What To Know About Individual Braids


Hair braids are a type of hairstyle that has been around for so many decades now. Throughout history, men and women have both worn this type of hairstyle. Braided hairstyles have carried a whole assortment of meanings, ranging from one’s own marital status, to their current state of wealth. Dozens of civilizations have created their own brand of braided hairstyles, as well as their own take on the individual hair braids. Both single braided hairstyles and individual braids have been present for the longest time now and aren’t meant to go out of style anytime soon. These are the type of hairstyles that will provide both individuality and assortment to those who get the opportunity to wear them. Braids are truly a wonderful type of hairstyle that can suit whatever personality you may have.

During the ancient African period, braids were also known as ‘cornrows’ – A term that is still popularly used today. This word goes as far back as 3500 BC. Back in the ancient Egyptian era, braids are seen as a glamorous hairstyle. The famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was responsible for making this intricate hairstyle popular since it served to highlight her beauty. Braids became so popular, even the men started wearing them. The Native American tribes later adopted this hairstyle, in which they looked different depending on one tribe to another. Individual braided hairstyles also worn during the medieval era, a time where conservative attitudes and modesty were the norm. The most popular hairstyles during that period wearing simple headbands and styling those braids in a tight bun. Society looked down upon hair that hung loose and were unkempt. The Mongolians were a little bit more relaxed when it came to sporting individual braids. In fact, these braids often evoke mythical creatures, so they were sometimes worn in an elaborate and fancy way.

What Are Individual Braids?

Have you often considered keeping your hair well-protected from damage outside, or at least find a solution to make it grow longer, fuller, and thicker? Make sure to give those locks of yours a well-deserved break and make them feel and look just as healthy thanks to the power of individual braids.

  • Wearing individual braids are perhaps the perfect way for your hair to make that big jump from relaxers to au naturel.
  • Individual braids allow your hair to recover and rest for a bit – All the while keeping it looking both stylish and professional on the outside.
  • Individual braids are also highly versatile – You can style them in any way you like.
  • Feel free to dress them up either downwards or upwards. You can wear those braids in a pin-up hairstyle, in a fancy ponytail, or even in an updo.
  • The amount of time needed to style your hair will ultimately depend on the length. Regular-length and short hair actually takes around six hours to complete. But this is only with the help of one stylist.
  • Believe it or not, individual braided hair is gaining popularity amongst men – Especially with men of color. This type of hairstyle is very easy to wear, not to mention completely low-maintenance. These braids are perhaps the best way for you to throw in a completely different sense of style, right into your preferred look.
  • During those warm summer days, keeping your hair braided is actually the best way for you to safeguard it from the harsh elements, like direct sunlight. This also means that you would end up spending the time that you would most likely have spent getting your hair all styled up on enjoying the warm summer breeze instead.

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Eleven Popular Individual Braids Styles

  • The traditional individual braid is perhaps the best way for you to stand out in a crowd, especially if your hair happens to be a lovely shade of brown. You can create a highly appealing look with your braid when you place all of your braids right into one side.
  • The classic pompadour hairstyle gives your hairdo a trendy feel to it. It also gives off a polished effect that’s built by the pompadour itself, since it’s a look that’s both classic and casual.
  • Medium-length braids are the best ones to get especially if you have a tiny face. Individual braids are a hairstyle that will surely enhance your features, it’ll also make you look twice as hip and modern as well. No matter if your preferred braids are long or short, you can still find plenty of ways to achieve these amazing braids and make them look amazing on you.
  • Tying individual braids and putting them in a big bun is also an excellent idea, especially if you’re not to happy about getting hair in the way when you do your daily activities. Make sure that you place the bun high and try not to make it too heavy or large.
  • Use cute accessories like metal hair pins or butterfly clips to make those braids shine and look amazing. Place those accessories in either the tip or roots of your hair. You can add some additional pizzazz to your look by attaching extra accessories in it, like piercings, necklaces, or earrings.
  • A mohawk individual braid isn’t just for men who have long hair. You can add in some braids to your short hair in order to make a gorgeous look that’s completely fashion-forward. If you want, shave off the sides of your hair and allow it to draw the eye, going up to the top side of your head. The next step would be to ask your hairstylist to braid it in an upwards position. This results in a fun faux punk-inspired mohawk style that is sure to stay still without the help of mousse, hairspray, or gel or even a bit of combing.
  • A good advantage when it comes to braiding your hair is that you are now free to work on various hairstyles and looks without resulting in extensive damage to your hair. If you can, ask your hairdresser to make zigzag patterns in your hair parting to recreate this style. Or if you want something different, get them to recreate those styles and shapes coming from the braids.
  • Forming tiny individual braids in a middle part is actually a great way for you to show off certain strong facial features – Like prominent jawlines, or high cheekbones. But don’t be mistaken – This type of hairstyle is also great for those who carry heart-shaped or rounded facial features. Get your hairstylist to make a middle part in your hair, right before they start helping you recreate this specific look.
  • Another wonderful individual braided hairstyle type is the tree braid. The process of creating this type of hairstyle is known as tree braid weaving, or invisible braid weaving. This is a type of method which lets you weave and braid together loose strands of hair right into braids, which you can use inside the hair to add length and volume to the overall hairstyle. Because this specific procedure is a bit complex, it’s highly likely that you will need the help of a professional hairstylist or an expert to help you out. Tree braids at least take up to four hours to finish.
  • Another popular individual braided hairstyle are dreadlocks. You can form this type of hairstyle individually – All thanks to the different assortment of hair textures, as well as the different methods that hairstylists use to create the locks. The process includes back-combing your hair into different sections, twisting them, or weaving the hair using a crochet hook to create knots.
  • Side braids are getting more and more popular for girls. Since it’s got so many different looks and shapes that let you build your own hairstyle, you’ll also get the opportunity to wear various individual braids at the same time. The gorgeous side-braided hairstyle looks wonderful, especially when you sit over one of your shoulders. Adding blonde highlights to your individual braid will build amazing patterns for the hairstyle itself. Feel free to experiment on that braid by adding bright colors or placing accessories on it.

How To Do Individual Braids

It only takes at least two minutes to braid your hair. The only required styling tools here are hairspray, a hairband, and of course, a brush.

Half Up Crown Braid

  • The first step is to brush out all of the tangles and knots from your hair, keeping it nice and shiny.
  • Apply texturizing spray if required. Then part your hair over to one side.
  • In the side of the part that has the most amount of hair, grab three sections of hair, all measuring one inch long.
  • Begin French braiding the three sections, slowly going towards the back of your head. Add in more hair into the braid if possible, going from the top side of your head (must be right on top of the braid) with each stitch.
  • Continue applying the French braid, going right around the circumference of your own head.
  • After the braid has arrived near your forehead on the opposite end, lock it into place using bobby pins.
  • If you want to add more volume, loosen up the braid to complete the look.

Braided Buns

  • Separate your hair going right down to the middle and split your hair vertically into two parts. Then, tie a ponytail on each side. Make sure all of your hair is gathered in each of the two sections.
  • Split your left ponytail into two parts.
  • Intertwine and twist the two parts against each other, right until the end of the braid. Secure them using an elastic.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the right side of your ponytail.
  • Roll the ponytails into buns, then affix them to your head with the help of bobby pins, to complete the look.

Rope Braids

  • Gather your hair into a ponytail and make two sections with it. Twist east section in a similar direction.
  • The next step would be to cross those two sections on top of each other, and pin them at the end using a strong elastic band.

Helpful tip: Use gel, pomade, mousse, or hairspray to lock stray strands into position and keep the style from breaking.

Two Hair Types Suitable for Individual Braids

Fine Hair

Placing your fine hair into textured individual braids could be quite the challenge, and there are plenty of reasons why this is so. First, finely-textured hair has the tendency to break easily, and this makes it unwise for you to place in too much tension on it. The second reason is that fine hair always lies flat on your head, and this type of hair isn’t exactly the best for creating braided styles.

  • The classic braided French hairstyle is the best one for thin and finely-textured hair. You can create French braids by sweeping your hair backwards, going from the frontal hairline part by part to be able to build a braid that goes from the top middle part of the head, and heading right down.
  • The fishtail braided hairstyle is the best alternative to the standard individual braid. This will only take you a couple of minutes to complete this particular hairstyle – Even shorter than the typical braid. Sometimes whenever we see a picture of a lovely woman wearing a fishtail braid, we think that the entire hairstyle is difficult to create by ourselves.
  • A reverse French braid, meanwhile, will sit on top of your head. Compared to the standard French braid, the reverse French braid simply lays flat against your own head. That’s because instead of incorporating the outer parts of the hair on top of the middle portion, they will instead weave beneath the central part creating a bit of an elevated feel. If you know what the standard French braid looks like, then it’s not that difficult to learn how to do the reverse version – Although creating the whole thing could be a bit difficult to handle especially when you’re so used to making the usual French braid.
  • Milkmaid braids are another great way for you to hold up your hair. This is a type of hairstyle that deals with two braids which you wrap on the top side of your head. You can pick different types of braids to create various looks. Creating a milkmaid braid might seem difficult, but it’s actually very simple to pull off this hairstyle. Milkmaid braids are the best hairstyle for the summer season, especially if you’re getting tired of your usual ponytail, but still want to look very stylish and cute.

Curly Hair

  • A braided out hairstyle has got to be the simplest protective hairstyle, while being the easiest to recreate. This is the type of hairstyle that curly-haired girls can ask for. All you have to do is to braid your hair into two braids, or even more. You can sleep on your hair and take the braids off after you get up in the morning. You can twist and style your hair into several curled patterns, apply moisturizing products to lock them into place, and put treatments on them before going to bed. You can wake up wearing a gorgeous and low-maintenance hairstyle later on.
  • A three-braided updo is a pulled-back hairstyle which looks like you have spent way too much time creating it. You can split your hairstyle into three sections and create a three-stranded individual braid using each part. Hold the top part, pull it right back towards your head, and secure it using a bobby pin. Repeat these steps with the remaining sections, then secure them together using bobby pins.

How Do Famous Celebrities Wear Their Individual Braids?

Individual braids are a popular type of hairstyle, and celebrities have rocked the trend for ages. You can see them wearing gorgeous updos on the red carpet, which you can use.

1.Blake Lively – The glamorous Gossip Girl star wore her long blonde locks into a signature ponytail during the Cannes Film Festival in May. Perhaps one of the best things about sporting messy braids is that you don’t have to be an expert to achieve this look. Frizzy ends, visible bobby pins and flyaways sometimes accentuate the look of the braided hairdos.

2.Emma Stone – The Oscar-winning actress chose to pair up her gorgeous custom-made Thakoon dress with an undone side braid during a recent gala in NYC. Hairstyles that sport a side braid are the best way to fix a dull and lifeless head of hair. If you’re still looking for a way to bring those long locks to life, then creating side braids are sure to make them shine. These braids are simple and look lovely on practically everyone. And you won’t get bored with this look easily since you can pick from hundreds of different hairstyles.


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