Modern Examples of Crew Cut: An Excellent Option for A Modern Guy


Crew Cut Ideas You Should Try In 2019

Selecting a particular haircut can be a daunting process, especially if you need something low maintenance and at the same time practical and stylish. The crew cut is a classic tapered haircut, with short hair at the top of the head, and the everything maintained short. It looks great on all face shapes, and that is the reason it is a universal and regular haircut.

The crew haircut offers what a typical man looks in a haircut. It is not only low maintenance, but it rocks as well. It can transform and face and make it appear young, and an amazing aspect about it is that it exudes great confidence and aesthetic. A crew cut is an excellent option if need a haircut that balances appearance and practicability.

Curly Crew Haircut.

The curly crew haircut is an excellent haircut for men you can rock every day. Are you looking for a clean and low maintenance style? Look no further.

Slicked Crew Haircut and A-Line.

An effortless way to rock any haircut is by cutting a line on top and the sides. Here, the disconnect is accomplished by a side-slicked crew haircut.

Fuzz Crew Haircut.

If you miss the bed-head messiness, then you can achieve that with this textured crew haircut. It is easy to achieve and offers you a surprisingly beautiful and unique look.

Short Ivy League.

Ivy league seem to have many variations. This short ivy league is another contemporary take on the crew cut. However, this one is explicitly tailored for angular face shape.

Textured Crew Cut.

This is another classic variation of the crew cut. You can recreate this look with some gel. It is an excellent haircut for men with a receding hairline.

Clean Crew Haircut.

This clean crew cut incorporates some clean lines and subtly slicked manes for a youthful and neat style. It can be worn for both formal and casual events.

Simple Crew Haircut.

This haircut is ridiculously clean and straightforward. It can be styled on all hair types. Despite the fact that it is a short haircut for men like on Pinterest, the manes on the crown are textured a little bit.

Uniform Crew Haircut.

This amazing crew cut can be worn in any situation. It is kept short, descent, and professional. So, whether you are a teacher or an office man, you will find it quite useful.

Tousled Crew Haircut.

We know you are used to seeing crew styles being short and, in most cases, neat. However, that is not the trend for this haircut. The hair is teased upward and trimmed much longer compared to the other crew haircuts. But it doesn’t look too unruly, so it is still ideal for students.

Simple Faux Hawk.

This haircut is a good example that shows faux hawks can too be stylish and professional. We love this faux hawk since it includes brushed hair up. There are different ways you can opt to brush your hair, all giving you a unique and stylish look.

Skin Fade Crew Haircut.

When you spot this haircut, you would love it as it is visually appealing thanks to flexibility created by the textured hair on the crown. Beautiful faded sides and light line up gives it an elegantly casual look.

Low Maintenance Crew Haircut.

Many men are looking after the low maintenance hairstyles that are still stylish, and this crew cut is the best style to opt for. It is a straightforward, easy, and low maintenance style that you would enjoy wearing.

Voluminous Cut.

When it comes to crew cuts with lots of volume, this one is second to none. As a result, since few crew haircuts have this amount of volume, this one looks unique. It is an excellent style if you need to enhance some flair to your entire look while remaining fashionable and classy.

Faded Crew Haircut and Design.

When you see it at first, you will confuse it with the other common haircuts. However, at a closer look, you will realise it is more unique than you thought. The hair is maintained long for a crew cut, but what sets it apart from the other crew haircuts is a small line design created from the back.


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