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Bobs, bobs, bobs! They truly are a sight to behold and are a timeless hairstyle. However, nobody really ever stops to think about this question: What are the different types of bobs anyway? For instance, what exactly is an inverted bob? What’s the difference between an inverted bob and the classic A-line bob? The main difference here all depends on the type of technique that hairdressers use to complete the person’s bob of choice. In case you’re still wondering how to cut and style an inverted bob, then you will know that everything deals with the stacked layers of hair found at the back of the head, as well as the curved lines that go towards the front side. You can even allow those frontal strands go out towards the shoulder length, for a statement that’s twice as dramatic.

You can find some good inverted bob ideas on the internet, which will surely inspire you if you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet very stylish haircut.

Are you sick and tired of having to continuously untangle a knot in your long, untidy hair? Inverted bobs are the way to go. Compared to the standard bob hairstyle, the inverted bob, also known as the graduated bob, is long at the front and short at the back. You can pick from dozens upon dozens of hairstyles, as well as a million shades (if you’re the person who likes to dye their hair in funky colors). It’s all up to you in the end. You can even find a couple of long bobs (or lobs) in there too.

Why Should You Get An Inverted Bob?

  • The inverted bob hairstyle is highly trendy this season, so if you wish to look super cool, then this bob is the best one for you. The style’s history is decades old, but there have been updates over time, and with various social groups. The revolution in regards to the humble bob was first seen in 2008 when fashionable celebrities like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham dropped the usual flowy and long locks, and chose the bob cuts that were either long or inverted.
  • Creating the inverted bob is all about producing asymmetrical cuts, which underpin the tiny hairs at the back of the person’s neck, compared to the front side. This is the reason why the hairstyle got its name. This is the same hairdo that allows ladies to let those anterior hair strands touch the top of their shoulders. In short, the inverted bob turns back from the usual lengthy bob hairstyles, giving you with a fully superlative style statement to enjoy, all the while showing off your personality and style to the world. Inverted bobs are probably the kind of style that sets you apart from the crowd and allows you to stand out among the rest.
  • Inverted bobs are a type of hairstyle that’s quick and easy to manage compared to other types of bob hairstyles. In the summer season, the inverted bob is probably one of the most stylish hair options you can choose from. The only thing you have to do to keep it maintained is to be very simple and add in a bit of mousse for slightly added moisture to the hair, providing you with the best kind of style statement. The inverted bob grew in popularity when some very famous celebrities took a liking to this style statement.
  • One of the great things about the inverted bob is that it is fully adaptable. You can even mend it on the basis of your own facial cut. You can style it to fit your own face shape, be it an oval, a round shape, a square shape, or even a diamond-shaped face. And what’s better is that you can place accessories and embellishments on your bob, thanks to the help of hairpins, earrings, headpieces, and even a plain scarf. During the summer season, this type of haircut can be really nifty in keeping the back of your head cool.
  • Inverted bobs are trendy, stylish, not to mention very gallant. The hairstyle’s main features is the reason why it’s usually common amongst women who want to go through an intense hair makeover. The inverted bob is truly a hairstyle that can do wonders if it is amalgamated with several details that are brought together thanks to the aid of a little hair color. For instance, simple blonde or brown streaks or slices can drastically change the entire look. The inverted bob definitely suits people who have straight hair, but curly-haired people can wear it too, of course.
  • Bobs are slightly tricky. The hairstylist that you assign to fix your bob must be really efficient in making it, since the look can either make you or break you. For example, if you have wide shoulders or a slender neck, then the inverted bob might not just be the hairstyle for you. But the amalgamation of these inverted bob hairstyles, coupled with the ting of layers, could also assist you in defining your personality. Changing your entire youthful appeal thanks to an inverted bob hairstyle can help you look very young.
  • Even though these inverted bobs can prevent you from sporting the same kind of hairstyle for a lengthy period of time, the limited options for people with this kind of hairstyle aren’t exactly available to those people who have bob cuts. It was rumored that these inverted bob hairstyles only fit those people who have straight hair, but now messy bob hairstyles are becoming more and more popular. Messy bobs are ever-enduring and bring out a colorful and bright personality. One of the main advantages of having a messy bob is that it provides your hair with a good amount of volume, while the fringes found on the side of your head give it a little bit of flair. But those people who wear inverted bobs on straight hair tend to foster the shaggy layers. The layers surrounding the face can change the sassy appeal to your appearance and change the movements of your own face.
  • Bob hairstyles are already gaining so much popularity among girls and women alike. Meanwhile, inverted bob cuts and other similar hairstyles have given it a brand new twist, and this is the reason why it’s gotten so popular lately. Compared to other standard bob hairstyles, the inverted bob, more commonly known as the graduated bob, is short at the back side and long by the front. You can choose from so many inverted bob styles and colors, which can be fun especially if you’re into dying your hair frequently.
  • Ladies with vibrant and youthful personalities should choose to wear this amazing concave hairstyle. It’s actually a common fact that so many ladies – Especially in Asia – Prefer longer hair than short. Meanwhile, women in the west tend to be more experimental and instead prefer shorter hairdos. So for all of the lovely young women out there, if you prefer to look stylish, unique, and very elegant, then you must get your hair done in an inverted bob since it also shows off a bit of a rebellious streak.

What Are The Best Inverted Bob Hairstyles?

  • The long inverted bob – The lengthy inverted bob hairstyle is excellent for those who prefer longer hair, but enjoy the look of the classic bob. It utilizes stacked layers beginning from the back of the head. Going from the frontal side, you can still carry the look of your long hair. This produces a very elegant look and feel.
  • Angled inverted bob – The angular bob hairstyle gives off a rather unique look – But it all depends on the angle that you look at it from. If you take a look at it from the side, you can see the bob easily. And from the back, it gives the impression of a chopped shoulder-length look. It doesn’t really matter how you look at it – This is a highly low-maintenance hairstyle that’s easy to keep.
  • Silky inverted bob – This is a type of inverted bob hairstyle that comes with a volumized back. It’s a very fashionable hairstyle that goes well with trendy clothing. You can finish this hairstyle off with a contemporary look. The artsy and edgy look and feel to it will definitely be a hit with the crowd. To keep your locks looking straight, add in a bit of gel or hairspray to give it a silky appearance.
  • Asymmetrical inverted bob – The hip asymmetrical bob with its accompanying side swept bangs is a surefire way to add in a bit of contrast to your hairdo. It’s both stylish and hip, while the lovely side part will surely give this hair a modern look and feel to it. You can further enhance this look by adding in some gorgeous side-swept bangs and a bit of a bright orange hue to it, for a hairstyle that’s fit for the summer.
  • Messy inverted bob – If you’re into bohemian and hippie culture, then you will enjoy this gorgeous inverted messy bob with a bit of added highlight to it. Snipping away that bob in chunky layers and wearing it in a wavy style around your head will give it plenty of movement and texture. Meanwhile, the visible roots from the highlights are sure to help you bring out your inner punk rocker that’s all set to break loose in the cooler autumn and winter months. If you have naturally straight hair and have a difficult time creating waves, all you need to do is to apply a texturizing powder to your damp hair, then twirl chunks of your hair around your fingers to make waves.
  • Inverted choppy bob – There’s actually a good amount of people out there who choose to sport a choppy and rather uneven look. This is also the reason why they decided to wear the inverted choppy bob hairstyle as well. You can try to acquire this look too by making your own inverted choppy bob. Thanks to this certain style, you’ll be able to create a side parting, and give off a creamy and textured finish to it which will provide you with the best kind of shiny and soft look. And if you’re planning to achieve the best and trendiest look and let yourself stand out from the crowd, then this style is the best thing to wear to a formal party or any kind of event. It provides you with a fully elegant and stylish look too.

You can actually create your very own inverted bob haircut, which can potentially save you enough cash at the hair salon. Here’s how to do it:

For an Asymmetrical Inverted Bob:

Sitemizde paylaştığımız bob kesim saç modelleri arasında yer alan, bob kesim sonucu oluşmuş hoş bir saç modeli.

  • After you have everything in square, you have to go to the frontal section of the part which you want to leave longer.
  • Stand on this side of the head, then put in the teeth of your comb right inside the back section. This brings the longer frontal section right into your comb.
  • The next step would be to slowly slide the comb downwards, until you arrive at a shorter length of the back part of the cut. You have now created one section – With some of them coming from the shorter back, and the rest all the way towards the uncut longer frontal section.
  • Then just bring the entire section around towards the back. Use the corner as a guide to help you, then snip a horizontal line across the frontal section.
  • Once you release it, the angle will be around – You no longer have to guess which direction it goes.
  • If you happen to find a tiny gap in between the front and back sides, just go in and snip it all off.

For Forward Angled Inverted Bob

  • Isolate a part of the horseshoe section going on top.
  • The next part would be to snip your bob beneath.
  • The third step is to drop the horseshoe section, and split the frontal and back side, going from ear to ear. Snip the back and bring it towards the frontal angle.
  • Start on the left side and comb out all of the hair, going in front of the ear from beneath it. And while your comb is still in your hair, slowly slide it downwards towards the guideline, keeping it in a horizontal position.
  • After you reach the guide found at the back of your head, swing the comb around so it goes with the level of the line in the back. Snip a horizontal line, starting from there.
  • And since you’re redirecting the hair going towards the back of your head, you’re going to have to leave the length in front, all the while getting rid of the length in the back.
  • Now you have to go through and refine the line just by freehandling. And after that… You now have a forward-angled bob!
  • Repeat the entire process on the opposite side of your head.

What are the two hair types you need to pick out in case you want to try out the inverted bob hairstyle?

For Fine Hair

  •  Curly Inverted Bobs

The inverted bob has got to be one of the most beloved shapes and cuts for fine hairstyles. This type of cut is much shorter at the backside, with layers and a longer front. This then brings attention towards your face and gives the illusion of you having more hair than you normally have. So each time your inverted bob looks rather limp and you’re too busy to talk to your stylist and get them to fix your hair, a great way to give your inverted bob a bit of a volume is by adding curls. Curly textures provide the best kind of results with some added fullness and thickness to it. The graduated bob always looks so good on both the front and back sides. There’s plenty of volume thrown in, which could add a bit of dimension to your overall look. It’s like a mess, but organized.


  • For Naturally Curly Hairstyles

People often assume that frizzy or curly hair looks so much better when it’s longer. But the curly bob hairstyle is not just playful, it’s also very feminine and easy to create as well. The inverted bob will make your curly hair stand out even more and save you lots of time with having to keep it tidy each morning.


Celebrities Who Are Known For Wearing Inverted Bobs

  1. Scarlett Johansson – The gorgeous star of ‘The Avengers’ has showcased the versatility of an inverted bob hairstyle when she showed off her messy inverted bob at the San Diego Comic Con in 2010. She has worn it in so many different ways – Either side-swept, loosely textured, with a middle part, wavy, and curly. The length of an inverted bob always gives you the chance to show off so many exciting styles.

2. Victoria Beckham – Posh Spice has always been a trendsetter in regards to hairstyles. She has continuously shown us the amount of amazing looks one can have with short hair, like her regular appearance at events like New York Fashion Week. If you have a rounded face like what she has, then choose a side partition to soften the head.

3. Rihanna – The Barbadian singer has tried so many short haircuts, but bobs are her favorite. She has combined them with pixie cuts, curly mohawks, as well as other asymmetrical short hairdos. Perhaps the best known appearance of her inverted bob was during the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in 2007.


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