155+ Infinity Symbol Tattoo with Names and Meaning


An infinity tattoo symbol is also known as the leminscate. It’s meant to represent something endless, infiniteness, eternity – Basically anything without limits. An infinity symbol is characterized by a loop that looks like an eight in a lying position. Even though it’s organized in math, the infinity symbol has come to be a very familiar shape to represent anything that lasts forever – Not just in graphic designs, nail designs, but also with tattoos.

A lot of people love the idea of infinity tattoos since they do carry a very unique meaning to them. An infinity tattoo makes a lovely design for both genders, and this is the reason why it is universally liked by all walks of life. An infinity tattoo can be inked together with other symbols like love, or a cluster of stars, or a heart, and so much more. For instance, an infinity symbol with a heart represents an undying love that you have for a certain somebody.

Infinity Sign Tattoo Designs

As everyone knows, each tattoo carries their own meaning. There are plenty of tattoo designs out there which could mean two or more things, depending on the person who wears them. A tattoo idea can come from practically anywhere – No matter if it involves the wearer’s religion, or their culture. There are loads of infinity tattoo designs which you can use as a brand new inspiration for your tattoo.

A lot of people are actually aware of the infinity symbol’s significance – It’s the delights of two opposites and a never-ending distribution of balance. But with each individual out there, it could end up taking its own meaning and play a huge representation in the wearer’s own life. If you have considered using the infinity sign as a universal sign and as a symbol of positivity, then you have to check out these infinity tattoo designs so you can see how creative people could get when it comes to this symbol.

  • Matching Infinity Symbol Tattoos: These types of infinity symbol tattoos are the best choice for those couples who aim to get a matching tattoo, but don’t want it to feel too personal – Like a portrait or their initials. An infinity symbol tattoo can be positioned on the same spot on the wearer’s body by both individuals: And they don’t have to look exactly the same.
  • Quote Infinity Symbol Tattoos: Attaching a personal quote that means a lot to the wearer with an infinity symbol is such a powerful statement. It’s not surprising that plenty of tattoo designs out there have this concept. You can even choose to add in a small personal touch to the tattoo, using symbols and words, like a feather or a heart, for example.
  • Biblical Verse Infinity Symbol Tattoo: Sometimes, religion can play a bigger part in a person’s life. You can take your favorite Bible quote and pair it up with an infinity tattoo.
  • Bird Infinity Symbol Tattoos: In nature, a young bird eventually has to learn to leave the nest and fly out on its own. An infinity symbol accompanying the image of a bird makes a beautiful statement, since it relates very much to this certain concept.
  • Ribbon Infinity Symbol Tattoo: An infinity symbol looks very similar to a ribbon. Adding a word in the design – Like ‘strength’ for example – Can add in to the example that this tattoo is meant to represent someone for a ribbon-like cause, like a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

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Infinity Sign Tattoo Meaning

The infinity sign is taken from physics and mathematics. A lot of people like looking at the infinity symbol, because a beautiful design carries a much bigger and deeper meaning. The infinity symbol defines the concept of eternity, limitlessness, and something that goes on forever and never stops. Infinity tattoos are popular, thanks to its one-of-a-kind design. You can accompany the infinity symbol with another design, like hearts, stars, feathers, birds, or the initials of somebody close to you. Infinity tattoos are versatile because you can either get them in a big or small size, and you can also place them on any part of the body – But the most popular places to put them on are the hands, the wrists, and the fingers.

An infinity sign tattoo also looks great when you get it with accompanying text. You can attach a quote with it, or as mentioned, put in the initials of a loved one or your own. If you are female, then an infinity tattoo looks great with a heart or a feather, giving it an awesome look. Or if you’re a man who wants to get a tattoo that clearly shows off your love for your family or a significant other, then you could get an infinity symbol tattoo with an accompanying quote like ‘forever and always’. There are plenty of infinity tattoo options that can be found with white ink. An infinity tattoo also looks great on a person’s ring finger, often using it as a substitute for an actual wedding ring. In various tattoo shops, you can see temporary samples of an infinity tattoo idea.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Placement

Similar to their meaning, an infinity symbol tattoo doesn’t have any limit in regards to their placement. You can pretty much put them on any part of the body that you choose. But perhaps the only issue people have when it comes to tattoos like these is that they don’t come in a bigger size. An infinity tattoo is always small or medium, and because of this, it won’t end up occupying a large part of your skin.

Some of these infinity symbol tattoos will be etched on the legs, the back of the ears, the wrists the sides of the finger, the chest area, the neck, and practically wherever else you want them on. And as mentioned, an infinity symbol tattoo doesn’t come in a bigger size. So they will be drawn on areas which people will be able to see, like the back of the neck, the finger, and the wrists.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Preparation Tips

It doesn’t really matter if this is your first tattoo or your latest one – There’s a high possibility that you could do so much more in order to prepare yourself in getting a brand new tattoo. Here are a couple of tips you must follow so everything feels as great and relaxed as it possibly can for everybody.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated during the entirety of the session. Even though it’s often a good idea to drink plenty of water in any situation to maintain good health and help your body function properly, chugging lots of water is also a great idea when you want to get a tattoo done – That’s because staying well-hydrated makes your skin feel more resilient, allowing you to take on lengthier tattoo sessions, as well as to help yourself heal just as quickly after the session is done.

Moisturize your skin. Much like you would choose to keep your body well-moisturized on the inside by drinking water, you should also keep it hydrated from the outside as well, with the help of moisturizer. Apply lotion to your skin at least once or twice a day, leading up to the day of your tattoo session. Hydrating your skin is one of the most important things to do before you decide to get a tattoo done, since this makes the whole thing easier on both you and your tattoo artist. Just don’t moisturize your skin right before the session begins, since this could end up affecting the way the machines work.

Another great tip is to shave the area where you’ll be putting your tattoo on, since this creates the smoothest surface possible. If you’re not used to shaving or if you lack experience, then be sure to ask help from someone who knows how to do it. A small cut or scratch on the skin, no matter how light or deep it is, could make things difficult for you to get that tattoo done, so make sure to pay close attention and not break the skin while you’re shaving. A light amount of body hair is acceptable – But if you want perfect results, then make sure to leave the area completely smooth. If you decide to go for waxing, then be sure to go do it in advance of the date where you’ll get the tattoo done, but not too far where your hair will begin to grow back. This is because your skin will need plenty of time to heal up after a waxing before you can get that tattoo done.

Is Getting An Infinity Tattoo Painful?

Does getting a tattoo hurt? Short answer: Yes, it does. But just how much it actually hurts for every person will depend on a huge amount of factors, so there’s no definite answer when it comes to this question.

Unfortunately, yes, a tattoo can be downright painful. And at the end of the day, your skin will feel like it’s getting repeatedly stabbed with one to twenty needles every second – Hundreds and thousands of times in just one sitting. There’s no way to escape this, so if you want a tattoo, be prepared to face the pain. That aside, you won’t feel the exact amount of pain when you decide to get a big or small tattoo. As mentioned, there are loads of factors out there that could affect the pain you’ll experience which you could go through for whatever tattoo you decide to get.

Keep in mind that if you can no longer stand the pain, then be sure to tell your artist. They’re willing to give you a small break so you can take a breath and get right back into the zone, before you can continue your session.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinity Tattoos

  • Is it safe for you to get a tattoo?

If you pay a visit to a professional tattoo shop which uses the correct equipment and follows the safety procedures, then yes, getting a tattoo is completely safe. Ask your artist or the shop’s staff about the safety policies, before you can decide which shop to get your tattoo in.

  • Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tipping is always a good gesture. But there aren’t any real solid ground rules in regards to tipping.

  • How long does it take to get a tattoo?

The time it takes for you to do a tattoo will all depend on the design, the location, and the size. Plenty of time is spent on the placement and design. The real tattooing process can go from fifteen minutes to over fifteen hours – Depending on the factors.

  • Can I bring in my own design?

Yes. A tattoo artist is always willing to work with a design that you have come up with. But they will also advice you to not copy another artist’s tattoo design and make it their own. You are completely responsible for any permission to use trademarks or copyrights.

  • Can I give myself a tattoo at home, or have my friend give me one?

It’s possible to give yourself a tattoo – But it’s definitely not advisable. A tattoo must always be done by a professional – Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble in the form of slower healing time, or worse, an infection. DIY tattoos also hurt so much more, and they don’t look professional in the end. It’s not worth it.

How Much Does An Infinity Tattoo Cost?

So exactly how much will your infinity symbol tattoo cost you in the end? Dozens of questions regarding the final price of a tattoo can be very difficult to answer, and the ones that can’t even be answered accurately by anyone doesn’t even work as a tattoo artist. And despite all of that, it’s still difficult to provide you with an actual answer until your tattoo is healed up completely.

There are still loads of factors involved that can help you shed some light on the dozens of factors that deal with the amount of cash any tattoo is very likely to cost. So how much does a tattoo cost? There are loads of reasons as to why two tattoos who look exactly the same can come at different prices. One of the largest factors in regard to working out the final price of your tattoo will come from the artist’s skills. Each artist has their own level of skill or expertise.

You’ll end up feeling ripped off if you get charged by anything more than twenty bucks by a friend who purchased a cheap tattoo-making kit from eBay during the holiday season, which they have yet to try on you. The same can be said for a man who promises a great tattoo for a cheap price during a party at your friend’s house.

Keep in mind that you have to take into account that you’re not supposed to have plenty of years of experience if you want to become a really good tattoo artist – And the same goes for someone who has been making tattoos for years but their designs will still end up looking very shoddy and poorly done.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Maintenance Tips               

Tattoos are a personal piece of art – And not only that, it stays on your body forever. This is also a type of wound, since a tattoo gun utilizes a quick-moving needle to inject the ink inside the top of your skin. Just like taking care of a painting ensures that it stays on the gallery for years without sustaining further damage, then taking care of a tattoo as it heals up is also a good way for you to keep your tattoo preserved. At first, tattoo aftercare can be confusing, especially if you’re new to this thing. Here are several instructions in learning how to take care of a brand new tattoo and keep it looking both healthy and young.

The right form of tattoo aftercare during the first few weeks after the tattoo is finished can help stop a potential infection from happening, and keep your new ink looking as good as new.

The aftercare process starts while you’re still in the shop. Once your tattoo is finished, your artist will place in a thin coat of moisturizer or tattoo jelly right on top of the entire area. Then they will cover up the whole thing using a bandage or a plastic wrap. And since it could be tempting to take off the protective cover to take a look at your new ink, you have to leave it on and not touch it from five hours to one day, depending on what your artist tells you. The amount of time needed to keep the bandage on will also depend on the location and size of your new tattoo. The bandage is important since it helps protect your tattoo from sunlight, bacteria, and from rubbing against fabric.

Once the bandage is safe to remove, it’s time to give your tattoo a wash. After washing your hands thoroughly, you can now clean up your tattoo using a hypoallergenic soap and warm water with the help of your fingers. The moisturizer that your artist has applied will wear off, and your tattoo may look like it’s exuding a thick and sticky substance. Don’t worry – This is just excess fluid and ink that came from the tattoo process and is completely normal.


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