear wherever they go. A neck tattoo is also perhaps the best way for you to look great in your own way. If you’re the type of person who enjoys looking and feeling different from the rest of your peers, then a neck tattoo might just do the trick. But neck tattoos aren’t just limited to women: So many men have worn neck tattoos as well.

  • Star Neck Tattoo: This neck tattoo design is both simple and small. There isn’t any large commitment here in regards to a neck tattoo comprised of a bunch of tiny stars. People who get star-themed neck tattoos usually place them behind their ears, so it’s not too big of a commitment for those who get it. Stars are actually a very popular neck tattoo subject. Stars often have simple outlines, which is perfect for those who want a tiny tattoo.
  • The Fiery Heart: Hearts are usually large neck tattoos that also stand out against your skin color. Try getting a heart neck tattoo with a bright orange or pink hue if you want to find a good design with striking colors.
  • Flower Neck Tattoo: This is a rather ambitious and big design when it comes to tattoo options, but flowers always look beautiful. The colors used for flower tattoos range from bold to subtle, and can either catch attention or go unnoticed, depending on the final design.
  • Full Neck Tattoos: The entire neck – And certain areas of your shoulders and even the chest area, are literally filled with tattoos. Unlike most of the tattoos on this list, a full neck tattoo is a pretty huge commitment and one that carries plenty of designs. The look of your full neck tattoo should have a personal meaning for you if you’re going to get this design.

Religious Neck Tattoos: A neck tattoo carrying a religious theme is a good idea, especially if it’s in the back of your neck. They’re also a very common theme in regards to neck tattoo designs. Some of the best religious tattoo designs that suit the back of your neck include praying hands, the crucifix, and a pair of angel wings.

Meaning of Neck Tattoos                               

Even though you can get pretty much any portion of your body tattooed, there are just some spots on your body where your ink looks so much better than anywhere else, and this is the reason why people decide to get inked at these areas. One of these areas is the neck – Or the back of the neck.

The backside of a person’s neck is one of the best spots to get a tattoo – Because it’s easily seen by many, and you can cover it up at the same time with a turtleneck or a scarf. Getting a tattoo in these places actually doesn’t hurt much compared to your ribs or your spine. But despite the fact that it’s a pretty nice place for you to get your tattoo ,you still need to select a good design if you want it to look great. There are so many options when it comes to picking designs for your neck tattoos.

A neck tattoo can reveal plenty of things about the wearer. Both the sides and the front of your neck can be seen easily, and you should seriously think twice if you want to get a neck tattoo, especially if you want to have a serious career like working in a bank or in a law firm. There’s a possibility that you may not get hired for a job if you have a large and very visible tattoo. However, tattoos are definitely okay if you’re planning to pursue a career in the arts, or if they are a way for you to express your personality.

Tattoos found on your neck always means that you are willing to take risks and make the most daring choices. The neck is found in a spot that is 99 percent exposed, no matter what kind of clothing you put on. And for some people, necks are a very sensitive and vulnerable spot, so getting a tattoo there could be slightly painful. Meanwhile, the pictures utilized for a neck tattoo design will always depend on your own preferences, but the most common ones include the name of a loved one, flowers, a religious icon, stars, or a heart.

Ideal Placement for Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are a type of tattoo that you can see on certain parts of the body, beginning from right below the chin, extending down towards the collarbone. Even though this spot has dropped in popularity recently for areas where to get a tattoo, especially compared to areas like arms and legs, so many people still prefer to get inked here. Plenty of tattoos found on your neck are positioned on either the back (also known as the nape), as well as the sides (right across the jawbone).

Contrary to side and back tattoos, a frontal neck tattoo is not exactly for the faint of heart – That’s because the front of your neck is always on display, no matter what.

Back in the day, neck tattoos were only reserved for the daring. Some brave women choose to go for a neck tattoo when getting their very first ink, since their long hair can cover it up if they’re not willing to show it off. People who do get tattoos on their neck aren’t exactly concerned, or simply just don’t care, about the first impressions that they give off to whoever they meet.

As mentioned, a neck tattoo can easily be seen, and if you do choose to get inked in this place, then everyone can see your design no matter what.

Placing a tattoo at the base of your neck, or a tiny one behind your ear could be difficult to hide especially at work. But a tattoo beneath your chin, or something that’s big enough at the side of your neck could be hidden with several layers of concealer, and a good makeup artist.

Keep in mind that even though tattoos are now slowly being accepted by society, an employer will still scrutinize you for having them and you could lose the job or career that you want just because of how you look. But it doesn’t really matter if you choose to get yourself a tattoo on your neck or anywhere else on your body, they still look amazing in general.

Neck Tattoo Preparation Tips

Make sure that you’re physically ready to take on this task, especially after you have booked your appointment. Keep yourself hydrated – Drink plenty of water at least a couple of hours before the tattooing session begins, to avoid feeling thirsty and dehydrated. The amount of water you need to drink all depends on your body. Although it’s always great to drink the usual eight glasses, sometimes the body needs more than that, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking plenty of water before getting a tattoo is always a good thing since your skin will be well-hydrated and in perfect condition. The surface of your skin will absorb the ink easily, and this makes putting on the tattoo so much easier compared to dried, dehydrated skin.

To reduce the amount of bleeding while getting your tattoo, make sure to avoid products that could thin out your blood at least one day before the session begins. Meaning that you shouldn’t drink alcohol before getting a tattoo done. Do not drink aspirin either since it’s also known to be a blood thinner. Your tattoo will bleed heavily if you thin out your blood.

Wear some really comfortable clothes. Depending on how big your tattoo may be, you could stay inside the shop for several hours, so might as well put on a comfy outfit since you’ll be dealing with pain during the whole process. And not only should you wear comfortable clothes, they should also be loose as well, so your artist will be able to easily access the spot where you put the tattoo in.

Pain To Expect While Getting Your Neck Tattoos

Acquiring a brand new tattoo could actually serve to irritate your skin than feel a bit of pain. There are many reasons for this – Even the amount of anxiety and your current state of mind can help numb or lessen the pain. Making that big choice of getting yourself tattooed on the face or neck must be thought of carefully, and you need to get your own skin care regimen too, especially since the skin surrounding your neck and your face is prone to sun damage and can age very quickly. Placing a tattoo on your neck is very important and should be done by a professional tattoo artist.

Another thing to remember when it comes to neck tattoos is that they do tend to hurt more compared to getting them in other portions of the body. There’s a good reason why this is so – The skin on the back of your neck is thinner compared to other parts, and it’s much closer to your neck bones. There’s not much fat found in there either, so as a result, the pain that you feel here is twice as intense. But this will also depend on your own tolerance for pain.

It also takes a while for your neck tattoo to heal up, compared to arm tattoos, back tattoos, or leg tattoos. Fabrics have the tendency to rub on this spot of the body. And not only that, it’s a mobile part of the body as well. The skin of your neck constantly moves and is also touched, creating plenty of friction. This will take a while for the new tattoo to heal up. A tattoo found in your neck can take up to a month to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Neck Tattoos

  • Can you get a tattoo on your hands, head, neck, or finger?

Each skilled tattooist out there has their own set of preferences on which areas they’re willing to draw on. Plenty of artists actually do not recommend getting a tattoo on your neck, since much like your hands, head, and fingers, a neck tattoo is placed on an exposed part of the body and can be seen by practically everybody. There are some employers and career fields that still look down upon tattoos. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a tattoo artist isn’t going to place their artwork on that particular part of your body. They’re only selective about the whole thing regarding the person who obtains these types of tattoos.

  • Will A Neck Tattoo Affect Your Future?

If you’re still determined to get yourself a neck tattoo, then one of the first things you have to do here is to think about your future and your career. Are you planning to work in a field in which people don’t mind having tattoos? Will your neck tattoos pose a problem in case you end up switching jobs? Even though visible tattoos are usually on the verge of being declared as ‘covered’ under the terms of ‘discrimination against skin color’, body art in general is still highly ambiguous. So many employers out there want their employees to represent their brand in a dignified way. And you could lose a potential career if you don’t conceal your tattoo with some good makeup or clothes.

  • How Old Should You Be To Get A Tattoo?

It’s not exactly legal for people under eighteen to get themselves a tattoo. Apart from the fact that there’s a mandatory minimum age required by law, the artists themselves have every single right to refuse to give their clients a tattoo. Clients of a tattoo shop must be above eighteen years of age, and should carry a valid ID.

  • Can You Handle The Pain?

One of the very last things to think about before getting your own neck tattoo is whether you’ll be able to take the pain. Your neck contains plenty of nerve receptors. Also, having a needle placed in your neck makes it a bit of a challenge to breathe properly while getting tattooed. And if you back out halfway through, you’ll end up with an unfinished one, or worse – A horrible-looking tattoo. This could be very bad because as mentioned – The neck is seen by everyone.

  • Can I Bring My Own Design?

The artist always allows their clients to bring in their own artwork, or ideas and inspirations, which they can use to create your very own customized tattoo. Customized tattoos are created with the client in mind. They were all built to suit each client’s personal taste, as well as the shape of their body. An artist knows that the tattoo belongs to their client and won’t give the design to anyone else, although there might be some instances in which the artist would rework on your ideas based on their final looks as a tattoo. A customized tattoo always needs a deposit, as well as enough time for the artist to work their magic. The time needed to customize your own tattoo all depends on the detailing and the size of the piece, along with the artist’s availability. After the artist has finished creating your own tattoo, they will rework it until you’re content with the look. The deposit will then be applied to the final session and cost of your tattoo. If you decide to not get a tattoo and cancel your appointment without informing the artist, then the deposit will be charged to a drawing fee.

Average Cost Of Getting Neck Tattoos                          

The positioning of the tattoo on your body actually does play a key role without finalizing the tattoo’s costs. Artists who have enough experience in tattooing have always made it clear regarding which body part is the best place to put a tattoo on, or the opposite. Usually getting a tattoo on your lower back, your neck, the chest/breast area, the inner biceps, the ribs, the face, and the hands cost more.

Tattoos aren’t exactly cheap, unless you decide to go for a henna version. The pricing becomes very expensive if you also go for a bigger tattoo. The longer the time it takes for the artist to complete your tattoo, the bigger the final price might be. And instead of charging by the hour, there will be some tattoo artists out there who will charge with each tattoo.

Even the best, the most famous, and the most experienced artists  don’t give their clients an exact price for their artwork, until you pick the final outcome of the tattoo for your body. So one of the best ways to learn about the exact pricing here is to choose a design that’s best for you, where you want to put it, then show it to the artist and ask an estimate for the final pricing.

Neck Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Every tattoo artist has their own list of dos and don’ts about what type of soap or moisturizer you need to use, to keep your tattoo looking as good as new. These are just some of the recommendations:

An alcohol-free ointment , or coconut oil also works wonders. They also highly suggest purchasing tattoo-specific relief creams (you can find these in most tattoo shops as well). Moisturizers that have shea butter and cocoa butter are also great for keeping tattoos neat.

Do not use any soaps or lotions with scents or alcohol in them. That’s because they contain some very harsh chemicals which can irritate your wounds and possibly infect your tattoo. And as much as possible, do not use sunscreen on your new ink until it’s completely healed up. This can clog your skin’s pores and trap in germs and bacteria.


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