125 Medium Hairstyles This Year (with Tutorial)


No one can contest the status of mid length hair as sensational and that many women love it! Medium hair is open to more styling possibilities compared to short hair; at the same time, the hair is more manageable and easy to maintain compared to long hair. And when it comes to hair experimentation, there is possibly no unwanted feature that mid hair styling can tame or a strong feature that it cannot highlight. All you have to do is to try and experiment with medium length hairstyles. The styles available with mid length hair can manipulate any type of hair, whether thick or thin, straight or curly, and can also solve typical problems of facial features like small or large forehead, round or square face, chubby cheeks or hollow ones, and many others. Medium length hairstyles can be romantic looking, hip and edgy, or simply chic and sassy, which send strong fashion statement. The long hair may sometimes fail to meet your lively expectation, or the short hair may come as too jarring, but the medium hair will never let you down, especially when it comes to accentuating facial features.

Lately, new trends, which can be attributed to leading celebrity hairstylists, have been ruling the high profile red carpet events and runway shows with celebrity wearers like Jennifer Lopez to Cameron Diaz and former First Lady, Michelle Obama. The mid length hair has been given a new dimension by adding tough curls all over that gives a new look that heightens the elegance while increasing practicality in terms of fuss-free maintenance.

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Crucial Benefits of Mid Length Hair that are Worthy of Conversion

Women with long hair or short bob hairstyles that have not tried medium length hairstyles may not be aware that medium length hair is more open to experiment. Or is it that, they believe that their type of hair does not befit medium cut?  It is a pity if ignorance of the benefits of medium hair should let them miss like you, on the elegance and practicality of the hair length.

  • Medium hairstyles do not discriminate anyone. They are classy and experimental with elegant hair waves, high ponytail, messy bun and other creative stuffs that can best suit anyone. Women who are afraid to be adventurous and take risks with their hairstyle, will simply take the medium hair route, which is the safe option.
  • Do you find your forehead too large? Experiment with shoulder length hair with bangs either on the side or in front. This has the added advantage of making the hair more prominent and thicker.
  • Small faces will look good with any medium length cut that is free of bangs. This remedial device will make the face prominent, making it look bigger Facial features are also highlighted especially expressive eyes and luscious lips. These features will definitely take attention away from your small face.
  • Does your thin hair bother you? The layered shoulder length cut could be the hairstyle that you are looking for. This may not bother you at the moment, but when you reach 50, you will begin to explore hairstyles that neutralize hair thickness. Again, the mid length hair is the most versatile in terms of camouflaging, and will be your friend by then.
  • Thick hair can easily be tamed with mid length frizz-cuts, simple layers and huge curls. It is also highly advisable not to wear bangs with thick hair, especially those with blunt cuttings with almost forehead-slicing action. The heaviness of the bangs just adds to the burden of thick and uncomfortable looking hair.

Styles with Mid Length Hair with Any One Best Suited for You

The mid length hair in a way, combines some advantages of the long and short hair. In practical terms, this means that the medium hair can overcome the styling limitations of the two other hair lengths. Figure out yourself with these medium hairstyles:

  1. Twisted Bun

This hairstyle is intricate but with neat updo arrangement. Some hairstylists consider it basic but the combination of two twisted buns should challenge the description. The rarely prominent nape area becomes deservingly prominent with this hairdo. The no-fuss look makes the hairstyle fit to almost any occasion and can get by with every wardrobe staple.

  1. Elegant Low Bun

This hairstyle is extremely stylish, capable of stealing attention even in rare special events; yet hassle-free in upkeep. There is a lot of sectioning going on in the construction of the low bun, but the results are worth the effort. Without the stylized bun, the hairstyle lacks the sleekness and will most likely bore onlookers. If you like a contemporary and fashionable hairstyle, this is for you.

  1. Disheveled Top Bun

Urban girls like you, find the chick and casual look of this hairstyle as an accurate representation of their personality. This carefree and random hairstyle is not suitable for everyone, except those with bold and adventurous self-expressive attitudes. The messy bun is also a good excuse if you have a bad day. Accessorizing the top bun with a headband add beauty and edginess at the same time.

  1. Side Braided Bun

If daintiness and soft feminine looks is your fancy, this dual- element hairstyle, composed of top bun and side braids, should be more than enough to satisfy you. A section of hair on one side of the head undergoes beautiful braiding to be tied later to a high bun that you will be forming. Your feminine features are sure to stand out with this versatile hairstyle, which is great for parties, wedding receptions and other important social events. Give in to your girlie side and personal style and make heads turn with the side braided bun!

  1. Updo with Lace Braids

Various updos may have impressed you enough and never thought that another new one will impress you with the same intensity when you saw the first few updos. Take exception with this hairstyle, with a uniquely gorgeous updo made by twisting two braid sections from both sides of the head. This is another medium length hairstyle that will surely make onlookers swoon and is also great in wooing your date!

  1. Highly Stylized Rope Braided Bun

Sectioning strands of hair from both sides of the head and rope braiding them to form an attractive bun may not be your expectation for a standard bun, but the special bun is truly one of a kind and rewards the hairstyle experimentalist handsomely. Matching the medium length hairdo with any wardrobe staple, will yield excellent practical and artistic results. With the added feature of being hassle free and easy to manage, you will surely love the highly stylized rope braided bun.

  1. Edgy Mohawk with Contrasting Micro Braids

Ladies, who aim for a punk look without necessarily trimming off their medium hair, can do so with this Mohawk with micro braids. While this is an excellent way to show off your off-beat edgy persona, this updo will certainly highlight your beautiful face as well. The micro braids impart some contrasting softness, after all this is still a feminine hairstyle. Try adding unconventional earrings on your ears to heighten the edgy look. Sport this hairstyle to prove your boldness and desire to create a niche for your inner self.

  1. Braided Bun and Bangs Combo

When your hairstyle becomes tiring for a while, even if you try several styles, isn’t it time for you to have some fun with mixing and matching? The braided bun and bangs combo is a fun and exciting way to add freshness to your mid length hair. Pulling the hair backwards and towards the nape, braiding, and shaping into a lovely bun are not that simple but highly rewarding at the end. Divide the reserved hair in the very front part of the head into two equal horizontal bangs and let them flow to the sides with graceful framing of the face. If you can imagine a perfect mix of disheveled and manageable, you must be imagining this hairstyle.

  1. Off-Beat Dutch Updo with Loose Hair Ends

This large-size braids updo is another unusual hairstyle that deserves your attention. Not only that the braids are uncommonly large, the ends are simply allowed to hang loose for a relaxed and casual look. The test of a hairstyle is if works and fit in to your personality. This hairstyle will pass with flying colors that even your girlfriends will be jealous about.

  1. Chignon Incorporated with Side Braids

This chignon variant of the medium length cut is a staple hairstyle for many ladies in that category, and yet, the cut still amazes them whenever they see one, on top of their head or on another woman’s. The side braids are wrapped around the head behind the hairline and joined towards the chignon. If you want coolness with neatness, this hairstyle will surely suit you.

  1. Unique French Twist

Can you imagine French twisting fine and delicate hair? This unique hairstyle makes it possible with intricate twisting and manipulation at the nape. Rightfully so, all your efforts will be rewarded with a sophisticated updo that matches your stylish personality.

  1. Twice Twisted Half Updo

The complication associated with the name of this hairstyle is misleading. In reality, the hairstyle is so simple but the look is super pretty, adhering perfectly to the adage that “simplicity is beauty”. This chic hairdo modifies a simple ponytail, by twisting it twice and looping to create a casual appearance yet high street styling.

Awesome Hairstyle Tutorials for Mid Length Hair

The good thing with mid length hair is the availability of almost unlimited creative manipulation to level-up with the results. Get an idea with these two tutorials before beginning with your experimentation.

  1. The Intricate Twisted Side Bun

The name belies the simplicity of installing this hairstyle. Try it for yourself.

Step 1: Prepare the hair by shampooing and conditioning and allowed to dry.

Step 2: Using paddle brush, cover the entire length of the entire hair area. Be sure to do it gently with emphasis on untangling hair bumps and making the hair manageable.

Step 3: Use the rat comb to create an off-center hair parting beginning at the scalp area.

Step 4: Loosely gather a generous section of hair strands from the larger side of the hair,

taking the entire section on one side of the head. Sweep this section towards its own side and above the ear. Secure it with bobby pins.

Step 5: On the smaller side, pick up two thin sections of hair strands and secure them with sectioning clips.

Step 6: Add volume to the hairstyle by gathering the back hair at the crown and teasing it.

Step 7: Create a loose held bun by twisting your hair at the base of the head and secure it with U-pins.

Step 8: Release the two thin sections of hair from step 5, twist the sections and wrap them around the bun.

Step 9: Hold the ends of twisted sections by the use of U-pins.

Step 10: Finish the hairstyle installation by using a light-hold spray that holds the hair and gives it an impressive shine.

  1. Boho Low Side Bun

The boho look is like a yo-yo that comes and goes as a fashion trend, meaning only that the look has reached classic status. The rustic appearance, incorporated in this hairstyle with side chestnut bun has aesthetics and functionality combined. The bun and voluminous appearance may look heavy but the hairstyle is actually light on your head.

Step 1: Prepare your hair first. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner and dry it.

Step 2: Partition your hair unequally and deeply into two parts using a rat tail comb.

Step 3: Use the round brush and blow dryer to mildly curl section of the hair.

Step 4: Tease the hair at the roots of the crown to ease the roots while adding voluminous look to the hair.

Step 5: Gently smoothen the crown, especially the surface, and pick up all your hair over to the larger hair partition.

Step 6: Gather sections of hair and twist them while rising upwards to create small rosettes of buns and secure each rosette tightly using U-pins.

Step 7: The gathered rosettes is now your lovely updo with fly away sections that needs bobby pins for securing.

Step 8: The penultimate step requires you to pull out a bang that will frame the face nicely and strongly.

Step 9: As a final step, spritz some light-hold hairspray to stabilize the hairstyle while adding shine.

2017 Welcomes Chic and Sophisticated Hairstyles for Mid Length Hair

This year, the mid length hair could steal the limelight from edgy short hair and elegant long hair. The medium hair is just more open to styling possibilities that it can be reinvented in so many exciting and creative ways.

These Images are from the 2110 S. Wabash “Southern Charm” Planner Dinner on June 29, 2016 in at 2110 S. Wabash in Chicago, IL. All Images © 2016 Collin Pierson, Collin Pierson Photography. www.CollinPierson.com

  • Chic and Simplistic French Knot

This year chic is click, and women will look for chic hairstyles that will enhance their beauty into sophisticated looks. The French knot has amazing contrasting qualities like no other – delicate and dainty looking updo for urbane woman, beautifully intricate looking yet easy to create, voluminous looking with easy upkeep and maintenance. Expect flattering admiration when you wear this hairstyle.

  • Mid Length Hair with Sleek Chignons

This chic and sophisticated looking hairstyle has the contemporary urbane quality that is hard to match. Yet, the practical use makes no complaining remarks from women wearers. Just about any closet staple perfectly matches the hairstyle. The side parting of the hair gives an aura of dynamism while the braided hair strands at both sides of the head joins at the nape area to form the sleek chignon. This hairstyle deserves all the attention it is getting this year.

Emulate These Celebrities with Awesome Mid Length Hair

  1. Emma Stone

This accomplished American actress whose name in real life is Emily Jean Stone, is not only considered by many as one of the most talented actresses of this generation, but also the highest paid at that. Some of her much coveted awards include the industry’s most prestigious including Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She won the first three awards playing the role of an aspiring actress in the highly successful musical film La La Land. Her recognition from non-acting bodies included Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2013 and Time 100 in 2017.

Emma Stone treats her mid length hair with so much attention that she always comes up with flattering hairstyles like the heavy bangs with Ombre. The skimming bangs and barely Ombre highlights she wore was not only gorgeous and functional, but it also gave instructional pieces to astute hairstyling enthusiast, that fine hair looks good with blunt bangs for thicker appearance, and that the right can color can really add dimension to a hairstyle.

  1. Reese Weatherspoon

This highly recognizable and successful American actress, producer, and entrepreneur is named Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon in real life. She is the recipient of the most prestigious awards that the industry can offer including the Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award, BAFTA Award and the Golden Gold Award.

She was at her sweetest when she wore the beach looks with bangs mid length hair. Side-swept bangs complemented her heart-shaped face no end, bringing the softness to great heights. Her bangs did away with curling iron, and instead used two-inch sections all over her hair for random curling, turning them away from her face each time.


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