110 Long Layered Hairstyles to Enhance Your Image


Long hair is a common aspiration for most women since the length itself is a plus in achieving an elegant hairstyle. For those women who could not manage to grow their hair long for various reasons, despair and envy should not be a haphazard reaction. Genetics, hair brittleness and even discomfort should not be a hindrance when talking about layered cuts in achieving long layered hair.

This hairstyle has a recurring theme of installing front or side bangs with long layered hair at the back. The bangs shape the face amazingly even without makeup yet. For an elegant look and face highlighting hairstyle, this hairstyle is unmatched.

Facts about Long Layered Hair that You Need to Know

Unless you know the nuances of the long layered hair, you will probably think that this hairstyle is so uncomplicated that you do not need to be a hairstylist to figure it out. On the contrary, you need to understand the hairstyle in depth to appreciate the advantages and benefits that comes with proper usage.

  • Layered haircuts have the advantage of adding volume while opening up the possibility for creative options. A common mechanism is to use graded layers to frame the face and using long layers elegantly at the back. Balancing the entire layered hair installation with long bangs can be done frontally or sidewise.
  • Details, both major and minor, are critical in installing the long layered hairstyle. Personal style is always the prime consideration so it is important to note that long layers look smooth and classy when they blend well together, and will look messy and undone with long shaggy layers.
  • During the trimming of face-framing layers, consider cutting the layers shortest at the part of the most flattering feature of the face that you like to highlight. Most often the cheekbones and chin have to look strong to give impact to the hairstyle.
  • The long layered hair has been traditionally associated with the classical bohemian look. The modern accepted practice though, is to treat the hairstyle with versatility, enough to fit any style and personality.
  • Layers cleverly remove just the amount of weight from the faces of wearers without compromising hair movement. Oppositely, layering the hair is a logical styling technique to add fullness to thin hair.
  • Layered hairstyles can enhance and even modify the shapes of all types of faces, but will vary in approach to deal with them individually.

Must-Have Long Layered Hair Styles

The long layered hair has an amazing catalogue of elegantly complex-looking yet easy to install styles. There are certainly several styles to suit your personality.

  1. Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Long layers not only add volume but the unmistakable elegance it brings is even more awesome.   There is nothing more flattering to a woman than to look like a Hollywood star and people noticing it and commenting positively. This hairstyle is also versatile enough to wear in almost all, if not all occasions.

  1. Windswept Long Layered Hair

If you fancy romantic feelings, you should seriously consider this hairstyle. If the other long layered hairstyles make you feel like a Hollywood star, this one will make you feel like you are in the middle of a photo shoot. Your inner feelings dictate that you are a Goddess with wind machines blowing your hair to fabulous formations and glorious sweeps. Windswept layers create femininity and delicateness beyond words.

  1. Highlighted Layers in Curls

To imagine layers working with curly hair, rather than straight hair, would be hard. But the adding highlights make this hairstyle more astonishing. The touch of highlights incorporated to the hair mix accentuates the layers by standing out and shining brightly. By keeping hair on top of your head darkly colored, the effect of the highlights is even more pronounced.

  1. Brunette Long Layered Hairstyle

You can get away with not having a long or brunette hair or even both to achieve this hairstyle. Modern hair technology has vastly improved dyeing and hair extension quality. The aesthetic benefits, among many others, of the hairstyle include excellent face framing of the front layers and incredibly gorgeous back hair. As a final tip to maximize the beauty of the hairstyle, use color treated shampoo and conditioner to give full shine and healthy hair.

  1. Long Layered Hair with Blonde Ombre

Any Ombre type of hairstyle looks best with long hair because of the opportunity to exploit the long and visually exciting gradation motif. Imagine the viewer’s eyes being arrested and convinced to explore with curiosity, the gradual changing of shades from head down to the hair ends. Occasionally, the eyes stare longer at highlighted areas as if digesting the beauty of the hairstyle.

  1. Choppy Layered Hair

You can get around with short hair and produce a long hair installation with this choppy layer hairstyle. Add to this is the bold and edgy appeal of the hairstyle. The long hair comes from artificial hair extensions while the short lengths comprise the natural hair. The glaring and abrupt change in hair lengths between adjacent hair sections gives the edgy and random but artistic look. The rocker chic vibe can energize even the most lethargic short hair wearer and has no preference to angle of view.

  1. Face-Framing Long Layered Hair

Long hair, just like anything valuable or beautiful, can have a point of diminishing returns. Adding a face-framing device could just be the novelty and freshness that you are looking for with your standard long layered hairstyle that has sadly become boring. The use of hair extension layers will add volume and face-framing capability that will turn your hair around into a distinct style rather than a mere tweak. The transformation is outside and inside with a confidence boost. Walking down the street, on the way to work now feels like strutting the catwalk!

  1. Long Layered Hair with Balayage Highlights

Have you ever considered a more natural-looking graduated color hairstyle than the traditional cap style highlights? The balayage highlights is a novel technique that is taking the hairstyle industry by storm. Natural will always beat obvious hair gradations.

  1. Blown-Out Layer Styles

This hairstyle first gives the shock, then the awe! Obviously, it is also not meant for everyone, but rather, to the bolder, more adventurous and daring. The messy curls start at the middle length down to the hair ends, and look as if a tornado crossed the path of the wearer. Aside from just randomness and disorientation, the hairstyle can be praised for an honest representation and freshness in concept.

  1. Long Layered Hair with Two Lengths

Some hairstyles bank on freshness to impress but lack good solid hairstyling fundamentals. Not with the two-length layers, which are now highly popular. Hairdressers make it a point to thoroughly brief their customers on the merits and disadvantages of the hairstyle. The two lengths provide interest especially when used with hints of colors at the hair ends.

  1. Front Layered with Balayage Highlight

The success of a hairstyle is validated if it works, and many women who conveniently want to cover their faces with front layers have sported this hairstyle many times. It may feel awkward with the uninitiated but feels effortless with the regular wearers. The balayage is definitely in the radar of onlookers although the frontal layers are already enough to catch their attention.

  1. Strikingly Subtle Long Layered Hair

The old adage, “simplicity is beauty” could not be more true than with this hairstyle. The few touches of additional hair layers produce an uncomplicated hairstyle with no unimportant areas. Rather than looking awkward, the subtle layering looks stunning and natural. It is no wonder that women with substance and without pretensions prefer this hairstyle.

  1. Balayage Ombre Incorporated with Long Layers

Sometimes when a long hair balayage Ombre is almost done, wearers suddenly change their minds and prefer having an extremely longer cut. Today, this is no longer a problem, thanks to the available of hair extensions in various lengths and colors. For best results, continue adding long layers with the same highlight color as the original hair ends. This is primarily a trendy hairstyle that has gain grounds recently.

  1. Long Hair with Chin-Length Layers

Chin-length layers will add volume and bounce to strategic areas in the neck and nape areas. In a way, this frugal hairstyle prevents unnecessary addition of less important layers. Additionally, this hairstyle can be seamlessly adapted into a half up, half down hairstyle with longer layers showing off.

  1. Straight and Sleek Long Layered Hair

Do you believe in the old adage that says, “Less is more”. This straight hairstyle uses thin hair layers with just the right amount. The thin hair with wispy layers is an altogether style on its own. Once you have them together – style, hair length and layer thinness, the impact of a zero-waste sleek hairstyle is almost at hand.

Long Layered Hair Tutorials with Excellent Results

  1. How to Layer Long Hair with Creativity

The use of ponytail and face-framing layers gives this hairstyle a distinct look.

Step 1: To get yourself ready for layering, start with clean and damp hair. Wet hair is not conducive to layering as they will cause difficulty in controlling the hair lengths. Untangle all hair clings using your gentle hands or by a wide toothed comb. This will help ensure a neat and flawless long hair braid.

Step 2: Gather your hair to form a ponytail at the top of the head. The flat area should point towards the back of the top of your head and balance a comb at that location. Bend over to create a situation where your hair is upside down, and comb your hair in forward direction. Use your hands to install a ponytail at the top of the head and use hair elastic to secure it. You can now turn your head right side up while ensuring that the hair is smooth against your head. Any lumps or tangled strands should be checked to help guarantee a smooth and flawless layering.

Step 3: Adjusting the ponytail is easy. Use one hand to grasp the ponytail while the remaining hand slides the elastic down until barely an inch away from the end of the ponytail. Subtle layering requires the elastic to be slid lower while drastic layering requires the opposite from the elastic. Allow some tiny hair strands to slide out around the nape to prevent a mullet-look.

Step 4: Cut off the end of the ponytail by holding your hair at the elastic and precisely trimming the hair just above the elastic using a pair of scissors. Shake off loose hair trimmings to retain neatness. If your hair is thick, a single cut through the ponytail may not be enough. But make sure that each additional cut have the same length as the first one. Cut straight across the ponytail, avoiding angled cut or scissor slips.

Step 5: The finishing touches to the hairstyle involve examining the layers and making sure that the front contains shorter and less quantity of face-framing layers compared to longer and more layers at the back. Individually cutting the locks where you are not satisfied is a great fine-tuning technique, just make sure to go slow and with deliberate concentration to prevent over cutting which is tedious to reverse.

  1. The Side Parted Wavy Long layered Hair

This hairstyle puts a little twist the long layered hair.  The off shoulder or even strapless dresses in your cabinet will never look so gorgeous without it.

Step 1: Begin with a dry hair

Step 2: Divide your hair natural hair into thin sections and start with one for mild curling.

Spray to hold this section.

Step 3:  Repeat the procedure with the remaining hair sections.

Step 4: Incorporate wavy hair extensions to add volume to the hair.

Step 5: Fine tune the hair styling using your hand and comb or even trimming a bit, here and there with a pair of scissors if necessary.

Part 6: Pull all the hair towards the side of your choice and place a headband on top of the head to help secure it while also acting as a decoration.

Part 7: For better hold and great shine, apply a gentle coat of finishing spray. Also See:

Unique Long Layered Hairstyles that Will Get Attention This Year

For 2017, women with long hair, or at least, also those ladies striving to get one unnaturally, will look for uniqueness rather than tradition. But on the other hand also, hairstyles that try hard to be novel just for the sake of being different will not get the attention and nod of these hairstyle-conscious women. Two distinct long layered haircuts with awesome styles this year are the following:

  • Blonde Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Layers combined with bangs are not impossible, but rather exist as a product of creative imagination applied with reality. The side bangs are perfect installations to frame the face for strong emphasis, and the blonde hair, without a doubt, oozes with sexiness. Ladies love attention, especially at social gatherings, where the encouragement for showing off is normal. This hairstyle will fill your special event with adoring stares.

  • Long Layered Hair with Matching Long Side Bangs

Sometimes the feeling of bareness with hairstyles lacking in volume, leaves some women vulnerable and unconfident. This can be avoided happening again, thanks to this hairstyle. Having long bangs is confidence booster just as with long layered hair.

Celebrities with Powerful Endorsement of the Long Layered Hair

Celebrities are the most visible personalities today and their potential to influence the public is huge. Two of them proved this point when they wore long layered hair with unbelievable public attention.

  1. Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadi

A top tier American fashion model whose works and lifestyle has captured the imagination of her millions of fans worldwide. She debuted as a Top 50 Models by virtue of Models.com ranking. Her first major modeling award was the 2016 International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council.

She is a powerful endorser not only because she is a supermodel, but also because she constantly remains relevant through magazine cover assignments, television guesting,

Red carpet walks, and various promotional activities. We could certainly say that she has a cult following, who eagerly follows her every move. Her avid fans could not forget her 2016 MTV Awards appearance where she wore a long layered hair with faux style and blunt fringe.

  1. Kirsten Caroline Durst

Kirsten is popularly known as Kirsten Durst and is a highly successful American actress who is recognizable worldwide. At an early age of 12, she already debuted as an actress in the film Oedipus Wrecks. Her acting career flourished with more movies and television series appearances and major roles. She finally won her first major acting award as Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in the television series Fargo in 2015, after several acting nominations by various prestigious acting bodies. In 2017, she won the Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in Hidden Space, a space drama movie.

Kirsten is always convincing at whatever roles she play, but her consistency as a crowd darling is equally impressive. Fans swooned over her long layered hair at the premiere of her new movie, Woodshock. She wore the hairstyle with romantic waves with a delicate fringe accessorized with beautiful flowers.


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