70+ Name Tattoos to Guide You in Your Soul Searching Journey


All the name tattoo designs available and already inked appeared to be used as tribute for loved ones. When you first heard of someone tattooing his or her lover’s name on skin, didn’t you think it’s a romantic idea? Or, when cool and modern parents inked their children’s name on their bodies? Those are all touchy reasons for people to get different tattoo designs that incorporate names.

When you think about it, picking a lettering tattoo is actually much harder than choosing a regular one. A person’s value in your life can change, so would you risk it just for the fun? Many people say a name tattoo that no longer represents anything positive can easily be covered with another one. If that’s always an option, then why not live the moment to the fullest and go for it?

The role of the person whose name you want to get inked can differ. In this case, you can add other small symbols to the lettering to highlight the type of relationship or bond you have with him or her. Examples in this regard are flowers, hearts, rings, butterflies, crowns, arrows, splashes of colors, stars and many more.

Usually black and white, name tattoo designs can also look cheerful and brightly colored. In addition, they can be calligraphy inked or using other different fonts that are totally up to you. As you will further see, people choose designs that are easy to read or even Arabic characters to hide their meaning.

Among the most popular body parts chosen for a name tattoo are wrists, forearms, ankles, feet and necks. Would you like to see your tattoo all the time or wear it in an area that you can’t see without a mirror? This is an important question to ask yourself before getting any tattoo.

Since name tattoo designs are mainly small sized, the level of pain expected is not high. The longer a tattoo takes to ink, the more painful it becomes. So, no worries on this side! Pricing shouldn’t be too high either. However, remember to always pay more for quality rather than less for quantity!

You give pieces of your soul to people dear to you, so why not reserve pieces of your skin to tattoo their name on?

  1. Headings

    Yanilca is her king

What an easy and beautiful way to express someone’s meaning! Just by adding a crown by a name you can call that person queen or king. The small crown tattoo is accompanied by calligraphic writing.

2. Meraki and beautiful dot work

A rather new name tattoo design, this one includes dot work as a tattooing technique. The dots nicely form the infinity sign. This tattoo contains no shading work. Everything is made of dots.

3. Nadia, a queen to keep at heart

This tattoo design is meaningful on so many levels! Please observe the crown for a queen, the cross for solemnity and the chosen body part: over his heart.

4. Cursive font writes: Ava

Short and simple names are easy to ink because there’s enough space for everything. Conversely, you need a talented tattooist with a good eye vision and a lot of patience.

5. Marco’s identity inked in skin

When we are born, we are given a name that almost always stays with us our whole lives. The impact it has on our identity and the energy that it withholds can’t be ignored. The same goes with tattooing another person’s name on your body. It comes with a story, a baggage and lots of feelings.

6. Large name tattoo design on forearm

Men tend to choose larger designs that complete their masculine image. The example in the picture above speaks about this situation.

7. Lance and Autumn floating in hearts

Love is on this chick’s back with Lance and Autumn names skillfully inked. The letter decorations elongate into heart shapes.

8. Optimism and perseverance with Maddox and Tyler

Take two arrows, replace their shafts with letters, and have a meaningful name tattoo ready for you!

9. Marlow Lou in black cursive font

This stylish woman is wearing a small tattoo that reads “Marlow Lou”. Would you ever consider inking a name of a star?

10. Two black hearts and a Harrison

So tiny you could easily not notice them, those two hearts embellish the name of Harrison, who is probably a lover.

11. Personalized writing for a special name

Choosing between various fonts is definitely an option, but what if you’d ask the person whose name you want tattooed on your body to write his or her name as a design? I think this is a more personal approach and makes the other person feel even more special.

12. Teaghan and some watercolor

The name of Teaghan lies on a blanket of watercolors that have a happy aspect and flatter this person’s back.

13. Names and dates go well together

A name and a date can mean so much to a person that they are worthy of permanently being inked.

14. A galaxy of stars and names

This name is really hard to read, but what matters is the meaning it has to the person who got it. It is designed in such way that it looks like a galaxy.

15. Delicate watercolor name and flower

This tattoo won’t last long in time, but it has a delicate touch to it thanks to the pastel colors and the blooming flower.

16. Tenisha and a red rose

With thorns, leafs and bright red petals, this rose is beautifully sustaining the name Tenisha.

17. Stephanie is like a flower

Women are often compared to flowers because of their beauty, freshness, delicacy and so on. This guy though of getting a flower tattooed, a flower which doesn’t have a pedicle, but a name; Stephanie.

18. Hearth beats for family

Another way to show your love for family would be to opt for a similar tattoo like the one above. It features a heart, a heartbeat and the word family. It’s a simple tattoo, but very suggestive.

19. Hunter and Zahli forever

The symbol for infinity is often found when designing love tattoos or name tattoos. This is because everyone wants their love to last forever.

20. Kaidy and the Magical Butterflies

Pink and butterflies are girly elements that are often included in tattoo designs for women.

21. Scott and his birth date

They say kids are the best gift a person can receive on this earth. In order to really feel the change in your life, you can ink the name of your kid and his or her birth date as a very important landmark in your life.

22. Jaiden, the precious stone

The actual meaning of the name Jaiden is precious stone. One cool idea for you would be to find the meaning of the name you want inked and combine the writing with a symbol. That crown could have precious stones.

23. Wrist ink reads Joseph

As you have probably noticed, the wrist is a very popular body part where people ink lettering.

24. A bracelet of important names

The best ideas are not over yet! Take a look at this name bracelet!

25. Zahra written on a man’s hand

Although getting the tattoo itself is a nice gesture, keep in mind that the hand is a body part which you use very often, so any tattoo you get there will fade away more easily.

26. Mattia’s name on the forearm

As mentioned before, men tend to get the bigger version of any type of tattoo.

27. Karen and Micah became a pair

Wedding rings are old fashion compared to this ink! Name tattoo designs can replace wedding rings too.

28. Lily and Kate or Lily Kate

Written with no pause, this name/names is very feminine and tiny.

29. Liam earned his name in ink

How would you feel if someone got your name tattooed?

30. Carlos and a splash of watercolors

Sugar, spice and everything nice to honor Carlos.

31. Thick lettering on the forearm

A strong, manly forearm needs thick lettering to be flattered.

32. Interesting, but impossible to read

This name tattoo is interesting and it contains a star too, but it’s almost impossible to read.

33. The anchor art

The anchor art could be the name of a business or something similar that has great meaning as well.

34. The tiniest name tattoo on a wrist

This could easily pass as the tiniest name tattoo placed on someone’s wrist.

35. Lettering reads someone’s description

If not inking the name, then inking someone’s characteristics can work too. A warrior can also be a word that stands as a reminder.

36. The saved one

This word comes from French and it means the saved one.

37. No one wears a crown better than Prince

If Prince is the name of the artist we all know, then this is a fan tattoo that turned out pretty nice.

38. I rang your heart

If you feel like no name tattoo design is right for you, then you can opt for simple lettering that motivates you.

39. One adventure at a time

Getting a tattoo is always an adventure, so take them one by one.

40. Two names inked in handwriting

41. Three names on hands and finger

42. Explore life and lots of name tattoo designs

43. Symbols and crazy colors

44. One line tattoo of a flower and a name

45. Oliver inked on a blank canvas

When someone gets a tattoo, but already has lots of tattoos, it might seem like an easier choice. But what if a name tattoo would be your first?

46. Feet name tattoos rock too

47. Pastel delicacy in a flower name

48. Free spirits passing through

The arrow symbolizes the fact that we have to go further, we can’t look back.

49. Grace is the message

50. Matching tattoo of a baby’s name

These two parents chose different designs to ink their son’s name and birth date on their bodies.

51. Brian and Jamie don’t need rings

Brian and Jamie took the next step when they inked each others name instead of wearing wedding rings.

52. Vildhjarta is the name of a Swedish metal band

If you really love a music band, then there should be nothing stopping you from getting its name inked.

53. Tiny name tattoo on neck

54. Colored letters placed in a circle

55. Christian surrounded by hearts

56. Arab name and a wild flower

57. J loves A

58. Andreea, the Queen with a Green Bow

59. Luna on a man’s side

60. Proud father and his sons, Miguel and Liam

61. A whole family, with love

62. Sam, Nick, Leo and Eric form a happy family

63. The new Baldwin family

64. Natalie and Jared are in love

65. Name written in the Arab language for privacy

If you want to be the only person who knows what certain writing means, then you can choose a language no one around you speaks.

66. A flower and a name in one

Collar bone tattoos are often met on women because they accentuate their femininity and highlight their sensual features.

67. Feet tattoo with family members

68. Love is all around Emma and Lucas

Sometimes the simplest tattoos are the best looking ones.

69. Julien and Isabella grow tall and strong like a rose

70. Love for the Familia

71. William on a parchment

If a simple name and birth date are not enough for you to express all the love you have for someone, then you can add details like this parchment to every name tattoo designs you find worthy.

72. Big, sketchy letters reading ANNA

Some name tattoo designs come in big sizes.

73. A list of past and current boyfriends

You must admit that this tattoo is funny. Why obsess over a lost lover and his tattooed name, when you can just add names like it is a list? These name tattoo designs have different fonts too. That is an interesting choice!

74. A place on the forearm for James

75. New traditional artwork with names

As the last piece of resistance, this picture presents a neo-traditional tattoo design of a heart and two names written with big, simple letters. Various name tattoo designs can be combined with larger tattoos. This is just one successful example. I especially like the dotwork done on this one!



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