Medically-approved Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Any Drawbacks


For many women, breast size is a concern. Larger breasts are seen as more desirable, especially on social media and in the media. Before continuing, it’s important to make clear that all body shapes and sizes are beautiful. Small breasts are just as perfect as large ones are.

If you personally however find larger ones more appealing and want to increase the size of your breasts, but don’t want surgery, then you should know that you do have some options.

This article will explore what those options are:

Enhancement Oil

One of the world’s most popular breast enlargement trends is the use of herbally-enriched enhancement oils. Out of all herbal breast enlargement oils, the Mirifica formula appears to be the most effective. Oil breast enlargement treatment is non-invasive, causes no scarring, or numbness and pain. Surgery on the other hand can have all of these side effects. Breast enhancement oils have worked for many women and could work for you.

Before you commit to a specific company or oil, make sure that you read their reviews, research, and explore what people have to say about them. Additionally, research specific products so that you can be sure that they will work for you.

Supplemental Pills

In addition to enhancement oils, many doctors and healthcare experts recommend the use of supplemental medication. Supplemental pills, in many cases, contain the same ingredients that enhancement oils do, except they are taken orally instead of being applied topically. If you are going to take supplemental pills, then you should ask your doctor for their advice first. In some people, supplemental pills can cause adverse reactions. This is due to allergens or irritants being present. It is usually best to avoid chemically-infused supplements, and instead, choose only to use naturally-derived ones.

Supplemental pills can also be very expensive, which is problematic for a lot of people. For this reason, topic oils are usually better. This is because topical oils last longer and are usually much more affordable. Additionally, topical oils are usually 100% natural, while supplemental pills usually aren’t.

Strength Training

Another effective way of improving the size of your breasts is through strength training. While this method will not actually enlarge your breasts, it will strengthen and build your chest muscles, which will give your breasts the appearance of being larger. There are many exercises that you can do to improve the size of your chest, from push-ups to weightlifting.

If you are new to exercising, then the best way to build your chest strength is to hire a personal trainer. A personal trainer will take you through all of these exercises at the gym. Strength training also benefits your heart health and can extend your life.

Changing Bras

Let’s just make this clear: your bra isn’t going to make your breasts any bigger. However, the right bra can make your breasts look bigger than they actually are. If you only care about appearance and don’t actually want larger breasts, then a push-up bra is definitely worth investing in. You can find these bras in nearly all lingerie shops, and failing that, they can be purchased online.

You could also consider buying a bra with lots of padding. Padding can make your breasts look much larger than they actually are.

Breast Massage

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that regular breast massages can increase the size of your breasts. Over the course of a month, daily 30-minute breast massages can increase your bust size by one cup. The more that you have breast massages, the larger your cup size will grow.

If you are going to pay a professional masseuse to massage your breasts, then make sure that you are comfortable with them as a person. Alternatively, you could ask your partner or a close friend to massage your breasts for you. Comfort is key.

Gain Weight

Another way of increasing the size of your breasts is to gain weight. For many women, however, this is simply not an option! If you are not particularly concerned about weight gain – or you are underweight – then gaining weight is something to think about. A little extra weight can significantly increase the size of your breasts. This is especially true if you are a woman who puts weight on mostly in their chest, shoulders, and breast area.

Make sure that you still stay within a healthy weight, however. You should not exceed healthy levels just to achieve having large breasts.

You do not need to have surgery to get bigger breasts, as this article shows. Another method that we did not mention in this article that also works is to eat more estrogenic foods or to take estrogenic supplements. Increasing the size of your breasts naturally is possible.


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