155+ King and Queen Crown Tattoos to feel the Royalness


One of the most important aspects of a crown tattoo has got to be the lettering. A person who wants a crown tattoo can choose to put their name on it, or their initials, or the name of a family member, a loved one, or a word or quote that means a lot to them – Basically anything they want. These letters are oftentimes coordinated with how the tattoo is design, written in a manner similar to calligraphy. The crown in the tattoo’s design can be placed on top of a word or name, and this means that the wearer gives utmost importance or respect to that word or individual, elevating them to a supreme level. Or the same writings can be written on a ribbon surrounding the crown, waving around its image.

Some of the most common designs found in crown tattoos are zodiac signs, skulls, animals, rays of light, wings, or jewels. If you want to get yourself a crown-inspired tattoo design, then go look for some amazing ideas on the internet. But be sure to think carefully and come up with your own symbol of potential and individuality and throw in a bit of personal touch to them.

Crown Tattoo Designs

A crown has oftentimes been used as a symbol of power, leadership, victory, and authority. It is frequently used as a badge of honor, which gives the wearer permission to rule any land he chooses. And as a symbol, the crown means authority and leadership. However, a crown tattoo doesn’t always mean the same thing.

Crown tattoos mean that you are capable of ruling your own life, and this includes your actions, feelings, and thoughts about anything else. Wearing a crown tattoo also symbolizes nothing but pure self-control and will always be a reminder for you to utilize your authority in a just and wise manner.

  • Wrist Crown Tattoo: Because of their small size, a crown tattoo is most likely to fit all parts of your body. This is the reason why they look so great on your arms, legs, neck, and even on your feet. A crown tattoo can either be big, medium, or small. You could opt to get a crown tattoo if you have enough confidence and feel like royalty, whether at home or at work.
  • Hand Crown Tattoo: Another good placement of the crown tattoo is on a person’s hand. Hand crown tattoos are positioned on the wearer’s hand, while you can find some letters that form the word ‘life’ on their own fingers. This is a tattoo that will most likely symbolize the fact that you are the ruler of your own life. This means that you only follow your own rules, and you’re not going to allow anyone to mess up the balance.
  • Matching Crown Tattoos: Sometimes, two people love each other so much to the point where they would end up getting matching tattoos – Including crown tattoos. These are couple tattoos that could either look very simple, or even a tad bit comprehensive. However, one thing is for certain, no matter what the design of your crown tattoo may be – A female partner is the queen/princess, and the male partner is the king/prince.
  • Crown Tribute Tattoo: Crown tattoos are also a great idea for those who want to pay tribute to a person who is important to them – No matter if they’re still alive, or have already passed on. In this case, the crown represents how strong and important this particular individual is to the wearer. There are many ideas that you can do for your crown tribute tattoo, such as placing their initials or name beneath the crown, or their birthday. This tribute tattoo fits for a child, a family member, or just about anyone special.
  • Crown And Diamonds Tattoo: These two symbols mean absolute power and wealth, not to mention beauty and regality. If you do decide to get this tattoo, it doesn’t always mean that you’re a billionaire and you enjoy spending your cash on gems, diamonds, and just about anything expensive. This just means that you enjoy life, love spoiling yourself once in a while, and that you make sure that others will treat you right (or you’re the one who treats them nicely).

Crown Tattoo Meaning

If you’re the type of person who has always felt like royalty – And you want to get a tattoo that symbolizes just that – Then a crown tattoo has got to be the perfect choice for you. Since a crown does have a very strong and powerful visual appearance and is chock-full of symbolism, the crown has long been a well-liked design when it comes to tattoos. In real life, a crown is worn by a ruler or a monarch, representing his sovereignty and dominion over several pieces of land. Crowns have often been symbolic right from the get-go. This is the reason why it’s not even surprising that the image of a crown drawn onto the wearer’s skin features embellishments, and can look either elaborate or simple, depending on the artist’s design.

Even though the crown has oftentimes been used as the best addition to a comprehensive design, it is often drawn alone. Crowns have been perceived differently by so many individuals who have worn it – That’s because crowns in general have been created in several manners, starting from simple black stamps, to those kitschy pictures that are festooned with flowers, jewelry, trinkets, as well as other beautiful yet important visuals. One of the most common meanings of a crown tattoo is that it represents royalty – So a person who wears it means they are special, unique, or want to achieve some rather high personal goals.

Moving away from the original and common meaning of a crown tattoo – That being an emblem of divine authority – A crown tattoo can also be personalized by the wearer, similar to pretty much every tattoo design out there. It could mean that the wearer is a part of a certain group in which each member has to wear a crown tattoo. A group close-knight enough to get matching tattoos means that they are a clique to be feared with, or that they’re highly popular. When it comes to an individual person getting a crown tattoo, this could mean that they aspire to achieve royal status or like to wear it as a sign of nobility and pride. It also means that they prefer to rule their own life, think noble thoughts and perform noble actions, or simply carry an emotionally-elevated status as a whole. Maybe they just like to exert control and righteousness, or it could also serve as a taming element that reminds the wearer to use their authority in a just and wise manner.

Crown Tattoo Placement

Because it carries plenty of meanings, a crown tattoo can either be big – Taking up an entire back, or small, like a tiny mark on your ankles or wrists. A talented tattoo artist can create some really amazing crown tattoos in both big and small sizes, but it’s pretty much a given that a small tattoo does not allow them to include too many details on it. Despite the fact that it has a basic shape, a small tattoo is much more common than a big one. It is placed on the back of the neck, the ankles, the wrists, or any other suggestive or significant parts of the body. As mentioned earlier, couples will sometimes choose to get themselves a crown tattoo, in which a couple has identically-placed ink art, which is designed according to the wearer’s gender. This identifies them as either a princess and a prince, or a queen and a king.

A crown tattoo can be placed in several different areas and have to be placed accordingly. Much like other tattoos out there, an important aspect has got to be the positioning, since it must be designed in such a way that the area where you put it in will add more charm to the design, and make it seem very attractive. This placement will always depend on the tattoo’s size, with the bigger one benefitting a wider surface area. Bigger crown tattoos, meanwhile, are positioned on larger areas such as the lower back, the chest, the spine, the stomach, the legs, the ribs (or the sides), the sleeves, the shoulders, etc.

Smaller crown tattoos, meanwhile, look great on forearms, ankles, wrists, the back of the neck, the spine, the foot, or even as a tiny finger tattoo. No matter where the crown is placed on the wearer’s body, it’ll definitely catch people’s attention, since it’s both fascinating and alluring at the same time.

Crown Tattoo Preparation Tips

Before you head on over to the shop of your choice, be sure to eat a healthy and well-balanced meal. It’s not exactly uncommon for people to lose their appetite due to sheer anxiety or nervousness over getting a tattoo, then end up passing out in the tattoo chair due to extreme fatigue. Even though it may seem as if your body is just being idle as you get your tattoo done, you’re actually exerting plenty of energy as the process goes on. And besides – If you’re hungry, pain management becomes twice as hard and this makes the entire tattooing process difficult for you and your artist. So be sure to eat a lot before you head on over to the shop.

If you want, you can bring in some snacks to the shop. This is actually a good idea if you plan to get a bigger piece done and have also scheduled a lengthier session. Light snacks like chips or chocolate bars are acceptable. These snacks can also come in handy if you get hungry while the session goes on, or if you want to find a way to distract yourself from a painful or uncomfortable part of the session. Pick a snack that won’t make too much of a mess, and you can only eat with one hand.

Depending on the spot where you put your tattoo on, you can ask your artist to give you a short break during a lengthier tattoo session. These breaks aren’t that lengthy enough to give you the time to do other things – Like eat or go shopping. But no matter what, you are still not allowed to leave the shop during the session, to prevent your new ink from getting infected through exposure.

Is Getting A Crown Tattoo Painful?

Plenty of people who show off their tattoos say that their new ink is a good way for them to express themselves, to add more décor to their bodies, and to serve as mementos of events in their life. Whatever the person’s reason for getting that specific tattoo, there’s always that lingering question that goes through your head: Did it hurt?

Perhaps you have encountered many a horror story about how painful it is to get a tattoo done, or maybe you know someone who fell asleep or passed out on the table or chair while they’re getting their ink done. So it’s not exactly surprising that the truth lies in there somewhere – In between the two extremes.

There are also dozens of pain-filled horror stories, as well as legends regarding tattoo pain. Either the person who got the tattoo will tell you that it hurt badly, or they ended up falling asleep while they were getting it done. So it’s not exactly surprising that the truth lies somewhere in between those two. The fact is, getting a tattoo is a fully personal experience and there are loads of factors out there that contribute towards making it either painful or pleasant as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Tattoos

  • Where can I find pictures of tattoos?

If you have plans to get a tattoo, especially when you want to use it as a sign of your own individuality, then why would you go get the design of another artist, or what someone else is wearing? Instead, you can look at pictures online that can serve as an inspiration for your tattoo, and have your artist create a completely customized design for you.

  • Can I book in with a particular artist?

If you want your tattoo to be done by a specific artist because you appreciate their style, then it’s important to know that the best results often come from letting the artist exert their own creative freedom using their design, and letting them do whatever it is they can do best.

  • What kind of aftercare should you do for a tattoo?

Each tattoo artist has their own set of aftercare rules since they all have different approaches when it comes to tattooing. The aftercare and maintenance process will all vary depending on the set of factors which are only unique to the artist. Clients should all listen to their artist and follow the maintenance instructions too.

  • Can you price my tattoo over the internet or the phone?

Absolutely not. A tattoo artist can only hand out tattoo prices inside their shops – That’s because there are plenty of variables here, including the detail, the size, and the placement of the tattoo you want to be able to provide you with a fixed price on the internet or the phone.

  • When should I not get a tattoo?

You shouldn’t even think about getting a tattoo when you’re high or drunk. And if you’re still not sure whether you really do want a tattoo or not, then don’t get one just yet. Wait until you’ve made your own final decision. Tattoos aren’t something to feel ambiguous about. There aren’t any specific medical considerations here, but if you’re ill, then wait until you’re feeling okay until you get the tattoo.

Are Crown Tattoos Expensive?

If you have gotten a tattoo before, then you will know that several artists will charge by the hour. Meanwhile, others will charge by the piece – Even though the former is much more popular compared to the latter. A tattoo artist will oftentimes set the final price of your new ink according to the quality of their work, the experience, as well as their skills. This is pretty much the reason why you must never visit several tattoo shops and ask around for the best price of a tattoo – Instead, ask them about the quality. It’s always a good idea to wait a while until you have enough cash to be able to pay for a quality service that comes from a highly-experienced tattoo artist whose work you love, instead of having to haggle over prices.

It’s pretty much the same thing with plastic surgeons. The best surgeons out there will charge the most, since this involves your body and your health and cheap isn’t exactly the best option here. Just like a tattoo, you’re investing in yourself. But you must never assume that every artist that charges a high price for their tattoo means that they produce good designs.

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Crown Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Finally, the tattoo design that you’ve always wanted has come to life and you’re now wearing it on your body. But what are you supposed to do now? How do you look after a brand new tattoo and make sure that it heals up properly and ends up looking just the way you want it? Here are some things that you have to know:

The first step is to always follow your tattoo artist’s advice. The advice for aftercare will usually vary from one shop to another. And sometimes, even artists who work in the same shop will have different ideas on how to take care and maintain your own tattoo. Make sure to listen to your instructions, especially the ones given by your artist – Plenty of them will have leaflets or brochure with advice printed out on them, for you to bring home.

Plenty of this said advice will tell you to keep your new tattoo’s bandage on for at least five hours (or one day, depending on your artist’s instructions) then remove it slowly and clean it up gently using lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial liquid soap. Next up, apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizing cream to it. Your artist will tell you which cream to use. You can choose to also cover it up with a fresh gauze or clingfilm, or leave it in the open to air-dry, depending on what your artist tells you.


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