80 Cute Music Tattoo Designs to Feel the Harmony


Nobody really knows how and where these music tattoos originated, since you won’t be able to find any historical records that can document these origins. Historians are certain that tattoos themselves were considered as taboo in certain classes and societies back then. And depending on the idea and the overall design of the tattoo itself, people either had a good or bad perception of them during different periods throughout the decades.

A music tattoo can open up a brand new canvas to work on for these talented tattoo artists, along with the tattoo wearers themselves. That’s because they will be able to take a good look at the dozens of options found with these tattoos and utilize them as a source for inspiration or create brand new ideas from it. And what’s more is that several of these tattoos are pleasing to the eye, which gives them a positive reception from those who see it. A good tattoo always equals to a widely-appreciated and admired tattoo.

Music has the ability to give anyone energy during the morning and evening. But for music fans and musicians themselves, they have the tendency to take their love to another notch by getting themselves a music tattoo. A music tattoo can be practically anything – From a string of musical notes, to their line from a favorite song, to a musical instrument that they play, or the name of a band or singer that they like.

There are people who love music so much that they get several music-themed tattoos on their bodies, as a sign of their love. Music isn’t really a rare topic in regards to tattoo designs. The ideas are endless – You can get music notes, lyrics, symbols, or even a photo or name of your favorite musician. You can also choose to get a tattoo of a musical instrument. Music tattoos are always the best option for people who like both.

In regards to music tattoo ideas, it’s always nice to know that the people who made this idea popular are musicians themselves, thanks to their passion and love for creating and listening to the finest tunes.

There are certain guys out there who get tattoos of a music instrument or a microphone – Especially if they enjoy singing. Those who are skilled in the violin or the guitar can get tattoos of those instruments. Music itself is a huge part of people’s lives, and a tattoo is meant to represent their love for it since people get tattoos of something that’s very important to them, their decision to play music or appreciate music for as long as they live – Just like how a tattoo is permanently etched onto their skin.

Music fans often have a preference in regards to musical instruments, and they want to show off their love for it by getting a tattoo of it on their body, sometimes accompanied by other music-themed tattoos, like notes. They need to keep in mind that a lot of these musical instruments, like the vintage gramophone and even unique ones like the ukulele is a great way for a person to keep in touch with their roots, since instruments like these aren’t common in other portions of the world.

However, some people prefer to be discreet than showy, so plenty of them turn to cute music tattoo designs, like a treble clef or a singular note. They can also go for other designs like a minimalistic piano or guitar tattoo, or a line from a favorite song.

The simplest and most minimalistic tattoo ideas can also be the most flexible ones, since you can put them in just about any part of your body. If you’re a music lover and want people to know it, then get a tattoo on your arms, or the back of your legs.

Types of Music Tattoo Designs                           

It’s hard to find somebody who does not enjoy music. It’s one of the very few things that brings people together, builds a positive ambiance, and gives you happiness in so many ways. Music is something that transcends throughout the globe. It has the ability to open up one’s mind and send them to a very different world altogether. Music is known as ‘the universal language’, and so many talented people have used it to express what they feel, as well as their thoughts about anything, and everything.

Creating a highly stylish look that looks good with a music tattoo is both convincing and expressive for both men and women. Here are just a couple of great music tattoo ideas that you can use, in case you want one for yourself. These tattoos can give you a very stylish look and will surely wow people.

  • Music Notes Tattoos: The music note is universally recognized, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most prominent and broadly dispersed designs in regards to music-related tattoos. One of the great things about getting a music note tattoo is that you can link them together in so many different ways, depending on the string of individual notes that the artist draws on you. But you can always get your artist to place your music note tattoo on just about any part of your body, since these notes look amazing in any color. Thanks to the way these music note tattoos look, you won’t feel limited when it comes to places where you can put them in. it’ll still look amazing either way.
  • Band Tattoos: Tattoos are not just used as a form of art. There are people who get them as a sign of devotion to something, or someone. Music fans have expressed their love for a favorite singer, musician, or band by placing ink inside their skin. Getting a band tattoo can be effective at showing one’s own artistry.
  • Song Lyric Tattoos: Having a quote or a lyric from your favorite song placed on your body is common, and usually means that these words hold a deeper meaning to the wearer. A song lyric can ultimately describe all of your feelings about something, and keep the memories that you want to cherish for a very long time. Music and words always go hand in hand, so a lyric tattoo is always a good idea.
  • Microphone Tattoo: On the chance that you feel thankful that music exists, or if you want to create a tribute for its advancement, then the microphone tattoo is one of the best ways you can do this. You can use your microphone tattoo to show off your insight, or even as a way to show off your knowledge about the advancements of several types of music.
  • Musical Instrument Tattoo: Guitar freaks – Or fans and players of just about any other musical instrument, really – Should show their with a tattoo. This type of music tattoo is very creative, and makes the tattoo look stunning and unique. There’s a downside, though – The only place where this tattoo look good is on the back of your shoulder.

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Meanings of Music Tattoo                  

If you want to find a really great tattoo that expresses the way you feel about music, then do some research. You can actually place these musical tattoos into two categories – The music lovers, and the music makers. If you’re the former, then you could go for a simple design such as lyrics from your favorite song, or a swirly musical note. You can incorporate several elements into this tattoo as well, including roses, hearts, ribbons, or something vintage like a cassette or a vinyl record. These tattoos have quite the visual appeal for hardcore music fans and can definitely tell people that the wearer is a huge music fan. Or if you love a specific band or singer, you could get a tattoo of their logo or, if you’re daring enough, the face of a band member. Just make sure to get a good artist for that.

Meanwhile, if you’re a musician, you might want to go for a tattoo of a musical instrument – Or, if you want to be specific, the instrument that you play. There’s a whole heap of musical instruments to choose from, ranging from guitars (both electric and acoustic), to pianos and keyboards, to banjos, to drums, to violins. Or if you sing in a band, you can get yourself a microphone tattoo, or settle for the regular old music notes. Simply put, the sky is the limit for whatever it is you want to represent your own passion with. Plenty of musicians and singers actually do take part in the technical aspects of creating music – Production, recording, songwriting, etc. They have continuously expressed how music makes them feel. And if you are the same, then you can get yourself a music tattoo as well. Pick an image that is sure to represent the passion and dedication that you have when it comes to this topic.

So many people believe that music is pretty much one of the best things ever created, and they’re not wrong. There’s nothing that can compete with music. If you want to show off your love for music, then it’s a good idea to get yourself a music tattoo. There are loads of tattoo inspirations out there for you to choose from, and it won’t be long until you can find something amazing that can speak to your very own love for music.

The Right Placement of Music Tattoos              

The ribs, the thighs, the legs, and the back are the best spots to put music tattoos in. All of these areas have an advantage of huge space, and plenty of tattoo artists find these spots simple and easy to work along with. This gives you the chance to acquire a beautiful tattoo.

There are so many people from across the world who enjoy getting music tattoos on their body. That’s because they love to have a reminder of their favorite music, their favorite instrument, or their favorite lyrics on their body in permanent ink. Perhaps these tattoos are only reserved for the most passionate music fans, or they just love getting tattoos.

A good tattoo isn’t just about its overall design – It all depends on the placement as well. There will be instances in which placing on a tattoo at the correct body part would make the entire thing funny, or even hold a sentimental or dramatic value for the wearer. If you’ve already decided to get a tattoo but haven’t had it done yet, then you might have already chosen what kind of design to get, and where to put it exactly. The spot in which you place your tattoo in could also have a personal reason as well.

In regards to simple music tattoos, like music notes, people usually tend to place these on their wrists, the foot, the ankle, and the back of their ear. Meanwhile, a music tattoo with twice the amount of detail should go by the side, or at the back, or near your legs, the chest, and arms. Selecting the right area of your body where you put your ink in could say so many things regarding your personality. Sometimes people put their tattoos in an area that’s discreet – No one will be able to see them, or you can cover it up with clothes. The placement of a tattoo is highly important, especially if you want to apply, or currently work at a high-profile job, or if you plan to attend a formal ceremony, like a gala or a wedding.

Music Tattoo Preparation Tips

Acquiring a brand new tattoo is practically the same as getting a small procedure. That’s because your skin will be penetrated by a set of rapidly-moving needles, that store ink underneath the topmost surface of your skin. And once it’s done, your tattoo is practically an open wound, that needs plenty of care and could be infected at any cost.

Don’t drink any alcohol at least one or two days before you can get your tattoo done. Do not consume caffeinated drinks or drink some pain-relieving medicine like Aspirin. That’s because all of them are widely known to be blood thinners which could result in too much bleeding while you get your tattoo done. Eat food that contains plenty of vitamin C. This can help speed up your body’s tissue repair as well as the entire recovery process.

How Bad Do Music Tattoos Hurt?          

Yes, a tattoo definitely hurts. But just how much does a tattoo actually hurt for a person will all depend on so many factors.

The pain of getting a tattoo frequently comes and goes in several strengths all across the tattooing process. And as the needle goes through your skin at the beginning of the process, you’re going to feel an intense level of pain. The pain could be slightly unbearable for a couple of minutes, especially during the start of the session. But then your body will react to it by releasing several pain-dulling hormones, as an answer to those needles going through your skin. Afterwards, you’ll feel nothing but numbness and the pain slowly disappears for a short while before coming back in several lengths and intensities, until you’re all done.

If you have a low threshold for pain, and don’t think you can last for too long in your chair, then you need to talk to your artist and arrange for shorter tattooing sessions instead. Plenty of these artists will grant your request and let you take breaks in between, especially if your tattoo is large.

Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Music Tattoos

  • What Do I Need To Get A Tattoo Or Piercing

Adults over eighteen only require a government-issued ID. Parents or guardians need to accompany those below the age of eighteen if they’ll visit the tattoo shop. A tattoo artist is not allowed to give a tattoo on anyone under the age of sixteen (for tattoos), and fourteen (for piercings). Aside from that, the artist is also not allowed to give genital piercings or tattoos to anyone below eighteen. Adults who accompany their sons or daughters to the tattoo shop need to have a valid ID during the appointment session, no matter how old they might be. An adult who accompanies a minor also needs to give proof of their guardianship. The person getting the tattoo needs to have their own government ID as well. One of the best things to bring here is a passport for both the parent and their child, in which their last names match together with the birth certificate which authenticates the parent’s identity. One more acceptable combination is the client’s school ID, with an accompanying photo, as well as a birth certificate of the client from the parent, along with a government ID. The adult must accompany the minor throughout the entire session.

  • How Long Is A Typical Session?

Each tattoo artist is different. In regards to bigger pieces, some of them can take up to an entire day, while the others are willing to split up the session into smaller parts (three to six hours at a time). A lot of tattoos can be finished within a couple of hours. Everything will all depend on the person, as well as how complex and detailed the tattoo piece is.

  • How Do You Choose Which Artist To Work With?

You just need to rely on word of mouth. If you are able to find a hairdresser, a doctor, or a dentist through that method, then the same goes for a tattoo artist. For instance, if you know someone who has a tattoo or plenty of tattoos, then you could ask where they got their ink from. Talk about why they chose that particular artist to do their tattoos, and what’s so nice and special about that store. Pick a shop that only specializes in tattoos – Don’t go for one that offers other services, like piercings. If you’re not feeling too comfortable about the atmosphere of the shop, as well as their artists, then don’t choose them and keep looking for a good one. Getting a first tattoo is a pretty big deal and you need an artist whom you can trust and have a good conversation with.

  • Is It True That Black Ink Will Outlast Color Inks?

There are so many advantages when it comes to using black ink for a tattoo. Obviously, black is the darkest color – And with the ink that tattoo artists use nowadays, the black gives off a stronger pigmentation compared to the ones before. Depending on the brand of tattoo ink your artist will use, You can actually get yourself two tattoos side by side, in which one of them is much darker than the other one. It’s a given fact that so many brand new tattoo artists aren’t that good yet at placing pigmented ink into the skin, since it’s much difficult to do so compared to dark ink. Black will have a much deeper contrast with the wearer’s skin tone as well, no matter how pale or dark they might be.

  • How Do You Choose The Best Design For A Music Tattoo?

It does take a while to choose a design for a tattoo, especially if it’s your first one. But once you’re used to it, the ideas will come in faster and faster. Think about the design that you want very carefully. Make sure it’s not a tattoo design that you’ll end up regretting in the future.

How Much Would A Music Tattoo Cost?

Even though the approximate cost of a tattoo could be hard, there are still a couple of things you have to think about which can affect the final price of your ink. This could include the city where you got it from, to the amount of detailing found in the tattoo design. Specific states and urbanized cities do tend to have larger tattoo prices, compared to the rest. You need to think about this carefully when you’re talking about tattoo costs with your family or friends, since you could end up paying tons more on average inside your area, than from outside your hometown. Cities such as Los Angeles, New York, or Las Vegas do provide a whole heap of talented tattoo artists you can pick from.

The pricing of a music tattoo is taken after the complexity of the design, as well as its size. No matter if you intend to get yourself a tiny butterfly or a highly-detailed maze at your back, you’ll end up getting the same value no matter what.

Some cute music tattoo designs are comprised of a singular item that occupies at least two inches of your skin. Meanwhile, bigger music tattoo designs deal with some highly-detailed pieces which contain several elements that link together a giant picture, like a sleeve. A huge tattoo design tends to be larger so people and the wearer will be able to recognize the elements from a faraway distance.

The tattoo’s current location and placement is also a good factor of the final price. Tattoos found on your wrist, hands, legs, and neck are actually pricier compared to the ones in your arms. If you have chosen a spot on your body that’s quite hard to place a tattoo on, then you’ll end up paying a bit more. Of course once again, this will all depend on the artist.

Another factor is the colors used. Are you planning to get your tattoo in full color, or in black ink? Each unique color added to the tattoo can contribute to the final price as well.


Music Tattoo Maintenance Tips                                       

Make sure to leave that bandage on your new ink for over an hour – But remove it after four or five hours. Don’t place a fresh bandage on it, unless the artist tells you to do so. And once you have removed the bandage, clean your tattoo with warm water, and a scent-free liquid soap. Gently pat it dry using a towel, and let it air-dry for over an hour before you place a small amount of unscented lotion on top of it. Massage the lotion onto the skin, until it wears off. Make sure you only put in a tiny amount, and not a dollop. Petroleum jelly and ointments are not recommended to be put on fresh tattoos, since they could block the pores and prevent your skin from breathing. This, in turn, could infect the tattoo or prolong its healing process.

Always rinse your fresh tattoo using lukewarm water and the same mild unscented liquid soap. Repeat this for over two weeks, depending on how fast the tattoo dries and heals. There will be a time when your tattoo will feel like a nasty sunburn and might slowly peel off. Do not scratch it, pick, or rip off the drying skin, or rinse it too much under cold water.


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