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The mermaid hair trend became popular in the early 2016, and now it’s still gaining a lot of popularity from women belonging to the age group of 16 – 29. There are several reasons why this hairstyle became an instant trend. One of the many reasons is that the hairstyle just makes you look fresh and youthful, just like mermaids (as portrayed in movies and fictional books). It’s natural for women to seek for a hairstyle like this one since it effortlessly makes one look radiant and child-like. Since mermaids are always portrayed as beautiful creatures with long and wonderful hair, some women want to at least try imitating a mermaid’s hairstyle in order to look good.

It’s true that a mermaid hair style is beautiful, but it takes courage to actually wear it out on the streets, especially if you belong to a traditional and conservative society. This hairstyle requires you to dye your hair into sea-inspired hues in order to imitate the mystical being’s hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle usually involves dyeing your hair into various combinations of pastel colors, making it obvious that your hair color is unnatural. However, if you are brave enough to wear this style, then you are more than welcome to join the hottest hair trend that many women are crazy about today.

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Top 10 Mermaid Hair Styles You Should Try

There are several ways on how you can achieve the perfect mermaid hair. One way to get this awesome hairstyle is to dye your hair with “unnatural” colors that represent the sea. For instance, you can try dyeing your hair with aqua-blue tones mixed with your natural hair color. This kind of hairstyle may be too overwhelming at first glance, but once you get used to it, the hairstyle will look better on you. Another way of achieving this trend is to style your hair like that of a mermaid’s. For example, the mermaids you often see in movies have long braided hair. There are also other movies showing mermaids with seemingly natural beach-waves hairstyle. If you think you can handle both ways, then it would create a more eccentric look that will definitely make you stand out among the crowd.

Here are some awesome styles of mermaid hair that you should definitely check out this 2017:

  1. Rainbow and Waves

This is probably the hottest and most difficult to achieve mermaid hair today. It would take an expert hairstylist to create a perfect blend of hair dyes that will produce a subtle rainbow effect on your hair. The thing about this hairstyle is that the hues are somewhat muted in order to make it look duller. The reason for making the colors duller is to prevent the hair from being too striking. When done properly, the rainbow hair will look like a work of art directly from an abstract painting. This is perfect for women who are unsure about which color to apply in order to achieve the trendy hairstyle. Why choose only one color when you can choose a lot, right?

Another main point about this hairstyle is that it imitates the natural waves of the beach. The hairstyle would not be as good as it should be when done on super straight hair. There will be no volume and it will look boring, too.

  1. Pastel Periwinkle and Platinum

Pastel colors are always so lovable. No woman could ever resist these colors. Just like the previously mentioned style, this hairstyle also requires the expertise of an expert hairstylist. The process of dyeing your hair with multi-tones is quite complex. Unlike dyeing your hair with one tone in full, dyeing with multi-tones is quite difficult. You need to make sure that the right hair color is applied on the right section, or else your hairstyle will look funny to other people. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s quite subtle, so there’s really no need to worry about getting unwanted attention because of it.

  1. The Sunset Mermaid Hair

Sunsets are beautiful. Most people love to watch the sunset not because it marks the end of the day, but because the hues it produce looks like a real masterpiece. Undeniably, copying the wonderful hues of the sunset on your hair will be quite a sight. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you have to use at least five different hair colors. The closest colors that will give you the sunset glow hairstyle are yellow, orange, red plum, peach and wine plum. With the right application, you will surely get the perfect beach sunset hair today.

  1. Natural Mermaid Hair

For those of you who are not yet ready to make a big change with your hair color, this hairstyle is for you. Do you remember that there are several ways to imitate a mermaid’s hair? This is one of those ways to achieve it. You can simply crimp your natural hair, or create big fat waves using a curling iron to get the perfect beach-wave hair. To make the hairstyle look more like a mermaid’s, you just need a couple of accessories for that. Since mermaids are sea creatures, adding seashells, beads and beautiful decorative clams will do the trick. This hairstyle is also perfect for women who only wish to try imitating a mermaid even just for a day.

  1. Pastel Pink Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair doesn’t always mean having multi-colored hair. Sometimes, one pastel color is enough to make you look like a mystical being. If you are the type of woman who loves pink, then this hairstyle is for you. For this hairstyle, there’s really no need to visit your hairstylist since you can just do it at home, with the right tools and materials of course. Since you are only using one tone, applying it to your hair wouldn’t be too hard.

  1. Natural Hair with Teal Highlights

In achieving the perfect mermaid hair, you don’t necessarily have to dye the entire hair with different vibrant colors. Sometimes, all it takes is a few highlights of the right tones so that it creates the perfect hairstyle, just like this one. Since teal is a representative color of the sea, you don’t need to take extra steps to get the mermaid style that you want. You just have to ask your hairstylist to give you great teal highlights and you can flaunt your wonderful beach—ready hair anytime. One reason why this hairstyle is always good is that it doesn’t require too much work on your hair. Teal is a great color that perfectly matches both dark and light-colored hair.

  1. Metallic Ocean Spray Emerald Hair

This is probably the most striking mermaid hair you could ever wear. The mixture of colors is just too beautiful to resist. For this particular hairstyle, the metallic ocean spray is achieved by combining emerald hair color with soft blue and thin highlights, which emphasizes the metallic aura of the style. This hairstyle is perfect for women who are bold and daring enough to wear an eye-catching hairstyle in front of many people. You can turn this hairstyle into something mystical simply by using the right accessories.

  1. Ocean Blue Fishtail Hair

If you want the ultimate mermaid hairstyle, then this has got to be the one you are looking for. This kind of hairstyle is a combination of various shades of blue, ranging from the darkest ocean blue to icy shades of pastel blue. When done properly, the color combination will create a representation of a peaceful and calm morning ocean. There is no better hairdo to match this hair color that a fishtail. In addition to that, accessories might also help bring out the charms of this hairstyle.

  1. Hidden Fish Scales

If you are not bold enough to try those striking blue and emerald tones completely, then this hairstyle is for you. On the outside, your hair will look natural since you will not be adding colors to it. However, there’s this secret mermaid feel underneath the normal hair. In order to achieve this style, you first need an undercut. Keep the lower back section of your hair as short as possible, and make sure that the rest of your hair can cover this surprise whenever you need to. Just ask your hairstylist to dye the shortest part with ocean colors. Whenever you put your hair down, it will look normal, but whenever you tie it into a pony, your magic fish scales will show wonderfully.

  1. Vibrant Ocean Hair

The last one on the list, but definitely not the least, is the Vibrant Ocean Hair. Just like the other hairstyle mentioned, this one uses several shades of blue. The main difference is that this hairstyle uses a more vivid and vibrant shade of blue that will surely turn heads. You can leave the natural color or your roots and ask your hairstylist to create a gradient effect with the other shades of blue.

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Easy to Follow Mermaid Hair Tutorials

Here are some popular mermaid hair tutorials that you can easily follow:

Fish Tail Hairdo

  1. Wash your hair.

Styling clean hair will be much easier than styling super greasy hair. Washing your hair regularly will get rid of the dirt and excess oils from your hair and scalp. By doing this, you are not only styling your hair, but also keeping it as healthy as possible. Just wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, just as you normally would.

  1. Dry hair thoroughly and comb gently.

After washing your hair, it would be best to let it dry naturally. However, if you are in a rush, you may use your hair dryer, too. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before applying any styling products. Before proceeding to the next step, you should also comb your hair gently. You must do it gently so that you won’t lose a generous amount of hair strands. Combing the hair will make it easier to style since there won’t be frizz and tangles.

  1. Apply a little bit of styling cream.

If you want your hair to be as flawless as possible, then you will need the help of a styling cream. However, you must not apply too much styling cream since it will make your hair look unnecessarily greasy. Another thing about applying too much styling cream is that it attracts dust and dirt, which makes the scalp and hair less healthier.

  1. Start braiding.

This is not your normal three-strand braid. For the fishtail hairstyle, you will only be using two strands. You have to option to start at the top section of your hair or just start at the base of your head. Either way, the steps in fishtail braiding is essentially the same.

To start from the top section of your hair, gather one small section of hair from each side. Cross the right strand over the left and hold the first braid firmly. Next, begin adding new strands to the braids as you would normally do in a three-strand braid. Overlap the right strand over the left once more. Repeat these steps until you reach the tips of your hair.

  1. Accessorize

Accessories are quite powerful. No matter how plain and simple your hairstyle is, the right accessories always manage to make it look glamorous and eccentric. You can use beads, decorative seashells and other emblems symbolizing mermaid life.

Beach Waves and Ocean Crown

  1. Wash your hair.

As usual, you should wash your hair before styling it. Make sure to wash it properly so that any dirt and excess oil will be removed. You also have to dry your hair after washing it thoroughly. Be sure to also comb your hair so that you can style it with ease later.

  1. Create the beach waves

There are two ways on how you can create your perfect beach waves and it all depends on how big or small you want the waves to be. If you want to have tiny waves, then it would be best to use a crimping iron. If you want big fat waves, then you should use a big curling iron. Although rollers can be an alternative, using electric crimper or curler would be more efficient.

If you are working on creating these waves alone, then it would be best to divide your hair into smaller sections ahead. This will make your work a whole lot easier.

  1. Apply styling cream or hairspray.

You can choose between the two products mentioned, but styling cream is preferable since it doesn’t make the hair look stiff. Make sure to apply only an ample amount so that you will not end up with super greasy or super stiff beach waves.

  1. Put on your ocean-inspired crown.

Accessories will definitely do the trick for this hairstyle. Since you left your hair down, it would be good to add a little extra to make it look gorgeous. You can create your own ocean-inspired crown by using beads, starfish, artificial weeds, and many other sea accessories you want to use.

Best Hair Types for Mermaid Hair

There are several hair types that will be perfect for mermaid hair, and here are some of it:

  • Long and Straight Hair

Mermaids are always portrayed in movies and books as mystical creatures with super long hair. If you wish to imitate a mermaid, then your hair has to be long enough. The thing about this hair type is that you can basically do anything with it. You can either let it hang down freely or you can braid it to keep your hairstyle more fabulous. Since mermaid hair is often wavy, you can simply use a curling iron to imitate the style. There is really no need for your to get a perm at the salon to achieve it.

  • Medium length and Wavy

Since your hair is already wavy, then you only need to do a little work on the style or the color of your hair to get the mermaid hair that you want. Even if you have medium length hair, it wouldn’t be a problem in getting your perfect mermaid-inspired hairstyle. You can always use hair extensions if you really want to have super long hair.

Hollywood Celebrities with Mermaid Hair

  1. Kesha

Kesha is a popular singer with great influence to her fans, not only in the field of music but also in fashion. Kesha is seen as a sassy person, so having vibrant mermaid hair won’t be a problem with her. In fact, this singer is fond of wearing rainbow-colored hairstyles, which makes her look lovelier and youthful.

  1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is unquestionably the queen of unique hairstyles. From one music video to another, you can see that she loves wearing different hairstyles with matching colors. This singer even tried having mermaid hair, which definitely make her look more beautiful and vibrant.


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